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February 17, 2009

Sherrill: All-Star memories

Just about everybody agrees that George Sherrill's extended appearance in last year's All-Star Game contributed to the shoulder soreness that reduced his effectiveness over the remainder of the season. But Sherrill isn't second-guessing anything about his first career All-Star appearance.

"It was just something that had to be done,'' he said. "Luckily, it went into extra innings so I could get into the game, but I'm sure there are people in Baltimore who were not to happy about that.

"They had a guy out there with the Devil Rays who pitched two days before. They didn't want to use (Scott) Kazmir. They asked me to be honest with them and I told them I could go. That wasn't the only thing (that led to his later problems), but it was my longest outing since '04. It was a lot of things. Still, it was a fun experience. I don't think I would change it, but I'm sure Andy (MacPhail) and skip (Dave Trembley) might want to change it."

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KaZmir...How long has he been pitching against the O's?

I enjoy your blog and wanted to give you a hard time.

I think it's all Bud Selig's fault. If he would have had the decency to call the game after nine innings, none of this would have happened.

I mean, think of the children, Bud. I'm sure that late last summer, there was a freckle-faced, four-year-old boy somewhere in Towson or Catonsville or Dundalk sitting on the sofa, wearing his Flat Breezy, enjoying a frosty Natty Boh and watching the O's. Suddenly, he looks up at his father, tears streaming down his face.

"Daddy, why has George Sherrill been so ineffective lately?" he says through sniffles. "His fastball has lost its velocity, and his command and location are off the mark. Perhaps the skipper has been overusing him?"

"No, son," his dad replied, taking a weary slug of Jack Daniels. "He had an extended appearance in the All-star game, and now his shoulder is shot. He'll never be the same again."

Just another way that Bud Selig is ruining baseball for the youth of America.

In no way do I blame Sherrill for wanting to stay out there in that game. He is a competitor in his first and (very possibly) all star game. I am sure his family and/or friends were there and as he said without extra innings he wouldn't had been in the game at all. So he did what made him happy. He lost a few weeks on a lost season. But he is back, healthy and happy and better for the experience he had. Time to move on!

Oh come on!! Instead of his usual one inning outing, he pitches a whole extra ONE inning and we're supposed to believe this caused a major problem with his shoulder? Sorry, not buying it. It was ONE extra inning!!! Do these guys really need to be babied that much? Are they really THAT fragile?

So no one thinks it was the whole "Let 3 guys get on base and throw 35 pitches each time out? Heck, for most pitchers, and almost all closers, that is two innings work.

Stop walking so many batters and get the job done more consistently. Then there won't be a sore shoulder to complain about.


Tell the folks in the sports department who put together the quiz on Ravens draft picks that their answer to question 14 (How many Ravens draft picks have gone to the pro bowl?) is wrong.

They forgot to include Adalius Thomas (2000 6th round pick who went to 2 pro bowls, 2003 season and 2006 season).

Also, although they did not specify whether to include alternates who attended, Mulitalo went as a first alternate in the 2003 season game.

Also, ummm...go Orioles.

I remeber him starting to have problems before the break in early July. It was probably due to overuse by the Orioles.

Besides, he only threw 27 pitches in 3 innings during the all star game. Is it really that serious?

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