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January 6, 2009

White Sox cast doubt on Roberts rumor

Sounds like the Orioles won't be sending Brian Roberts to the White Sox for pitcher Gavin Floyd anytime soon, though that rumor seems to have more legs than the Rockettes. White Sox general manager Ken Williams made a statement yesterday through a spokesman that he hasn't talked to anyone from the Orioles about anything since November.

Though many O's fans think that Floyd would not represent fair value for BRob, the White Sox apparently feel that a 17-game winner with several years left under reserve is a pretty valuable commodity.

If they didn't, you'd think Williams would use the trade rumor as a pretext for contacting the Orioles to bat the idea around, since Roberts would be a nice fit in the White Sox lineup. Don't hear much about this coming from the warehouse either, but -- to be fair -- you'd be hearing even less if something was going on.

I haven't forgotten about the Mark Teixeira news conference in New York today. I'm just trying to block it out of my psyche. The guy didn't want to come back home to play in Baltimore -- except for the occasional three-game series -- so I've decided to just treat him like any other Yankee. Didn't write anything about the C.C. Sabathia/A.J. Burnett news conference either.

Isn't there a relevant NFL playoff game this week?

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great non-coverage of the yankee new first baseman. i agree completely.

He deserves the same number of rings as the Moose and the same treatment for that matter. Good to hear the White Sox trade has no legs. Although, I fear the Orioles will hold on until there is no more trade value i.e. holding on to Hayden Penn.

Mark who?

Hi Pete,

As I wrote yesterday, who cares about Gavin Floyd when the Orioles can trot out the famous ex semi pro pitcher from York Township, Pa., Mark Hendrickson, every 5th day. Hendrickson was really tough on high school kids and 45 to 50 year old construction workers on Sunday afternoons in the Susquehenna League in York County. I think that was the last time his ERA was under 4.00.

On another note, I also took pause to Mark the passing of one of the greatest Americans of all time on this date in 1989.

Ermal Cleon Freeze invented the pop top can in 1959, and I make the sign of the cross in his honor every time I yank another 16 ounce Bud out of the fridge.

Floyd for B Rob is intriguing, if it were to go through....Floyd had the break out year, and unlimited upside (hmm, where have i heard that before?)....i dont think he would fair so well in the AL East, but he would be sure to get at least 10-13 wins....Roberts on the other hand is one of only 3 true lead off men in the league at this time, and s top five among second base men.
if this trade were to go through, i would be sad to see BRob , his 40 stolen bases a year, and .290 average go, but on the other hand we need quality pitching to shore up a REAL rotation. We did trade for a 2B in Ryan Freel, who could have a great year as the lead off man...he is no BRob, but pitching wins chapmionships, not tex, not roberts, not any clown ass position player by himself...Floyd is young and could be a nice compliment to guthrie.

i had heard that the O's didn't want the trade str8 up, but that they were fishing for another body in the deal along with Floyd....dont know how true it is

I think Roberts for Floyd would be a fair trade if the Sox were given a window to sign Brob to an extension, otherwise the Sox would probably want another prospect as they would have to view Brob as a one year rental.

I know it would be wrong, but can you imagine the cheer that would go up for the O's pitcher that drills him right between the numbers at his first at bat as a Yankee at Camden Yards?

That WOULD be wrong, wouldn't it? Right?

Pete's reply: Yes, that would be wrong. We never root for anyone to get hurt here, because Karma is a female dog.

If the Orioles are going to trade Roberts then it should be for 3 or 4 almost major league ready ball players, and not one-for-one type of deal. Orioles probably will have to replace all their infielders by next year. So getting just one player will not do much for them.

Pete's reply: They've waited too long to get a return like that for Roberts. He's a free agent after this season so nobody is going to give up three major league players for him.

You guys can keep saying Tex did not want to come to Baltimore… but that does not make it accurate.

All that is known is that he was unwilling to come to Baltimore for less years, and less money.

If the O's had not wanted to do what was necessary to obtain Tex, they never should have entered the bidding.

I would not have agreed with that, but I would have respected that.

To placate the fanbase by telling them they understood how important Tex was… was wrong.

They offered Tex 7yrs $145M… $20.7M per year…. That is a large offer, no doubt about it.
However, they were told immediately it was not good enough.

Boras provided a counter-offer at the Winter Meetings.

If you were not going to counter Boras' counter, another opportunity was provided where you could step out of the bidding… and say to the public… we made our best offer, and it was not good enough.

Again, I would not have agreed with that approach… but I would have respected that.

Instead, MacPhail tells the press that the offer is flexible, and gives the impression that they would be making another offer.

There is talk that MacPhail / The O's did not want to get into a bidding war… you did not have to get into a bidding war to make your best offer, nothing precluded you from doing so.

Now you see talk from ill-informed O's fans being angry at Tex… for what?

The O's were the team coming off 11 straight losing seasons, and 68 wins in 2008.

If the O's wanted him, they had to be the aggressor… they had to be offering at least equal, and realistically better money.

Instead, they offered less years, and considerably less money and tried to act like he wanted to be Yankee.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. He was open to being a Yankee… and he was open to being an Oriole. He took the far better offer, from the far better team.

To top things off, you have MacPhail saying that it was too much money to invest in one player.

The Yanks got him for 8/180… which equals $22.5M per year… the O's offered 7/145.. Which equals $20.7M per year…

Just so I am clear… what the O's are saying is that 1 more year, and $1.8M more per year, was too much to invest in one player, right?

That is horrible… and pathetic.

Especially, when you look at the core Tex would have been surrounded with during the great duration of his contract with the O's, and how little they will cost.

At a minimum, I think we should have matched any offer received… do I know what we had that chance? No I do not… but I think we should have been offering above that amount (8/180) anyway… and considering MacPhail states that was too much to spend for one player, I think you have the answer about if he would or would not have matched if given the opportunity.

Even before they made the offer (7/145… I keep saying 145, because I saw anywhere between 140 and 150)… you knew that was not enough… you were told right away it was not enough, regardless.

I do think we should have offered 8/200… that is $25M per year over 8 years… you offered $20.7M over 7 years…. So the O's decided that 1 more year, and a Jamie Walker esque contract per year, was too rich for their blood.

Not going to be a whole bunch more 28 year old gold glove caliber switch hitters, with a 917 career OPS, and hometown ties becoming available in FA

There is no reason, why the O's could not have afforded that… lost $26M off the books with the trade of Tejada… after 09 lose Mora, Huff, Walker, Baez, Gibbons… MASN continues to grow as a revenue producer… and the core you would have surrounded him, would have cost little for most of his contract.

Kubatko had an article saying the Nats offered $5M more… meaning $185M… and some read that as he wanted to be a Yankee all along.
No… all that means is that $185M was not enough to go to the Nationals. If the O's or Nationals wanted him, they had to pay a significant premium to obtain him.
I think it was worthwhile to do so, others disagree.

Pete's reply: My understanding is that Boras/Tex discouraged the O's from bidding unless they were willing to do something off the charts....and I mean off the charts. Not $185 million for eight years. Not even the same ballpark.

Who's Mark Teixeira?

i make sure i didn't watch tex's news comference today. i consider him a turncoat. on another subject. cleveland designated first basemen mike aubrey today so they could make room for carl pavano. the orioles could use a first baseman. i wouldn't have any problem letting huff or melair take a hike.

I get it. Everyone hates Peter Angelos. He's awful. How many teams' fans like their owner? The Marlins' ownership does not even give their players comfortable locker rooms, etc. and they constantly ship away talent to save money.

BUT, the Marlins have made and/or won the world series under that same ownership.

All of the Orioles fans who blame Angelos, blame MacPhail, blame the Yankees, blame the MLB offices, blame Bud Selig, blame a free agents' parents. All of you doing this sound pathetic

PUH-LEEZ. If you want a winning team, it takes YEARS AND LUCK. No team ever succeeds by building through free agency. While we were overpaying crappy free agents and finished fourth all the whiners wanted to rebuild. Now we're rebuilding and all the whiners want free agents.

Everyone who says things like, "ive been a tormented O's fan for blah blah years" give me a break. Boycotting games to "send a message" to Angelos is a terrible idea. The message you'd be sending is, "your fans are a bunch of babys who blame everyone but themselves." Maybe BRob and Markakis don't want to re-sign because they're tired of playing in front of 11,000 people.

Be a real fan. Support the team no matter what. It's that simple.

mcphail should take the money they offer teixeira and sign roberts and markakis . the type of pitchers he been signing they could use the hot dog money to the pitchers.

In regards to the Tex, Shelley Duncan was Designated for Assignment, any chance you see the O's trying to nab him? He's only 29 and could fill the hole at first and DH letting us use Huff better, not to mention he can play Left Field. Seems he would have some potential upside and not much risk.

Pete's reply: Interesting thought. Hadn't considered him.

The Yankees have a new first baseman?

Oops! Peter, it sounds like Koji Uehara may be a good fit for a short period of time. Also, he may be the bait for landing the better pitcher, Kenshin Kawakami. Only time will tell.

Pete's reply: I want to point out that Joe also sent his message in Japanese, but since I couldn't translate it I couldn't let it go up. I'm not even sure the blog software can reproduce Japanese characters, but it was pretty funny.

Who's the Yankees first basemen?? Let's give him the same introduction to Camden Yards the Phillie Phaithful gave JD Drew to the Vet back a few years ago when he refused to sign with them. No need to pelt him with batteries though...have some class

Good evening Pete - Did you heard about Twins' Owner , Carl Polhad passed away ? Cant believe he was 93 yrs old and was still running the Twins . Perhaps you might consider a blog on him ?

Go Ravens

Did I just read that the O's are signing some guy from Japan name Uehara who couldn't even stay on his Japanese team's major league roster for all of 2008? The guy is 32 and was demoted to the minors last year, yet somehow, in their infinite wisdom, the front office inks the guy to a multiyear contract. What a joke. This is not the way to establish credibility either in Baltimore or in Japan. Sounds like a Japanese Steve Trachsel.

Pete's reply: He's actually older than that, but I don't think you're seeing the big picture here.

The O's fans who think we can get more than Gavin Floyd for BRob should have their heads dont know baseball. Young pitching doesnt get traded for 30+ second baseman. They wouldnt even make the trade straight up....25 yr old pitchers paid the league minimum dont get dealt....EVER

confirmation that we signed Uehara?? is the only one i see that is reporting it.


Food for thought and maybe its been thought of already.

But does it not seem (And Make Perfect Sense) that the Orioles are tooling up to be a wild card team and not too concerned with fighting it out for the AL East crown ??

Seems like its a easier thing to digest actually and more plausible these days with the Sux and Yucks paying a billion dollars a year in salaries.

Pete's reply: I doubt they would admit to looking at it that way, but that's probably a more realistic way to approach the situation. Still, you have to beat one of those teams to be a wild card team, and you'd hate to go into every year just hoping for one of them to have an off year.


Just think, Did you heard about Twins' Owner , Carl Polhad passed away ? Cant believe he was 93 yrs old and was still running the Twins, while I regret the loss of Carl Polhad, the thought of PA living and running the team til he's 93 makes me better understand the 101 years of Cubs frustration! Attention everyone, If your over thirty congratulations you saw the O's win it all, for everyone else please tell your children and grand children, sorry about that!


Since your ignoring the Tex signing, I just saw part of the press conference on the Sports Leader, and thought I'd share with you out of the mouths of babes " My father used to take me to O's games as a child, and I always wore my YANKEE cap"! Sounds like we really had a shot with that local angle! Tex went on to say, he wanted to play for a team that "would do EVERYTHING" to win! Well folks, I've put it up here at least four times, COMMITTMENT! So we were NEVER going to get TEX! But players, their agents look at teams through the lenses of COMMITTMENT, committment to winning, something that has been missing the last 12 years for the Baltimore Orioles!

Pete's reply: I beg to differ a little. The definition of commitment is different for the player as opposed to the agent. I'm sure Scott Boras thought the Rangers were showing commitment when they gave ARod $250 million for 10 years, but all they did was commit competitive suicide.

Chris - you are quick to tell us what we do and do not know but then throw our pseudo facts which are no more known for sure than the facts you tell us we dont know. If the Orioles want Tex but are told "Don't bother", all they can do is make an offer anad make it known they will go higher. You know with Boras you always seeem to be bidding against yourself anyway so why would anyone in their right mind keep making offers blindly? I love how all the experts who probably never negotiated any deal larger than a used car are so cocksure of themselves. One of these days someone on this blog will understand the difference between Peter reporting a confirmed story and reporting what his sources tell him. Or maybe not. But even those with the sense of a third grader wouldnt make the comment that iwas "just" 50 million more. lol Peter, did you know that all of your readers are richer than Buffett and Gates and Ellison so that 50M is such a mere pittance?

Ok U bird fans how about this yer gonna lose Roberts next year GONE!!..I'll give ya Dye 's 35Hrs and Getz He will be a above average player for yrs.hardnose and good eye above avg.D
You are not going to win it all this yr. anyway..So Help us..we need lead off and some speed

Keith - it was widely reported that his favorite player was Mattingly and he was a Yankee fan. Just because O's fans didnt want to hear it every time I brought it up, doesnt mean it wasnt true.

Peter, would it do any good every time someone dismisses a minor league signing or rotation filler move for depth or signing someone to take a shot at catching lightning by the tail to remind anyone that Guthrie was once one of those moves? Naah, probably not.

Ugh when I heard Tex talking about "always wanting to be a Yankee" i just about barfed. and the yankees cap! :-(!!!! his father should be ashamed (and take away his yankees hat)! and just wondering do the yankees ever play the nationals? i think cabera vs. tex would be an interesting matchup :-)!

How can you not respond to Teixiera? Take a look at some of the quotes from his press conference:

"In my mind, the Yankees were always the top."

"I think it says a lot that a kid who grew up in Baltimore, whose family had season tickets in Baltimore, would cheer for Mattingly. People would say, 'Why not Eddie [Murray], why not Cal [Ripken]?,' but there was just something about Don Mattingly. My dad would take me to O's games and I'd wear a Yankees hat, which wasn't too safe in Baltimore back in the '80s. But it was worth it. There's something about being a Yankee, no matter where you are there are Yankees fans, and I'm glad to be a Yankee today."

Makes me want to throw up. Now he comes across as a con man who was playing his hometown for fools all along...

I was finished thinking about Texiera too until you wrote you were going to treat him like any other Yankee. To me, that's exactly the most disappointing aspect of Texiera's signing. Because of his local ties, he had a real opportunity to be a Cal Ripken type guy in Baltimore- a guy whose off-field accomplishments could be every bit as great as his on-field performance- and he rejected that opportunity to be "like any other Yankee." It's east for me to pass judgement when I don't have that kind of money being waved in my face, and for all I know, Tex is a lifelong Yankee fan, but there was nowhere he could have signed that gave him the chance to positively affect an entire community like the chance he would have had in Baltimore. In New York, he is just the next in a long line of hired guns, but in Baltimore he could have made a real difference. Now maybe he's not one of those guys that cares a whole lot about off-field issues, and that's fine with me too. Not every player needs to play a positive role in the community in which he plays. I just think of what he could have been here and what he'll never be there and so, to me, he'll never be just like any other Yankee.

As for the Japanese guy, the O's should sign as many pitchers as they can and sort them out in spring training. So, good signing.

Chris - either your last name is Teixiera or you were once the JV waterboy at Mt St Joe......probably the latter. If you think he wanted to play here, then I've got some nice real estate I'd love to sell you. That guy has -0- rings, -0- MVP's and you watch, 8 years from now those totals won't change.

Next time, write something shorter. No one is interested in reading your short stories.

Pete's reply: My understanding is that Boras/Tex discouraged the O's from bidding unless they were willing to do something off the charts....and I mean off the charts. Not $185 million for eight years. Not even the same ballpark.

That may have been the bottom line but I cannot imagine Boras (at least) not wanting to use the Orioles' bidding as a ploy to get more overall money.

The truth is the Orioles were not engaged in bidding at all. They slapped one bid down that was already announced below the reserve much less below what was being hoped for, and stood by it.

It's bad enough the Orioles have chosen a one-dimensional view (at most by giving a benefit of the doubt) at improving with The Plan, but The Warehouse really should stop lying to us.

Either say, "That's not part of the plan," or plunk down $20 mil / 10 years and if that doesn't hold water, so be it ... THEN and only then Teixeira didn't want to come here "anyway."

Pete's reply: Usually, when you start a sentence with "The truth is,'' it's supposed to be followed by a fact. not just what you think, but I understand why you think it.

Uhm, it was more safe in the 80's to wear a visiting team's cap in Baltimore, than it was to wear the same thing in Yankee Stadium during that time.

There were people physically getting pummeled in New York during that time frame. Didn't hear the same thing being reported here in Baltimore, though I wasn't looking hard enough.

At any rate, those actions are classless no matter where they occur.

Andrew -

And now you see the Tex we lived with down here in the Dallas area for the last couple of years in Arlington. I'm telling you no one shed a tear as this guy left town. And we got a sweet haul from Atlanta.

Chris! have you ever considered taking an economics 101 class? We should have matched any offer? Ever hear of a guy named Alex Rodriguez? The Rangers gave the guy 250 million and it killed their ability to go out and get other players. They couldn't even trade the guy because of his salary. Only 1 team was able to make that trade and guess who? Because believe it or not Chris, people in the real world don't play with monopoly money. They actually develop budgets. It's called being fiscally responsible. Yes that word pretty much applies to any team not named the Yankees.


I too can agree with you somewhat "Pete's reply: I beg to differ a little. The definition of commitment is different for the player as opposed to the agent. I'm sure Scott Boras thought the Rangers were showing commitment when they gave ARod $250 million for 10 years, but all they did was commit competitive suicide" However, as you know perception often becomes reality! The O's don't really help themselves in the PR department, but with Andy saying very little, who knows. Maybe he knew all along and didn't want to just jack the price up? But the perception, the fans, other free agents and the agents of those players see is CHEAP! And that perception becomes a reality. You yourself on this very blog have commented when someone brought up a potential free agent acquisition, "not at that price, too expensive, will wait til the market bottoms out" all of these things, and they are just your observations but lead to one conclusion, the O's are cheap and everyone knows it, so even when they aren't it will probably be perceived that we are! I'm now really glad Tex didn't sign here! The Yankees must have been his destination ever since he turned down the lucrative Ranger offer!

I believe I remember the last time the "fans" boycotted a team in Baltimore to "show" the disliked owner, that team moved out of town on an early winter morning to Indianapolis!!! Come on "fans", stand behind your team and believe in McPail's ability to build a team. Everyone - thank God can't be the Yankees!!. I don't believe Tampa Bay had Tex on their team this year or an outrageous payroll like the Yankees, but a talented group of young players playing the game they love and beating the "big boys". I find that way of winning much more enjoyable. The kind of money paid to these guys like Tex is crazy. No team I know of is a one man team. What about the other guys making the plays that aren't getting paid near his price. Put that into perspective wherever you work! Build a young team with a nice veteran mix as I' ve seen Andy do before. He has a proven record. What do all of you naysayers have???


Just to use some of Mark Texiera's words to make my competitive case "Every team did [have a chance]. I told my agent, 'This is the pecking order,' and I gave him my idea of who was going to be near the top. At the same time, I'm not going to lie to you guys. Contract was important. I wasn't going to take half as much money to play in New York. But when a team like New York steps up and is very competitive with their contract, it was an easy decision for me."

This is what we need to be striving for, respect for our committment to excellence! This requires the ownership to give Andy Mac the tools ($$$$$) to do his job!

"so I've decided to just treat him like any other Yankee."

You talking about ex-Marylander Teixeira? His "citizenship" is revoked!!
This kid must have grown up hating the Skankies just like the rest of us. But for that extra 20 mil over and above what no one in their right mind could possibly spend anyway....he became Benedict Arnold.....PERIOD!! And for BRob.....he's outta here after 2009 anyway. To get a 26 year old 17-8 3.84 era guy in return is a NO BRAINER!!

What does a oil well, a bad tooth and Tex's first at bat all have in common.

Was watching Chicago Tribune Live here and some of the Trib writers seem to think Williams is content with the team they have and no "big" moves are on the way, but nothing more than speculation, and we all know how speculating has worked out lately.

Milton Bradley is almost a Chicago Cub, and that's going to give them enough lefty/switch bats to balance out the lineup... assuming Fontenot would start. If the Cubs trust him to be an everyday second baseman, then they should be done making moves outside of putting some finishing touches and moves on their 40-man.

A couple notables that I believe are out of options are Felix Pie and Angel Guzman. Pie should intrigue the league the most because the Cubs signed Joey Gathright, a similar type player, but a better history of actually hitting the ball.

I know Roberts wants to end as an Oriole, but also really wants a shot at a ring. Do you think there is something between now and deadline that the O's prospects can do to convince Roberts the O's can contend, and contend soon?

Pete's reply: I'm not holding out a lot of hope for a competitive season this year, if that's what you mean.

Just a reminder on the Tex bidding war:

Didn't both the Red Sox and Angels back off?

So why does anyone think that Andy MacPhail would have as much or more leverage signing Tex/Boras as those organizations?

The Orioles did their due diligience with Tex. Time to move on, boo him, whatever. Personally, I'll take a guy like Millar who wants to be here and gives 100%, hustles 100% of the time than a $$$-hungry Teixeira.

Tex wanted to be a Yankee - plain and simple [and that's his perogative]. As numerous posters have pointed out, how much money does a player really need? They're set for life with any contract they sign.

Can't the O's sign Ed Reed?

I just want to say that if I never heard the words upside or potential again I would be a happy guy. Give me a lineup that can play -- now!

I'm tired of The Upside Shuffle.

I flipped by the hot stove show the other night and Hunter is talking about people in Frederick and it just makes me want to scream...

I purchased season tickets in Bowie for the 2009 season. I plan to enjoy some AA, A, and AAA baseball around the tri-states. I plan to take in a few Orioles games too. Listen. Support our team because it is better than no team. We have some young players in the minors that need our support and encouragement. Matt Weiters is the real deal and building around him is priority. As much as I enjoy Roberts we should sign him or trade him for prospects. Markakis is the one guy that would upset me if we don't lock him in for years to come. He and Weiters will be the corner stones and with a little pitching we will challenge. Our back end pitching is as good as anyone in the majors. A couple of good starters could make a difference. Last year we were on top most of the season before fading after the allstar break. Find some hope and fill the stands this season.

That loser Tex confirmed everything I'd read in the Sun when he was traded to the Braves a couple years back. It's been "in the cards" since then, that he'd be a Yankee when his F.A. came up. He basically admitted as much yesterday. He said back then the whole deal about never growing up an O's fan, but rather a Yankees fan (Mattingly Fan). I really liked the jerk's quote about "FINALLY getting to play near his family". I know it's "only sports", but in VERY hard economic times, I certainly wouldn't want to flaunt the flagrant use of my home-town to get the contract I really want from my hometowns most hated rival, and a near record setting contract at that. All that money will be wonderful I'm sure. So will the opportunity to "own" NY for a bit, but in the long haul, I'd really be un-comfortable being the most despised man in my hometown. You're getting no ring's Tex. No MVP's. Like a previous writer said that won't change in the next 8 years. You'll just be "Another Yankee". Especially once the next big name hits the market. You'll be Giambi when the Yank's signed A-Rod. Forgotten. Good luck NY getting 35 starts a year out of AJ Burnette, and REAL good luck keeping that locker room tight Girardi.

Seems like a lot of my friends in Baltimore could use a cold Natty Boh and Bar-B-Que to drown their tears in.

Fact of the matter is that these O's didn't need, couldn't use Tex. The evil Empire will fall under the weight of it's salary.

Get some arms, play defense and hit 3 run homers - - seemed to work for a mediocre 2nd baseman turned manager who couldn't hit.

Hey Cakes how is your Ulnar Nerve?

In this economy the Yanks are liable to go bankrupt. I am glad that POS tex isn't coming here I said it all last year that it would be a mistake to bring a player like that to our team with not a lot to back him up. What point does it make to set the table for a guy like tx, and then have them pitch around him to get to our 5th hole who is hit or miss? Granted maybe Aubrey would have another solid year and back him up or precede him, but producing runs wasn't our problem. It's the inconsistent arms in the rotation. You didn't know one day to the next what game the pitcher was going to pitch. As far as us losing all the time to Boston and the Yanks over the last few years it all comes down to the O's believing they can win. They get overwhelmed with the mystique of those franchises that they just fail. We've beaten better teams than them (even with our lackluster pitching) over the last few years but we seem to blow it when we face them. That %$^ needs to stop.

Hey Peter,
It just occured to me why Tex identifies with Mattingly and not Eddie and Cal. Eddie and Cal are both in the Hall of Fame. Mattingly is not and likely never will be. And Tex probably won't be either.

did I just read the yankees signed a new first baseman . . . tusseria or tairamasou or something like that???

Sox giving up Gavin Floyd for Brian Roberts.
Sox would get RIPPED OFF big time.
No way I would do that deal, if I was the sox.

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