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February 11, 2009

Orioles: The countdown

Orioles pitchers and catchers report to Fort Lauderdale in just three days, and you know what that means. I've got to break out the silk shirts and start packing so I can be there right from the beginning to bring you up-to-the minute updates from training camp.

I'll be arriving on Friday afternoon to join Orioles beat writer Jeff Zrebiec and monitor the reporting day Saturday. They'll break out the bats and balls for real on Sunday and we'll step up the frequency of the blog entries to keep you informed.

Meanwhile, I'll let my friend Roch Kubatko keep you informed with this excerpt from his blog School of Roch. It's a quote from Brian Roberts on 105.7 FM today about his on-going contract discussions with the Orioles:

"I think we're trying to have a resolution one way or another pretty soon, and I don't really know there's a specific date yet. I think on both sides, we've had quite a bit of time to try to figure this out one way or another and I think we would both probably like to move forward one way or another pretty soon. We're looking to get toward the end here and figure it out. I think that's best for myself and the organization."

Glad that's settled.

Radio update: Be sure and join me tonight and tomorrow night on WBAL (1090 AM). We'll have a short show tonight leading into WBAL's coverage of Towson basketball, then bring in former Mets and O's exec Jim Duquette tomorrow evening to preview Orioles training camp and talk about the issues facing baseball as spring camps open. As always, if you are out of radio range, go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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Peter: I sure hope "one way or another" translates into "I accept a 4 year deal to stay with my beloved team, the Orioles."

One way or another, I hope BRob decides the O's are headed in the right direction and that he wants to be a part of it, showing some of that loyalty Nicky M talked about.

Pete's reply: I don't think that's what it means. Sounds like the opposite to me.

I thought you had taken off already Schmuck with the many updates we got today...oh wait!

As for the post about the Tribune links it was your ARod forgiveness story that was directing towards the Chicago Tribune for a bit last night. No worries, I still haven't read it.

I kid, I kid...looking forward to the many ST blogs and opening day for sure, keep 'em coming!

Pete's reply: I needed a little rest this week, because I'm about to start slugging entries out all day long in Florida.

Pete , it also means we'll be 3 days closer to the start of the Barry Bonds trial . Sorry . I had to say it .
Seriously it'll be nice to change gears for awhile until next football season . Whatever the outcome for the O's .


The theme for this year's spring training is "so many questions, so little time". Lots of things need to be sorted out by a starting pitching crew that could be deemed baseball's "Dirty Dozen Times Three". Lots of blogworthy items to peruse these next six weeks. As sometimes cynical I (and many others) have become about this team, I always enjoy this time of year. New beginnings always bring a ray of hope.

Isn't having Duquette preview the Orioles training camp and talk about the issues facing baseball like having Bill Clinton talk about monogamy (I thought you would appreciate the political analogy)?

Pete's reply: I don't know, but Duquette is great on the radio and enjoys mixing it up as much as I do. It'll be a good show.

I love Brian Roberts but I don't see how he's worth the money he's asking for. He's a decent 2nd baseman and a decent lead off hitter. But I think the Orioles can "find" another 2nd baseman and they already have 2 potential lead off hitters on their roster - Jones and Pie.

I'd hate to see Roberts leave the O's but trading him now or during the season is the way to go.

I can't help but think back to that sacred "Cal". I'm a big Cal Ripken fan, too but the O's kept him around long after he was of little value to them. It would have been a travesty to see him go to another team but the O's wasted a lot of payroll on Cal that would have been better spent elsewhere.

I don't want to see us repeat that with Roberts.

This makes me nervous. Any chance McPhail waits to see if the team plays surprisingly well before he gives Roberts a chance to change his mind? Say if the O's sit in third place 5 games over .500 at the All Star break??? (I'm a delusional fan.)

Maybe I'm just trying to see the glass half full, but it sounds as though there is a deal that Roberts would accept. That's sure a lot better than thinking he's written off playing for Baltimore completely.

Pete, didn't Peter A., offer to represent Raffy when the he was suspended or when Jose said that Raffy was on steroids? I guess where I am going with this, why didn't Raffy fight to clear his name, instead of walking away? A big part of me wants to believe his story, but another part of me, says a guy with the resources he had to clear his name, chose not to do anything.

Pete, maybe I am misinterpreting the quote wrong from Brian, but that sure sounds like I want to leave. Pete, do you think another team will give him a 4 year deal for say 11 mil a year? Sometimes a player is worth more to one team than another for a variety of reasons. I don't see another team breaking the bank in this economy for him. I, also don't really think the O's would get much for him till July, but one injury would change that.

Pete's reply: I didn't like the tone of that quote, but we'll have a better idea in a couple of weeks, I think.

I'm sad that the Orioles didn't take a flyer on Adam Dunn for two years and 20 million. A power hitter in the middle of our lineup would have been great and he is only 29. He has hit 40 homers in each of the past five years. Not a lot of money for a lot of power.

With that quote from Brian, I'm now convinced he should run for Congress. In other words "HUH"

Sounds like B-Rob is packing his bags already. I trust that Andy won't jump the gun and make a deal until he gest exactly what he wants.

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