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March 3, 2009

Orioles: Taking care of business

The Orioles have agreed to terms with all of their pre-arbitration players except No. 1 starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, who is coming off a season in which he made well over the normal scale for a second-year player.

The club has the right to pay him any figure as long as it doesn't cut his salary more than 20 percent, and there is a possibility that he will get less than last year because he is still benefiting from the rich major league deal he got for being the top Cleveland Indians draft choice in 2002.

The contract renewal deadline is March 11.

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After handing out over $100m to Markakis & Roberts, I'd hate to see the O's go low on the only sure thing we have in the rotation.

It would be unconscionable for the O's to cut his salary after all he's done for them these past two years. It's unheard of in situations where the player hasn't been injured or demoted etc...Plus, he's their Ace! What kind of a message would they be sending to him and all the young talent they have?!?

No way the O's cut Guth's salary. Cutting salaries is virtually unheard of, and only occurs in cases like Loewen's where the player is hurt for the entire prior season. Cutting Guth would send a terrible message to the O's players (and fans). Andy is way too smart for that.


I believe that this is Guthrie's last year before arbitration. Last year Nick was in his last year before arbitration and the Orioles took a hard line and paid him $455K, barely above minimum. (Barely is a relative term. $75K is hardly "barely" to most of us mere mortals!)

Since Guthrie made a reported $770 last year, a 20% reduction gets him to $616K, well above Nick's pay. I think that is what he will get. Next year is his "cash-in year." This year is his "unhappy they didn't do something else because I'm a real talent year."

Regarding Simon do you know what the age issue was? I'm assuming he must be a bit older than advertised.

On Baez, he usually has command issues. Walked 29 in 50 innings with the O's in 2007 and in his only season as a starter with the Indians he waled 82 in 165 innings so what you see is what you are going to get with him. A pitcher who allows a lot of base runners which would indicate throwing a lot of pitches and probably not making it past the 5 inning in most games.

Pete's reply: I think it was the other way around. He may have tried to portray himself as older when he was a teenager to get around the minimum age rule.

...and working overtime!

Pete's reply: I was pretty sure there would be one BTO fan out there.

Is a pay cut any way to treat your ace? Won't that cause resentment?

You are blogging like a veritable MANHORSE these days.

For the first time in 10 years the Birds have me (and I am sure a whole lot of other fans) excited. Mr McPhail has in a very short time turned this team around. We need a manager who can handle and MANAGE all this. Maybe Trembley the guy. I hope so. Right now he is the key to which way this season goes. Nobody know this more than McPhail, so here's to a Baltimore Oriole team worth rooting for. Look for the Birds to give the big boys hell this year.

RICH you're RIGHT ON....MACPHAIL has brought home the groceries for a GOURMET MEAL.. now we need a MASTER CHEF to prepare the meal; With TREMBLEY'S views on JJ, Albers and Baez, I am afraid he may be better suited for PEELING THE POTATOES...

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