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March 16, 2009

Orioles: More on Liz

Pitcher Radhames Liz wanted to be a starter and the team definitely wanted him to win one of the jobs in the starting rotation this spring. If anyone doubts that, all you have to do is go back a week and a half and read this quote about Liz from Orioles manager Dave Trembley in a Mar. 6 story by Jeff Zrebiec in the Sun:

I think he could be a reliever down the road, but in our situation right now we're looking for a third, fourth and fifth starter. I would not rule out at some particular point in time that he would go in the bullpen, but right now what we're looking for is for him to start for us.

Otherwise, there would have been no reason for pitching coach Rick Kranitz to meet with Liz this morning and tell him he was being moved into the bullpen.

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Is Hayden Penn still doing okay? I didn't see his name mentioned in the article today about potential starters. I may have missed some news lately since I've been praying for the turtle the last week. Go Terps.

Pete's reply: Yes, Penn is still in play.

The Orioles have a log jam in the outfield...they need to keep Montanez, Pie and Rheimhold.
Trade Scott......

Pete: Nothing to do with baseball, but I think someone was having fun at your expense. In yesterday's Sun, someone decided to place your, "The Schmuck Stops Here" small space ad at the end of the listings for the local "massage" parlors. There was your mug right in with the Kyoto Spa Specials and the message "The Schmuck Stops Here." Priceless.


Why isn't Chris Waters high on the potential starter list? If I remember correctly, he pitched really well for the Os last year (or was it in 07?) and he seems to be pitching really well again this spring training. but he doesn't seem to be getting any mention as a 4 or 5 starter.

I think the bottomline of the bottomline with Liz is the club needs to do whatever it can to get him to throw strikes.

A lot of great pitchers went onto have great careers by starting off at some point as a RP. It can be a good thing. The last of the better ones to fit that mold was Johan Santana. He was a guy who had been derailed with some health issues and consistency early on, in spite of having great fastball-change stuff. He went into lower pressure situations as a longman and slowly built up confidence. After he established more consistency the manager gained more faith to give him more chances with the game on the line. Pretty soon everyone but Santana demanded that he be made a starter. Liz can follow a similar course. He needs to perform so well that it's not him asking for that chance. It's us fans demanding it.

Let's see,we let Olson go to bring in Felix Pie(Corey Patterson JR),to an already overcrowded outfield,let Cabrera go for nothing because he couldn't throw strikes only to replace him with Mark Hendrickson,who can't get anybody out and Pauley,who obviously sucks if Boston got rid of him,and who is out of options,we have more injuries than most of the AL East combined,yet we have no interest in Pedro Martinez,and people wonder why we suck for so many years.I don't wonder about it at all.Maybe Lou Montanez or Luke Scott or Reimhold can pitch.Doesn't matter,they'll tear up spring training,and get sent down anyhow because we'll have to carry 18 pitchers.Let's see Guthrie has thrown 2 innings in 2 weeks,I'm sure he'll be ready opening day,Liz is already in the dogpen,I mean bullpen,Hill is hurt,Koji can't even jog,Pauley stinks,why not give Bass,Waters,and Penn extended looks,instead of has beens like Baez and Hendrickson.AGHHHHH,why do I even still care.Go Terps.Is it time for Ravens training camp yet?If Dave Trembley can cobble together a pitching staff out of this crap,he should run for president.Of the world.

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