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MacPhail: Pedro discussed, but not likely

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said today that there have been internal discussions about free agent pitcher Pedro Martinez, who pitched for the Dominican Republic team in the WBC exhibition against the Orioles, but he is not a likely option for the Orioles and they have made no attempt to contact his agent.

The Orioles are shadowing some teams in the WBC -- particularly Japan and Cuba -- but they apparently are not aggressively pursuing more pitching at this time.


Bruce Chen looks pretty good pitching for Panama today.

Do they have scouts following Chinese Taipei, China, and Korea? There's a lot of undiscovered talent there...

I think it would be a positive on 3 fronts if they were to pursue Pedro for 1 or 2 year contract.
1. I think they get a pitcher who has some very good stuff left. He may not be dominant every outing like he used to but he can still win games for you.
2. I believe it helps crack the door open even more in the Dominican, just by his name - especially if it's a good experience for him.
3. Trade bait - If we're out of the race come the trade dealine and he's pitching well - name a big market team that wouldn't want him at that point

I still will hold out hope that the O's sign Pedro. I think playing in the AL East against Sox and Yanks, will be a huge motivational factor. In his prime, he was absolutely amazing to watch. I still think he has something left.

Pete, are the O's now against the idea of Bass being a SP or do they like him the BP? I thought he would have received a few shots at starting since he was in the starting rotation to close out the 08 season. I like his command and poise.

Wouldn't hurt to have Pedro.

Pedro? No, too many injuries and when he is healthy not a lot of production.

I think this could be a good idea. Give him an incentive laden deal and if he gets injured it wouldn't be such a loss. Plus Pedro could make a pretty good reliever/closer if that would work out better.

Hi Pete,

Is it close to the end of the road for Pedro? Is anyone else looking at him now? I have to imagine a lot of teams are looking but probably for one-tenth the money he is use to making.

Sign Pedro to a year... why not?

What's Mussina's current status? Last year he was 20-9 with a 3.37 era, IN THE AL EAST! How about a one year contract, he the completes his career circle as an O? I don't hold grudges.

Moose is retired, and I think he'd probably rather stay that way having finished his career on a high note.

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