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Orioles: Encouraging sign

richhillkapustin.jpgIf you're one of those fans who think that the Orioles' chances of having a respectable starting rotation this year depend heavily on the Orioles finding a way to salvage the career of promising-but-erratic Rich Hill, you're going to like what you hear about today's batting practice workout.

Pitching coach Rick Kranitz was very upbeat about his performance and catcher Guillermo Quiroz went even further.

"That's the best left-handed stuff I've ever seen,'' Quiroz said.

Though Quiroz is not a player who has been around to catch or face a lot of the top pitchers in the sport, that's still high praise for a guy whose command has been under such scrutiny. It means that he's letting go and throwing with confidence, which is a big step in the right direction.

Sun photo by Doug Kapustin


quiroz has certainly seen some bad lefthanders from the orioles.

Did he ever catch Bedard?

I'm glad to hear that Hill is making progress. Earlier this winter, you had said that the odds of Hill recovering his prior form were slim. After seeing him a bit now, where would you put the chances of him being a productive pitcher for us this season?

Pete's reply: If he gets past the command issues, the chances are very good, but we're only 10 days in.

I think Hill is the best pickup AM has made so far! Pie may be the 2nd best. I am way excited about the ORIOLES in 09.dare i say a better than .500 record is in store for O's 2009 season?

Coming from Guillermo Quiroz that doesn't mean alot to me. If he was Jorge Posada or somebody who had been in the game longer I would say this was news.

Quiroz can't see most left handers stuff when he's batting, thats been pretty clear. Take it with a grain of salt

Great news Pete - I'm rooting for Hill. Seems like the Cubbies had a pretty short hook. If Sweet Lou dumped Hill based on emotion - or shortsighted intolerance of a temporary control issue - he might be very sorry! And the O's might be very happy. Go O's, go Pete's shirt!

Good one, George H. I almost blew Coke Zero out of my nose reading that.


The guy was injured. That's why he had control issues. I wish him the best.

Here's hoping the Orioles managed to steal another Guthrie.

Encouraging sign? No more Millar at firstbase!


Was it Rich Hill or Syd Finch that Quiroz was catching?

Well I am sure that he will have a lot of success this year.

Pete: Please help me out here. I thought guys that were not proven major league players had to earn their spot in the line up. Why does it seem that Orioles management are penciling Pie in the lineup already?

Pete's reply: Because they want to find out about him sooner rather than later.

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