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April 20, 2009

Orioles: Freel update

Orioles utilityman Ryan Freel has been taken to a local hospital for tests after being his above the ear by a pickoff throw at second base. Red Sox starter Justin Masterson hit him right on the edge of the helmet and Freel stayed down for a long time, but club officials reported he was responsive when trainer Richie Bancells went out to attend to him.

No doubt, he suffered at least a mild concussion, which could create a pretext for the Orioles to place him on the disabled list and recall Lou Montanez from Triple-A Norfolk. Club officials aren't talking, but there have been whispers that they have been unimpressed with Freel's performance and attitude and may be looking for an excuse to make a change.

Why Montanez and not International League Player of the Week Nolan Reimold? Because the player who is recalled (if there is a move) will not play every day and Montanez showed with his solid performance at the major league level last year he can perform off the bench.

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I'm hoping Freel is alright, never like to see anybody get hurt in the field of play. Aside from that, this BoSox series has really deflated my enthusiasm for this young season. We were talking about going down for the game next Saturday against Texas, but frankly, I'd rather stay home and watch the second round of the draft and channel surf to the O's game for score updates.

I know this team wasn't supposed to contend, but losing four in a row to a division opponent early in the season is a very disheartening feat. I'm really curious as to what the players' psyche is right now, knowing that unless they put up 10-12 runs per game, they are not winning.

So now we realize that this didn't have to be a Pie v. Montanez issue? I thought attitude was the main thing Freel was supposed to bring to the table. We can get a light hitting 30-something moper anywhere. Give me 20-somethings with some promise any day. If he's truly had a bad attitude then good riddance--I hope you like Norfolk.

I hope Freel is okay and healthy. Since he is not a starter, who knows if you need to bring anyone up, until you see how he is. I am sure he will not willingly go on the DL, if he feels better tomorrow. I would hate to see Montanez or Remold come up just to sit behind Pie. I think the Orioles should just do what is best for the club at this point. If they want to give Pie 200 at bats before they say it is a failure or success that is their decision, as a fan that wants to see the best play, it is hard to accept. I think that experiments like Pie, Eaton, Hendrickson (starting) and Simon (injured) are a complete waste. I am glad they are going to try Bergessen, they should be bringing the young guys up at a pace of once a month, so by August 1, you have a new 3, 4 and 5 starter. Hendrickson is making a case that the Orioles need him more in the bullpen.

First and foremost I hope that Freel is not seriously injured, and that he recovers well.
It seems odd to me that a veteran utility guy/spot starter like Freel would have started complaining about playing time so early in the season, especially when he's batting sub .100. Maybe he thinks he's better than Pie (won't get alot of arguement from me there), but it doesn't seem like a wise move.
The ramifications will work out in the O's benefit though, if they do indeed make the move w/ Montanez that you spoke of. What a relief it would be to get Bergeson and Lou here so soon. I think that if both get half the chance that Eaton and Pie got to prove themselves, they will be with the team for the remainder of the season, while dramatically improving it.

I'm glad he's ok. But I was suprised to hear he got hit with a pick off attempt. Don't you have to be on base first?

So much for fundamental baseball. This team really looks awful. The pitchers can't rely on fielding when there are errors at every position! We've got folks hitting in the .100s range, and they are supposed to be the return of Mark Belanger with more errors already than a whole season of his. Just looks like the season is playing out as expected. It is impossible to outscore the AL East teams! We've simply got to wait on the young arms and play the hot bats. If they ain't hitting then send them back to the farm...unless they are the first three in the order. Huff will likely come around, but for crying out loud, move him down until he does. He's ending more rallies than anyone with his slow feet and lack of clutch hitting. Those folks batting .200 or less, best not be swinging at 3-1 pitches when we are behind by more than 4 runs!

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