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February 23, 2009

Channeling Donald Fehr

Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Donald Fehr spoke to the Orioles media after holding a one-hour meeting with the players. Not surprisingly, he said, the players were largely concerned with the implications of the national economic downturn and the slow free agent market.

"Basically, we spent some time talking about the economy,'' Fehr said. "People are interested in what is happening with the free agent market and salaries and also the disclosures last week about what went on in 2003."

Fehr didn't use the word collusion, but he did say that the union has monitored the free agent market carefully since the owners were caught colluding to hold down free agent salaries in the mid-1980s.

"We can't talk about internal discussions, but essentially, every year since the middle 1980s we've looked at the market closely,'' he said. "When you have a market like this one -- that seemed to take very long to develop and had fits and starts with significant numbers of players that have yet to sign or haven't -- obviously you look at it a lot more closely.

"When we're finished with that, if there's anything to say, we'll say it. I don't want to make a public comment about it because people would try to draw inferences one way or the other. I'm not ready to have that happen.

He also addressed the call for the release of the 104 names on the list of players who tested positive for steroids during the survey testing of 2003, saying that the players were promised confidentiality and it's the responsibility of the union to protect it.

Looking ahead: I'll have a lot more on this later on the Web site and in tomorrow's print editions of The Sun. I'll have comments from Fehr on my show tonight on WBAL (1090 AM) at six. If you are outside of signal range, go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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Fehr is once again shamelessly attempting to portay his "millionaires club" as a real union. He made a comment earlier today that "unions have been unpopular in this country for 30 years". Fehr and his predecessor Marvin Miller are and continue to be part of the problem, not part of the solution. He flatly stated the the steroids problem is behind us due to stricter testing, so it's time to move on and stop talking about it.

Sorry Don, it's not over, and won't be over until the union is broken and you are selling used cars.

It's the Union's responsibility to keep that private??? I guess that applies to everyone but A-Rod?

Donald Fehr is the biggest jerk in baseball.

Donald Fehr is a dirt-bag. What he is really saying to the media is that the owners are absolutely, positively in collusion to bring down salaries. This fool is so far removed from the economic turmoil that is prevalent throughout this country that he will never accept that these grossly overpaid jocks should have to suffer pay reductions or shortened careers just like the rest of us common folk face every day.


The Cleveland Indians just designated for assignment 3rd basemen Andy Marte. Think there is any interest from the O's? Marte was a highly touted prospect and the O's seem to be in the mode of taking a chance on a guy like Marte. The only hang up would be if he had to stay on the big league roster all season....

Pete's reply: Haven't heard a word about him here.

Donald Fehr is one of most repulsive humans to roam the landscape today. Unfortunately, Major League Baseball is loaded with too many of them.

Pete, how were you able to break free from his spell??!! Did he expose his forked tongue before you were fully under his control or are you simply one of the few that are immune to his powers?

What is with the use of the word "obviously"? Every jock, agent, executive in sports uses it. Every politician. I think Bob Ehrlich uses it the way teenagers use "like". Can you elucidate?

Pete's reply: No, the last time I was caught elucidating, my mother said I would go blind.

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