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March 11, 2009

Bedard update: You'll love this!

There's no way I can improve on this, so I'm just going to throw up the Associated Press story from Seattle Mariners camp:

PEORIA, Ariz. (AP) — Seattle Mariners left-hander Erik Bedard was scratched from his scheduled start against Kansas City on Wednesday because of a sore butt.

Bedard was on the disabled list from April 15-26 because of soreness and inflammation in his left hip. He didn’t start after July 4 and had shoulder surgery Sept. 26.

"Right now we’re not concerned because it’s not in the hip joint, it’s more in the muscle," manager Don Wakamatsu said Wednesday. "I think it’s just really about being on the mound again. This is more muscle soreness. He had some stiffness in there about four days ago, and we thought it was best at this point to rest it a little bit. It might be a blessing to get his arm a little bit of a break, too."

Bedard is 1-0 this spring training and hasn’t allowed a run in 4 2-3 innings.

Please fill in your own punchline.

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So what the Mariners are saying is that he is not as big a pain in the Keester this year as last year?

Mariner's GM has had a sore butt for a year since trading for Bedard!


Are you sure the quote wasn't, "He is a pain in the butt."

A** has sore a**. More tonight at 11:00. Back to you Peter.

The pure thought of facing Kansas City was a Royal pain in Eric's Butt.

"He had some stiffness is there . . . "

"He had some stiffness is there . . . "

I was going to make a Kordell Stewart reference, but I won't.

Hahahahaha that's hilarious I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. That trade last year just keeps looking better and better.

It's probably still sore from when we kicked him across the country.

Wow. This guy really is a hypochondriac.

All that sitting from not pitching has finally caught up to the guy!

Now he knows how Sam Perlozzo felt..

Must have spent too much time watching the Carl Pavano workout video.

Must have spent too much time watching the Carl Pavano workout video.

Wonder if this "injury" will cause him to get a little behind. If so, will that make him a larger or a smaller pain in the butt at that point?

What?! He's not pitching for "Oh Canada?" Now that would have been a pain in both cheeks.

"EARACHE MY EYE! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A...oh, you already have that?"

Not only does Bedard have a buttache, but I think he's also hallucinating because he pulled the hypochondriac act last season only before his scheduled starts against the Orioles. Maybe he mistook hearing "Orioles" instead of "Royals" - the two names sound alike if spoken rapidly.

Attila the Hon : shades of high school :)

Don't they have KY Jelly in Arizona?

Are you kidding? I always thought he was gutless but this is ridiculous! What would Lou Gherig say? He played with numerous broken bones and this guy sits because of a sore butt? Completely laughable!!

"It was a million to one shot Doc, a million to one."


Headline: "Butt Bruise Benches Bedard"

The real men of baseball days gone by are having a field day with this one.
Guys like Bob Gibson would have pitched through aneurisms.

The game has changed, to the amusement of many...

Talking about being the butt end of a joke.

He would make a perfect Yankee- overpaid, underperforming, and always on the DL.

Well before this he was pitching well, I guess the injury bug is behind him now. Still wish him the best. Since it is spring training, it does not matter, if it were regular season, it would have been a better story. .

On the whole, I hope Eric Buttard is able to turn the other cheek and put this asinine injury behind him.

If Bedard was a stock, we sold him at peak value...or I suppose one might say before the bottom dropped out...

Bedard will be to the M's what Glenn Davis was to the O's. Both were supposed to make their new clubs contenders and the teams got worse because of them.

No, Eric, it's not the San Francisco Mariners.....

If he was traded to Pittsburgh, I guess he would be a Butt Pirate!


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