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March 2, 2009

Orioles: Rich Hill MRI update

Rich Hill talked with reporters after returning from getting an MRI on his elbow. He had only been told at that point that there was some fluid around the elbow, but got a more complete review of the results a little bit later.

He said that he was told the fluid buildup is the result of the inflammation and not of any structural problem. The MRI showed no significant abnormalities, but the fluid is restricting his range of motion, so Job One is getting it out of there so he can resume normal activity.

How the medical staff goes about that will be determined after he's re-examined tomorrow, but you can be pretty confident he won't throw in the intrasquad game.

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Pete--As a young guy, I remember savoring the Sun reports of the intrasquad games between Hunter's Bunters and Staller's Maulers.

Instead of Orange versus Black, how about making this matchup Mugsy's Mugs versus Richie's Grave Diggers?

Does it look like he's going to be able to pitch at all this spring? If not, do you think the brass would put him on the DL or just release him? This is pretty disapointing news either way.

Good news on Hill. I am sure the O's will not rush him. Glad to see Adam Jones back in the lineup even if he was just DH-ing.

Pete, I read the box scores, but curious to hear from someone who has seen Ray pitch before the injury and after, if he looks like the Chris Ray of old?

Nice to hear that the young O's pitchers are doing a nice job. I still want them in the minors, but to pitch well in ST, would in my opinion, give them confidence going forward in their careers. Unless there are catastrophic injuries to the starting staff, no need to rush anyone.

Peter, Happy 25th Anniversary. Quite an accomplishment...for your wife.
Three options for dealing with the fluid in Hill's elbow: rest, medication or drain it. All 3 options will shut him down short-term. As long as there's no structural damage, he should be fine.

Pete's reply: I'm guessing medication.

I think I speak for at least 2 bloggers when i say I don't care of the Os starters have era's in the high 4s low 5s if they quit walking people. The endless, mind numbing # of walks the last few seasons has been the most frustrating part of their on-field performance. Maybe Bergensen is the next Scott McGregor...king of the 9 hitter!

I'm not a doctor and therefore have little idea of what any of this means.

On the other hand, I doubt if my crappy doctor does, either!

However, it certainly does not seem good and pretty much sounds like that ubiquitous baseballese language which translates into "out for the year".

Well I hope he can come around in 10 days. Cortisone shots are still allowed, sure he will get a dose. I am sure he was anxious to show his stuff.

I don't know why, but it would be interesting to hear what guys like Jim Palmer and Scott McGregor have to say about bringing up prospects now like Matusz and others. I'm old enough to remember the kiddie corps and guys like Plamer, Churck Estrada et al. In some cases, like a guy with 4 good pitches already, a pitcher can learn more at the major league level than 2 or 3 notches down. What do you think?

Peter's reply: In those days, they brought the guy up and pitched him in long relief.

HA! Pete, when i saw you're answer "medication" at first i thought you meant how your wife made it 25 years...I kid thanks for all the hard work down there.

Did we get him from the Cubs? Trade or FA? Amazing how quickly he went down.


Did we get him from the trade or FA? Seems amazing how soon he went down.

Pete's reply: He was acquired in a deal with the Cubs, but the O's don't have to give up much of he doesn't pan out.

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