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February 18, 2009

Orioles: Huff stops by

First baseman Aubrey Huff is in camp and swung by the press trailer for a casual conversation with the writers. He says he went about the offseason pretty much the same way he did before last year's comeback season, minus the sports hernia surgery.

Huff said he's impressed with the moves that Andy MacPhail has made -- particularly the Nick Markakis extension -- but hasn't given much thought to his own contract situation. His contract expires after this year.

huffhomer.jpgHe was asked if he was uncomfortable with the likelihood that he'll come up in trade speculation at midseason if he doesn't sign an extension himself.

"No," he said. "I've been a trade target every year of my career."

Though he sparked controversy with a comment critical of the city of Baltimore during the offseason a year ago, he said he has enjoyed playing for the Orioles and would like to stick around to see through the rebuilding effort.

"I spent six years in Tampa and then they got good,'' he said. "If I left here and the Orioles did the same thing, I think I'd shoot myself."

Somebody pointed out that newly acquired infielder Ty Wigginton seems to be following the same career path as Huff. He joined the Devil Rays when Huff was there, then went to Houston after Huff was there and now he has come to the Orioles. Which led to an obscure reference to the stalker movie Single White Female.

"Yeah, he's my fat male stalker,'' Huff said.

That's just a small taste of a fairly long interview session. We'll have more from Aubrey in the print edition and today's Orioles notebook on the Web site.

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I was among those fans that really got upset last year with Huff's off-season comments about B'more . I have to swallow my pride and say all is forgiven after the outstanding year he had . I'm sure he won't match it again but coming close would work for me .

I wouldn't mind seeing Huffy boy sign a 2 or 3 year contract extension with the O's. I think he deserves some security, and they could hammer something out around the All-Star break (contingent on his first half performance, of course). Problem is, he's a notoriously slow starter, but if he puts up numbers close to what he did last year, he'd be a valuable piece of the rebuilding puzzle, even if he eventually goes back to DHing full-time.

It is nice to have a DH that can fill in at 1B and 3B. Then the bench can be OF/DH, C and middle infield.

I'm cringing at having him be full time 1B though.

Huff put up similar numbers to the Tex-man last year...15 less RBI's, all else similar. Why would we not want to lock him up for 2-3 years if possible. The signing of a few veterans that can contribute does not seem contrary to AMc's plan.

He'll have to replicate the success of last year before I sign him to an extension. Was it a fluke, or has the real Huff made an appearance? Let's not get fooled and get locked into something we'll regret in two years. No offense's just bidness.

Huff is as sweet a swinger as the Orioles have had in quite some time. When relaxed, he uses his hands extremely well so can react to pitches rather than anticipate. He can drill pitcher's pitches as well as mistakes. He is only 10 months older than Roberts. Sign him long term.

That's funny stuff from Aubrey. The sports hernia surgery really helped him last year. He looked fit throughout the year.


Classic case of time (and a good season) healing all wounds...

Aubrey Huff. One thing to say.

Dude. Can. Mash.

Aubrey Huff is Mark Texiera at 1/3 the price. If he hadn't made is remarks about Baltimore there wouldn't even be a debate about his future. By the way, Huff's comments were strictly limited to Baltimore nightlife which does lag behind other cities in terms of closing hours and quality.

Hey Pete, I hate the Yankees and I am definitely not an A-Rod fan, but when I heard that the MLB officials wanted to talk to him about his steroid use, I thought this is too much. He was tested under an agreement that said the results would never be made public, it was only a survey to see if steroid use was prevalent in MLB. If I were A-Rod I would tell them that I will talk to them as soon as they release the other 103 names that tested positive and invite them to the meeting too, otherwise they can go F#@K themselves.
But A-Rod in his infinite overpaid lack of wisdom is making it all far more interested than it should be, and the whole thing is far from over.

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