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March 10, 2009

Orioles: Pedro anyone?

Manager Dave Trembley told the reporters in Fort Myers a few minutes ago that left-hander Rich Hill is reaching the point where he'll have to get on the mound pretty soon to remain in serious consideration to break camp in the starting rotation.

The Orioles already have shelved starter candidates Brad Hennessey and John Parrish and continue to wait on Hill, Mark Hendrickson and newly signed veteran Adam Eaton. Now they are in a wait-and-see mode with Koji Uehara, though his sore hamstring does not appear to be a serious issue.

There still are more than three weeks to go before Opening Day, but it may have reached the point where the Orioles will have to consider going outside the organization again to add some depth.

Andy MacPhail told me a few days ago that the club had some internal discussions about veteran Pedro Martinez, but didn't think it was something he was going to pursue. Don't know whether that has changed, but there are people in the O's organization who are pretty impressed with the way Martinez pitched here against the O's last week and in his first WBC appearance.

What do you think?

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Do it. Now. Do it right now.

Get Pedro before someone else does. DL Rich Hill, Brad Hennessey and John Parrish. Number three rotation spot solved. You can have rehab in the minors without waiver issues.


I was just reading comments from Martinez. Seems he's just daring someone to sign him.I think it would be foolish for the Orioles not to at least express "official" interest. Even healthy versions of the veterans competing for the starting rotation aren't impressive.

If we are sticking to the plan to have the Young pitchers stay in the Minors for most of or all of this year, and the guys that are candidates for the starting jobs are injured and or not getting it done, I think we have to look outside the organization, we have to make an attempt to put cometent pitching on the mound.

Signing Pedro for long term big money is not what I am suggesting, but a one year deal with player option in the mold of the manny deal, but for way less money.

The offense does not look bad, but they cannot slug out wins every night.

I know all the resons to keep the young guys in the minors, but part of me thinks if they can throw strikes and get guys out, maybe we sould really be looking at them.

Of course most fans should not expect a winning team, as much as spring hope is great and I love it also, we are going to struggle to pitch well.

Are all the pitching shoulder and elbow problems this year a sign of poor conditioning in the off season by some of the players? or is it just wear and tear from throwing so hard over a carreer. Body breaks down over time......

Pete's reply: I don't know. Seems like a lot of guys do everything they're supposed to do and still come up sore.

Peter - I agree with los otros. we should sign pedro, as thin as we are...

'v' for "very quickly"

If you can get Pedro for a good price and don't have outrageous expectations then its a no-brainer, you add him. Even having a thousand guys competing for the three-five spot hasn't produced any results. Pedro won't give you 28 starts and 200 innings, but he is better than any of the other guys competing for a spot in the rotation.

I guess 37 ptichers wasn't enough. Geez. Where is Rodrigo Lopez?

Um, Pedro shut down the Netherlands for three innings. Not bad, but not exactly the AL East either. Still, it could be fun. Does he still hang around with that miniature creature/ person?

Before we pronounce Macphail a genius, let's see if he can sign a free agent pitcher who can get people out and can stay healthy. I'm not so sure that Hill, Hennessey, Parish, etc. were 100% physically coming in.

At least Martinez was actually standing on a real mound throwing real pitches to real hitters. I say sign him.

I'm all for it, but haven't disagreed with any of the decisions AM has made this off season. Is there any downside if a performance based contract is agreed upon?


Given the state of our starting staff and the multiple numbers of question marks, how can we NOT be considering this.

Even at his stage in his career he should be able to fill in one of the starting spots.

We are banking on Gutherie, Uehara for sure and are still unsure who for 3-4-5. However, Uehara was hit hard yesterday and hurt. We need a little more battle tested veterans and Adam Eaton ain't it! Lets try him out!

Pete, how much do you think it's going to take to get the deal done? I assume he'd be happy with a 1 yr deal?

Pedro has won big games and been part of World Series teams. The O's have gotten bit in the butt by signing veteran leaders before, but he's making a case with the WBC that he can still perform. Plus, knowing the AL East already could make him that much more effective and motivated.

He's will want at least 10 to 15 mil a year and the O's will not go for that end of story.

Pete's reply: He wants about $5 million plus incentives.

I'll take a proven veteran pitcher with half a tank now, rather than an unproven injured young pitcher at this point. It would also seem like it would fit the team's mantra of pitching and defense. It's easier to play small ball when your pitcher is giving up 2-3 runs rather than 5-6 runs per game.

Hi Peter,

Why not.
It isn't my money. Would Pedro become our #1 or #2 starter?

Pete's reply: I think No. 3.

I believe Pedro lands with the Dodgers. He gets chance to play for a contender and Manny is his buddy. I don't think the O's will even be considered if they do call.

Sign him. It can't hurt, and it gives the kids more time to mature in the minors.

I think Martinez would be a good gamble. he showed last week that he had some stuff, and maybe he can bring a couple of fans to the park. Should be able to get him for cheap (by baseball standards). I never heard of him being a bad clubhouse infuence, a personality yes, but not detrimental. Was he?

Why is that even a question? I mean, that would be awesome, cause after a few unhealthy years, he's back.

I am against getting big name free agents on principle and on the O's past. As long as it wont get in the way of building young talent, i think Pedro would be a great addition. Whether he would want to play for us...?

I don't know why every spring our starting pitchers just fall like dominoes. Don't we have anyone in the organization that is in charge of conditioning? And if so, do we have anyone in the organization that is in charge of accountability? And if so, why arent they doing their jobs? With Hill, Parrish, Hennessey and now Koji going down on top of last years injuries, you would have thought we were stockepiled to the brim, but we are stretched thin all over again.

Going after Pedro is a total no-brainer. I also think that he would put people in seats. I went to a total of 1 game last year (in the past I would go to between 20 and 20 games with ease). I guarantee you that I would go to at least 2 or 3 Pedro games including one with Boston. He would be good for attendance and we have the money.

Yes, definitely. I watched the Mets' telecast yesterday and can tell you that the broadcasters brought his name up as a possible solution for the team as it tries to find a solid fifth starter.

According to the NY Daily News, Pedro has made overtures to Omar Minaya about returning to New York, but also makes it clear that he is not averse to playing on another team.

What team might that be? Today Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal runs down a list of teams needing starters. The Orioles are one of them, but he said the club didn't think it would be a good fit. He also cites a baseball executive as saying: "His stuff is just OK. He will need to have the plus-plus Pedro command to help a team out."

I don't think Pedro would eve CONSIDER signing with the O's unless we grossly, grossly overpay.

Go for it. If it does well, he's great trade deadline material (more prospects). If he does poorly, we bring up someone from the minors. Eaton or Hendrickson shouldnt stop him from the 5 slot in the rotation though...

Absolutely, I'd approach him IF MacPhail feels Pedro would be interested in US. I watched some of the DR vs Panama game this past weekend and one of the onair guys seemed to intimate that Pedro was looking for "respect" and wanted to sign with a club that was in contention, i.e. it would be DISrespectful for a team no one thinks has a chance this year to sign him, i.e. Pedro only wants to sign with a World Series contender which, sadly, ain't us. Otherwise, I'd sign him, what do we have to lose? Guy's a tremendous competitor and would have a great influence on the young guys.

I guess if we cant get an actual pitcher to improve the on field product, a name we are already used to bashing like Martinez is as good a "placate the mob" move as anything . . . unless Clemens wants to bring his surly butt off the couch.

I agree w/ Mr. Deez. Sign Pedro before someone else does. We could use the pitching.

This reminds me of Fernando Valenzuela back in '93. He didn't put up impressive numbers ... but then, the '09 O's don't necessarily need impressive right now. A pulse would be sufficient.

GO DO IT NOW! Pedro said he would sign with any team that offers him a contract and we happen to have a pitching needs....

I believe signing Pedro would be a mistake. If the Orioles were in a position to compete for the post-season this year, that would be different. But to spend the money on someone like Pedro who won't still be here when they are ready is a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere.

I'm torn! As much as I would like to see Pedro in an O's uniform, I don't want to give up on Penn, Pauley and the other young guys. I'm hoping a trade happens to open some roster spots for Sweet Lou and some of the other major league ready youngsters.

Senior Schmuck,
This need to get done soon! I thought that they should have signed him earlier in the off season.

Speaking of signs:

* Vote for Pedro!!

* Pedro's Weather Forecast: Chili today, hot tamale.

* You Never Sausage a Place! You're Always a Wiener at Pedro's!

anyone else remember any good ones?

'P' is for PEDRO!!!!!

They need to go after Pedro or bring up the young guys and let them gain their experience in the majors.

There are a lot of bodies in camp, but few that are ready to go. If Pedro is reasonably priced...DO IT! Pete, do you have any idea what he might want money wise?

Sign him now, it's a win-win. Great pitcher and great teacher. And he won't cost 45-mil.

Pedro wants to stay in the NL and would like to play for a contender if he is going to be away from his family.

So would I love to have him? Yes.

Would he love to play for the O's? No. And No.

Schmuck... know what Pedro's looking for? Dollars and years? Or just a shot to pitch?

Pete's reply: I hear about $5 million plus incentives.

If the O's starters are dropping this soon in Spring Training , with the low pitch counts and innings limit , how are they going handle the regular season schedule?

This is why the O's should had fortify themselves with few more veteran starters before ST.

You lose nothing -- NOTHING -- by taking a flyer on Pedro (except for a few of Mr. Angelos's dollars, and I don't mind spending those). This year will be a learning experience for the kids while we build a bridge to our pitching prospects. Plus, it never hurts to have someone in the lineup who doesn't think twice about *plunking* a Yankee or three.

In the past 3 seasons, Martinez has pitched a total of 269.2 innings... while there are some merits to a 1 year deal, I would prefer the O's did not make that move.

I would prefer to watch Liz, Albers, Penn, and Pauley get extended chances as the 4th, and 5th starters... (and last two members of the pen).

What's to lose other than 100 games? Seriously though the pitching is shaping up to look even worse than the low expectations I had to begin with

I say why not sign him. It would be a win win situation if we don't spend too much for him


"p" is for Pedro!!!

I'd come to the ballpark to watch Pedro pitch. I say go for it.

Absolutely. Give him a 2 million base and slap on the incentives to be as much as 7-8-9 million. If the guy wins 17 games and has a 3.45 era, well, he probably deserves that much and would easily be the ace of the staff with all due respect to Jeremy.

2 million - a respectful offer for real HOF candidate, who appears to maybe have some inning left in the tank is good for both sides.

Would that make sense and get it done? The O's have to have money after not signing the overpriced Texiera.

What are you trying to do, turn this once again into an old folks home? Get real. This smacks of something Flanagan would promote.

Why Not !?

nice to sign him, but he will be playing for the Mets next year


If Pedro can come here and attempt to work within the "team" concept, he just may be an asset this coming season. No chance of Juan Marichal making an attempt at a comeback ??

What can you lose by picking him up?

Honestly, I can't see any downfall in signing Pedro. I, also believe that Pedro will get amped up when he faces the Yanks and Sox.

I only hope that the O's don't wait, because the more injuries that occur to other teams, the more likely they will be in play for his services.

Two starting, unsigned former major league pitchers, looked very good in their starting assignments this week in the World Baseball Classic. Lefthanded J.K. Bong, for Korea, and Ol' Sidney Ponson, for the Netherlands. Both of these guys shut down two allstar lineups. Bong against Japan, and Ponson against the Dominican Republic. They looked better than anybody we have right now.

Considering the fact that the rotation doesn't have enough pitchers to actually be called a rotation, we'd have to be foolish to overlook Pedro, especially if we can get him for short money. Maybe he could help some of the kids and put a few fans in the stands. Along the lines of another comment, doesn't Palmer have a little left in the tank?

haha everyone that says he wouldnt consider signing is is FAR WRONG! hahahahaa idiots pedro would sign anywhere right about now he DOSNT HAVE A JOB! so why would he be picky? huh? and we wouldnt have to pay him anything close to 10 mil lol for like 4-5 mil for 1 year. pedro would be a great pick-up for that price and he is the kind of vetren we need! and plus he has always been one of my fav pichers haha

You know it makes no sense in all their signings of pitchers, except Koji. It seemed they were taking cost cutting types of pitchers that had high risk, with little return. If they would have signed two workhorses, instead of all these injury prone, wiild pitchers they would have saved money. Two pitchers for 20 million, that is all they needed.Now we are going to scrape the bucket of what the rest of the league does not see having value when cuts are made over the next two weeks. They should have signed Lowe and another horse, and then broke in fill in the fifth spot with someone like Penn, and if he did not work out go with Bergessen or Bass. Maybe some of these guys will be ready in a week or two, but Trembely sure does not see it happening soon.

For $5M plus incentives, I would AT LEAST inquire about Pedro's interest. He'd immediately become our #2 or #3 starter, which could intrigue him. I'm sure MacPhail will do his due diligence.
On the other hand, why would he sign a one-year deal with the O's, a team projected for last place, unless he had no better options?

5 mil for one year sounds good to me.

I don't know why anyone would be against him coming here for one year max two. If he pitches like he used to or anywhere close to it they would have a huge chip to trade and further build towards the future with. In either year one or two move him to a contender. Also the young guys could learn from Pedro while he is here.

yes, please sign pedro QUICKLY.
r. hill needs time to get healthy, bergesen will not have success in the majors and penn has never stayed healthy.

maybe if we get Pedro we will have another former red sox player who can throw the first pitch at a red sox playoff game

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