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February 10, 2009

Orioles: Wigginton final

The Orioles finally announced that they have finalized a two-year deal with infielder Ty Wigginton and designated Scott Moore for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster, which almost certainly completes Andy MacPhail's offseason puzzle.

Everybody will be headed to Florida over the next few days and pitchers and catchers report to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, so the likelihood that MacPhail will have a sudden change of heart and make a quick pursuit of one of the remaining free agent pitchers is extremely slim.

Tonight on the radio: Former Orioles co-GM Jim Duquette will join me in the first hour of Sportsline to talk about the Miguel Tejada situation, and lawyer and law professor Byron Warnken will chime in during the 7 o'clock hour on the legal mess that Miggy got himself into. Tune in from 6 to 9 on WBAL (1090 AM). If you're not within signal range, you can go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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Peter.. Re the pitching situation...isn't 37 arms enough??? We only need 11 guys so surely we can assemble some type of a serviceable staff without having to scoure the free-agent bargain bin.

Seems to me that BRob is on his way out by the trade deadline. I can see McPhail invisioning Pie getting a crash course in lead off hitting for 1/2 season and Wigginton taking over at 2B after BRob's departure. If we can get a solid Jones-type position prospect and a Tillman-type pitching prospect out of a proposed deal, I can totally see McPhail sending BRob out of town

From Miggy to Wiggy in the headlines. Any breaking news on Twiggy Lawson, Ziggy Stardust, Ed Figueroa?


It looks like we are rounding out what will be a very respectable outfield. Now the big quandary is which of the thirty-five or so misfits, outcasts, rookies or has-beens will have what it takes to head north as starting pitchers for this club.
You're right, it can and will make for a very interesting spring training.

Miggy Out, Wiggi In, Time for the O's to get Jiggi

I reiterate, the club is making a big mistake not making an offer to Juan Cruz. Arms like his come around very rarely. His mere presence would have a positive effect upon the rest of the pitching staff, not to say the peace of mind of the manager. For those of you who've never seen him pitch, hold your criticism of my position until you've seen some game film.

Sorry to hear about Moore... Last year he looked like a lock to be a future Oriole. What happened?

Mr. MacPhail and his crew obviously know way more than me regarding the talent level of the Orioles' prospects, but I was hoping someone else other than Moore would get moved off the 40 man roster. Seems like we don't have a lot of institutional infield depth. I would rather see Moore be a reserve player than 38 year-old Gomez. What are your thoughts Peter? Do you think Moore will be picked up by someone else? Right person to take off the 40 man roster?

Pete, before spring training begins, is there a player or two on the O's roster, that you are expecting to surprise a lot of people in FL? Just curious.

Pete's reply: My sleeper is Wilfrido Perez.

What's up with your links the past couple of weeks Schmuck? This is the second time you've sent us to the Chicago Tribune sites, are you trying to tell us something outside of all the O's moves with the Cubbies?


Pete's reply: I can't find a link to the Tribune in any of my recent posts?

I'm happy with what MacPhail is doing, but not excited about this year at all. This is one more year I'm willing to buy into rebuilding, but next year things have to start to get better.

With all the arms coming down to spring training you gotta think Trembley and his staff had this kind of conversation:
Board Member 1: I've never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime.
Charlie Donovan: Most of these guys never had a prime.
Board Member 2: This guy here is dead.
Rachel Phelps: Cross him off then.

Unlike Major League there won't be a happy ending this year but hopefully soon...

Pete, I assume you will be down in Fla. soon. My envy runith over...... Question, will you have time to drop in on the Nationals camp ?......... You know they will be needing some help getting Daniel on track & since you did such a good job last spring.......I thought you had fixed him there for awhile.

Pete's reply: I'm sure I'll show up there at some point, and Daniel will be thrilled to see me.

Ty Wigginton in, Scott Moore out. Music to my ears. For all of you who fell in love with that Cubs reject Moore, please remember that his habit of imitating a ceiling fan at the plate was so bad that he should've had "Casablanca" sewn on his jersey.

Hey Pete,

What's with the rumor that B-Rob wants a trade if he can not get an extension by opening day? That news took me by surprise. I sure hope we get that damn extension!

Pete's reply: The only thing I've heard is that he doesn't want to negotiate after Opening Day. But if he goes past this spring, then he's almost certain to leave as a free agent next year.

It's weird. I went through the 37 pitchers and still only came out with Guthrie as a solid starter. Oh boy. We are really going to have to overachieve!!


I think a few reasons why fans are so annoyed with PEDs in baseball and not football are:
1. Baseball's history and records seem much more important and go back much longer.
2. Fans are disgusted with the lack of a salary cap in baseball to equal the playing field. You don't have a $200M payroll vs. $30M in football.
3. Fans are sick of the union's power in baseball and how useless Selig is. Has he ever read the Mitchell report? You don't have the tied all star game in football, the confusion over a rainout in a playoff game, just an utter state of confusion seems to reign in baseball.
4. Last I know, baseball has yet to make an official statement on A-Rod. What are they waiting for?

I just don't think baseball realizes how fed up people are with the sport. Games run on way too long.

The obviousness of the steroids having been used during the McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, etc. and yet baseball pretended nothing was happening? People just didn't like that reaction, especially when the records being broken were held in such high esteem.

I don't know Bud realizes this isn't going to blow over but he sure seems overmatched and clueless what to do or say.

Matt; I don't disagree with your theory about Roberts being dealt, but your idea of putting Pie in the leadoff spot isn't likely to happen. Other than speed, there is nothing in Pie's minor league numbers to suggest he can be a decent leadoff hitter. He simply doesn't walk very much. Freel would be a much better candidate.

This is way off topic, but here's a very thought provoking article by Bill James about his thoughts on Derek Jeter's abilities as a defensive shortstop. Guaranteed to make Yankee fans pop a blood vessel which is always fun.


How many games do you guess Huff plays at 1st this year. I for one think he is okay at 1st as a sub, but I've seen him take a lot of ground balls at first and don't like him out there all the time. Not to mention hurting his bat.

Also, any truth to the rumor that Cal is one of the 104 names? They say they detected small traces of chocolate milk in his sample.

Pete's reply: Now that Wigginton is in the fold, I'd say Huff plays 100 games at first base.

It killed me last year that no one stepped up and grabbed a chance of a lifetime to establish themselves as a legit SP or in the BP for the O's. I really think that with the new faces and competition, some guys will step up and take this golden opportunity to prove themselves in the big leagues. I really think this team could surprise some people. They have a tremendous OF, solid INF and Zaun, will give the pitchers a lot better catcher to work with than Mr. Lazy aka Ramon. The bench looks to be the best we've had in years with it's versatility, power and speed. The big issue is will the BP burn out again, because you just can't have 1 or 2 guys, giving you 6 innings. I hope guys like Pauley, Bass, etc., look at this as a chance of a lifetime to become SPs.

I heard the rumors on B Rob, but is he really coming out and trying to make the extension work? I don't take Andy as the type of guy to say that he wants to sign Brian, when in reality he wants to trade him. Doesn't seem like his style. I can't see how a 4 yr. 44 mil deal, wont be enough to lock up Brian, as if he looks around, he is not going to like what he sees on the free agent market and I don't think this is a one year blip. I hope this deal gets done early on in spring training, as the will he or wont he sign, is getting old.

Is Andy psychic? The one questionable trade of Bradford, ends up with Chad being sidelined for up to 5 months. Andy might be the only guy I will listen to for advice on stocks if he is so apt to share the 411 with me.

I have to think that everyone is waiting for Hudson and possibly Cabrera to set (or at least impact) the market for Brian Roberts.

Any more info on the potential signing of the new japanese reliever Tanaka?

Pete's reply: Some people say it's not done. Some say it is.

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