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February 25, 2009

Trembley: No 1B for Wieters

Though I knew the answer already, I asked Dave Trembley whether there was any chance of him putting top prospect Matt Wieters into a camp game at first base. He looked at me as if I told him we'd just landed a man on the sun.

"I'd like to keep my job for awhile,'' he said. "If I sent him out there and he got hit in the face with a ball, it would be "bye, bye baby.'"

The reason I asked the question was for all the fans who have written in and asked me if the Orioles could extend Wieters' career by moving him to first base. That may be possible in seven or eight years, but I think the club is more interested in having the top young catcher in baseball for awhile. He's much more valuable behind the plate. If wear and tear becomes an issue down the road, the team can cross that bridge then.

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The Yankees can move Wieters to 1B to replace Teixeira in 8 years! Just kidding, I have a bad sense of humor.


Another reason not to rush any first base experiment is that Wieters is supposed to need a little more refining of work behind the plate to get him MLB-ready. Since the team wants him to make the jump this year, he shouldn't have any distractions.

Do you have a pick for tonight's Maryland-Duke game? I'm thinking back-to-back upsets.

Hey, it's a legitimate question that had to be asked. Although, if Wieters wore his catcher's mask as first base it would eliminate Trembley's concern on that front.
Love the reporting and it really seems that the O's have a great attitude and are on the right track! Keep up the great work and thanks from those of us who are far away from the scene!

Pete, I was hoping the O's would've drafted Posey for behind the plate and moved Weiters to 1st. Weiters size will probably hurt him as catcher in a few years, while Posey is a smaller guy. At least I think the catcher's name is Posey

I don't get Trembley's response. The likelihood of Wieters getting hit in the face by a ball at first base seems significantly less than the injury risks inherent to being a catcher. A simple "No, we're trying to get him as much work as possible behind the plate" would have been sufficient.

I agree with not playing Wieters at first base at this point. Its totally pointless. However, the fear of a professional player getting hit in the face when he's got a glove on and is looking for balls to be hit or thrown at him is more than ridiculous.

Im a Yankees fan. I just dont understand something. The Orioles, no offense guys, are gonna suck. Why are they talking about putting this kid in AAA to start the year (Obvious reason being $$/Arbitration probably)? And if that is the reason, isn't that a collusion loophole, not to mention denying its fan base of a player they want to see NOW?

Badly run organization to throw Zaun out there and dump this kid down when he could probably hold his own and learn at the big club.

Pete's reply: I don't see the logic of rushing him if, as you say, they stink. Please explain.

And if anyone comes back with "that the organization is just being responsible by grooming him in AAA" is just flat out not paying attention. Like I said, I'm a Yankees fan so no bias here, but I've watched this kid play in some games. He's ready now. This kid's "bad year" or "growing pains" would eclipse Zaun's final year stats.

Pete's reply: There's no reason to rush the kid up for a year they aren't going to finish better than fourth. Believe it or not, there's more to catching in the big leagues than being able to his Double-A pitching.

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