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April 7, 2009

Orioles: The Tex factor

teixeiraap.jpgThe negative reaction to Mark Teixeira during Monday's opener was even more heartfelt than I expected, considering the fairly high percentage of Yankees fans at Camden Yards for the regular-season opener.

I certainly understand everyone's frustration and anticipate similar responses over the next few days, but I found Teixeira's comments about the situation Monday very interesting. His statement that "in a perfect world" he would be an Oriole really put the whole thing on the Orioles organization -- something many of his biggest critics would be hard-pressed to dispute.

Considering who is his agent (Scott Boras), it might be fair to speculate that he would have gone for the most money no matter what, but the condition of the Orioles organization certainly played a role in his decision to sign with the Yankees. Who's fault is that?

It certainly would have been nice if he had decided he wanted to play for his hometown team, but can anyone honestly say they would have passed up a better financial and competitive opportunity when so many of the same Orioles fans who are ripping him no longer show up at the ballpark if it isn't Opening Day? Not sure you can have it both ways.

I know this isn't a popular position to take, but if O's fans don't want to go to Camden Yards on a regular basis, why are so many of them mad at Teixeira because he didn't want to either?

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Different completely different. I have a 13 game season ticket plan, but if I didn't...

Lets say I didn't go the game, I'd be at home eating dinner watching it on TV. Not up at Yankee stadium drinking Wine in my 1,500$ scum bag seat.

Amen Mr. Schmuck, Amen. As much as we hate the Yankees, their fans are truely dedicated and devoted to baseball. If you're and all-world calibur baseball player like Texiera, isn't that where you would want to play? I mean, every baseball fan from every country knows who the Yankees are. Its cool to hate a division rival, but don't take anything away from who they are and their fan devotion. How can you blame Tex for wanting to go there? Its sort of like how most of the defensive players in the NFL would love to play for the Ravens because of their rep. I swear Pete, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't even read the Sun. Great blog!


I respectfully disagree with your analysis. Unfortunately, I believe Teixeira's "perfect world" comment means simply in a perfect world the Orioles would have offered more money than the Yankees. Players have a choice in who they hire as their agent. Those that place financial interests above any other interests hire Scott Boras. Unfortunately we will see that when Matt Wieters is eligible for free agency - unless he changes agents in the next six years. Yes the O's organization is a mess - but if Teixiera was interested in helping to turn his hometown team around, while still making enough money to live a comfortable life, he could have chosen to be a hometown hero instead of perpetuating the problem. There are certainly other motivating factors (the challenge of playing in NYC, the glamor, etc.), but any Boras client has to admit the money comes first, because that is the only motivating factor in Scott Boras' world.

Schmuck, you started out great. I was really enjoying your post this morning and then I get to the end and you mucked it all up. They're very obviously two completely different situations, and Teixeira's remarks have shown no consistency whatsoever. He's trying to have his cake and eat it too. Otherwise, I liked your take until the end. As for it being a better competitive situation - I think that applies to this year only. Yankees have more holes and committed money to aging players after this year, that even though they've got money, there won't be enough talent for them to buy. Teixeira was looking at this year only.

I don't think Tex needs any sympathy. I hear all these people saying everyone would have done the same thing in his position. He said the same thing himself. I disagree. If he wanted to be a hometown hero, he certainly wouldn't have been hurt financially to have come here. Many athletes have taken less money and accepted nonetheless very lucrative contracts to stay with or go to a particular team. He didn't want to be here. Tex and his parents can say what they want about him just being booed because he's a Yankee, but yesterday's booing was clearly personal and had to be more than any of them expected. I think it was well deserved and was delighted to see him fall on his face when he had the opportunity to help his team win, but I also happen to think he did us a big favor by not coming here. I would have rather seen him in the National League or another division, because he clearly is a force, but I don't think a mid-market team like ours can afford to tie up that much money in one guy. I'd much rather tie that money up in keeping younger guys like Wieters and Jones and the like. We cannot build a winning team through free agency. If we've learned nothing from the last decade plus of losing, surely we have learned that.

I think that what he said before the game was a pretty big insult to the city and the team after what he said when signing with the Yanks about wearing his Yankee hat to Orioles games when he was young.

Either he was lying then or he's just trying to smooth things out with Orioles fans now. Either way, it's pretty lame.

Pete's reply: If people were booing him for having a different story for each city after he signed with the Yankees, that's legit, but I think a lot of that passion was directed at his decision to take the most money instead of taking less to play here. He's under no obligation to do that and I'd be a hypocrite for saying he is since I took the most money in 1990 to come to Baltimore from my hometown paper.

Peter he was always a Yankee fan. This comment is just another example of him blowing smoke about his "want" to come back home. He never did. Tex is the type of guy who problably loved the Cowboys, Bulls, and Red Wings growing up. Well as long as they won. Front runner.

Pete's reply: I don't know which is the real story.

Pete, I understand the Orioles have made countless mistakes in the past 10 or so years but this statement is a bit of a stretch "The condition of the Orioles organization certainly played a role in his decision to sign with the Yankees. Who's fault is that?"

Who's fault? MLB, I think with no salary cap (especially in this economic downturn) teams like New York and Boston will have a even greater advantage in signing free agents. I think even if the O's had done everything right over the past ten years they would still not be able to say "hey we will match that offer Tex, no problem" It's just not going to happen man. You do a great job btw.

Perhaps us O's fans wanted Tex to give us a reason to go to Camden Yards on a regular basis.

Pete's reply: But that isn't his responsibility, though it would have been nice.

Texiera never said he didn't sign with the Orioles because not enough fans come to the games these days. He went for the money, rather than help turn this franchise around as players such as Markakis, Jones, Weiters, Matuz and Roberts were willing to do.

By the way his official reason for signing with the Yankees was that he was a life long Yankees fan who used to show up at Camden Yards wearing a Yankees cap when the Yankees were in town.

Don't give him so much credit; he is a first class jerk, pure and simple.

I think one of the reasons people are so upset, me included, is that we've lived with the hope that he would choose to come here once he was a free agent. And he let us think that. He made comments about playing in his home town, and he led us on for quite some time. Now that everything has transpired, we see that it had nothing to do with playing for his hometown. It was all about the money. Now, I can't fault him for wanting the money. There are certain players out there in all sports that you know play for the money. Look at Manny, you know he's going where he can make the most. No one is sitting back hoping for a hometown discount from him. The issue I have is that Tex made us all believe he actually wanted to play in Baltimore. And then to say that he wouldn't want to play in an empty stadium has two faults. One is that if he was playing, I think that would bring more people than we would naturally have. And two, if he was playing, we'd probably win some more games, thus keeping the interest up, and bringing more people to the stadium. He could have been the face of our franchise. Instead, he's just a yankee. He's not going to take the spotlight away from Jeter or from A-Rod. He's just a normal Yankee making a whole lot of money. At least now we all know he's a sell out. And he deserves every boo that he gets.


Please, go back to Teixeira's news conference in NY when he signed his contract. Seems I remember him making a big deal out of playing for the Yankees was always his first choice.

Talk about wanting it both ways!

The employment tax for playing in NY City is way higher than playing in Baltimore or Washington, DC for the 82 games at home each year (he probably would have had more "take-home" by signing to play in DC). Plus if he had given McPhail any positive signs the O's would have offered more.

No, Teixeira wanted to play for the Yankees, and he gets everything he is paid to get...including boos in Baltimore for the rest of his career.

Besides, Teixeira shouldn't waste any precious blame-game moments on the Oriole organization. He has bigger fish to fry given the NY Daily News headline which read "money for nothing" after the Yankees got spanked in Baltimore.

all that traitor had to do was say he had no intentions of signing w/ baltimore during his free agent period.
all of his comments now are shallow.
he's a sellout. he took the most money with the least amount of challenge for him.

Pete's reply: If he had done that, he would have been booed just as loudly yesterday.

A fair point in many ways, but let's be honest...most fans don't take time to think through all the variables and reasons behind the scenes. When a great hometown player chooses to go to the hated rivals, he's going to be booed and loathed, regardless of his reasons for doing so. The same thing happened to Mussina when he went to the Yanks, even though he had previously almost made himself a pariah among ML players by taking a contract for less than market value with the Os. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just that it's reality. Tex will be booed heartily as long as he's in that uniform.

Pete's reply: I'm actually okay with the fun-type booing that a player like him is going to get, but the angry shouting and cursing is another thing. It is, after all, baseball.

This is baseball. We watch to see someone win, someone lose. We want good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains. Go to the Yankees and you get the role of villain. Spurn your hometown to go to the Yankees, no matter how you justify it, and be a super villain.
Don't feel sorry for Tex. He got what he wanted. If he wanted to be loved in his hometown, he would have overlooked the past, and looked to the future in Baltimore.

Hey Schmuck, I don't think it's so much the fact that he didn't want to come here that bothers us. What really gets my goat is the comments he made after he signed with the Yankees, specifically when he said that he used to go to Camden Yards wearing a Yankees hat a root for Don Mattingly as a kid. He insinuated last night that if the Orioles had done better, he'd have been a fan of theirs. That's crap. He's covering, and I think that shows he's not geniuine about any statement he's made regarding Baltimore.

Either way, the guy went "o-fer" last night, many times with men on, because the fans shook him good. That makes Teixeira a $180 million choke artist. I'm glad that at least he's choking for New York.

Pete, Just kidding. I like your humor, but somehow mine isn't as good.
I'm not mad at Mark, it just would have been awesome to see him as an Oriole.

Pete's reply: No problem. I have to go through these pretty quickly, so sometimes I don't catch the full meaning. In reality, I was mad at myself for forgetting to put a capper on the game updates. Thanks for caring enough to notice.

I'm with you, Pete. The Yankees offered him about 33% more than the O's, and a chance to play for a team that, as much as I hate to admit it, has their act together and competes for the pennant every year. I can't fault Tex for taking that because as much as I love my job, there's no way I would pass up a 33% pay raise to go to a more successful organization - and neither would most of the people bashing him.

Here's the thing...
Tex is from Baltimore, grew up a Baltimore fan, and signed with Baltimore's most hated team. I can guarantee you as a Baltimore native, if I had made it to the show...the last team I would ever sign with would be the yanks (that is being said by someone who isn't in Tex's shoes) Now, I don't have a problem with his decision, but that doesn't mean I won't boo him.
Tex would have been an instant somebody here in bmore. Now he will be a nobody in New York hidden behind A-Rod, Jeter, and Rivera. He may have gotten more in the deal with Yankees...but I honestly believe he would have made more here with endorsements...and if he turned this franchise$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
So in conclusion, I love the boos, understood his decision, but that doesn't mean i respect it.......WHY NOT v2!!!!!!!!!!!

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: Hey, don't get me wrong, I loved the passion yesterday. I hope it continues through the whole series.

I think Teixeira would make a great politician.

I agree that his "perfect world" comment, taken by itself, does have some merit. However, if you couple it with the comments he made when he signed with the Yankees, I think it carries much less weight:

"My dad would take me to O's games and I'd wear a Yankees hat, which wasn't too safe in Baltimore back in the '80s. But it was worth it. There's something about being a Yankee, no where you are there are Yankees fans, and I'm glad to be a Yankee today."

Oh, and even though he grew up around Baltimore, his favorite player was Don Mattingly. Not Cal Ripken or Eddie Murray, but a Yankee.

The Orioles franchise definitely has its share of problems, but I think the boos were well-justified.

Why, Peter? Because he wasn't honest about it. He talked the talk about wanting to come home, but in fact he never had any intention of signing here. He just used the Os to drive up the contract he wanted from the Yankees. Was that a smart business move? Definitely. But that doesn't make it right, and he fully deserves what he received yesterday.

If he wanted to be in the best competitive situation then honestly why didn't he sign with the Sox? Looking at both teams it is hard to give the edge to the Yankees over the next 8 seasons. The Yankees positon players are OLD and the farm system is not overflowing with replacements.

I kind of understand where you're coming from Schmuckster, although I am hoping those days are behind us as the future looks pretty bright.

I also hope the fans do support this team all year, so that the youngsters coming up get to feel the electricity of yesterday throughout the season.

I think their will be substantial excitement upon the arrivals of some of the "kids".

On another note, I'm going to go see the Tides vs ODU exhibition tonight, just to get a brief glimpse of some of these guys before they open on the road. Should be cool.

I somewhat agree with you Pete, the fans acted like Tex received an AIG severance bonus, and I was one of them. However, when it comes to attendance, and booing Texiera, we are dealing with two separate issues.

The Orioles' organization became so dysfunctional from top to bottom over the last ten years or so, many fans just gave up. Moving away from WBAL 1090 as the flagship station is just another in a long list of idiotic moves made by the Angelos family. The sorry condtion of the Spring Training site is another example and we could go on and on.

Many former fans aren't even paying attention anymore. It is up to the Orioles to curry back fan support by winning and marketing the team in a professional fashion.

As long as the Angelos family owns the team, many fans will never suppport the team, and that is a shame.

We're better off without him, but he still deserves the boos. Would the O's have spent the money on Roberts and Markakis if they signed Tex? I'd rather have those two. Who was better last year, Tex or Huff? Tex is WAY overpaid. I'm glad he signed elsewhere, but I still booed because he shunned his hometown team for the evil empire. Now he blames the O's? If they would have offered $200 mil he would have taken it in a second and crippled the franchise the way A-Roid did to Texas. In his "perfect world" I bet he'd still be greedy.

Hi Peter,

I don't think this is the issue at all. I think old Mark is trying to date the cheer-leader and still keep the girl with the "good personality" happy so she keeps doing his homework.

I wish he would have just been honest. In never even giving the O's a chance to match the Yanks, he proved to me and everyone else that he didn't want to play here. That's fine...but quit trying to make us "feel better" about it with all of the perfect world crap.

He's trying to convince us that he's "different"...while his actions show us he's just an idiot.

Jason Taylor left the Dolphins so he could play on a winner...(the Redskins)...hope he enjoyed watching the playoffs this year. I hope the O's can do the same thing to this two-faced jerk. angry? Nah.

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: I've got to admit, that analogy fits pretty well.

But that's just the point--as fans, we don't get "a perfect world." We root for our team no matter what--we don't start rooting for someone else just because our team stinks. I think the fans want some of that unconditional loyalty from the athletes, though it rarely happens.

Part of what irks about the Teixeira signing is that he had no interest in making the Orioles better but simply wanted to join a team that was already powerful. From a fan's perspective that just makes no sense--it's like deciding who to root for in a game based on who's already winning. Clearly athletes don't think like fans, but us fans wish they did.

Obviously signing with the O's and trying to make them better doesn't always work out (see Miguel Tejada), but no one said fans have to be logical. We don't approach sports from a rational, objective perspective. And most O's fans would probably, in Teixeira's shoes, have signed with the O's because we're fans, not athletes.

Rooting for the home team, loyalty, fighting for the underdog--all this stuff matters to fans, and when the people we watch play the game (Teixeira but by no means only him) display none of those feelings, it's insulting.

Pete's reply: I agree with you, but my point was that a large number of O's fans have posted here saying they refuse to go to the games because the team is bad or they don't like the owner or whatever, yet boo Teixeira because he didn't want to come here for less money to play for a non-competitive team. I wasn't ripping true fans for booing a guy who chose to go to the rival team. I think that's great...and part of the fun.

Tex coming to Balmer woulda been like putting the band back together. If Tex came back, so would the fans. And guess what, maybe we could have built a winner around him. Imagine that!

But he didn't, so [expletive deleted] him...

I was sitting behind a group of young guys from Severna Park yesterday and they certainly booed heartily when Tex was introduced or came to bat but it wasn't done with menace or hatred as much as the circumstances you mention. Also, it was an opportunity to vent a lot of the economic pressures we all feel plus he was a Yankee and he had the money.

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: And I think that's great. The passion in the stands was fun to see and I hope the team gets to the point by next year that it happens more often than on Opening Day. And, hey, if the fun of booing Tex gets O's fans to come out and outnumber the Yankees fans, I'm all for that.

I am so tired of people making excuses for Mark Teixeira. He made his choices good or bad now he has to live with the consequences--No kid who grew up a true Orioles fan would play for the Yankees for 180 mil over a BEGINNING bid of 140 mil to play for your hometown team. Having Boras as your agent says it all---it is all about the money plain and simple.

I just loved that game yesterday. There is nothing better than beating that team. Yuck the Fankees!!

I'm sorry, but I grew up loving baseball, both playing and watching it. If I had the tallent to play at the big league level, my number one goal would have been to play with the Orioles. My number two goal would be to screw the Yankees as much as possible.

What bothered me about his comment about a perfect world was when he said the Orioles would have won championships every year. He means one of two things by that, either he doesn't feel the Orioles can win a championship during his career (which I can understand) or that he didn't grow up as an Orioles fan. I have a feeling he never was truly an O's fan, which makes sense as to why he would have gone elsewhere.

How great would it be if the same thing happens to him that happened to Mussina!

You want more people in the park? How about getting your ass out of last place. I know patience is a virtue, but enough is enough.
The Tex incident is shows that the fans still have passion.
People want to cheer, they want to get behind their team, they want to have passion, they want to go the the ballpark and have their heart rate go up with excitement. They got what they needed yesterday...a good game, a victory, and a favorite son wearing the dreaded Yankee uniform.
1 down....161 to go!!! Go birds.

You are forgetting one thing. McPhail made it more then clear that if Boras came back the O's were willing to go higher. How many times have the O's been used to hike someone elses salary. If Tex wanted to play here so bad in a perfect world then why didn't he negotiate. I have taken the players side before but this time it is clear he can't have his cake and eat it to.


I can't believe how you're taking Teixeira's side on this. Your closing line in particular: "if O's fans don't want to go to Camden Yards on a regular basis, why are so many of them mad at Teixeira because he didn't want to either?"

Why I am shocked? Because of all his empty rhetoric from a couple of years ago about the Orioles being his favorite team growing up, how it's his dream to play for them, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum.

Why? Because fans have no say in the direction of the team. We're all but powerless, which is why we've agonized the last decade. The only slight bit of influence we have is by voicing our disapproval in venues like this one or by staying home.

Why? Teixeira did have the power to make positive change and chose not to use that power. His decision not to come to Baltimore, despite many clear indicators that the team is finally moving in the right direction and quickly--positive movement that his signing with the O's could have greatly accelerated (think Tex and Matt Wieters in the same lineup)--really show his "dream to play with the Orioles" line to have been so much hot air.

So it's good that the fans gave him that richly-deserved "welcome," which he's going to get at Camden Yards every time he sets foot on the field until the day he hangs up his cleats. (And no, Mark, this isn't just about booing a Yankee; your boos are special!)

Pete, I think what irks us most is all that posing by him that the hometown boy would like nothing better than to play for his favorite team. And he was by no means lowballed with the Orioles bid, unless, of course, you call earning a "paultry" $20M+ a year as "lowball" (LOL). And the Orioles are now really close to being a contender, so he could have helped build that "perfect world."

Time will tell, but I have a feeling that Teixeira is going in for a surprise well before his contract expires: He and his aging teammates soon will be riding the down escalator in the standings, as the O's take the one up to the top. (Have a nice trip down, Mark. See ya!)

One a more upbeat note, Adam Jones is looking awfully good. True, it's way early, but this guy could become scary good, so good that if Nick Markakis doesn't watch out, he may find himself as the O's second best player. (Of there's a 6'5" shadow looming that could change that debate to "who's the best Oriole outfielder?")

Pete's reply: I don't think I'm taking Tex's side on this. I think his act at the New York press conference was a little phony, and if people want to boo him for that, great. I do see some incongruity, however, in booing him for not wanting to play for a non-contender when so many Orioles fans have written me saying they won't come back to the ballpark until the team wins or Angelos sells the franchise.

Couple of problems here.

1. At some point what does 22 million versus 24 million mean to a guy if he really wants to play for one team versus another. He's set for life either way.

2. Reading AM's comments before and after the Tex signing said that Boras never really came back to the O's for a counter offer.

3. Tex has gone on record that he wanted to sign with the Yanks the whole way as he was a lifetime Yankee fan because of Don Mattingly.

4. Tex said it was his wife that told him to sign with the Yanks

Frankly, he's all over the place. He deserved to be booed. It was only one day, and Tex and Sabathia had miserable games. I'm sure they'll both be back, but I'm gonna enjoy this one for a bit.

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: He deserves seme heat for changing his story for the Yankee press conference. I've got no problem with that.

Brilliant, Peter... take a shot at the hometown fans on your blog. Whose side are you on, Schmuck?

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: I think you missed my point. I'm not taking his side, just pointing out the incongruity of some of the fan reaction.

Peter, Teixeira wasn't coming to Baltimore, period. He wanted to go to the Yankees. He needs to own-up and live with his decision (I'm sure the millions will help). But to try to shift the cause of his decision onto the Orioles or how things might be in a "perfect world" is utter BS.

I was at the game and I have never heard anything like it. It was amazing. Justified or not, it's much easier to enjoy the game when you are playing against an opponent you hate. There was a football atmosphere at the game yesterday, like going to a Steeler game. I doubt there would have been the same kind of reaction if he would have signed with any other team. With Arod not there, Tex took the brunt of it. The atmosphere of the game was so much fun. Too bad it won't last. Someday hopefully....

I will not disagree with you because you took the unpopular stance. I just don't buy it. First and foremost, Scott Boras is an agent - an employee. He doesn't dictate where Teixeira ends up. His job is to gather offers - period. Secondly, I realize that baseball is a business but I prioritize my life differently and that's family and happiness first. Money is waaaayy down on the list and I'm not making millions of dollars a year - far from it. If he really cared about the Orioles organization and his roots, he'd be in the black and orange. That's the bottom line. Between what he's already made and the money that he will make, his family is well taken care of. He could very easily have come to Baltimore for $140 million (or given us the chance to offer more), been near his family and be an Oriole, but my biggest problem with him is he doesn't want to own up to the fact that he's a greedy sellout who shunned his hometown team "who he feels such love for" (right). In interviews, he's said he left the decision up to his wife and she's always dreamed of living in New York. Huh? This is what you based your decision on? With millions of dollars, you can visit whenever the heck you want. Quite frankly, I feel very sorry for his family who had to "grin and bear" the treatment yesterday. His own father can't get used to his son being a Yankee according to interviews. I'm over it. He's dead to me. I just hope that extra $40 million keeps him warm at night - and he never wins a pennant.

Dan, good comment. I think most of us are angry at, and disgusted with, Tex because he went to the YANKEES after talking so much about growing up here and loving the Orioles. Us real people can't relate to loving the Orioles all our lives and then passing up $150 million to play for them and going to New York. And for what, another $30 million? Yeah, he really NEEDED that!! You wouldn't see nearly as much venom if he would've stayed in Anaheim, or gone back to Texas, or even to the Red Sox. But blowing off the O's AND going to New York makes him deserving of the anger. I certainly hope that, just like Mu$$ina, he never gets his ring!!

You are totally wrong here, Schmuck. As has been said before on here, he could have come back to Baltimore and been a big part of bringing this organization back to supremacy in the American League (since he said it was his dream to play for the O’s and WAS offered a significant salary to be our first baseman), but instead he chose to take the most money he could get from the organization we hate the most.
All of you reporters that believe the Yankees are that much better then the O's just because they spent a lot of money this year just aren't paying attention. Look at their minor league system! Pathetic!
Who is to say that over the next 7 to 8 years we will not be THE elite team in the East, especially when our minor league pitching starts producing?
Fact is, Girardi and Teixeira crapped on us to go for the higher profile, higher paying Yanks and I hope they both get to watch our future O’s thrive (Girardi will have been fired by next year anyway, so he'll have plenty of time to watch).
To put this in nerd terms … Teixeira could have been our Luke Skywalker to bring down the Evil Empire, but instead he CHOSE to be Darth Vader and join the dark side.
He deserves the boos he gets here each night (x 180,000,000) ...and then some!

I think the problem is that he never should have said anything (and should stop talking at this point). All of his pre-contract talk implied that Baltimore, should a deal be in the ballpark, would get him. Then, after the Yankees gave him more money, which everyone knew they would, he said it was about winning (as though he had no idea, previous to the negotiation, that the O's had been struggling for 10 years). I think if he just said " This is my last contract and I will take the most money" from the outset, I think there would be a lot less hostility. The truth is that he said all of those things not b/c they were true, but because it was a good negotiating tactic. Fair enough, but now comes the consequences (not that I think he cares).

When that much money is on the table, many of us would reasonably take it for the sake of your family. You might be somewhat irresponsible NOT to.

That being said, I just can't imagine Teixeira was honestly much of an Os fan. The "Grew up an Os fan" talk must have been more financial manuevering entering into his contract year. Suddenly on the YES Network, all day yesterday the announcers (which includes Kenny Singleton!) kept talking about how he was ACTUALLY a Don Mattingly fan all along. Supposedly he came to Camden wearing a Mattingly jersey (Yes, he was one of THOSE!). So which was he? A Cal fan? Eddie fan? Or now he's suddenly a Mattingly fan? I don't know what the truth is, nor does it really matter at this point, but he's set himself up to be booed in his hometown for a longtime now.

Sure, anyone can understand why he went the way he did, and I doubt anybody really blames him for it. But once that is done, he should just shut up and play, and not try to BS everyone about "perfect worlds." He's a Yankee--that's it. And he's gonna get booed every time he gets announced at OPACY--get used to it.

Schmuck, you are completely right. While we (O's fans) felt that we were betrayed by a hometown guy to come and save our beloved team, if we don't support our team, why should he? Simply put, Tex shouldn't have said he wanted to come home when he knew he was going to the highest bidder.
I live in Chicago now, but anytime I go back to MD (including this weekend), I go to Camden. It's baseball at one of the best parks in the world. No matter how good or bad the Orioles are, you can't get much better than seeing a game at the Yard. It's about time fans realize that.

I read a NY blog yesterday discussing the fans' booing of Tex, and it really put things into perspective for me. When the negotiations were ongoing, it was easy--as a fan-- to hold out hope that the hometown hero would take the lesser offer and we'd have our middle-of-the-order first basemen for the next 10 years. It was a happy delusion.

But, back to reality, how can we honestly expect a human being to opt to sign a CHEAPER offer to play on a WORSE team? Not that there's anything particularly revelatory about that question, but if you really pause to think about it for a second, it should really put the issue to rest. Take a hometown discount to play for one of baseball's worst teams? Come on. He's from the area, but he isn't a monk.

I share a ticket plan, and I couldn't get a seat to opening day (I spent at least an hour in the massive party in front of Pickles trying to buy one - any seat!). The place was so excited to see the new O's and the Yankees on this opening day. It was an electric atmosphere.

I realize hope runs eternal for at least the first few weeks, but a lot of people are excited about the future, even if it isn't now, as now offers a glimpse of the possiblities. I believe in those possibilities.

If Tex were really an O's fan at heart, he would have realized the potential here, he could see the brightening skies on the horizon.

It was a business decision, but he could have made the same money over the fewer years and gotten an extension if he had produced (granted, a big if - one the Yankees were willing to bet more on now). We, as O's fans, do believe. He obviously never really was an O's fan, which is the biggest reason we wanted him here anyway. He deserves the Big Apple, he had just watch out if it should sour.

Nice rationalization, Pete. You neglected to touch on the primary piece here. He used the Orioles to boost his payday. He indicated that he was genuinely interested in playing for the Orioles and then opted for the bucks. If his decision was, indeed, based on the dismal chances for post-season play, then he never would have considered playing for the Orioles. The equation did not change in December. Bottom line is that he either lied about his interest in the fall or he lied about his motivation now.

Mr. Schmuck,
Your comments are 100% correct. As a longtime Oriole fan of 40+ years, I see no reason that Tex should've signed here. The fault for that rests solely on the Baltimore Oriole organization. Anyone who thinks that they would've done things differenlty and signed with the O's at this juncture is either a liar, stupid, or smoking too much crack...Feel free to boo but don't be hatin'...Get over it..Case closed...

I don't blame him for signing for more $$ with the Yankees. I do find fault with his inconsistent comments.

When he signed with the Yankees he talked about how he admired Don Mattingly. Now that he's in Baltimore for a few days he's talking about how he admired Eddie and Cal.

Sounds like he wants it both ways to me.

I guess if he plays in DC he'll be a Frank Howard fan.

I was at the game and opening booed as much for him as any opposing player. I did see alot of Yankee Fans yelling at him late in the game for not hitting also. But you can't blame him for taking the money. Let alone how long has he been away from the area?

On another note, why is it when you go to other cities, their sports talk shows after the game will allow fans to call in and the o's radio networks won't? They call themselves all access??? I've tried to reach them they say they have fans call in? What gives. I drive home after yesterday's game and nothing.

Peter, please pass on to the radio gods to allow us to call in, are they afraid of bad stuff? Their all access show after the games are a joke.

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: They probably won't listen to me on that, but you can call in to my show every weeknight at six on WBAL and say anything you want (within the bounds of radio propriety, of course). Thanks for giving me this opportunity to plug my show.

It's my belief that we don't and didn't need Texiera for $140-180 mil. That will buy a lot more improvement in several other areas. Besides, I'll wager that Huff will be within 5-10 homers, match average and be close in RBI's to Tex this year. While not as good in the field, McPhail has shored up the overall defense in other areas. Yesterday only reinforced my opinion that the defense will, by itself, cut about a run a game off the pitching staff's collective ERA this season , without any other changes being considered. We are in for an interesting season. Jones may be the most improved player in the AL. Markakis,BRob,Huff,Mora, Scott and co. will supply plenty of firepower. Pie will surprise if brought along slowly and kept away from the top lefthanders and real tough righties.Weiters and a couple of farmhands will give us a boost later on in the summer, and life could ,again, be fun in Birdland. Get Huff signed to a 3 or 4 year contract and we're going to be real competitive in 2010-11-12. I can't understand why a 32 year old with stats that match up with almost anyone isn't the #1 priority to sign Right Now? We can't replace him for 3 times what we'd be able to sign him for.Otherwise McPhail is doing a great job.

I agree with many other comments about Tex. If he had any desire to play for his hometown team, he would have taken the "insulting" $150 million. With the many young Orioles in the system, his 7 year contract would have hopefully been during better times. He could have been one of the centerpieces of the rebuilding project. As far as fans not showing up at the games, all you have to do is look at the Colts who sucked for a long time and were showing nno signs of getting better, much like the Orioles had been for years. When the Ravens came to town and showed they would do things the right way, the fans came in droves. Get back to demonstrating to the fans that the team is headed in the right direction and the fans will come

You are absolutely right. He has a right to play for whatever team he so chooses. The O's have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to get him. Having said that, it still felt a little like Tex and Boras were only trying to make our FO feel like we had a chance in order to drive up the price for other teams. If that is true, that kinda is a low blow.


I didn't think he was honest at all. Remember he wore his Mattingly shirt to Orioles games BEFORE we had these losing seasons. Yes, losing probably had some impact. But he wanted to be a Yankee. Saying "In a perfect world..." just isn't the truth.

Your last statement is interesting. If the Orioles would sign and had quality players like Teixiera - they would attend games on a regular basis. It just goes back and forth.

I'm upset at Teixiera's father, who seems to think that it is 'unfair' that Orioles fans are booing his son. The booing is the decision that Tex made when he signed with the Yankees. He will need to deal with it as well as the extra Yankee dollars that he is making. Fans have a right to voice their opinions. I think everyone understands why he signed with the Yankees but I'll bet Teixiera's father was out there like the rest of us booing Reggie Jackson in 1977.

I doubt there are 50,000 real baseball fans at each game in any stadium. Would it be better if the Os won the world series and had thousands of bandwagoners at each game like the Red Sox?

Os fans still do go to games. If Texiera wants to see a stadium full of people who are there because of the luxury of the skybox or just because it's a popular thing to do, he chose the right team.

not an apples to apples analogy, pete. sorry but not even close.

gimme a break schmuck. are you trying to hit a nerve? that is one specious argument you are throwing out.

first off, yeah i can honestly say that i would have past up 180 million for 150 million and the opportunity to live and play in my home town.

and second, watch it sportswriter. You have no business insulting fans. Both players and the writers exist as paying occupations solely due to us fans.

Whether I am at the stadium (that i built with my tax dollars) in front of the tv, at the radio or at the computer, i have always been an O's fan.

Pete's reply: I realize that I work at the pleasure of readers and fans, but I really don't believe you want me to just write what I think you want to hear. I think Orioles fans are better and smarter than that, and don't mind being challenged. Look at all the comments here on both sides of this subject. I don't think you really mind a good argument.

this post you made makes me think of tex diffierently:

he never wanted to be an O in the first place, and now, he's changing his story? please...

Here's why Pete,

By going to the game, I can't make the O's better. No matter how loud I yell for the O's or yell at the other team, it really makes no difference. I still go to 5 - 10 games a year, but I have total understanding for fans who just can't take it anymore and no longer spend their hard earned money in this way.

On the other hand, we have pretty boy Tex over there who, by the virtue of his presence and his bat, could make an enormous difference in the collective fortune of the Orioles franchise. And, instead of having to pay what little money he sets aside for entertainment purposes to be here, he would be paid the handsome sum of $150 mil over 7 years. No, it's not what the empire offered, but it's still a lot (and it could have been more if he showed genuine interest in the O's).

He could have made a real difference here, on many levels. He chose not to. That's where I think you're logic breaks down. His choice is not the same as that of the fans who don't come anymore. That's why I'm so pissed.

Agreed, Pete. While I was extremely disappointed when he signed, I never expected him to sign here and as you said, I understand his desire to get top dollar from a perennial contender.

You can't put this on O's fans. The fans in Baltimore are great but everyone wants to be a part of a winner. Coming to the yard to see the O's lose seems like a waste of money to me. You spend a lot of money for tickets, food and the whole ballpark experience but I think anyone would tell you, if your team doesn't win it feels like a complete letdown and you just threw your money away. Do we blame Tex for spurning his hometown team, absolutley. If in a perfect world he would be an Oriole, then he should have gotten the deal done with the O's. I am just an average Joe but really $150 million or $180 million, what is the differencr when whatever the number is is followed by the word million. He could have been the face of a city and helped lead us back to the glory days against the hated yankees. Instead he will have to sit back and wonder why he left money keep him from his dream.

Where is the bird cartoon that was supposed to be returning? Looked everywhere on the website for it.

Pete, while your critique definitely resonates, I still think Teixeira deserves a good deal of criticism as well.

Out in the left field upper deck, I experienced the Oriole fan majority outcheering the opposing team's contingent. At the same time, I had to lament that most home games this season won't be like that. I'll make it to two or three more games this year at best (though I do live over 200 miles away), and I know that many Baltimore fans have been disillusioned enough by the last ten years to stay away more often than not--even if Camden Yards is right down the street.

Yet... the Oriole organization is *unquestionably* moving in the right direction. Not just that, but we're talking contention in the next two years. I firmly believe that. AND, I'm not the only one. Players like Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts didn't sign extensions because they had visions of 70-win seasons over the next 5-7 years. Aubrey Huff didn't compare Baltimore to Tampa Bay because of losing seasons, but because winning seasons truly are right around the corner.

My point: it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the Oriole organization is turning it around, and doing it quickly. Matusz, Arrieta, Tillman, Reimold, Moore, Turner... we're talking genuine depth here. Teixeira (and Boras) could have done their research. Having grown up in Severna Park, Teixeira is well-acquainted with what the Yankees stand for. He could have chosen to see what the Orioles are doing, and doing fast.

But Teixeira chose the Yankee way: big money, a stockpile of star free agents with a diminishing emphasis on organizational depth.

I do wish that Baltimore fans would be incredibly devoted throughout the season, but after ten losing years, the organization is going to have to help pull the fan base around. (I also dearly wish Baltimore fans would come up with a better line than "Yankees Suck". The Yankees don't "suck" at the game, actually, which is what makes O's victories that much greater. We should be proud of that.)

Now, while I don't wish Teixeira any personal injury, I dearly hope that his decision will haunt him and all of those who choose to "play" baseball the Yankee Way. I think Texeira will be a productive player no matter what, but I hope that the Yankees' method of compiling a team reveals an organization floundering while well-run and well-developed teams like the Orioles work their way past in the standings.

You know pete, i guess people just try and hope that there is just one ball player left over like Cal ripkin. Nobody is going to blame a guy for taking 180,000,00 vs 140,000,00 but if he was serious enough in stating his desire to come to the orioles thay might have given him more money. But there is more to this then money.He had a rare chance to be part of something special, He would have been a legend like cal if he signed with the orioles. Just imagine, roberts, nick, adam, weiters, pie, tex, and the young pitching prospects that will be the center of this team for the next 10 years. That is what i am most disappointed in, the fact that he took the money rather then be loyal and be apart of something to his home town,I guess none of that means anything any more and that is what is wrong with all of sports. Cal , Brooks , Jim palmer, Ray lewis , will be ingraned forever in this towns heart and he had the chance to be included in that elite group but chose to be greedy.No matter what he ever does for the yankee's he will just be a little fish in that illustrious group of names NO MATTER WHAT.

Pete, I think that Tex signing with the Yankees was only half the reason for his hostile treatment yesterday. Most O's fans get that the money was significantly better and the competitive opportunity was significantly better in NY. We don't like it, but we get it.

For many O's fans, however, Tex's admission in his introductory press conference that he was a actually a Yankee fan as a kid and used to wear a Mattingly jersey and Yankee cap to Camden Yards is what turned the whole thing ugly.

It's one thing to make a business decision ... but it's a whole other ballgame when you admit that you were born in the state capital of Maryland, 30 minutes from Camden Yards, and you rooted for the Yankees anyway.

Come on Pete?! 1) Last summer (and previously) he's talking about the life long dream to play for is home team. 2) This winter the O's make an excellent offer for the guy to fulfill his dream for 7/$20 and may have went higher if given the chance. 3) After signing with NY, he suddenly becomes a life long Yankee fan, NY hat at O's games, huge Mattingly fan, etc. 5) Opening day against the O's at home, "I love this town...", "perfect world.....World Series every year.."?

He is totally FOS and whether nudged by Boras or not, he used the hometown boy jive to get the O's to 7/$20M knowing that NY or Boston would dive in higher at the end.

This guy is not a Baltimore or Md guy.. or even Severna Park for that matter. He's a transplant that went to a private school. I grew up in SP and went to SPHS and I'm proud to say I played hookie only one day while there. That day was spent riding an MTA bus to Baltimore with my buds to catch the Oriole's victory parade in 1983!

Why are you playing devil's advocate? You are comparing the non-purchase of a ticket to a baseball game at Camden Yards and the loyalty of O's fans to the rejection of a $150 million contract of a home-grown product. Listen, Tex (just like mussina) thought the Yankees provided him with the best opportunity to win a W.S. now. How can a team filled to the brim with stars not win it all (just ask mussina)? Yeah Tex took more money to play in NY (just like mussina), so he will be rightfully booed. I am a firm believer that the Yankees window of opportunity, although it will never close, will narrow in the next 3 years. Tex is a prime example of wanting the prime time; wanting the glamor of the NY stage; and most importantly wanting the most money. Well ya know what, I am a firm believer that the O's will do exactly what the Rays did in 2 years (3 at most). Hopefully for Tex's sake the Yanks win one (not really). If not, all one can do is laugh...and BOO Tex!!


You have no clue...transplanted New Yorker. I go to mulitple games a year in New York, even though I live down here. You guys don't even go to O's games in your own backyard. I make the 3 hour drive and spend the money because I am a fan of the Yanks and do it by choice. By the way, there are plenty of seats that aren't $1,500 dollars, and we drink beer, not wine. That's the DC lawyer Camden Yard fan that you lost to the Nats. Enjoy the 1 win. 26 titles baby.

The Orioles fielded a competitive team up until the late 90's. Unless he's 12 years old, that doesn't hold water. Remember, from 1984-1996 (the Mattingly years) the Yankee's didn;t win anything. So Tex and his bull can play in Times Square. I don't buy it.

Are you sure you went to the same game as I did Pete?

"Fairly high percentage?" There were almost NO Yankees fans were I was in section 82 (left field). If you had told me that 10% of the crowd last night was Yankees faithful I would have been shocked.

Also, if I were drafted as a ballplayer today, loving baseball the way I do... I would not hesitate to sign with the Orioles. They are my hometown team and to be able to be revered like the way that Michael Phelps and Cal Ripken are around here, that's something you can't pass up. And if you really look at the state of the Orioles, we are in great shape going forward. The Yankees? Not so much. In the field only Cano and Gardner are well under 30, and Tex and Swisher very close at 29. Talk about old baseball players. They are lousy defensively and the front office routinely seems to make poor decisions which they try to compensate for with spending money. In any other market, the Yankees would be the equivalent of the Nationals.

Personally, if you were to ask me which team had a better shot of winning a World Series in the next ten years, Baltimore or New York... I'd seriously consider Baltimore over New York-- Oriole bias aside. They are way better set up to compete in the long term.

The fundamental difference is that I have to pay $25.00 to enter Camden Yards, whereas Mark is being paid $180M to enter Yankee Stadium. The difference between my $25.00 paid and the $140M that Mark would have been paid to enter Camden Yards is incomparable. At that level, the $40M difference between the amount that Mark accepted between Camden Yards and Yankee Stadium is miniscule compared the difference stated above. Besides the fundamental difference is that he is receiving and I am paying. Bottom line is that the greedy prima donna earned every boo that he got yesterday.

this is spin worthy of a wall street lawyer


Peter, it doesn't matter if the booing was justified or not. What matters is the energy and passion that such booing (really loud, by the way) exhibited, an energy that we have not seen at Camden Yards for a long time. I'll see you at the Yard on Thursday and Friday :)

Pete's reply: I agree 100 percent.

Peter, I understand where youre coming from with your comments here, but there is something to said for getting in on the ground floor of something and growing a product, especially in one's hometown.

With the moves McPhail and the O's management have made in the past two seasons, its becoming clear there is at least some mild interest in winning.

It's always hard being "The First" anything and Texieria would have been the first "big name" signing for McPhail & Co. It would have been nice to see the hometown guy show some courage and faith in Baltimore and the O's and sign here.

And if youre right about him picking the "better organization", the Yankees organization is a circus. A buffoon owner, a philosphy of signing whatever big name free agents are available, regardless of need or fit, a middling minor league system. Granted, it is the 'New York Yankees' and theyve been in the playoff mix much more than the O's have recently, but that has not translated to rings.

Aren't the O's going in the right direction now and Peter Angelos is takin a back seat to Andy so why continue to bash him, maybe It's the name Peter?

Aren't the O's going in the right direction now and Peter Angelos is takin a back seat to Andy so why continue to bash him, maybe It's the name Peter?

I'm happy we didn't sign Mark Texiera. I think he would have been another weight to our organization. We are so close to competing, and he would have damaged that progression. Not to mention, we would have given up the number 5 pick, and lost a chance at someone like Grant Green, SS, out of USC, or any of the top pitchers, like Aaron Crow. Build from the inside, win as a team. Besides, we would have sucked more with Tex, and if we're going to suck, I say suck with young players, not overpriced free agents.

Pete, you're way off on this. You're comparing apples to oranges. While I agree that a lot of fans aren't showing up at the yard because of the losing, there are probably just as many who don't go because it is such an expensive proposition. I don't need to go over the numbers, but the average family just about has to take out a loan to go to a game.

As for Tex, what's the difference between $180 mil vs. $140 mil? Either way, this man (and his children and grand children) are set for their entire lives. And I'm not convinced that the O's wouldn't have raised their offer to Tex if given the chance.

The fact is, Tex would have been a God, the golden child here if he had chosen us. In NY, he's just another player among a bunch of over-paid players.

Sure, the Yankmees are in a better position to win now, but he could have been the beacon of the franchise here and sped up the process of the O's becoming a contender. He had to see, like the rest of us, the direction of the team. He could have been a critical part of the losing coming to an end. And wouldn't one want to be a part of something good being built and tasting the sweet success when things finally turn around, rather than just being another hired gun like so many before him in NY? I know I would.

Don't talk to me about money making the decision. When you get into the stratospheric numbers of his contract, a few million don't make much of a difference. It's not like someone making $40k and has an offer on the table for $60k.

I was there yesterday booing loudly alongside everyone else. It's not that I'm upset he chose to go to NY, I certainly don't blame him. However what really irritated me about his free agency was that he strung Baltimore along, saying he would like to come play for his home team. Then after he signed with NY he said he never had any intention of actually signing with the O's, it was always his dream to play for the Yankees. To me this was a classless move, and honestly probably had more to do with Scott Boras than Mark Texiera.

Here's hoping that the O's make it back to the World Series before NYY and all their bought talent, Arod, Tex, CC, etc. That would be the best way to really stick it to the Severna Park boy.

That is the weakest analogy I have ever heard. What he is saying is, he would only have played for the Os if we'd have put up winning seasons year after year. Is he insecure or what? Plus, I think he's wrong about the future. Look at the aging Yankees line up. Damon, Jeter, Matsui, Petit, etc. The are all on the wrong side of the Bell Curve... He's just being a little brat - "I have to wine now" and "I won't play on a team that can't win it all every year". When you factor in that he's only getting another $1.5 million per year, to play in New York where the cost of living will eat that up in no time, he's really saying "I never wanted to play in Baltimore". He sold his soul to the devil, and will have to live with that. I will be one of the many booing him every time he steps to the plate. Payroll A-hole is my new nick name for him.

Great post Pete!

He's a great player who I wish we would have gotten and a local too! But our sad state of affairs, our cheap offer, our lousy spring training facilities, all add up! The culture must change or we will always be playing for that one or two good years out of 20! This can only be fixed from the top down. Now the Yanks have a bright shining new stadium so we will have to work that much harder!

Great Post!

Be serious, Peter, if the Newark Bears offered him $200 million he would have signed with them instead. You don't hire Scott Boras as your agent unless you are after the highest possible contract you can get. Period. Nothing else matters at that point.

Why is it that you find it necessary to "take the unpopular position" on this situation? Does it somehow serve your journalistic ego more effectively?

The bottom line is that if you take his entire comment (about if the Orioles had won the world series every year..blah blah) you learn more about the "man" that he is.

He's not a loyalist, doesn't know the meaning of the word- he's that worst kind of baseball fan, the one they call "fair-weather." I know he made his decision as a ballplayer and not a fan, but the type of sports-fan that someone is says a lot about who that person is- and that comment tells me I'm glad we didn't mortgage the franchise on a guy that's better suited to be having dinner with A-Rod and Madonna than drinkin natty boh's and pickin crabs (yes that's an '89 Why Not reference)

I just wish he had the testicular fortitude to come out and be honest- that is to leave that "i have so much love for this city/organization" crap in his pocket. He got what he deserved yesterday, well except for that $127,000 game check.


I don't know if its a popular position, but its a correct one. Can't blame the fans for booing or staying away for that matter, but we saw a little peak at what the O's offense is capable of. Maybe that will keep us competitive for the first few months before another late season 7-37 collapse...

I love Tex, but still find it hard to reason with the fact that with how good he is, this is still his fourth team. I'd take lifers in B-Rob and Markakis over him any day.

I've got a question for you, Peter. I am an Orioles fan stuck up in the blessed snow belt of northeast Ohio. That aside, I stay current with my Orioles online and with the little national tv time they receive, but not being in the heart of it all makes me think I have a false sense on one big issue, namely with Skip Trembley. I don't know what it is, but from the start I've liked the man alot, for the young O's and for the city, and I can't help but to get excited when I read about the enthusiasm he was filled with before the game because of the clubhouse mentality. Am I missing something, or is this guy really this good for the O's?

Pete's reply: I think he has done a good job and hope he gets the chance to grow with the team. Don't really know if that will be the way it works out, because he'll have to survive another big losing season before getting that chance and I don't know how Andy MacPhail and Peter Angelos will feel about him at that time.

I can't wait for two years from now, when the Orioles have an exciting, young, competitive team while Tex publicly puts on a happy face while inside is miserable playing in New York. Of course, at his salary, you can always look at the bank account and know life is not that bad,. But he will be the latest in a long line of players who can't stand the New York fans, media and negative atmosphere that exists in that clubhouse. Hank is the second coming of his father and the next couple of years will expose the wear and tear that working for "those" people can put on a player. No matter where the Yankees are in the standings, it will be fun to watch. I said the same thing about Girardi when he passed on the Orioles to wait out the Yankees job. After this year, when he is unemployed, he will look back and see what is happening with this organization and realize the mistake he made.

Everone knows that people from Severna Park are blue-blood snot balls anyway, so what Tex did isn't surprising. :) (BTW - I'm an escapee from from that self-righteous town myself).

Pete's reply: I think Severna Park is quite nice, but I'm biased.

If I were in Mark Teixeira's position, I probably would have done the same thing. On the other hand, I would also expect to be booed and I would deserve it. People who make that much money should be able to take it and don't need to be defended nor do they deserve pity.

Who among us would work an entire year for $40million less? I mean the economy is bad, and even worse in a smoke stack town like Baltimore. I need that extra $40 mil for the little things in life. Suppose I want to go to a nice restaurant for Christmas. Or maybe like the saying goes, "I need the money to buy the baby milk".

Really now, $40 mil is a lot of money to pass up. But I have to question what he can't buy with 140mil that will take 180mil? I don't believe the money was the selling point. The "Stanks" have been in the post season almost ever year that I can remember. The O's haven't been close for a long time. Where would you rather work for a horrible owner? At least NY gets something in return for putting up with ownership...playoffs. We have become a last ditch place for players to come. After all of the talk over the years about sucking up the loses so that we could become young and competitive, it has once again proven to be more of the same, TALK! We are not very young at many positions. Tex could have been the big man on campus here. Instead he choose the be just one of the boys. While I hate that Tex didn't come here, and worse yet signed with NY, I don't blame him. In a perfect world, Balto would be the place everyone would want to play, we would at least be back to the O's of the last 60's up to the 80's, bleacher seats would still be 85 cents, and hotdogs a dollar. So before we can blame Tex, we need to be a contender, but more so, we need to have new ownership that wants to win, rather than pocket money. Hey Peter, don't you want to sell the team and retire somewhere else??

Hello Pete,

I'm sorry Pete, but I have to disagree. Until someone tells me that the Orioles made there best offer, I believe Teixeira had no intention of playing for the O's. He's a coward that needs someone like A-Rod to take the heat off him instead of being the face of a franchise. Here's hoping he has many day's like yesterday, he's a greedy punk!

Do you think we could get these comments added a little bit slower? Maybe this could be the first blog to operate entirely through telegraph.

Are you kidding me? The Orioles are a small market team but sold out Camden Yards for years before 11 straight losing seasons finally took its toll on the fan base. To suggest that we're somehow to blame for Teixiera signing with the Yankees is ridiculous. How in the world can you compare the commitment of a paying customer on a limited budget (which is only one way to measure devotion to the team -- it does not take into account television viewing, merchandise purchasing, water cooler discussions, travel plans, or any of the many other aspects associated with following a team) to that of a spoiled entertainer? The guy wanted to wear pinstripes and play in the Big Apple. We used to mock that reasoning and say "good ridance" to anyone who didn't appreciate Baltimore. But in the past 20 years, ESPN and Sun columnists from out-of-town have made the current generation of Baltimore sports fans feel like losers because we're not NY or Boston.

Besides, the Orioles didn't make a stronger play for Tex because they know Wieters is ultimately their first baseman of the future. If he hits like he's supposed to, no way he spends his career taking a beating behind the plate.

Pete's reply: Wait a minute. Now you're blasting me for deciding I wanted to come to Baltimore?

The idea, Pete is that HE can't have it both ways.

If from the get-go he honestly said that the Yankees were his first choice all along and ditched the BS and sought them out and got something done, fine.

But, the fact that he drew out the process so long and all the while put on that grin and said, "o gee whiz, how nice would it be to come back home..." now seems all the more phony.

I am honestly getting sick of people saying "well, yeah can you blame him?" Yes, I can actually. Roberts and Markakis didn't bolt. Ripken stayed through some REALLY lean years. It says much more about a person's character.

In the end, it was not only the fact that he went for the most money, but that he went to the Yankees. Then suddenly they start harping on how "oh, well MATTINGLY was really his favorite player all along," when he had been saying how much he loved Baltimore, etc. He is now just another gear in the faceless, personality-less conglomaration that is the Yankees.

He deserves to be booed no matter where he plays. period.
Handle your business like a man, Mark, and be upfront "The Orioles won't offer me instant gratification like NY, and also they are stuffing my pockets and I am a tool."

Let's go O's

It had to shake him up yesterday... with his folks there and playing in Balitmore... only to be reviled by the fans.

It's not just an unpopular position to take, it's total BS. When he said that in a perfect world, if the O's had won the World Series every year he'd be an Oriole today, why didn't one of you ask him one of these questions:
- Are you aware that the Yankees have not won the World Series in any of the last eight years (the length of his contract)?
- Do you realize that Jeter is 35, ARod is 34, Posada is 38, Rivera is 39, Burnett rarely goes through a season uninjured, and Pettitte arm is hanging by a thread?
- Do you know how much improvement the Orioles have made and how much pitching talent they have ready to emerge?

Finally, I don't care that he signed with the Yankees, I just think that every time he opens his mouth it's just more BS that comes out. It's clear that the Yankees were the only team he considered. Was it the money, the tradition, the chance to win, all of the above? Who knows and who cares. When he comes to Baltimore and says that in a perfect world the O's would have won the WS and he would be an Oriole, he's lying. Plain and simple. He never wanted to play for the Orioles. With all his money, he should at least be willing to state the truth.

I'm not buying this "oh, y'all would have done the same thing" argument. The difference between 180 and 150 million is neglible when presented with the opportunity to become a leader. Texiera made it plainly obvious that his primary purpose of being a professional athlete was to make as much money as possible. And that's too bad. He was presented with the opportunity to be a leader on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community HE grew up in. For him to pass up the chance of leading this club out of the depths of mediocrity in a community that would have absolutely embraced him and showered him with every bit of loyalty we got, so that he could become just one of the many overpriced spoiled brats in New York is inexcusable. I just wish players saw the bigger picture. There's no difference between 150 and 180 million dollars....please. When your paycheck starts getting that big it's a joke to pass up the chance that Texiera had here in Baltimore. Screw him. I take his passing up the chance to be something HUGE in Baltimore rather than just another overpriced face in NY as cowardice. Go O's.

Here is where I stand on the issue:

No one is at fault. I don't begrudge Tex for his decision. 180 mil? I understand. The O's not offering him 180 mil? I both understand and am glad. But still, if you're going to sign with the Evil Empire for a fat paycheck, you deserve a good ribbing, I'm proud of Baltimore for giving him one, and hope we continue to give him h**l for every Yanks game at Camden Yards for the rest of the season. I think the boos contributed to his choke yesterday. Good.

Now, for your whole argument about Baltimore fans not supporting the team enough, it's a two way street, and for more than a decade Angelos Inc. has not held up their part of the bargain. You wanna fill a ballpark? Field a winning team. It isn't rocket science. 11+ years of

damned it if you do boo...damned if you don't.

If I were in Teixeira's position, I probably would have done the same thing. On the other hand, I would expect to be booed and would deserve it. People who make that much money don't need to be defended and certainly don't deserve pity.

Why are O's fans so mad? Because he's LYING. "In a perfect world, I'd be an Oriole."

Oh, so what happened to growing up as a Yankees fan and worshipping Don Mattingly?

What about all the pandering to the Nationals about how he wanted to come "home"?

Everytime Tex is asked the question about the O's, his story changes. He did not do "what he had to do," to quote his dad. He wchose to go to NYC for more money and because he liked the Yankees more. Pure and simple. Just say it.

Scott Boras never even dealt with the O's seriously. From Sons of Sam Horn report on O's FanFest:
Someone asked about Mark Teixeira. McPhail said that they'd offered him a 7 year, $140 million contract, to which he said essentially thanks but no thanks. For the next couple months, McPhail would periodically call up Scott Boras and say, "Hey, how about Teixeira?" and Boras would answer, "Hey, any interest in Pudge Rodriguez?" Basically, they were never led to believe that Tex was all that interested.

So, Tex, stop blowing smoke up O's fans orifices and tell the truth for once - you liked the Yankees and you LOVED the money, and you never seriously considered coming to Baltimore. Then we could at least respect you for telling the truth.

As Jim Rome said, "When an athlete says it's not about the money, it's about the money."


No offense, but I completely disagree. The Baltimore media did absolutely nothing to knock down the idea that Tex wanted to play for the Orioles, that he had a soft spot for his hometown team. You guys couldn't have at any point in the last five years let us know that he was a bigger fan of Mattingly than Ripken? That helped fuel our completely false hopes that he might have some interest in playing in Baltimore. It's not the sole reason. But for years, I've read the tea leaves that the Sun has aligned for us, and they clearly had an underlying message: Tex would be interested in playing in Baltimore. Those were, apparently, wrong.

I know you took the risk of being skeptical throughout his whole free-agent chase that the Os had a shot. Thanks. And I'm not necessarily laying this at your feet. But we didn't just imagine that he wanted to play in Baltimore. Notice that people didn't care about A.J. Burnett being local? We hadn't read years of speculation that A.J. Burnett had a soft spot for his hometown team. We did read that with Tex, and as a result, I feel somewhat betrayed that he signed with NYY. Why? Because I thought we had a shot. Why? Because that's what we were led to believe.

I'm a reporter, so I hate the idea of blaming "the media". But I do think it's important for you to understand where the root of this anger comes from -- the false hope and expectation that we actually had a shot.

Evidence of my point:

It's not the Sun, but the national media in this case. Sports Illustrated is fairly reputable. (I could clearly find an example of the Sun doing something similar, but I'm at work and am supposed to be productive.)

Operative graf: "Teixeira grew up in Severna Park, Md., cheering for Ripken and playing on the same fields that Babe Ruth did."

The thing that bugs Orioles fans is that Teixeria, being a hometown guy, understands the burden of the last 12 years. He is also old enough to know the good times and what that meant to the city. He is from the Baltimore area and has lived most of his life as an Orioles fan. Sure, you can say he is just being smart and going with a winner, but if you live and breath the Orioles then you hope a player would feel some loyalty to where he's from. For a lot of fans that is bigger than losing, Angelos or money. That's where a lot of the pain comes from.

Really, I think the whole thing boils down to that day (I think two days before he signed with the Yankees) when Buster Olney reported for ESPN that Tex had an "enormous attraction" to the Orioles. At that point people started seeing him in the 25 jersey for the orange and black, and when he signed, we felt used and jilted.

Tremendous article on O's karma and opening day! It sure was fun. For some reason I see the Orioles as being consistently average this season with a late season push to get us to 77-78 wins (as opposed to the annual collapse). Thoughts?

Pete's reply: I can envision a scenario like that, but I'm sticking with my prediction of 69 wins. The important thing is for the team to become more and more competitive. I think, offensively at least, that will happen this year.

If the O's want to give me 150 million, I wont miss a game at the yard

I'm not disputing the fact that the Orioles organization isn't in good "condition" but where has spending a billion dollars put the Yankees since 2000? The O's have won just as many World Series since the turn of the century. In a perfect world I'd be playing for the Orioles. I live in Cumberland, over 2 hours away and I PAY to come to 8-10 games a year and watch almost every night on tv. I'm there. The only reason Yankee fans are there is because they can't afford to see their own team play in their own stadium because they're paying asshats like Texeira $180million.


Defending Texeira is ludicrous. Couldn't he see the new direction this team is taking with MacPhail having a plan and more control than any of his predecessors? Couldn't he see the wealth of young pitching getting ready in the minors? Couldn't he see the catcher he'd be throwing to who has MVP caliber talent. If he couldn't, he was blinded by the money. He couldn't play for a paltry 20 million per season. No! He needed that 22.5 million per season. That was the right "fit" he spoke of.

"In a perfect world", "the right fit". That's rich. It's greed Texeira, plain and simple greed and you have a bad case of it.

You (and most Yankee fans and guys like Cowherd who ranted on and on this morning on ESPN about what clueless fans the Os were to boo Teixiera) just don't get it...This is just what comes with the territory for Tex when he signed on the line to go to the Dark Empire...
Yesterday was just the first expression of a revitalization of Oriole fans....Teixiera went with the money...fine- good for him...but what comes with the money is you are now a Yankee and that means every other fan in baseball (other than a Yankee fan) is going to boo you and when you come to our park as a Yankee (particularly after all the PR junk that Boras used to play the Yankee offer upwards...about growing up in Severna Park, etc.) then you are going to get booed in a ferocious fashion. I hope it lasts all season and the rest of his career. Maybe it will distract him just enough for his performance to be affected like yesterday.
Reggie Jackson got booed something fierce for years when he left Baltimore for the Yankees.
The point is that sports fans express their feelings by booing...that is part of the fun and history of baseball. I have been booing Yankees for 42 years now and Teixiera is just another one in a long line.
The expressions on Yankee fans faces yesterday at the game were priceless...they are so used to this being their little park away from home....they certainly didn't enjoy Oriole fans taking the Yard back!!

Pete's reply: In fairness to Boras, he never used the Orioles offer or Teixeira's supposed loyalty to his hometown to jack anybody up. Andy MacPhail said that several times. But that is proof that he never wanted to play here.

Uh, isn't this the same player that said he used to wear a Yankees hat to Memorial Stadium & that his favorite player was Don Mattingly? Now he was an O's fan growing up & his favorite players were Eddie & Cal.

It's one thing to cash in, it's quite another to sell out.

Teixeira's Marylander card was officially revoked yesterday.

Why aren't we allowed to boo? I personally was not so upset about his signing until Texeira started talking about how he was a big Yankee fan as a kid and feeding into the whole front-runner mentality that, as fans loyal to a team not because it wins but because it is our local team, is really annoying and crushing. So we are booing against the bandwagon jumper mentality, really, which is a big part of so many Yankee fans' personalities, that Texeira represents.

Besides, who says all of us would have done the same thing? I don't privilege money and winning over everything. There are lots of things more important to me than that.

Pete's reply: Certainly you're allowed to boo. The energy at the ballpark was terrific. I was simply commenting on the incongruous logic of some of the booing.

I suppose the answer to your question is that more of us would show up if he'd signed with the home team. Is he a leader or a follower? I guess we have our answer because he could have been the catalyst for O's fans to start heading back to the Yard. Not to mention, unlike the average fan, he wouldn't have to pay for his tickets to the game. As for Boras, he also reps Weiters and Arrieta so if anyone could have explained to Tex that the team is turning a corner and while '09 might not be too strong, the rest of his contract could cover some pretty competitive years, it's him. Moreover, his signing with the Orioles, while a win for us, would be a loss for the Yankees. We don't just get better, they get worse. I get that 160 million is better than 140 million but I also don't get the sense that he ever said to the warehouse, match the Yanks and I'll wear orange and black. To answer the question, Peter, we can expect more from Tex because he's on a pedastal. He was in a position to jump past Roberts and Markakis and become the new Cal, the new hometown hero and he turned it down. Being a hero isn't always easy. Sometimes there's a price and he didn't want to pay it.

The important difference between the fan who stays home and Teixeira is that the player impacts the output on the field. I don't think anyone would say Teixeira alone would guarantee the Orioles pennants every season, but any good player would recognize that they might bring in a few more W's through their individual performance, a few more W's because of their leadership on the team, and perhaps many more W's over the long-term because of the impact his presence would have on other players wanting to come here. I think it says a lot of Teixeira's maturity level and leadership that he doesn't look at it this way, but rather passively sees it as something that he has to take or leave as is. I think your comparison to the perspective of a fan deciding to watch or not was unintentionally more incisive into Douchera's mentality than you knew.

And I'm tired of hearing Teixeira/Yankees apologists saying "we would all go for more money so don't blame the players" because that just isn't the case. The Orioles' STARTING offer to Tex was 20% below where he ended with the Yankees. Let's be conservative and say the final offer from the O's would have been 10-20% below NY. If you give me the choice between taking a job in New York for $50,000 and working in Baltimore, where I would be a hometown hero and my friends and family could see me play 80 times a year for $40-45K, I would take Baltimore and not look back (and I think a lot of other people would too). 10-20% is not that big a difference, the cost of living between NY and Baltimore is more than that! So please stop using that false argument to justify his decision.

Peter, I agree - its really difficult to fault Tex for doing what he did. However, I don't know that that necessarily means I can't boo the guy. Athletes operate in reality - what's going to be best for me and my family? Fans operate in hopes and dreams - our concerns are getting our hometown guy to come home and restore the glory of our team. So Tex made his decision based on his mode of operation, and the fans yesterday (myself included) operated on our mode of operation. I applaud Tex for understanding that, and I applaud the fans for booing him tomorrow night.

The reality is most people don't do as they say. For anyone to be upset because Teixeira didn't come here is crazy. The Orioles have a tradition of losing over the last 10+ seasons & while things are looking a tad brighter now, the reality is that things may not change until ownership does (i.e. see spring training camp issues and who is running that sinking ship).
If you want to boo Teixeira because he is vastly overpaid (as too many players are) that is fine but this holier than thou idea of he should play for the home town is crazy.

To the average fan making $50K a year, it's impossible to relate to a choice to make either $140 Million (the reported O's offer) or $180 Million. To him it's all Monopoly money and nothing that'll ever be real.

Since both numbers are so beyond his grasp, it comes down to Tex as a free agent playing for the hometown team or the evil empire in the fan's mind. It's true Teixeira has a better chance to win right now, but he's just a cog in the machine up in NY. Here in Baltimore he could have become an immortal if he led the team back to glory over the next 7-8 years or whatever the contract length.

So in my opinion Tex's treatment and the attitude toward him goes beyond money and competition and the feeling born from something more akin to going off to marry the stripper after your mom said she'd disown you if you did than being a sound career choice, especially since there actually seems to be a glimmer of hope about the Orioles over the coming years.

And, as Mike Mussina can attest, just because you play in meaningful September games and into October, being a cog in the machine is no guarantee of glory.

"the condition of the Orioles organization certainly played a role in his decision to sign with the Yankees. Who's fault is that?"

Not mine. I'll boo if I feel like it.

He did what he felt was the best decision for him? Fair enough. He got $180 million from the evil empire. As a Yankee he should be booed. As a home town boy that willfully chose the enemy, he deserves all the boos no matter the reason.

Peter, come on. That analogy doesn't even come close to working. I think we should support the Orioles more, but no one is paying the fans millions of dollars to be there. We have to pay ourselves, and we increasingly have to pay more.

The fans are mad at Teixeira because he always made it sound as if he would like to play here, and then he didn't take our offer seriously. Not only that, he went to the Yankees. You can say all you want about taking the money when it's available, and that's fine. But don't pretend that his situation is analogous to fans who have to pay at least a hundred bucks for their family to go to a game. If anything, he was worth more as an Oriole than as a Yankee, but he chose the raw dollars. So, we booed him. He had it coming.

Teixeira was not the answer to $140,000,000 or more in payroll needed to be spent by the Baltimore Orioles. I am glad the Yankees overpaid for this guy. The Orioles can get two 200 inning bonafied starters for that kind of money. I am a life long Oriole fan from Dallas/Fort Worth and even when Tex was banging 40 homeruns and 150 RBIs, the Rangers were still a last place team. AM made the right call by not raising his initial offer. Tex never wanted to be an Oriole despite his lip service - that was nothing more than a leverage play. If fans want to boo a bum they have every right to do so. It is nice the see the passion of the home town crowd for a change. Go O's!

If we never offered him a contract or if he never said he wanted to be an Oriole no one would be booing him. He is getting booed for two reasons that are obvious.
First he used his hometown team as leverage to get more money from the Yankees. Second he lied and denied in interviews about ever being a fan of the Orioles to the New York media after he signed with the Yankees and also during his press conference even though he was quoted several times saying he grew up an Oriole fan.
He wants to use us and degrade us in front of his "new fans" so maybe they will like him more that is his right. If we want to boo him and call him out on his blatant lies and his questionable character that is our right. Please don't defend him Pete. You are better than him.
I on the other hand do not blame him for lying about saying the fans did not affect his play opening day. That was embarrassing in front of his whole family. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it.
The Mussina curse has been passed down. Zero rings for Texliar.

Here's what upsets me about Teixeira is the double talk. He has said in the past that he grew up an orioles fan, then after signing with the yankees claims he would wear a yankees cap to oriole games. Maybe there is some context to what he was saying that was lost when each story broke, but from what I've read it seemed like double talk. Maybe this is an unfair standard to hold an athlete to, given how many questions they are asked, but it is the basis for why I feel enmity towards Mark Teixeira.

I've said it all winter, if it's me I take the O's 150 mil and embrace the challenge of returning my hometown team to excellence because I'm an idiot who's loved this organization for 28 years. But if I had a son could I in good faith tell him to sign with this organization? Nope. As for Tex when was the last time he lived and died with the O's, 1997? He has no ties to this debacle of a franchise and Angelos has given him no good reason to come back here and save us. Having said all that, what you saw yesterday Pete was 3 years of O's fans concocting trades for Mark, begging the GM's to trade for him or sign him when he reaches free agency only to have it blow up in our faces. Those 3 years of buildup was unleashed on Tex yesterday and he looked shellshocked. To quote the movie honcho in the Godfather "It was beauuuuutiful!

Let's be honest about it too. If most O's fans had the opportunity to, they'd probably boo and hiss Peter Angelos much louder and and more vulgar than Tex. So, I'm all for booing Tex, but as a fan, I do understand that Peter deserves a large dose of booing as well.

It is going to be very interesting next year in New York.... many of the seats for this year were purchased last year before the meltdown...and they are having trouble selling the rest. Next year, I can't imagine many people putting up $375 for not even the best seats (the best seats are "Legend" seats and are over $1000/ea.). If they ave to lower prices to fill the seats, what will it do to their payroll going forward??

Apparently it was his plan to sign with the Yankees all along. So just don't tell reporters that it's your "dream" to play for the O's. Don't lie to us. We would have matched the Yanks if it made a difference, but it didn't. And it's not just about Tex. He is a tangible symbol of an economic system in baseball that threatens to destroy the game. Wait till you see all the empty ballparks this summer in cities that aren't allowed to participate fully in the system as now constituted. So spare me the whining about poor Mark. Actions have consequences, and the booing is part of his. Wait till he goes to Boston. He used them more than he used us. Heck, wait till he gets off to a slow start or doesn't get a big hit at a big time in NYC. They'll boo him worse than either of us. Consequences.

Pete - it's not that he didn't come here - that's perfectly understandable and no player can be faulted for choosing the best situation for themselves, be it salary, winnning, or both. And yes, if the Orioles really wanted him they could have ponied up, but I really don't think it would have mattered. The thing that sticks with me is the pandering depending on the audience - when talking to Baltimore reporters it was "I loved the Orioles and Eddie and Cal and it would be great to play here" etc. Then at his NY press conference starts in with "I wore a Yankee cap to Oriole Park and took a lot of crap for it, this is my dream since I was a kid" etc. It's all in the public record. I can't stand that kind of BS. These guys are going to have a great payday, they don't have to pander and use people to run up the price.

Am I the only O's fan who's actually glad the O's didn't get Teixiera? He's a great player but I don't want this team to spend stupid money on anybody who's not a front-line pitcher. He's not a difference maker. Starting pitchers are the difference makers in baseball.

I havent gone to an Oriole game in several years. Angelos has done nothing for the town, other than line his pockets with money. B-More needs a new owner!!!!!!!!!!

I believe he made the "could have" just to ease some of the pain on O's fans and turn the attention away from him. No one can predict the records of any team over the next 8 years.

This isn't about what is right or wrong, it is simply a guy from the area who chose to go to the arch rival. The O's record nor attendance has anything to do with this.

Being a fan is never about logic, it is about loving your team and hating the arch rival, so as a fan, yes I can have it both ways.

Let's agree to disagree. I was booing Tex from my couch and loving every minute of it (I live in New York, so don't get on me for the "not buying tickets" thing).

Who cares what the reasons are, valid or not? We should continue to boo him. It seemed to get in his head yesterday. Maybe he gets over it, maybe he doesn't. There have been a lot of players who folded under the New York spotlight. I hope Tex and all the Yankees fail. If we can further that cause by mercilessly booing him, we should do that. He got his money and he is learning what comes with it. Just ask A-Roid.

Thanks for the sane analysis Pete. The fans ripping Teixeira should ask themselves, "would I sign with this club with the current ownership?" I wouldn't. I dumped my season tickets over a decade ago, with no regrets.

Peter, you have a point to some extent, but there is really nothing me as a scrawny 5'6" guy can do to help the Orioles. So, if a fan doesn't go to Camden Yards quite as often, it is more out of a sense of helplessness. Texeira claims he always loves the Orioles, but as someone blessed with his ability who could actually do something about it, he chose to go for the most money with the Yankees instead of a mere $140 million from the Orioles. Those are the facts. He deserved all he got yesterday and more.

From those to whom much is given, much is expected.

couldnt agree less. i live in delaware. the O's have been my team all my life. Tex lived in Severna Park. The O's were his team much of his life. id take half the amount of money to play for the O's if it were between the Yankees and them. If I were drafted by the Yankees I'd go to Japan for a year and then sign with the O's. This guy claims that in a perfect world hed be with the O's. Well guess what? the O's offered him much more than half of what the yankees did and he still spurned them. Hes a fraud. BOOOOOOOOOOO

if only we could get this much enthusiasm at the YARD as this Schmuck post created. I still wish I lived in the city....I would be there everyday/night. Alas, I'm in West Virginia and not able to make it back that often. I love the O's and always matter what.

All this Tex hate is insane. Tex would have been a big waste of money. He's not a difference maker bat.Wasn't at Texas Atlanta or LA. A Rod puts up big nembers too and what has he won? Tex went where Boras told him to go and the Players Union would have been unhappy if Tex took a hometown discount to play here. Tex isn't a very good media spinner and was trying not offend anyone by saying nice things about Balto.I never once got the impression Tex would come here.

Guess I'm just an old fashioned old man (46). I grew up with baseball and the Orioles as my favorites and both still are and I'd have given almost anything to play for the O's and money wouldn't have made the difference in my decision, and actually neither would have winning. Something that did make a difference was talent, I just wasn't good enough to play professionally :-)

If Tex had signed with the dodgers for $200M people in Baltimore would be disappointed, but not rabid and angry like they are now.

1. Mark Teixeira leveraged the Orioles by talking about how it "would be a dream come true" to play in Baltimore" and

2. Used that leverage to sign with the Yankees, a Baltimore rival.

This is why people are upset. The animosity is only indirectly about money. People don't like to be used-- use an entire city of people.... expect to get booed by the entire city.

Your last-paragraph analogy falls apart quicker than the Yankee clubhouse filled with egomaniac jerks.
The difference between Texeira and aa fan is that he could have helped turn the O's around. Instead, he lied about his intentions and then signed on with the despised Yanks, whose business model is helping run baseball into the ground. Here's hoping pretty boy flops in the Rotten Apple,

Pete's reply: So you're saying that if thousands of disgruntled fans came back to the ballpark on a regular basis it wouldn't help the team improve?

Yeah, God forbid if we boo something we don't like.

Y'all are still looking for the local discount, someone dumb enough to accept our inferior confederate dollars! Face it, all of you still whining about Texiera signing with the Yanks, their winners and were not! They have professional spring training facilities we don't, they have owners committed to winning, we don't and they have an owner fully committed to spending whatever amount to put the best team humanly possible on the field and we don'! This isn't just about Tex, look back to Mike Mussina or BJ Ryan they shouldn't be blamed either. We low balled them all and they either left or didn't sign here! Point your aggression at the Warehouse for not getting us any decent starting pitchers when we lose 100 games and point your finger at the Warehouse for NOT offering $180M to Tex, then you could blame Tex! Until this team commits to winning for the long haul, gets some good spring facilities and quits offering low ball deals just get used to being the floor mats of the American League East! I'm embarrassed to say I've rooted for this franchise for 45 years! This is not my Father's Orioles team. Thank you Peter Angelos!

Craig E. Those 26 titles are coming to a sudden end very soon, maybe this year. The one win is just a start of things to come. Enjoy Tex and the old men. It's going to get worse quickly, and our titles will be gearing up!


You've missed the point, Tex didn't use the city of Baltimore or its fans, The Warehouse used the city of Baltimore and the fans by offering a joke of an offer for an elite player. I'm certain when buying a car you've never said or presented another dealers deal in an effort to negotiate a better deal for yourself? A relatively common practice in baseball too! I have no problem taking him taking the best deal, what offends me is that we weren't the best deal! That lies in the Warehouse, their reputation as low ballers, cheap, pitiful spring facilities and that losing track record. Oh did I forget to mention we didn't draft Tex either, so if we were as loyal to local talent as the fan base expects players to be to a team, again the Warehouse. The naivity of the most of these bloggers to blame Tex, when the writing so clearly leads to the warehouse (see Mussina, BJ Ryan). So in summary, while maybe Tex hasn't said all the right things, the BS the warehouse pulled on all of us, lowballing him and telling us how they tried and were in the hunt were much bigger lies! I totally understand the frustration BUT the frustration has been misdirected at a player out to get his best deal and NOT toward the real criminals, the cheap, lowballing looking for a local discount Warehouse! It's sad but true, the Warehouse pulled a great PR coup placing the blame on the greedy player when again THEY are to blame!

The Cal Ripken types are few and far between. What hurts me as a lifelong Orioles fan, how is it that the Nationals matched the Yankees offer and we didn't?

Peter, as a columnist, you're funny, insightful, and smart. But your reply to my post is a complete whiff. My point was that fans aren't going to turn the franchise around, no matter how loyal and passionate they are. Talented, committed players are. We thought Texeira was a loyal hometown guy who could make a huge difference to a city hungry for a taste of the baseball we had when Texeira was a kid, the time when most local kids form lifetime attachments to the Orioles.. When it became clear that he not only sold out to the hated Yankees but also lied about it, of course we're going to want to boo him.

Pete's reply: Fair enough.

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Peter Schmuck wants you to know that, contrary to popular belief, he is more than just a bon vivant, raconteur and collector of blousy flowered shirts. He is a semi-respected journalist who has covered virtually every sport -- except luge, of course – and tackled issues that transcend the mere games people play. If that isn’t enough to qualify him to provide witty, wide-ranging commentary on the sports world ... and the rest of the world, for that matter ... he is an avid reader of history, biography and the classics, as well as a charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio. That means you can expect a little of everything in The Schmuck Stops Here, but the major focus will be keeping you up to the minute on Baltimore’s major sports teams and themes, whether it’s throwing up the Orioles lineup the minute it’s announced or updating you on the latest sprained ankle in Owings Mills. Oh, and by the way, that’s Mr. Schmuck to you.

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