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April 1, 2009

Orioles: Postgame Dave

Dave Trembley didn't have much to say about Jeremy Guthrie's performance rocky performance this spring, except that it's time to look ahead instead of back.

"Spring training is over,'' Trembley said. "For him, we’ll turn the page and get him ready for opening day."

Trembley had more to say about newly acquired infielder Robert Andino and the decision to go with a 12-man pitching staff:

"He gives us insurance in the middle for Roberts and Izturis. He’s a good player. Young player, good player...Izturis is a very valuable player on our team and so is Roberts. There is a day off on Tuesday and then there’s another one and then we play 13 in a row and then I guess, 17 after that. I think it’s good to be able to cover for both of those guys and it’s good to have some options. Obviously what this does, it really puts it on the starting pitchers. The starting pitchers are going to have to go deep in the games or when they get behind, they may have to go out there and eat up some more innings. We know what the limits are with the guys in the bullpen."

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So what exactly does Freel add to the team? I mean I know he is gritty and gets his uniform dirty and all that but honestly why is he worth a roster spot?

"Obviously what this does, it really puts it on the starting pitchers. The starting pitchers are going to have to go deep in the games or when they get behind, they may have to go out there and eat up some more innings."


"Andy and I both know our starting pitchers cannot do this, so we'll throw them under the bus this year while our kids at Norfolk get ready for 2011."

Seriously, I really cannot believe Trembley actually said he expects his starters to go deep...

start Uehera (or whatever his name is) opening day. he's pitched, and pitched well; gotten the work in. guthrie made the idiotic decision to play in the WBC; he was the #4 starter for chrissakes! knowing that, he should've known he probably wouldn't gotten much work in, and he didn't. he was terrible then, and is pretty terrible now. front office should've also held him from playing. this team needed all hands on deck in spring training. i knew it was gonna be a bad year, but it is gonna be even worse than i expected, and my expectations were ground zero.

Well Pete nobody is worried or should i say concerned about guthrie. Lets see he didn't pitch after August 23rd , he pitched in the WBC and got lit up to the tune of 14.73, he has had 2 starts since then and has gotten destroyed, but still nobody is concerned. His velocity is down by his own ommission and the pitching coach and dave the loyal soldier says they have nothing to worry about. Are you worried Pete???

Pete's reply: Of course.

After picking up Pie (assuming he works out) and Andino, what need to do we have anymore for Freel? Think Freel will be traded Pete?

Pete's reply: No.

Pete, Getting Andino may work out (may even be a great move if Crow can turn him into a hitter), but Andy MacPhail needs to get moving now and sign a proven starting pitcher, even if it means swallowing his pride and signing Pedro.

Is he the only person in the universe who is unwilling to acknowledge that the rotation, as it now stands, is an absolute train wreck? The situation is fixable, but is the will to pull the trigger there? Oriole fans certainly deserve better than what they're going to be getting, should the problem not be resolved.

Pete - I believe they should dispense with the WBC. What a waste of time and doesn't reflect who the best country is in baseball due to the timing. I also believe the O's gave up on Penn too soon. Granted he has had injury problems in the past and he has stunk this spring, but the O's aren't gonna be good this year anyhow. So, throw him out there as a starter or reliever and mabye he comes around, if not release or trade him. I don't post often but do read every day every one of your posts. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Danny Cabrera may have been one of the best pitchers on the O's current staff. As bad as he looked, who do we have who looks as good for sure?

Hey, why don't we let the guys return to their Little League roots--when they were the top players who could pitch, hit, and field-- and go with a 25-man pitching staff?

Bill Veeck, where are you when we need you?

Think of the marketing possibilities. The curiosity and the stunning performances--that's 6 K's in a row for the southpaw Markakis--would make the Orioles the team to watch.

So long, Hayden Penn, we hardly knew ya. Promises, promises, but it just didn't work out. Best of luck, you'll need it with the Marlins.

Thanks for all the updates from spring training, great work.

Pete's reply: And thanks for reading them. I appreciate the interaction.


It kills me how people start ripping the O's for sending out a pitcher, in this case Penn, who has never shown the ability to get ML level hitters out. Heck the guy struggled in AAA last year, and has shown nothing this spring. Yet I see all sorts of posts stating he could have helped us out of the pen. How? He couldn't get anyone out! Am I missing something here??

As for Andino, well at least we got a warm body. No one was going to offer us anything for Penn. How many of us would be standing on our head for joy had the O's picked up a pitcher with Penn's numbers. Yeah I thought so.

As for the starting pitching, well it looks just awful. And that is being kind. I think we will end up OK from the 1st 2 spots (Guthrie & Koji), and perhaps Simon ends up being serviceable. But Eaton offers nothing. Hendrickson offers some value in long relief, but not as a starter. I believe Andy really underestimated what he was bringing in. I mean to hold your breath and hope that some of the stiffs brought in would work out was really a stretch. Things might have looked a little different had Hennessy not gone down, and Hill been healthy, but even that is a crap shoot. At this point I'm hoping we get lucky and find a veteran cast off that gets us through April. This is going to be ugly!!!

I know you it sounds good to keep our young pitchers in the minors to develop. But who is teaching these guys? The same people who have 'taught' all of our other prospects? They all seem to either get hurt or lose their stuff. Maybe in the O's case it's better to watch them first hand before our minor league coaches 'show' them how to pitch. How long was Mussina in the minors? Not long enough to learn bad habits. Hopefully we won't ruin Matusz or Arrieta too. Daniel Cabrera is the exception because I believe I heard he only had a few years of baseball experience at any level before the O's got him. The minors would have helped him(couldn't have gotten much worse with his baseball instincts) but these other guys are way more polished than he was/is.

Just looking at the rotation makes me sick. Not just because it's going to be a long season but because I know that our bullpen guys are going to get beat up so much by Trembley they are all going to suffer long term.

Such unusual quotes from Trembley. It's just dawning on me what a yes man he is for McPhail. "good player, young player, good player." Glad to hear he knows so much about the guy. I'm also starting to see how enamored McPhail is with the whole "untapped potential" situation. So this guy was supposed to be Hanley Ramirez before Hanley Ramirez. Well I'm sure his .250 career MINOR LEAGUE average will work out just fine for the O's.

In the big picture, I know that basically the guy came for free, but please can we dispense with the bs and call a spade a spade.


If you wanted a backup middle infielder, how about Justin Turner or Jolbert Cabrera? Both hit a ton in ST.

Strange move by AM.

I'm actually alright with the trade. If Penn had an option left, then it wouldn't be an issue. But he didn't. And he clearly could not get people out. We could throw him out there anyway, but he would get lit up. I'd rather give his spot to Simon.

And if we have an opportunity to bring in a young strong defensive player to serve as a needed back-up, then why not? It's better then seeing Penn get taken on waivers and the O's getting nothing. Much better.

Andino brings the backup defensively that they were lacking. Any hitting will be a bonus. The flexibility will be that late in a game if need be, Dave can now use one of his hitters on the bench to pinch-hit for Itzuris.

A doctor should make an intensive exam of Guthrie's arm and do it soon.

Trembley's job this year is to not blow out the arm of anyone we need in the future. This will mean watching some beatings in blowouts -- leaving Adam Eaton in there for 5 innings no matter what. If he falls in love with any young reliever and overuses him, he has failed.


I'm beginning to wonder if Trembley is the "best fit" for this team. A year ago I felt that way. I do believe he has turned into a bit of a yes man for Mr. MacPhail. I don't believe Trembley will be around when the Orioles "Kiddie Corps" starters mature and bring this moribund team back to its winning ways.

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