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February 2, 2009

News flash: Michael Phelps is human!

phelpsgetty.jpgI'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are upset that all-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps doesn't fit perfectly in the little box we've all created for him...and, to be fair, he has created for himself.

The kid is 23 years old, internationally popular and incredibly wealthy, which means that he's going to face the same temptations as every other young athlete, though I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't shoot himself in the leg at a nightclub any time soon. He has sacrificed a great deal of his young life to become the greatest Olympic swimmer ever, and now he's trying to get some of it back. Can't say that I blame him for being anything but indiscreet.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not condoning marijuana use, and neither is just about everyone from my generation who spent the 1960s and '70s making it the most popular illegal substance in the history of the world. But the only people who really have a right to judge Phelps harshly are the companies that have spent all those millions on his All-American image.

They do have a right to expect him to behave in a manner befitting their public image, and they have the option of distancing themselves from him if this particular slice of real life doesn't fit their priorities. The rest of us, who want him to assume our responsibility to role model for our kids, need to chill out a bit until he turns up in a bedroom video with Paris Hilton.

Now, I'll do a little blog psychoanalysis. Those people who are wondering why Phelps didn't realize that just about everyone on earth now carries a camera phone might want to consider the possibility that -- at least for that moment -- he didn't care. Did it ever occur to anybody that he has reached a level of fame where, occasionally, he would like to be somebody other than Michael Phelps? I'm guessing there are times when that fishbowl isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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Pete--Well said. And I like your closing metaphor. Seeing the 6'4" Michael Phelps in a fishbowl...agh! watery claustrobia.

Oh, give me a break.......who hasn't done something foolish in their young years and quite honestly who hasn't at least tried smoking a little whacky at some point in their life. As long as he doesn't pick up a gun and hang out at nightclubs get over it. Michael is awesome......let the kid have some fun, however he does need to understand his roll (no pun intended). So, Schmuckster, I now understand where the Hawaiian shirts come from and Michael should have been smoking in the same closet.

Pete - Any news on where Mke Constanzo (last guy from the Tejada trade) fits in? Haven't heard much of this guy and wanted to see how he was progressing.

Pete's reply: Right now, he's on the roster of the Italian WBC team, but he doesn't fit with the O's out of spring training unless a lot of people get hurt.


I'm a generation younger than you and spent my adolescence in the "Just Say No" 80s. I won't go so far as to "condone" marijuana use, but I think that it's a completely personal decision and should be entirely outside of the law for adults, just like alcohol.

Phelps is 23 years old and what he puts in his body is absolutely no business but his own.

Pete's reply: Stop that. You aren't a generation younger than me. If you grew up in the 80s, we're from the same generation, depending on where you want to start it.

Your sports page just reported that Hill has been signed for a PTBL.

Pete's reply: My sports page actually reported that the trade was 99 percent done last night. Sun baseball writers Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly are pretty good, don't you think.

Forget the 60's and 70's, pot is being smoked at large rates still by young folks and old. Not all are "stoners," and half baked 24 hours a day, but many still smoke.

It does suck to be in the public eye, and he has to be more careful than most in his age group. But nothing shocking about a 20 something smoking a little pot. (probably even slows him down in the pool a little, the rest of the world should hope he smokes all the time)

As you said, his sponsers are probablly pissed, and that can lead to smaller income.

But not shocking, or even a big deal.

If he gets cought with 100lbs in the trunk of his car, or is dealing crack in his free time, then he should be looked at differently. (or steroids....Then we have a big problem!!)

Very unlikely but is there a possible endorsement by High TImes in Phelps' future? haha

Shocker- Phelps is like the 2/3rds of all other American Adults who have tried marijuana at some point in their lifetime. The real question is, when will those 2/3rds stop letting the other third run the show and act like these things are so outrageous.

I think you have this summed up spot on Pete. As a Severna Park grad from '79, I am very relieved there were no cell phone cams or You Tube videos showing some of our less than legal exploits in the 70's. Michael Phelps is a person like the rest of us, flaws and all. He just needs to realize that technology today makes those moments of debauchery public info. At least he is not like those ballers sitting in Congressional hearings wagging a finger saying "no way"........

Pete - I agree with many of your points but you are way off base on this one. You say you aren't making excuses for him, yet you go and make excuses for him. I could tell he had some issues when I heard him doing interviews in the past. Granted most of these probably arose from him practicing so much and not having much interaction with his peers. I hope the kid gets some help now before this turns into a train wreck. The stripper girlfriend should have clued some in as to his character and now smoking weed. I'm not judging because I've had my fair shair of troubles in my past. Just saying he needs to get help and nip this in the bud before it leads to further more self-destructive behavior.

Great trade for Hill in my opinion. Low risk.

So Micheal Phelps simply made a mistake--the type so typical for someone his age. Isn't that what everyone said when he was arrested at the age of 19 on dui charges? His first transgression amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist, which could explain why he now finds himself in a second embarrasing situation. No one is passing judgment here, but this is a disturbing pattern for someone of any age. And don't tell me he's just a typical kid. When was the last time your kid was invited to the White House, the Govenor's mansion, or to sit in the owner's box at Ravens' games? The day that people begin to ask for your autograph and take your picture with their camera-phones is the day you can no longer afford to place a bong to your lips at a crowded party. You simply have to be smarter than that. Why? Because he IS a role model. Why do you think young people are spending millions of dollars collectively paying Visa, and Visa is spending millions paying him? Treat this as "no big deal" if you choose, but when does it become one? After all, it isn't as if he's gotten high or drunk, and climbed in his car and and really hurt someone or worse. At least, not yet.

This is ridiculous. So he smoked some pot. Who cares?

For some reason, there is a huge double standard for pot and alcohol. What's the difference other than you're more likely to get in a fight when you're drunk and order a pizza with more toppings than usual when you're high?

If we could get beyond some of the puritanical ideals that still remain in the country's conscience, we might be able to see how regulating marijuana would benefit society.

1) You can better regulate the quality of the substance, thereby creating less chance of your kid getting their hands on street level marijuana that could be laced with anything from angel dust to Ajax.

2) You can cut down on the crime rate and prison overcrowding by eliminating such a poor excuse for an offense. People would not be selling it on the street as the market for it would then be the same as alcohol or cigarettes.

3) You could tax the hell out of it. If Americans are spending money on weed anyway, why not give the government a slice of that money and put it back into the community for various good uses, like rebuilding the infrstructure.

I'm sorry to turn this comment into a stance for legalization, but it is silly how people can be so appalled by something like this.

He's a kid that swam for his life. He needs to be able to do whatever he wants. Its not like he is a real hero like a Cop or Fireman. The dude can swim. He's the real life Aquaman. His powers do not translate to anything else in the world other then lifeguard.


Unfortunately in a time when sports can ease the burden of everyday life I have been quilty of the "higher" expectations of those we adore, especially ones with local ties.

You are absolutely right that he is just a kid and all kids should be expected to fail at some point. I would however offer that it is our nations adolation towards him that has made him wealthy.

I was fortunate to grow up in a era when our sports idols were not under the media microscope these guys/kids are today, but my expectations have not lessened. Todays kids need to ensure they realize this and try to be kids behind closed doors without public scrutiny.

The world is just catching up to what a lot of towson locals knew all along that he is a crazy party animal. I saw him at a party in towson drunk as hell hitting on freshman making an ass out of himself a few years ago. I still hold that view of him even after the world was held in awe for his accomplishments in China. Silly them who need idols and heroes. Real Heroes can be found in Afghanistan, hospitals, schools and the like. You will never find one because they win gold. But we are vain in our love of winners i guess...

nebraska jeff, his gf isn't a stripper, she's a cocktail waitress/model in Vegas.

he made a mistake come on how much off us made mistakes i am 23 year oldto and man i hav done worst then this YES he is a "idol"for young one to follow NO he is not God so he is not perfect give him brake this well not be his last mistake in his life so cut him some slack he might have every thing under control in the pool but no one has life under control

most of us have done something in our younger days that would not be considered acceptable by the greater finger-pointing society. college was in fact the perfect mix of time and place to do so. he just happens to be micheal phelps, superstar. he could get away with it olympics BC, but in AD, he is a household name and everyone knows who he is. give him a break, he has learned from this, much more harshly than most of us did in our younger days. let him volunteer to go to a few schools to talk about the negative effects of drug use, and let's move on and not make such a fuss.

most of us have done something in our younger days that would not be considered acceptable by the greater finger-pointing society. college was in fact the perfect mix of time and place to do so. he just happens to be micheal phelps, superstar. he could get away with it olympics BC, but in AD, he is a household name and everyone knows who he is. give him a break, he has learned from this, much more harshly than most of us did in our younger days. let him volunteer to go to a few schools to talk about the negative effects of drug use, and let's move on and not make such a fuss.

George Bush did cocaine and he became President. How many people do we know that have smoked pot? Better still, how many people do we know that we don't know they smoked pot?
Criminy, this non-news sure brings out the kangaroo court..

Finally, the voice of reason. Thanks, Pete. I hope there is a day sometime down the road when America can free itself from this vicious cycle of creating heros and then sending out the Puritan police to hunt them down and expose their sins. I am living overseas and everyone's (reasonable, in my opinion) reaction to the Phelps story was: "so what?". My sentiments exactly.

I was a child of the 60s and I get that everyone in America is not a poster-child for a clean-drug-free life. That is why not everyone will get company endorsements from companies who care. Their money/their choice. I tell my students it is 100% possible to have a really good time w/o drugs and that drinking or using drugs to escape problems doesn't solve them. I mean it and hope we have some role models that can say that to kids and mean it.

I am not suprised of what I here about Phelps, he's a white guy, you wouldn't get the same excusess if he was black.

haha, you're a cut up, Jeff...

Self destructive behavior? Dating strippers is a problem?

He was photographed smoking pot... he didn't murder someone while hopped up on crack.

Somebody is way off base here, and it's not Schmuck.

Why not let the guy live his own life? Just because he's living it differently than your perfect standard doesn't make his behavior self destructive.

And before you jump on me for not mentioning it... yes, there was a drunk driving incident.

That one is a problem. That's definitely an error in judgment, and he is fortunate nobody was hurt.

So yes, that one was stupid. Hopefully he learned from it and realizes he can easily afford a cab... heck, a limo...

This may be a little off-topic, but the right-wing nutjobs who are throwing this all out of proportion need to grow up. I'm just a couple years older than Mr Phelps, and honestly I can say that the young man is a champion, through and through. I wouldn't be suprised that he ALLOWED those pics to be taken just to show that he doesn't really care what other people think. He's proven his worth already in the pool. Time to take the water and make a different use of it.

These same nutballs, I would like to remind you, are the same ones that supported (and re-elected) a coke-head president for the past eight years. Hypocritic much?

Pete's reply: Hey, the right wingers have no monopoly on hypocracy, particularly in this area. And the left-wing nutballs are just as likely to make rumor into fact, as in the cokehead reference to our last president.

the kid gets special treatment, i.e. probation and expunged record for underage DUI. smoke more and do more drugs and alcohol phelps, you need it. poor baby all rich and stupid.

His poster is in hundreds of elementary and middle schools across the country. You need to understand the difference between role models and just random people. The fact he is recognized world wide means he has to live up to a different standard. Kids have almost zero positive role models - yes, he is human, but he let us down by winding up on international news.

I don't understand anybody getting hysterical or sanctomonius about about this. President Obama copped to smoking weed and snorting coke in his auto-biography. My guess is that this story will have "no legs." Like Obama's dalliance - it will probably be met with a collective shrug & yawn from everyone under the age of 60. True - there are some folks that start out smoking a little weed and end up selling everything they own and sticking a dirty needle in their arm. There are plenty more that just toke up a little when they are young or on occasion.

The person that snapped the photo is probably some twerp that was looking to cash a fast buck.

As far as dating a stripper -- you go boy! If I had that kind of celebrity, athletic build, good looks and loads of cash at that age - (when I got excited just looking at donuts & bagels) - I would have tried to date the entire 12:00 - 2:00 crew at "Night Shifts."

Now if marijuana was decriminalized then we wouldn't need to waste our time and attention whenever somebody smokes a joint to relax.


I can't imagine the pressure Phelps faces on a regular basis, at the very young age of twenty-three. I would imagine the majority of us made stupid decisions at that age - I certainly know I did. He wasn't firing heroin, he wasn't doing crack cocaine.
Hey, he's just human, hard-wired to make mistakes. Let's just give Michael what he probably desperately wants and needs - just a little space to live his life...

Hey hey hey smoke weed everyday!
Smoke on the Water!

I disagree with your focus on the Phelps issue. He has had multiple issues where life teaches him that he is above the law and celebrity trumps rules. Whether DUI, under age drinking or pot use it is always "the last time". I am not saying he is a bad person. But it is stupid to believe that he wont keep gettting caught in these situations or that he deserves the adulation he has gotten. Just like Jeff Kent pulling stunts in violation of his contract because he knows he wont get held to his word and that there will be no consequences for his actions.I believe Pete Rose has to be kept out of the Hall because he violated a rule that he had been aware of since he was in the minors. I believe that hubris, stupidity, delusions of invulnerability and spitting in the face of the hand that feeds you all should have consequences. I have made mistakes and I have paid the price. His price is a few moments of embarassment and then back to normal. How sick is that

The $64,000 question is why did it take this long for the pic to show up? AND why in a UK rag and not a US tabloid? Is the economy really that bad for the "Have I got a Pic for you?" market?

Peter, Heard your comments to C4 earlier today. I believe the remarks that "doing what ALL college kids his age do", or "practically all" covering also the DUI are somewhat irresponsible. Not "all" college kids drink AND drive" get a DUI or smoke dope. I'm not sure the percentages but you used the phrase "all" as if that ecuses Phelps' behavior ot at best sees that kind of behavior as ineveitable for most college kids. Lots of kids part at college and drink, many do not and some of those who do make arrangements to get home other than behind the wheel. I'm sure a significant percentage do not smoke dope even occasionally. I roomed with 8 differnt guys at College Park during the 70's (right after the 60's) Only 2 of the 8 partied with alochol, NONE with grass. I have worked with and counseled youth for over 20 years. MANY of those avioded alcohol, grass or both.
Finally both activities DUI and grass are- illegal. I'm not judging Michael Phelps, he's rsponsible to himself, family, and others, not me, (although I believe his family is probably disappointed and not as willing to excuse it as something all kids do). However I do think your comments on the radio came close to condoning those illegal behaviors and sounded close to laughing it off---Of course no one would be laughing if Michael injured others doing something "all" kids do. As a known journalist who has the opportunity to offer opinions regularly to hundreds in our community I would hope for more measured and less cavalier remarks concerning irresponsible, dangerous, and illegal behavior no matter who the person is. I do appreciate the difficulty in misinterpretation and unfortunate wording when speaking in public so frequently, and I don't want to appear to be picking on isolated remarks. I hope I am not misinterpretating the sense of what you were saying. Pardom my length I've never blogged before! Ha!!
Oh, just 18 year old daughter is a primo Ravens fan. At 15 living in Va Beach she

Pete's reply: I don't remember saying "all." I thought I asked what percentage of college students have done the same thing at a party. It's a fair question when we get extra judgmental about somebody we have no personal connection to. He behaved badly, but it's his life and he'll have to deal with the consequences. But it amazes me how judgmental people are when many of them did exactly the same thing during their youth.

Guess I'm out of touch. Continue to cross the line and say it's because I'm too young. Just say I'm sorry and "move on" Too many kids are parented to believe that is all contrition involves. Hope the Ravens keep him away from public view at future games.

Pete's reply: I've got an idea, why don't the Ravens tell everyone who has ever smoked pot they are not welcome at the stadium. How many would be left?

No big deal to me, its blown way out of proportion. Today society is less tolerant of "weed". If sponsors drop him i will be sure to drop them, and i have major investments in the sport indusrty. Peole who are going to bitch and complain about this need to live their own lives. Michael Phelps is still a hero to me.

Super Bowl MVP Holmes was recently found with weed. Now one of the greatest swimmers to compete has been photographed rocking a bong, It's not as dangerous as Roids, booz, or tobacco. But we good ol' Americans socially except these DRUGS.

Personally, I don't care if he's smoking weed. I've been a "legalize it and tax the crap out of it" kinda guy for a long time.

I do, however, feel sorry for him in the fact that he has MILLIONS of eyes watching him all the time. If I were in the same room with him, I would be in awe. That's a lot for a 23 year old.

But, it is his cross to bear and as much as he may want to be someone other than Michael Phelps form time to time, he is not and cannot be anyone but.

I'm sure he has had handlers for several years and, if they didn't warn him that there were hundreds (if not thousands) of people out there just waiting for him to pick his nose, take a leak in a (semi)-public place or draw a hit from a bong -- they need to be fired!

[Quote] I'm guessing there are times when that fishbowl isn't all it's cracked up to be. [End Quote]

It's a fish bowl that he chose to live in.

I sort of figured I'd get a reaction like I did about my last post from others. Like I said in my previous post, I am far from perfect and don't have perfect standards that I can even hope to live up too. I'm just saying working in the mental health field this is not good behavior for him or even if he doesn't want to be, the example or role model he has been thrust into for the youth that might want to immulate him. Anyhow, I know I'm not going to change anyone elses opinions I am just stating mine. I guess it all comes down to this hedonistic and libertarian society that we live in, but I digress. Back to baseball. Go O's!

Thank you, Peter, for keeping your shirt on. Metaphorically, I mean. Though literally is good too.

Well said Pete.

Ok Pete, what wise-ass comment are you going to tell those parrents out there who have to talk to their kids about Phelps smoking dope? You know all of those kids that idolize him and have his posters pasted all over their rooms? What are they going to say.

Pete's reply: I think it provides a great opportunity to teach kids that their heroes are human...and also an opportunity to have that drug talk again and be the real role model for your kids.

Is that still illegal? Haven't we all learned that alcohol is worse?

Forget Phelps

The O`s have the best bastetball team in MLB

All the judges on here are just empty bitter little people who don't have anyone in their REAL lives who will listen to their sanctimonious crap so they have to come on here.

I hope whoever is on here complaining has their dirtiest most embarrassing secret come to light to those they care most about, as well as in the local paper.

Politicians maybe should be held to this standard, but this is a 23 year old kid who can swim real well. The label of 'role model' is slapped on all of these players. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! These guys are NO different than you and me and you guys put them up on some pedestal as if they were somehow above the human realm. Someone should be a role model for their behavior, not for where their skills lie. Poor kid

Ok Pete. Here's the deal. Michael Pheleps dosen't need to apologize the the public at large. I do however agree with you that he should and probably has to the list of sponsors and family that you mentioned at the top of your broadcast. With the fact that Omega and Speedo are still supporting him should tell you something. My guess is that he just wanted to feel like a normal twentysomething and was enjoying himself at a party. It was a major lapse in critical thinking on his part to get photographed in the first place. If it were me, I would have gone into the room with just a few people and made it clear that "hey lets just keep this between us.... you can have the honor of smokin up with me." You have to be concious of your situation and the possible ramifications that can arise if you are not super careful. Especially in his case. For example, I was riding in a car where a joint was being passed around. The guy in the front passenger seat hits it as we are passing an ambulance. I smack him in the head and tell him to put it down. He's like "Why? its just an ambulace." To which I reply 'What number do you call if you get hurt?" "Ummm 911".. "Yes exactly! Now what number do you call if someone breaks into your house?" "Umm 911" is the reply. "Come on don't be an idiot and get us all caught.." I do however hereby nominate Mr. Phelps for the Plaxico Burres Award for Good Judgement! Given all the hipocracy in this situation from a lot people's responses regarding his role model status and getting high, (not from you Pete) I thought this song from Grammy award winners TooL would be appropriate:

Artist: Tool
Song: The Pot
Album: 10,000 Days

Who are you to wave your finger?
Ya' must have been out your head.
Eye hole deep in muddy waters.
You practically raised the dead.

Rob the grave, to snow the cradle.
Then burn the evidence down.
Soapbox, house of cards, and glass,
So don't go tossin' your stones around.

You must have been high.
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Foot in mouth, and head up a**hole.
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'til you pull it out, boy!

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Steal, borrow, refer, save your shady inference.
Kangaroo done hung the juror with the innocent.

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Ganja, please, you must have been out your MIND!!!!
To see the video go here:

["Kangaroo" refers to "kangaroo courts", which were mock courts established to prove people guilty without a fair trial or any real evidence - most of the court cases in the United States today deal with marijuana users. Nearly 2 million Americans are incarcerated in the prison system of the US]

With his lungs, imagine the killer bong hits he could take! He could teach Bill how to inhale!

Interesting how Gretta Van Susteren is oh so worried about Michael Phelps' adolescent experiment with THC, but continues to support Rush Limbaugh's anti-Obama rhetoric without any mention of his full-blown Oxycontin addiction...


Judging by the response to Phelps' bong activity, it sounds like a lot of your bloggers are synapse-challenged from a little indulgence in the ganja. In my youth, you were an outcast if you didn't partake...
Now if the media and his supposed "friends" would just back off Michael and let him just live his life...

Hello, Owner.
Can I get a photo from your site?
Of course, i will place a backlink to source.
Yours GlenStef

Thanks Pete well said. Your a stand up sports writer. I see the IOC and his sponsers all agree it's no big deal. Even Jay Leno last night was forgiving in his monalog. Very cool. Thanks again.

At 23, I don't think you can be considered a "kid". At 23, most of us were either finishing up college and entering the work force if you weren't already. At 23, some of us already had a familiy. His actions make him appear as if he is an 18 year old freshman in college. We've all experimented when we were teens and some are still casual users but we don't go to parties and pound alcohol and do bong hits. The bigger question is; who drives him around when he drinks and takes bong hits. If the previous DUI is any indication, we may not have heard the last of Michael Phelps outside of the pool.

What's all the hoopla??

I guess if we can trust an admitted doper to have his finger on the annihilation button for all of mankind, we can trust a 14-time gold medal swimmer not to hit his head doing a flip turn.

Pete...I've held off on commenting because I'm clearly in the minority here. As one who never smoked pot in college or ever, I can definitely attest to the fact that alcohol is just as bad, if not worse, and I certainly drank myself into many a stupor while in college. Phelps started down this road before with his DUI in 2004. Now it's marijuana. I hope and pray he hasn't or won't further escalate his drug use and try cocaine or other hard core drugs. The sports idol of my youth was a college aged basketball star, just a clean cut all-american kid who had the world ahead of him. Then on June 19, 1986 he died of a drug overdose. One poor decision ruined many lives.

What I tell my son is act of stupidity can ruin many lives forever, in mere seconds. Michael will be fine if he continues to listen to his coach and more importantly, his mother.

I like Michael Phelps, and yes we should remember he is still a human being who does make mistakes etc. But, he has companies that do expect him to act a certain way. So I do think he has a committment to these companies in making sure he makes good decisions. He is a grown man he is not a teen-ager, and he knew what he was doing was wrong. Like someone said it did not look like it was his first time experiencing pot. Maybe we should stop looking at these athletes as role models and have parents be the role models for their kids, that way we would not have these disappointments when these athletes make wrong desisions.

I agree, it's not a big deal, but I bet public opinion would be different if it were an NBA or NFL player...

Pete's reply: We talked about that with Kevin Van Valkenburg (Sun writer) on the WBAL show last night. It would have been a different reaction for a couple of reasons. One, because nobody is surprised when an NBA or NFL star gets in trouble because it seems to happen every day. Two, because we view the Olympic athletes differently in general. Three, because he's from Baltimore.

Never smoked myself, but I feel there should be an exception for 14 time gold medalists. Maybe anyone who has more than 5 medals (bronze and silver included) should be allowed to smoke pot legally. Would give a nice counter-incentive to people on the couch to hit the gym.

LIGHT BULB I have an idea for role models, how about your mom and dad be your role models as the people over 21 you look up to and scrutinize when they aren't acting like adults.

Alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous than weed!
I would rather have a teenage pot head than one sampling alcohol!
Lighten up you twits!
No pun intended!

This just goes to show that not all pot smokers are laying on the couch eating Doritios all the time. I'll never understand why it is illegal while alcohol is when alcohol makes people incredibly stupid and somtimes violent. If anything I have more respect for Phelps than ever. It would only be better if he just said:"I like pot, so what?" But of course he would lose his sponsors. Bottom line:marijuana is NOT a "gateway drug" and does not make you lazy. I have smoked it for 25 years, have never been unemployed, and I have never tried heroin, ecstacy, or any other IV drug. There is nothing "dangerous" about the increase in quality, you just smoke less.

No, Pete you've been sucked into the vortex!

"Why do I have to be an example for your kid? You be an example for your own kid." -- Bob Gibson

1. A picture of someone smoking a bong is NOT illegal and is not prosecutable. If the police had actual evidence of the substance inside the bong, thats another story...but they dont.

2. Michael Phelps never said it was marajuana, he just said he made an error in judgement....why would anyone ever admit to breaking the law? Duhhhhh

You can take a picture of yourself snorting coke or snorting baby powder cause it doesnt matter...unless the police have a sample of the substance and can prove its composition matches that of an illegal substance...THERE IS NO CRIME! SMOKING a WATER PIPE IS NOT ILLEGAL.

Pete's reply: I can't imagine that guy down in South Carolina going through with his threat to prosecute.

lets not forget his DUI, or the fact that he spends to much time Gambling his money away in Vegas. Where by chance he met miss home maker of the year. I'm not saying he's a bad dude, Just stop making him seem like he does nothing wrong. But thats what ya do, you turn everything!!!

Michal phelps is humen, but guess what if I got caught smoking pot I would be FIRED!!

But know you wanna make it a learning exp and say roles models are humens. GIVE ME a break pete and get over your man crush!


Isn't Soiuth Carolina still trying to join the Union ??
Sheriff Dimwitted in that state is just looking for a little pub...hell, everyone knows the best and fastest way to grab some pub is to hang with Nasty!!

Not a big Phelps fan and it was a stupid move, but it's not like the guy was caught smoking crack, it was weed. College students and people who are around his age do experiment with drugs, that's just how it is, he should be thankful it was a lesser drug like weed that he was caught with. That being said, he should be careful as he had that DUI a few years ago, if he cares about his image and being a "role model" than stop doing stupid crap.

I thought Mike was aquaman. wouldn't he listen to his LOBSTER buddies and say no to POT (get it?)?

I think this is just more proof that smoking cannabis is just not that bad and should not be illegal. Here we learn that the winningest olympian in history takes a bong hit now and then. It sure didn't seem to keep him from accomplishing his dreams, did it?

When are the advocates of our costly, expensive failed drug war going to see that cannabis is far less of an endangerment to our youth than the alcohol we let them sneak with little punishment, and enjoy to full measure once they reach adulthood?

I, for one, think that most people are going to miss the real message here. When enjoyed responsibly, pot does not mess up your life. Unless and until you let your friends take photos of you doing it.

I commend him for admiting he made this mistake, owning up to it and willing to accept what the consequences are. You do not have too many famous people who would even own up to that, let along come as far as he did. If he is charged and punished, lets just hope that one of the many things that he decides to do is to show kids that no matter who you are, you own up to what you have done. Just like Ashton Kutcher said, tell me one parent who knows what their college age child was doing while they were away at school. Yes he should have used better judgement knowing someone was possibly going to take a pic once they saw him, but lets just hope now that he uses that judgement to show children that they should not touch or use drugs.

Maybe he's like ex-President Clinton and didn't

Well, all I can say is it explains his 12,000 calorie daily appetite. That is a clear case of the munchies.

Frankly, I happen to agree with you Pete -- the kid has abandoned (at his own risk) any chance to be a normal young adult. He should be commened for his gifts, his sacrifice, and for his honesty.

I wonder how Mr. Phelps would feel to hear that the "harmless" and "not-a-hard-drug" marijuana he put in his system may have cost someone their lives?

Phelps finished high school and was catapulted into the big-time. He accomplished unbelievable feats but he has alot of maturing to do. As I recall I kept learning and making mistakes even through my 50's ... you mess up and learn throughout life. Perhaps these company sponsors should take the example from Pres.O and hire a "body-man" for Phelps. Not an entourage or posse, but someone who is a little older and wiser to stay with him and shepherd him through these next few years. Show him the ropes and point out the pitfalls. $50-60 grand + espenses to a personal assistant would be worth a fortune in bad press and lost endorsements.

Right on, KoolSphinx3. Why didn't any of his Agents/Family/Coach hire a round-the-clock Chaperone for him? It's apparent he's been a "party animal" for years....and although I'm a fan....even *I* saw this coming from 3000 miles away! When the stripper girlfriend entered the picture, I wrote to the Agents through alerting them to the distastefullness of Michael's bad decisions....but of course they didn't read my email or listen or whatever. Instead, Peter Carlisle was too busy thinking about what MORE endorsements he could earn commissions from, rather than worrying about helping Phelps uphold his half of the deals they had already made with Corporate America. I'm really surprised that so many of the sponsors HAVE kept him! And I'm a Fan!!!

Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!


Hi there,
I have already seen it somethere...

Thank you

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