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March 11, 2009

Orioles: Postgame Dave

Manager Dave Trembley didn't seem terribly concerned about the amount of hard contact that hitters are getting against rotation candidate David Pauley.

"He throws strikes,'' Trembley said after today's 4-3 loss to the Twins. "That's what he does. He throws strikes and makes them put it in play."

That's called pitching to contact, but it can't be encouraging to see that kind of contact.

"He ain't perfect,'' Trembley said. "What do you want, cheapies all the time?"

Trembley was raving about the performance of Adam Jones, who made a diving catch/double play in the first inning, stole his fifth base of the spring, and is starting to take a greater leadership role in the outfield.

"Today Jones played one of the better games he's played,'' Trembley said. "He's doing all the things we wanted him to do when he came into camp this year. He is a lot more comfortable...a lot more confident."

And a lot more aggressive?

"Aggressive,'' Trembley said, "but under control."

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I honestly believe that Trembley is laughing on the outside, crying...... You have to assume he realizes that he has one pitcher that Cleveland did not want;one pitcher that everyone thought was injury prone and a middle reliever at best; and alot of possibilites that seem more distant by the inning. I can't imagine a manager really thinking this is a major league staff. Unfortunately, it's not like playing for the first pick in the draft.

Pete--Speaking of Adam Jones, how is his plate discipline coming along? One of his biggest weaknesses last year was a lack of walks. Is he making progress on that front?

Pete's reply: I think it's a little early to tell.

Go jonesy!!!

With all of these pitchers in camp I'm losing track of them. Is Pauley suppose to be more control and not very fast (mid 80s)? Or is he a hard thrower?
If it is the former, I'd be very concerned that what worked in the minors isn't going to cut it in the ML.
Here is your name of the week - Honesty Biggers. A Univ of SC golfer.

Thanks so much for the quick updates, Pete. Do they have Wi-Fi in the stands or something? You really tell us things fast.

Pete's reply: Yes, they do have wi-fi in the stands near the press box.

Pauley's number of baserunners will catch up to him sooner or later.To me the O's still need 4 starters because Koji might not make it either.I've been predicting since before spring training that McPhail's warm body approach wouldn't work.Liz,who they wanted to send to Norfolk forr depth coulld wind up in the rotation as longe as he keeps throwing strikes.Bass may be in there too out of desperation.Penn seems to be in an eternal doghouse for whatever reason.Hopefully Bergy goes 5 scoreless innings tomorrow.

This is off topic, but I haven't checked in here lately and don't know if this has already been discussed. Who are the geniuses that advised against surgery to repair Matt Albers' torn labrum, and is there anybody who really believes he's ever going to be able to pitch effectively if he doesn't have it repaired? Every moment that has passed since the injury was diagnosed has been wasted. He could have had the surgery and been well on his way to a full recovery by now. He won't last two months in the bullpen once the season starts. I just don't get it.

Pete's reply: Ultimately, it's up to the pitcher. I believe the O's would have prefered surgery.


The picture in my mind is a little less hazy now. We're forwarding to October 2011. It's a brisk but bright day as a World Series parade is wending its way down Charles Street. The rabid Orioles fans are giddy at the outcome of the World Series, which the O's have just won in a six game series with the Mets. In the lead car are Markaikis and Jones, with ear-to-ear grins on their faces as they acknowledge the throngs of orange and black faithful.
Are we just around the corner from the return of Oriole Magic or am I experiencing terrible hallucinations?

Pete's reply: Neither. That would be a great hallucination.

hey pete same lame dave you think this guy can manage a contending team i think not . last year he stares off in a catatonic trances like he not beliveing what he is seeing . he will see alot of our pitchers throw strikes this year , with most being hit back like they were shot out of a cannon . the shame of it is we have very good hitting but this staff except for a mild suprise now and then is a mixture of double a and castoffs like usual , cant we just skip thi year and see what tillman and the rest can do next year?

I appreciate your thoughts that the Orioles should consider signing Pedro Martinez. The organization has made such great strides in positioning itself with strong pitching in Triple-A and Double-A. Spring Training is revealing that there are not pitchers stepping up to take the slots beyond Guthrie and Uehera. And, Uehera is setting off signals that he could have injury issues over the course of the season. The bullpen appears to be strong, but the last thing that the O's need is to over extend their bullpen with a deficient starting rotation. A deficient starting rotation could have a demoralizing impact on the overall organizational progress. So, we pencil in Guthrie and Uehera as numbers 1 and 2. Why not pencil in Pedro as number 3. Bergesen is the one pitcher who has earned a spot. Pencil him in as number 4. Then, let Hill claim the number 5 slot as he becomes healthier. That seems to serve the MacPhail premise that we want pitchers to successfully compete for slots, and positions all the others to keep on competing for slots that will open up with injuries. I hope that the O's can come out of Spring Training with a starting staff that is strong and competitive, not draining for the bullpen, and offering enough flexibility for spots to open up as the young arms force their way to the majors. Pedro may be the answer to facilitate that shorter term stability, and he offers that kind of flexibility for the arms coming along.

Are you ready to revise your starting rotation yet?

I've got:


Bullpen would now be:


Personally I'd rather see Parrish and Wilfrido Perez make the team than Hendrickson and Walker, but those major league contracts keep the old guys in business. I hope we can keep Parrish in the organization even if he isn't on the Opening Day roster.

Pete's reply: Not quite ready to do that.

I was at the game today with my teenage son for our first game of spring training. As soon as we walked into Ft. Lauderdale Stadium in our Orioles gear, there was a young Japanese TV news crew who wanted an interview with us asking what we thought about Koji. It was very cool- we showed them our version of the Koji cheer. It is just like the Ed-die, Ed-die cheer for Eddie Murray except Ko-ji, Ko-ji.

Interesting to say the least about the O's have no interest in Pedro. I guess if they go with the following you do not need Pedro right? This is scary, they could make Scary Movie 5 and the theme be how did the 37 orioles pitchers one by one disappear..
Penn or Eaton or Liz or Pauley or Bass

Pete: Is Waters in the running this year for a rotation spot? Good luck in the golf game, do not worry about an update, leave the PDA off and enjoy!

I can throw strikes too, but the innings would last 3 hours

The reason Pauley isnt doing very well is simple; he's a AAAA pitcher!!!, thats it. What? suddenly the O's are better at judging talent than the Sux ?

I hate to be the tempest of reason amidst this tidal wave of optimism, but the rotation will be absolutely wretched. Wretched rotation, wretched season.

WE Will play .500 ball for fist two months, the wieters call up will get us to the all star break then we'll be counting the days til football and I still won't be able to watch "O's Classics" bcuz the Os are too cheap to pay the premium to show it outside their home market. 2nd rate all the way, Thanks PGA!!!!!!!

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