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February 23, 2009

Orioles: Pie update (updated)

Outfielder Felix Pie has cleared up his visa issues and is scheduled to arrive in Miami from the Dominican Republic at 8:30 this morning. He could be in camp by 10 to take his physical and begin preparing for the exhibition season.

Yesterday, Orioles officials seemed to think the situation was about to get straightened out and expressed optimism he would arrive in the next day or two. Apparently, the problem stemmed from Pie changing teams late in the winter and having to file new information with immigration officials.

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Glad to see Pie will finally be making it to camp..

Look forward to seeing him play in spring training games..

.... and at 8:31 Pete will be carrying his luggage . Just having fun Pete . - You're doing an outstanding job of keeping us informed !

Too bad he's not from Mexico, he could have just walked across the border.

If this Pie is stil freash and did not gain 6 years, we should be fine.

A slice of Pie before Lent? Fitting that Pie joins the team on Fat Tuesday, aka Fasnacht Day here in Lancaster, PA.

I hope all of the naysayers see this. There is nothing Pie could have done about the situation. It;s not his fault, so give the guy a break.

Pete, is this it for Melvin or do you think with the players prices going down in MLB, and the fact the O's don't have any prospect that's ready to play 3B for 162 game, leads to Melvin coming back?

I know we have Ty, but in my opinion, he was brought here in case Huff doesn't pan out at 1B, plays 1B, 3B, 2B and LF and if the O's do go with 13 pitchers, you need him on your bench since he can do just about everything except play by play.

When I see Sean Penn vacationing with Hugo Chavez, I almost throw up. Are these people really that clueless?
I am a republican, (sorry, I went to college and grad school.... just kidding dems) I get that Bush made many mistakes, but to compare him to Hussein and Hitler and the like is just plain dumb.
I'll tell you what is worse, OPRAH, and the way women the world over follow her like she's a fricking burning bush. Is there anything more pompous? Like, she turns into a rapper when there is a black guest, then into Queen Elizabeth when it is a white one. What a fake.

If they are going to keep and play Pie,he would be better off in CF than LF. He's a better CF than Jones who doesn't get a good jump on the ball. Yes he runs some mistakes down but he'd be better off in LF.All this might not even matter of Pie doesn't cut down on his swing and become a slap and gap hitter to utilize his speed.

Pete, could you please explain why this "visa delay" happens every year to some players? It doesn't seem to make ANY sense why the process isn't started well enough in advance to have the player in camp on time. I mean, it's not like this is the first player to leave the Dominican to come to the U.S. for spring training!?!?! The process should be easy and automatic by now. What's the deal?

Al Queda can get 3 flight teams in here and our Left Fielder is stuck in customs.

Ryan, that's an interesting reaction to the news that Felix Pie is arriving from the Dominican Republic. ???

Hopefully we won't show up as a 28 year outfielder name Jeorge now.

The Cubs dumped Corey Patterson on us, now Pie. Both of them screw themselves into the ground with every swing. I saw Pie literally fall down swinging and missing last year on TV. I'm sure Terry Crowley is just delighted with this"opportunity".

RE: SevernDave

Government Processes = SLOW
Dominican Republic Government Processes = SSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW

Governments don't care if you are a professional ball player or a corporate CEO. If you make a change to your work visa, it happens at their pace. I'm just glad it's all worked out and they can get him out on the field.

Pete's reply: I believe there is a misconception that this is a Dominican government issue. Pie had to get a visa to come into the United States, which means he has to go through the American consulate. It's just bureaucracy in his case. It's a little more complicated with Alfredo Simon.

We oughtn't give up on Lou Montenez. He did win a triple crown and is "home grown".

looking forward to getting official word that pie is on the field and ready to start his career over.


I realize this is off topic but seeing as you are down FLA way I thought I'd share an interesting thing I heard this morning on 98Rock about Mr. Ray Lewis: Some guy called in claiming to be "really good friends" with someone close to Ray said that Ray's deal with Dallas is all but done, 3 yrs, 30 mil plus signing bonus. Not a reliable source I know, just thought I'd share.

Pete's reply: Thanks. There are going to be a lot of rumors flying the next few days. I think he'll end up staying here.

If Pie's paperwork was updated immediately after the trade then I'll buy what you are saying.... If it wasn't and they are playing the old I didn't know sham, then your blog holds no water.

Pete's reply: I guess we'll see.

So how do you pronounce Pie? I suspect it's not like the dessert.

Pete's reply: You're right. It's pronounced Pee-A.

I love Ray Lewis. He is the man. But, I don't want to cripple our team either by spending too much on him. The Raven's will be the only team to "overpay" as it is. I say that, because, he is worth more to us. However, at 33, 6 or 7 a year is the most the Ravens should go. I think Ray will see that that is more than any other team will offer, unless they just don't know what they are doing.
Ray gets it. Maybe his ego is getting in the way here a little bit, but once he tests the FA market, he will come back down to Earth. In all likelyhood, the Ravens will add 1 million to the high bid (within reason) and that will be it.
I would be more interested in trying to land Heyward-Bay and Vontae Davis through some tricky draft moves a la Suggs/Boller.

"We oughtn't give up on Lou Montenez. He did win a triple crown and is "home grown"." - Richard L. Howard

Lou was actually drafted by the Cubs in the 1st rd. 9 years ago, and until last year was considered a bust who would never make it to the big leagues. I don't think the Orioles are giving up on him, as they shouldn't, but I think they want to see him put up the same kind of numbers in AAA, where he is a career 240 hitter. Also, even though he hit well in his brief trial with the o's, he walked only 4 times and struck out 20 times in 100 AB's. That would catch up to him at the major league level. That said, I'm not that impressed with Felix Pie, for he has a track record of poor plate discipline. However, he is out of options and has had success at AAA, and plays much better defense than Lou Montanez.

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