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April 27, 2009

Pregame Dave

Manager Dave Trembley confirmed that Melvin Mora will make a rehab start at third base at Norfolk, play six innings and get three at-bats to test his hamstring before the final decision is made on activating him from the disabled list.

"He should, if all goes well, be activated on Friday for us,'' Trembley said.

Trembley said Rich Hill had very good command of his curveball in his first rehab appearance at Frederick. His next start will be Wednesday for the Tides and he'll stay on a five-day routine until he's ready to come up and join the major league team.

"He's already got an apartment here (in Baltimore), so I think he's anxious to get here,'' Trembley said.

Other business: Don Werner has come up to the big league club to fill in for Dave Jauss, who had to have his tonsils out.

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Yeah, I'll probably be heading to the Tides games on Monday and Tuesday, I'm sure Mora will be fine and I'm excited about checking out Rich Hill.

I liked the earlier piece about Riemold. I agree that Pie shoul;d be given a little bit longer, and honestly, so should Reimold. He might just be on a hitting streak. If by mid-late May he doesn't cool off, and Pie hasn't miraculously developed, I think the organization will be forced to make the move.

I still don't think Montanez really has a future with the club. He's 28 and not nearly as good as Jones, Markakis or Reimold...doesn't have their upside. He's not a defensive replacement at any position.

I think the 4th/5th outfielder spot is one in which you sign a vet who can play all three spots without trouble and accepts his role as mentor. If only Ryan Freel could accept his role, we'd have that guy, but he thinks he's better than everybody else and deserves the playing time.

Roch made a good point about the upcoming roster moves with Mora and Freel...prolly Albers and Montanez go back to Norfolk. But who gets the axe when Rich Hill is ready to go? Are they counting on someone just not working out? Eaton seems to be the logical choice, but Trembley has a man-crush on him for some odd reason.

We can all debate the make-up of our OF but really, it boils down to Trembley having his hands tied because of MacPhail's fascination with Pie. Pie represents a reclamation project, which is fine if we dont' have anyone else but we have a couple of OFs with a better upside.
I'm sure if the O's sent Pie down to AAA ball there wouldn't be a dog fight of teams wanting to sign him so let it happen.
I'm not convinced Trembley is a sharp manager, based on some of his bullpen moves and just the way he comes across in the dugout. He looks like he's just glad to be wearing a MLB uniform and he was a feel-good story for awhile but it's time to start acting like he belongs. This means start holding players accountable for their mistakes and start sitting guys down. We just keep hearing the same old post -game story line...played hard/one pitch away/tough loss...
Yes, he doesn't have the best players to work with and to some extent, I'm sure he's forced to play the Pies/Zahns more than maybe he'd like. Still, I'd like to see him question more ump calls and let pitchers finish their own messes and don't be so quick with the hooks. In tonight's game for example, Guthrie is our 'ace'(albeit by default) so why not let him go more than 5 IP?
Our bullpen has already cost us at least 4 games so far and at the rate, these guys are being called on, we all know there will be more of the same.

Where is Earl Weaver when we need him? We need a manager who is a rabble rouzer to challenge those inept umps. Tremblay is a pussycat.

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