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February 20, 2009

Orioles: Some more quick hits

There's no new word on the timetable for Felix Pie's arrival in camp, but the Orioles are being proactive with his roster situation. Dave Stockstill is in the Dominican Republic trying to help move things along. Andy MacPhail said he doesn't think much will happen until Monday, since the consulate is already closed today.

Manager Dave Trembley further clarified the closer situation during his post-workout press briefing. He had already indicated that George Sherrill arrived at camp as the primary closer, but that doesn't mean that he will be the only closer. Chris Ray will get closing opportunities and, of course, the situation will evolve over the course of the spring and the early part of the regular season.

Non-roster infielder Jolbert Cabrera was in uniform for the second full-squad workout. He was a little late getting to camp on Thursday, but got some extra work at the end of today's session.

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Re: Pie's visa problems - I among others just cannot fathom why every year these kinds of problems arise . Don't these guys put any forethought into the possibility of these things occuring? Who should take the blame ? The player , the agent , the club? Geez, do they need to be spoon fed ?

Pete's reply: The only thing I can figure is that they have to apply during a certain timeframe, and then it hangs up and takes too long to straighten out. But I'm speculating. I'll have to find out how it works.

Peter: Any word on whether the O's are interested in 3B Andy Marte, who was just DFA'd by Cleveland? He's another Felix Pie/Rich Hill-type: a "can't-miss" prospect who somehow did, and given the O's lack of position player depth in the minors, I'd love to see the team take a flyer on him.

Pete's reply: I haven't heard his name mentioned once outside this blog.

c'mon. Anybody traveled before? He had no idea that a visa would be necessary with the season starting? Lame.

Pie can take his time. Spring training is way to long anyway.

You would think a player getting the chance he's going to get would actually make sure he got here on time.Maybe he has a bad attitude.

People I know from Chicago tell me he has a bee-bop walk and drops balls trying to catch like Willie Mays.

I hope we don't waste a lot of time replacing him if that's the case.

I believe Pie had to re-submit his paperwork after he was traded since his sponsoring employer changed from the Cubs to the O's. And we all now how quickly the govt can work when they want to!!!

if he were coming BACK to the Orioles this wouldn't be a huge problem, but this is a new team, I can see this costing us a game in the early season while he's still learning the signs and the way things are done with the O's

if he were coming BACK to the Orioles this wouldn't be a huge problem, but this is a new team, I can see this costing us a game in the early season while he's still learning the signs and the way things are done with the O's

This is a 3rd world country. I wouldn't be surprised, especially based on what just happened to the Nationals, if the government officials aren't holding up the paperwork on purpose for a kickback.

A bee-bop walk? WTH does that have to do with anything? I swear, some fans...

Pie's situation is a product of increased security since 09/11. Before then, players used to come and go almost at will.

Yet while I obviously support common sense regulation in checking on exactly who is entering the country since that terrible day, I think there should be some way of streamlining the process for MLB ballplayers.

Unless al-Qaeda is now recruiting top hitters and pitchers from pro baseball's farm teams, the security risk involved appears to me to be rather minimum. Secret cells made up of these guys are far more likely to do with steroids than terrorism.

Visa issues of this kind, H1B, are usually initiated by the sponsoring organization, i.e. the Orioles. The sponsor files it with the U.S. Immigration Sevice. It can take as much as 90 days.

It would not be Dominican Republic or the player. Unless it has been over 6 years.

In some cases, Immigration selects cases at random to audit. This could delay the process.

The sponsor can request ($1,000) for a faster review.

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