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February 24, 2009

Hargrove stops by

hargroveap.jpgFormer Orioles manager Mike Hargrove is helping coach the Italian team, but he said again today he wouldn't mind getting one more chance to manage in the major leagues. He quit in Seattle while the Mariners were still in contention a couple of years ago -- supposedly because he had lost the desire to manage the team -- so he acknowledges that he'll have to convince a team he still has the fire to be an effective manager.

There is a backstory in Seattle that Hargrove will not talk about, but it became apparent later that the team was in turmoil at several levels, including the front office. Since then, the M's have fired GM Bill Bavasi and manager John McLaren.

Hargrove spent last summer managing a summer league team in Liberal, Kan. (right), and is set to do that again this year, but he's available to manage in the big leagues if an opportunity arises.

"Yeah, I'd like to give it one more try,'' he said.

Associated Press photo

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Coaching the new-millenium O's and M's should not be held against him. In fact, has Hargrove ever managed for a decent organization?

And is that wonderful tape - the one narrated by Chuck Thompson - of his shpielkies while getting ready to bat during his playing days still around?

Liberal, Kan.? Quite an oxymoron. Do they play in the same division as the team from Conservative, Mass.?

Liberal, KS. Sounds like your kind of town, Pete!

Yeah, the O's were terrible under Hargrove, but I always liked him. He seemed like a solid guy who knew the game. We just didn't give him anything to work with. Am I on the money on Grover, Pete?

Pete's reply: Yes, you're on the money. Good guy. Did well with the Indians. Didn't have a chance to do well here.

Quitting on Seattle like he did doesn't help the resume. With all the young managerial talent around baseball my guess is he's going to have a hard time finding a club to take a chance.

Mr. Schmuck, did you see Tom Trebelhorn? His nickname is now a volcanoe instead of the professor. He is tough, he is ready for the big leagues at the side of Hargrove. He went to Italy to get the italian team ready to play.

Pete's reply: Indeed, I did see Treb. Fun guy and great baseball man.

Mr. Schmuck, I agree with you. You should not keep your mouth shut. That's how this country got in trouble. You are a great reporter because you say what is on your mind, and you just don't give a rip


On Hargrove:
- on everybody's good guy list
- didn't have the tools to produce a
winner here
- no "gray area" regarding
him walking out on the Mariners; he
was either the brave guy or the
- his Seattle decision sealed his fate
regarding himself ever getting another
chance to manage on the major
league level

I lived in Seattle when Grover managed the M's and let me tell you they were (are) a mess, despite the fact they were winning when Hargrove left. Word is that Hargrove didn't get along with Ichiro and Ichiro wouldn't sign an extension as long as Hargrove was there.

How ironic that Ichiro signed his extension less than a month after Hargrove "quit". Grover got his hush money and the Mariners got their $20M/yr singles hitter. Japanese ownership.......go figure (also see Johjima signing).

Pete's reply: Yes, that's the scuttlebutt, and I really haven't heard anyone deny it. Ichiro is a diva and Hargrove doesn't have time for that kind of thing. It's funny, but he was able to put up with Albert Belle, but not Ichiro, which ought to tell you something.

Something about Ichiro that is Pete. I hear he's not the most popular guy in the M's clubhouse with the separate plane/hotel and such. And of course his salary for the production.

Too bad he can't be moved, he'd be more valuable to a contender. I must admit though, he is a huge reason a lot of Japanese tourists visit Seattle. Have you seen the front of Fisher Plaza where KOMO-4 is???? Ichiro 4-stories high lol! Mike Hargrove didn't have a chance since Ichiro wasn't on board.

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