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April 1, 2009

Orioles trade Penn

The Orioles have completed a trade that sends Hayden Penn across the field to the Florida Marlins in exchange for infielder Robert Andino. Since Andino also is out of options, it may be fair to presume that he is going to make the 25-man roster, which means the Orioles brass may have decided against going with a 13-man pitching staff on Opening Day.

Andino is a slick-fielding 24-year-old infielder who makes the Orioles roster younger and shores up the infield depth so the club does not have to overplay starting shortstop Cesar Izturis. The deal almost certainly means the O's will release veteran utilityman Chris Gomez and either release or outright Jolbert Cabrera, probably later today.

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dumb move. i know penn is not having a good spring, but he still has a lot of potential, and it's hard to give up on a kid who has major league experience and is only 24. plus it is not like they got a great guy in return. i don't get it.

Are you and Roch in cahoots? April Fools Day?!?!?

I guess this isn't a surprise, but it's too bad. I hope Andino pans out, I guess it was get him or get nothing.
Hard to get excited about adding a low .200 hitter to the lineup.
Hopefully Guthrie, Uehara, and Simon will all shine a bit brighter than we expect, and whoever makes up the back of the rotation on any given week will hold up.


I'm usually the optimist in my office when it comes to the Orioles, as can be attested by frequent blog user Keith Rowe.

But this beats all. Again the Orioles handicap themselves by acquiring a player who is out of options. You have a guy like Scott Moore who has a Major League ready bat, and a former SS in Lou Montanez who both earned their way onto this roster.

Why would they invite these guys to camp if all they were going to do was get a former can't miss prospect who bats the Mendoza line?

I don't want to think of the older proposed trades regarding Penn.

Seems like this fixes/helps the current roster.

I will bet Penn is not done yet, and we will be discussing how bad this trade was in the future.

Maybe this new guy will be our Future SS. Now we can pinch hit for Isturiz, and still have solid defense late in the game.

Good move short term, long term you never know till it happens.

Sweet. Better than just a release. A young, highly drafted SS who was being blocked by Hanley is fine with me. I much rather have him out there filling in for Izturis than a 36 year old Gomez. Look toward the future...

GIGO. Neither of these guys is likely to be on a major league team in 2012. At least we can stop hearing about Penn's misfortunes.

Peter, I could be wrong, since I don't know the man personally. But from reading about him, I got a sense that Penn had big league-itis (a sense of entitlement worsened by being prematurely promoted), which is why I dislike him from afar. Would you say that was true?

Pete's reply: That may have been true at one time, but I don't think that's the way it was at the end.

You don't like to see pitching traded, but it's a good move. We actually get younger, and gain a young player at a position we aren't stacked at in the minors. Also I think this is a better way to deal with Penn the person than to bury him in the minors. He may have gotten his chance one way or another with us, but his window to grab a spot was closing since we have so many high touted arms beginning to knock on the door.

This is apparently a nothing-for-nothing trade. Andino can't hit at all. I would like to go with the extra bench player, and he certainly sounds like a guy who can play any infield position, but what has Jolbert Cabrera done to dissuade the Trembly from keeping him as the extra guy?

A few more roster thoughts, Pete. When David Pauley was waived, that freed up a roster spot on the 40-man for either Moeller or Hammock (considering that Zaun is the only catcher on the 40-man). Eaton is not on the 40-man, so somebody will have to be moved off of the 40-man in order to make room for him to be on the 40-man roster so he can be placed on the 25-man roster. Otherwise, Eaton will start the year in the minors, since he's not on the 40-man, Bass will be the fifth starter, and the seven-man pen will consist of Baez, Albers, Sarfate, Walker, Johnson, Ray, and Sherrill. My guess is that instead of that, Andino gets waived and outrighted to Norfolk and the O's go with a three-man bench and eight-man bullpen.

Now my brain hurts.

the o's already have a bunch of utility, middle infield guys...and should have kept lou montanez. hes going to go somewhere and make a name for himself

i get theyre giving up on penn, like they did cabrera...but a lot of people gave up on randy johnson and curt schilling early in their careers

Montanez is not a SS anymore and there is a reason for that. Stop including him in the utility IF debate

I think they should have given Penn a shot in the rotation, in the long run he will almost certainly be more effective than Simon, Hendrickson, or Eaton as a SP.

On the other hand, it's not like we're short of young pitching talent on the way. And Penn certainly didn't help his cause this spring. Plus, we could've done worse than Andino. He projects as maybe a Royce Clayton type with a little more power, maybe better than that if he develops further. In the long run he has potential to replace Izturis and be a decent starting SS. Brian, to answer your question, Jolbert Cabrera has proven beyond a doubt that he is a subpar offensive player at the ML level, and one hot spring doesn't change that. Andino has a better glove and could develop into a decent starter.

Life goes on, in any case.

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