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March 8, 2009

The morning news

Danys Baez will match up against Francisco Liriano in today's Grapefruit League game at Fort Lauderdale Stadium, but he won't recognize a lot of the hitters in the Twins lineup. Maybe that's a good thing, because it's getting to the point where Baez will have to show the Orioles a little more command to have a real chance of starting the season in the rotation.

The signing of Terrell Owens, in my opinion, is just a bald-faced attempt by the Buffalo Bills to get on SportsCenter more often.

The Maryland men's basketball team lost to Virginia yesterday, which means they'll probably have to get all the way to the final of the ACC Tournament to avoid another NIT berth.

The Orioles confirmed yesterday they have had internal discussions about Pedro Martinez, who pitched well against the Netherlands in the WBC, but have not had any internal discussions about Sidney Ponson, who pitched well against a very good Dominican Republic team. Your thoughts?

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Jerry Palm had MD in as 10 seed prior to yesterday's loss... said with a win yesterday, MD could probably lose their 1st round ACCT game vs Miami/NCST... with the loss, MD needs 2 wins in the ACCT...

Re: Pedro... I do not think it is needed, but it would be interesting for a year.

Still think Baez, and Walker are not making this team...

Any chance Scott Moore makes the team over Gomez, or Murphy for that last spot?

Sidney pitched and drank his way out of town. Let him stay there. The O's would be better off without Pedro. They are more than one starting pitcher away from contending. His arm problems will probably resurface at some point. Is his selfish, me first attitude really the example you want set for the team's young up and coming pitchers?

Buffalo? It looks like everybody wants out of Buffalo, The G.M., the new coach, everybody. What can they possibly be thinking? T.O. playing for Buffalo. Who said there is no good news? As T. O. runs out for a pass with snow on the roof of his lips and shivering, he'll be thinking "what you sow you reap". The hardcore tough great Buffalo fans well be glad to see thier Bills head to Toranto after 8 or 9 games with Terrell.

Sidney had his chance with the O's. He also has yet to prove he can go long term without getting into trouble. A year and a half isn't enough time to risk millions of dollars, especially on a high risk player.

It is a crime that Baez is under consideration for anything other than an outright release.

With as many pitchers as the O's have in camp, he's wasting innings that need to be going to pitchers with an actual chance of getting major league hitters out occasionally.

Buffalo? It looks like everybody wants out of Buffalo, The G.M., the new coach, everybody. What can they possibly be thinking? T.O. playing for Buffalo. Who said there is no good news? As T. O. runs out for a pass with snow on the roof of his lips and shivering, he'll be thinking "what you sow you reap". The hardcore tough great Buffalo fans well be glad to see thier Bills head to Toranto after 8 or 9 games with Terrell. Ah! there you go. That's what behind all of this. Disapoint the fans, easier to move.

The problem with Ponson is his work ethic. If he had a better attitude, then he could contribute, on occasion, with wins without damaging team morale. Unforturnatly his primary expertise is not on the field of baseball but on the beautiful, sandy beaches of

Perhaps he made a wise lifestyle choice for himself, but I don't want to watch him play for the O's anymore. I might want to live his lifestyle, but I can't imagine why anybody would pay to see me do it, even if I could provide some useful tips to my team mates on the finer points of beer drinking.

Though i think that it would be great to have Pedro here for a year, it's not gonna happen. He wants another chance to win NOW, not next year and I think that he wants to play in the NL, but good P.R. by the Orioles for mentioning him. But I'm sure it may be intriguing for him to play against Boston and New York a few times.

Vote for Pedro!


1. I think Joan Baez has a better chance of making the rotation than Danys.

2. The signing of Terrell Owens was included in the ferderal stimulus program--the part about creating jobs for whiny, unemployed millionaires
who can't make plays in the clutch.

3. I hope the Terps turn down the inevitable NIT bid. Sometimes it's better to just pull the plug instead of letting the patient linger in a useless vegetative state.

4. Apparently the Netherlands team
didn't train in Amsterdam or else Sid never would have made it to the mound.

All you have to do is look around the country at all of the local kids who are stars in other major college basketball programs to figure out what the problem is at Maryland.

Buffalo will be purgatory for Owns. The lack of big time press coverage there will drive him crazy. Look for new levels of outrageous behavior from him in an attempt to get attention.

It shows how watered down pitching talent is in the major leagues when you are even wrting about Ponson.

Thinking about it hard, I believe the Orioles would be fools not to take Pedro. It would be more interesting, and he knows how to pitch, he was hitting 91 on the gun yesterday and if the Orioles are lucky enough to sign him, do it! He is better than the other candidates we have for 3 through 5, considering Hill still has a sore arm and Eaton has never been the same since arm injuries several years ago.

I have to admit, since I we don't really get to watch a lot of these Spring games, we mostly rely on blogs and articles to let us know what is going on. With this said, if Baez is indeed not doing much to show that he will be an effective member of the O's pitching staff (whether as a starter or a bullpen guy), why not cut ties with him while its still early and go after a guy like Pedro Martinez who you know would be a good veteran arm. If we are going to have a starter go 5 or 6 innings a start, I would rather those innings be filled with productive outs than a young starter eeking his way through the innings.

Just say no to sir Sidney. He's an embarrassment that the O's don't need. As for Pedro, with all the arms falling off pitchers in ST already he might be a last minute option, but I'd rather stick with the guys already in the system.


We have two starting pitchers and need 5. I'm sure their hesitant about bringing Bergersen up, so that REALLY leaves Hill, Eaton and Penn to pick from with Pauly and a few others with limited upside. Baez, Walker and Hendrickson shouldn't even be in the discussion and while Pedro would be a nice addition, I don't think he's looking to play for a non-contending team, but would be a quality addition to our rotation.

Ponson - one decent season six years ago does not make for a prospect, especially at 31. No need for that.

Martinez - Exactly what this team needs for its young pitchers. He's an all-time great who, at 36, may still have our or five years left, especially since he hasn't pitched much in the last three years. Why is this even a debate? As for his supposed "attitude" I can remember the O's did pretty well for a while with another "me first" pitcher named Palmer.

I'd rather stay an Orioles fan but if we sign a bi$%* like Martinez I will root for anyone playing the orioles. Why because they stooped to his classless level. Why not give some of the young guns a shot.

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