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March 8, 2009

Orioles: Baez rocks

baezmug.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to write off right-hander Danys Baez as a legitimate candidate for the starting rotation, he reeled off 3 2/3 strong innings today against the Minnesota Twins at Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

Baez gave up just one hit to Twins DH Jason Kubel with two outs in the fourth after breezing through the Minnesota lineup. He struck out only two batters, but showed good velocity and looked very comfortable on the mound.

He continues to stretch out his arm in spite of some significant post-game soreness after his first exhibition outing. This was a huge step in the right direction at a time when he needed to show manager Dave Trembley that he could command all his pitches.

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I don't care if he's goes 7 scoreless every time out ! trade him.....he's not in the O's plan.

A bit off topic, but if you haven't heard it, some local Baltimore musicians took it upon themselves to record an anthem for the 2009 Orioles. It's been 30 years since "Orioles Magic" came out and 20 years since the "Why Not?" theme song. So it seems like a good time for a new optimistic Orioles song. The band is called Warning Track Power and the song is called "How 'bout Dem O's." You can listen to it on the band's myspace page.

Pete's reply: Thanks for the tip. I'll take a look.


Kudo's to Baez, BUT I saw that line-up and don't see any future Cooperstown inductees that he faced. Lets call Baez effort an improvement and move him two steps away from his release but nothing here to get excited about!

Good for him. All the Baez bashers need to chill. He's started before. He's a good leader and clubhouse guy. The staff needs some experience. Give the guy a break would ya? He was hurt last year. Andy and Trembley have earnned the right to put together a staff for this year. Giving Baez every chance to make the rotation makes good baseball sense, in spite of the not so enlightened rantings of people on this site.

The only reason Baez is even getting a look is because Angelos doesn't want to have to pay another 7 or 8 million dollars for a contract every body in baseball thought was ridiculous when they signed him to start with.And you wonder why the O's are so dysfunctional."he's a good leader and clubhouse guy?"Big deal,he's a less than average pitcher who got rocked his whole first year here and is coming off of major surgery.He would not even be in any other teams starting plans.I'd much rather see the rebuilding start for real,not trotting out more has beens,like Baez and Jamie Walker just because they owe them money.You've got a surplus of good arms,how about giving Jim Johnson a chance at starting?Or Albers,Patton ,Mikolio,Penn,Sarfate,Bergeson,the list goes on and on,but know they will stick with Baez because Pete the Cheap does not want to eat another contract.

Make Johnson a starter? I think he's proved he's worth a whole lot more to the O's in the eighth inning than when starting, where he's thrown baseballs that get the stitches blown off.

Baez, if he proves he can get guys out, should be a long relief guy, either him or Penn. Hopefully, he does well, and maybe recaptures that 47 save form from years ago, and the O's can try and trade him for a low level position player later on this year to a team in need of bullpen help. Doesn't have to be a contender to have a need. I hope the team releases Hendrickson rather than Baez or Penn. Talk about a guy that isn't going to be a positive contributor in any way.

I'd rather have Baez in there getting guys out when the rotation proves that they still can't cut it instead of over-using guys that would benefit greatly from more time and success in the minors. Don't need anymore Cabrera repeats with all of these young guns. Walker has plenty of competition this year, and will rise to the occasion. Just don't pitch him against David Ortiz

Burt from Essex' idea of rebuilding appears to be sending developing pitchers out to get chewed up and spit out by major league hitting. Perfect recipe for destroying a young pitcher, which we have been good at the last few years (e.g. Liz, Penn). "Trotting out more has beens" is how they rebuild this year. Have patience while the real arms in the organization build some experience and confidence in Bowie and Norfolk.

Yabadabadoo - "Giving Baez a chance to make the rotation makes good baseball sense"??? It makes no sense at all to me, unless he has a great first half and you can trade him at the deadline.

"He's started before" . . . Baez has appeared in 394 games, only 26 of those as a starter, all in 2002.

I hope he does well, but let's face it the reason he's not liked here is because he sucked in 2007(0-6, 6.60 era, 1.50 whip). He's coming off an injury which kept him out in 2008 and there is no way he'll be back in 2010.

Pete's reply: Well, part of the reason he sucked was because he had a torn ligament in his elbow in 2006. It makes sense to look because you're paying him anyway. If he pitches well, you might be able to deal him. I think it's a longshot, but I sure would take a look.

Baez last started SEVEN YEARS AGO in Cleveland with a LOSING RECORD and a 4.55era.. That is why the tribe moved him to the pen. He sucked last year and is now is DAMAGED GOODS!! Only a MORON or someone with an AGENDA would start him. Either way , it does not bode well for the O's! Yeah, he mowed down the Twinkie B team.. BFD!

Pete's reply: Yeah, and you're paying him $5 million anyway so you take a look. What's wrong with that:?

Burt From Essex,

You've got to chill...It doesn't do any good to rush young pitching prospects. Baez is basically a leftover from the pre-Andy MacPhail era.

Jim Johnson has an important role in the pen. Mickolio is not ready. Albers is probably better off in the pen but is getting a shot to be a starter. Patton is being nurtured due to last season's injury. We already gave Sarfate a shot to start last year. Conclusion: He is a better reliever. Penn and Bergesen are getting shots, if you haven't noticed. Bergesen may not be on even footing with the other guys just because he hasn't pitched yet a AAA.

The correct moves are being made, whether they keep Baez or not, the young guys will be there when they're ready! Have Faith!

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