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February 3, 2009

Ravens: The naked truth

Remember when Ravens special teams guy Daren Stone committed that brainless personal foul in the AFC championship game and backed the offense up at the start of what might have been the game-winning drive in the fourth quarter?

Of course you do, though you've spent the past couple of weeks trying to forget. No one will ever know whether that stupid player trick cost the Ravens a chance to play the Arizona Cardinals for the NFL title, but we now know it did not cost Stone a trip to South Florida for Super Bowl Week. The celebrity gossip site TMZ posted video of Stone being interviewed on his way out of a Tampa strip club a few days ago.

Here it is for your viewing displeasure, complete with a cheerful Stone shouting out to "coach" that he's drinking only bottled water and has a limo to take him home. I'm sure John Harbaugh is glad to see he's being so responsible.

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and this is sports news? Leave this for the entertainment sites Pete. This guy has been roasted enough in this town. I was hoping for some offseason preview with the Ravens...

Pete's reply: I'll get to that. Should have listened to the WBAL show last night. We did a half hour on the upcoming offseason.


Forever more to be known as Darren "StoneStupid"...

There's alot of great ballplayers out there who will easily fill his role next year. He should have saved his money and sold his tickets. But I guess if you are going to help stimulate the economy, a strip club is a great place to start.

Hi, Pete. Regarding the Ravens, but not Stone....I saw where the 49ers signed an O Coord, and it wasn't our boy Hue. Does that mean he'll be with us for at least one more season to work with Flacco?

Pete's reply: That's what it means.

What a complete tool.

All I can say is I am glad I do not have camera's following me around. But then again the worst thing they would see would be walking out of the local pastry shop with a half dozen donuts and coffee with 6 packs of sugar in it. Saying to my wife "these are not for me honey, they are for the guys in the office" and my favorite pastry girl is Hilda!

Cut his ass!

Oh, come on, Peter, are you still harping on this? Flacco got most of that yardage back with the 20-yard completion to Heap. We still had plenty of time to move down the field. No reason to panic. Polamalu could have made that play anytime, anywhere on the field.

Hey Pete,

I think I've left a similar post before, but I at least tell myself that it was the Steelers' boneheaded personal foul that directly led to our first TD, whereas, like you point out, who knows if we would have been able to drive at least 30 (and maybe more realistically 35-40) yards that it would have taken to take the lead. And then, since Roethlisberger has been able to walk on water lately, he probably would've let a last-second scoring drive anyway. Plus, we did end up with a first down only a few yards short of where we would have been without Stone's play. This is what I tell myself to keep from being depressed.

Pete, you just made my body shiver just by bringing up Stone's name. How we were in that game at that time I'll never know, but we were. Then along came Stone. His name now should not be Stone but Dumb as a Rock. Like any good rock you take it and throw it a far as you can. Get it out of here.

Pete -

I know this ground has been covered more than once but with the Mets signing Oliver Perez today, I feel the need to bring it up again.

The Orioles NEED to get involved with Ben Sheets...NOW. With the Mets seemingly out of the picture, the only interested party for Sheets is Texas and their interest is mild.

That means - as if he wasn't already - Sheets is a HUGE bargain. I'm guessing - just from the numbers I see in various reports - that Sheets could be had for 2 years and $15 million.

Are you kidding me? A true ace - one of the best pitchers in baseball - for that little money?????

Now - OF COURSE - there is risk with Sheets. But it really makes me scratch my head when people talk about the health risk with Sheets - like he is the only pitcher that's a risk.

Folks, ALL players and in particular pitchers are risks. Granted, some more than others and Sheets certainly falls in the "much more" category but I promise you this - if anyone thinks AJ Burnett is a safer bet at 5 years and $82 mill vs. $15 for Sheets YOU ARE CRAZY.

The Orioles owe it to their fans to AT LEAST sniff around with the agent for Sheets, check out the medical records and see what it looks like.

The upside is too large and the current rotation is too crappy not to.

"The Piano has been Drinking"? I don't know how, but some way I have to here that song. Thanks Pete.

I think you give credence to his acting like a knucklehead by even putting it in print. Darren Stone made some great, key plays for us throughout the season, but we are talking about a role-player here. James Trapp or Robert Bailey, for the sake of comparison. Let's accept that we got beaten by a better, albeit calmer team, and it wasn't the fault of any one player. The Cardinals aren't attributing Adrian Wilson or Francisco's on-field "errors" to losing the game. They just accept that they got beat, the same as we did. Lets get those damn Steelers in 2009!

If that's truly how Stone is Rolling, I'm conflicted. I wanted him cut immediately after the game in Pitt. On the other hand he's one less player we have to worry about doing something stupid off the field. My new position on Stone (as I type this) is, one more bone head play on the field, I mean sideline, he should be cut.

At this point I want to see what Alexis looks like :)

Stone is the guy who drove the blocker into the return man on that punt in the Giants game. The refs didn't call the muff on that play, but it was there and Stone created it. So I don't want to rag on Stone too harshly: he's done good as well as bad. You called the play "brainless": he got his brains knocked out of him at the start of the AFC championship game, probably had a concussion the rest of the day. So he probably shouldn't have even been in the game at that point. That's on the coaching staff, not Stone.

I thought he should have been released the minute the game was over. The just sort of seals his fate, don't you think? I would think that a guy on the fringes of an NFL roster would take better care of his image. Shows what I know.

Idiot. Get him out of the Ravens uniform.

Ughh....lets see if he makes the team next year. It would be fine if he didn't make that stupid play in the AFC Championship Game, but this nobody really seems like a bonehead talking to TMZ and all. And come on, like he's really only drinking water? How ignorant does he think Baltimorians are? He could at least be honest and admit that hes having fun during his vacation.

The best part is the end when the TMZ guy tells him "I will see you at the Pro bowl" and Stone was like "ok" looking confused.

(he did not look sloppy drunk, and he is not married, so really no big deal, and he had a driver, if he was drunk)

Why did TMZ even feel the need to film Stone, a loser safety who might have cost us the game.

Maybe the steelers will sign him to thank him for the penalty. Then he will become legendary, Pro Bowl every year, and we will wish we kept him.

Pete's reply: I doubt TMZ was doing any filming. They probably buy this stuff.

Instead of drinking bottled water, is there any way he can simply bottle the water and get out of a Ravens uniform?

Now come on let's be for real. I can't believe there is no one on this post that realize this is NO BIG DEAL. First, yes the kid made a bone head play, but we would have cut the whole LB troop if that was the criteria. And secondly, if you watch the video he did nothing wrong. He wasn't speeding away in a car, carrying a weapon, or even have 10-20 of his homeboys around him. Now don't get me wrong I don't agree with going to strip clubs, but he is grown man participating in a LEGAL activity. Before we throw STONEs let's remember what we were doing at 24-25 yrs old.

And nobody is hanging our homeboy Michael Phelps out to dry, for getting high in public, which is ILLEGAL. Does anyone else see a double standard?

Pete's reply: No double standard. Both of them need to be more discreet.

Pete football season is thankfully over.

Pete- O's trade for Hill, sign Wigginton. Where's your post?

Question: Does the signing of Wigginton mean Andy Mac is considering trading Huff? His value is fairly high after his good year last year and I'm not conviced he can repeat his performance again this year. Buy low, sell high: a trade of Huff would make some sense and net a few prospects. Thoughts?

Pete's reply: I'm still collecting my thoughts. I was not reachable over the past three hours, so I didn't hear about Wigginton until now.

It's the offseason. I go to the strip club. Just not during the workday.

Let these guys have some fun now or else they might implode during the season.

Peter: After your measured response to the Phelps incident, I'm surprised at your response to this tame video.

The guy doesn't appear drunk. He doesn't say anything embarrassing. So he's in the parking lot of a strip club. It's hardly the Aubrey Huff video of last year.

I know we're angry at him because of the stupid penalty, but this video isn't anything to complain about. What do we want -- a team of mean with no sex drives? Or a team of men that doesn't like looking at naked women?

What is it, exactly, that's objectionable about this?

Pete's reply: It's just dumb, like the Phelps thing. Both have to have better sense than this. The guy has a right to go to Tampa and go to a strip club, but he's got to be smarter than to put it all over the internet. Do you really think the guy with the camera just recognized him. He's a bit player. Nobody would recognize him on the street.

We should cut the bum. We can find a guy probably better on special teams. I've been saying all along, this bum cost us the game. We could've easily taken care of them from the 40 yard line. Anyway, moving forward, do you know any guys that the Ravens have shown interest in, in the draft? Personally, from where they pick, I like for wide receiver, Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey or North Caronlina WR Hakeem Nicks. For cornerback at that spot I really like Vanderbilt CB DJ Moore and Wake Forest CB Alphonso Smith, due to his incredible ball hawk skills. In the second round, my sleeper picks or players that I think the Ravens might pick are Virginia Tech CB Victor Harris, Connecticut CB Darius Butler, USC DT/DE Fili Maola, LSU DT/DE Tyson Jackson, and Oklahoma WR Jaoquion Iglesias. Late Round sleepers are California LB Zach Follett, Florida State WR Greg Carr, South Florida DE George Selvie, and Rutgers WR Kenny Britt. Peter, have you noticed that the Ravens might start going bigger at WR this upcoming year? Just saying that signed 10 players already to the 2009 roster. The three WR's were 6'3 Justin Harper, 6'4 Edward Williams, and 6'5 Ernie Wheelwright. What do you think about all this?

...............................................................................................Pete's reply: Haven't really thought about it yet. The season has only been over for two days.

The schizophrenia of being an NFL fan. We love what they do on Sunday, except the bonehead or Stonehead penalties, but how many of these guys would you really like to invite to your house for dinner? Maybe 10 or 15. The rest are really immature overpaid, ahem, college graduates.

It's not Stone's fault he's a truuuuuu plaaaaaaya!!!

I want to see what Hilda looks like !

Yeah, he's a real 'man' goin' strip bars every night...I am very impressed...he cooool! Just demonstrating his Hip-Hoperism....a great big conforminst (but he thinks he so cool and such a unique individual...when all along he's just a conforming sheep, conforming to the media image of what a 'Black man' ought to be.

He should be cut for his bone head playing style. Obviously he is not on the same page as the others on defense.

For reason of being 'caught' at a strip club??? Who really cares, unless people still live in a dream world that athletes don't do this? Why not stimulate the economy (among other things). Just a shame it's with the Ravens money! LOL

Hmmm, so Stone is leaving a legal establishment, drinking water (and presumably not smoking any pot), and with a limo, yet more people are disturbed by this than by the pot smoking, drunk driving 14 time gold medalist...

You really lost me here. The juxtaposition of your take on the swimmer (just a kid trying to belatedly have his missed childhood) for doing something illegal vs the NFL player going to a strictly legal establishment, taking the precaution of hiring a driver and (possibly) just drinking water . . and your advice to both? Not be smart. Not do not break the law. Not grow up. Just "be more discreet". As in, if you are going to break the law, fine, just dont get caught. As for Stone, just what is it you find objectionable about his Tampa activities? The srip Club? Is this really your first time covering an NFL story? The NFL could operate without TV, stadiums and fans easier than without strip clubs for it splayers. His acting the fool? How much money has Art Donovan made playing the fool? Maybe you should write an aricle admonishing him. Stone's addressing his coach directly? At least that shows he was conscious of the consequences of his potential actions and didnt feel he was doing anything wrong. You dont strike me as a moral majority type so I am really at a loss in trying to reconcile the two divergent positions you take.

Pete's reply: I wasn't being protective of Phelps, just putting that in perspective, just as I was doing with Stone. You are right. He's doing nothing illegal. But he made a horrible play that may have helped keep the Ravens out of the Super Bowl, and he lets himself be filmed whooping it up at the Super Bowl outside a strip club. No crime. Just bad judgment for a guy on the bubble. In Phelps case, it was a crime, but my point isn't inconsistent. I said Phelps didn't owe us an apology, but did owe an apology to his corporate employers and family. Same for Stone. He doesn't owe me anything other than a full effort if I buy a ticket (and, by all accounts, he gives that on the field, though he made a bonehead play), but he does owe the Ravens an ounce of decorum especially in the wake of that.

Freddie, ROFLMAO.

Hey Pete,
Why does an athelete that has his season over need to be discreet when going to a gentleman's club? He can do what he wants to and he wasn't committing any crime. I find it amusing that your tone is harsher on Mr. Stone and the swimmer stoner from MD. That was illegal.

Pete's reply: My answer is under an earlier post. It just looks bad in the wake of his performance in the AFC championship game. No crime. Not a bad human. Just a little bit stupid.

In response to Brent, if that 20 yard pass to heap was made when the penalty wasn't assessed. We would have been 5 yards from field goal range. The play was stupid and it was HUGE!!! I'm sure he wasn't the only Ravens player doing something stupid that Sunday, but he should have been at a psychiatrist learning how to keep cool in big situations.

Lets analyze this video for a second..leave out the bias of his last game where he was knocked out on the first play and had some recurring headaches the next few weeks and made a mistake on special teams probrably due to his head not being right (how many penalties has he commited during the season??), so what did stone do wrong against the team and league or to his image?. he is captured walking out of the strip club, while someone with a camera calls him out by name, now I doubt this was random as Stone is not known like that, so the guy must have been in the club before and heard he was in there or was a friend of his with a camera in a elaborate scheme to make some headlines and get some publicity (obviously the second assumption is moot because at the end the guy jokingly says see ya in the pro bowl which leaves only the first assumption). So Stone is at a strip club pretty much by himself enjoying his vacation in Tampa (no crazy entourage of thugs), The guy is obviously trying to rag on him to get him angry or upset by the fact that he got caught walking out of a strip club saying "you got caught slippin", Stone appeared sober and friendly going along with him sayin "yea im trippin right? nah its all good im drinkin water, goin home early in a limo, nothin wrong with seein some ladies". If thats not the best way to respond to this situation then maybe pacman jones might be the only person who knows a better way. Then he is asked about the strip clubs in tampa and he replies this is the only one ive been to and im goin back to the space shuttle thing tomorrow, again no profanity, no talking wreckless, all good signs of a respectable young man who could have acted way different if indeed he was some stupid mofo hood n***a that does not deserve to be in the NFL. Next he is asked about being one win away and he says almost, but then the camera cuts off as it seems he goes more in-depth into it. Again showing he was sober and acting normal talking just like anybody else but the cam gets turned off because they want to capture controversy not boring conversations of someone with money and a little fame acting normal. When the Cam turns on again, he is asked about the girls in the club, again looking to stir some controversy, but Stone is in good humor and laughingly throws out a name of a stripper, no mention of big bootys or any foul or rude language, just a name (which im sure has helped the young lady out in becoming more sought after). Again no damaging or stupid remarks, just a normal respectful and playful person. Then he is asked if he is married to try and stir some more controversy and Stone says "Absolutely..not" with a a single young male was at a strip club..this man is evil I tell ya!!. By now the camera guy must have been peeved he did not get any serious action so his closing remark was good luck at the super bowl, trying to belittle him and hopefully get a response worth the filming. Once again his reaction was brilliant..or slow witted..but either way, what do you say to some stupid jerk saying that to you other than...umm yea thanks if it would have been some bonehead immature dude being interviewed, he would have surely gotten a little angry or talked back with a slick remark that would lower him to the camera mans level, improving the quality of the clip..but nooo this camera guy caught the wrong nfl player that thugness, no guns, no liquor, no weed, nothing illegal, no profanity, NOTHING REMOTELY WRONG!
In my eyes this doesnt hurt the Ravens, the NFL, or his image. If anything it shows he is a stand-up young man with a good head on his shoulders, even though he, like any regular 23 year old, enjoys the company of women.

Pete's reply: If you take out his performance in the AFC title game and you take out the fact that he's in Tampa a night or two before the Super Bowl, I think you're basically on point. But you can't take it out of context, so it looks bad. That's all. I never said it was a huge deal.


Pete -

I know this ground has been covered more than once but with the Mets signing Oliver Perez today, I feel the need to bring it up again.

The Orioles NEED to get involved with Ben Sheets...NOW. With the Mets seemingly out of the picture, the only interested party for Sheets is Texas and their interest is mild.

That means - as if he wasn't already - Sheets is a HUGE bargain. I'm guessing - just from the numbers I see in various reports - that Sheets could be had for 2 years and $15 million.

Are you kidding me? A true ace - one of the best pitchers in baseball - for that little money?????

Now - OF COURSE - there is risk with Sheets. But it really makes me scratch my head when people talk about the health risk with Sheets - like he is the only pitcher that's a risk.

Folks, ALL players and in particular pitchers are risks. Granted, some more than others and Sheets certainly falls in the "much more" category but I promise you this - if anyone thinks AJ Burnett is a safer bet at 5 years and $82 mill vs. $15 for Sheets YOU ARE CRAZY.

The Orioles owe it to their fans to AT LEAST sniff around with the agent for Sheets, check out the medical records and see what it looks like.

The upside is too large and the current rotation is too crappy not to."

The medical reports released by Sheets scared every major league team away from him. It should be very telling that the only team interested in him at this point, the Texas Rangers, are only willing to go one year and incentives rather than a multi-year deal with a decent base like he and his agent want.

We need players to stay in the rotation and protect the guys in the minors. What good is Sheets when you know he won't be healthy for a full season out of those two years?

If you were looking for one last piece to a rotation to help get your team over the hump and into contention, maybe Sheets is the guy you look at. The Orioles current situation, it doesn't make sense to get a guy like Sheets for more than a 1 year deal, or at all.

Stone was for most of the season after he was signed our best special teamer. On almost a weekly basis he was downing a Koch punt inside the 5. He made a boneheaded mistake against PIT but letting him go because he's a single man who went to a strip club in his free time would be a stupid move by the Ravens.

Pete's reply: I wasn't suggesting they let him go. I'm sure he'll be evaluated objectively.

Mike Preston?????..... oh wow I really thought this BS was a Mike Preston blog.

Hell, If I were his age I would probably be looking for a good strip club in Florida to go to also, as long as he keeps his head in the game when he is playing football it does not matter. At least he is not going to the strip clubs during the season until 2 AM like a certain corner who will not be with the ravens next year!

On the TMZ program, just prior to this piece, was a piece filmed by some douchebag hanging outside an airport bathroom. He captures Paris Hilton walking in, then times how long she is in there "dropping the kids off at the super bowl", then makes fun of her for heeding nature's call.


Don't act like you've never been spotted walking out of the Camden Club bathroom with the USAToday sports page tucked under your arm, Pete...

Come on people the Stone play did not loss the game for us. We got out hit, out played and out coached.

I have absolutely no problem with a young, single dude taking in the sights at a local (for me, since I live here in the Tampa Bay area and know exactly where Stone was...hehe) strip club.

What I do have a problem with is him losing his head in the AFC Championship Game at one of the most crucial points in the contest. But do your thing D-Stone, and totally redeem yourself this coming season!

No big deal that he went to a strip club, but I still think he is a moron. Yeah the penalty didn't lose the game for us but it severely hurt us on the drive. Cut him.

Awww come on Pete... What's wrong with going to strip clubs? Wasn't that you I saw at... oh nevermind =)

There are too many people posting to cut Stone. He made one bonehead play this year and yes it did hurt us but it did not lose the game for us. Overall I thought he played outstanding on special teams this season. Going to a strip club is not against the law people, he was not in trouble or starting a fight. He was not being Pac Man. TMZ taped a guy coming out of the strip club, a guy that you wouldn't be able to recognize if you were sitting next to him. Are you people going to wait outside of a strip club and if you recognize somebody are you going to go to there work and say they should be fired?

Man, this guy is just a menace, what with all that enjoying himself and having fun...he should definitely not be here next year.

I sure am glad we have guys like Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Ray Lewis, who have NEVER gone to a strip club...

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