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January 14, 2009

The head count

Orioles public relations guy Jay Moskowitz sent out an e-mail giving the breakdown for the media and others attending the Koji Uehara media conference. There were 50 attendees and 25 of them were from the Japanese media.

There were 12 different Japanese media outlets represented, five local television stations (including MASN), nine print publications and one radio station. There also were representatives of Uehara's management company, American agent Mark Pieper, and representatives of the Embassy of Japan.

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Were one of the reps from the Embassy slowly typing their story l e t t e r b y
l e t t e r as 2 others watched in horror?


is B. Sheets still on the market...?? and if he is...why aren't O's going after him?. i know he gets injured often, but is worth the risk and how much cheaper can the O's get it for??

Pete's reply: Maybe, but I haven't heard any contract numbers on him lately. Don't know if the price has come down.


what was the last price heard for B. Sheets then?

Nice comment and reference - that was pretty funny and made my afternoon.

Assuming Mr, Uehara can win 20 games, getting paid $250,000, for each win is pretty good pay. I hope he does win 20 games and can pitch enough innings per game to keep the bullpen seated. It is just mind-boggling to me how fans do not see the economics of fhis sillyness.

I think this is a real big deal for the birds. Not only does he give us a solid choice in the rotation but he opens the door for the rest of the Japanese players coming this way. If he can throw strikes with all 4 of his pitches, he'll do well no matter who he's facing or how big the ball is. His approach will only help Penn, Olson and Liz who should probably fill out the rest of the rotation. I'd rather see them pitch than some of the free agents left. It's going to be painfull anyways, but at least I'm not expecting much so they might surprise.

To quote Bill Murrary: "It just doesn't matter!" say it "It just doesn't matter!"
say it again "It just doesn't matter!"

I know there's so few of us positive fans left, but I'm a fan of the Uehara signing. I think this guy will be very good for Baltimore. How ironic that he wanted to be around less pressure. Why don't the Orioles market themselves like that? The Royals did, and they signed Gil Meche and Jose Guillen.

I'm also a fan of signing Ty Wigginton to a 2 year deal. He's a player that can play multiple positions (w/ 1B and 3B as his primaries), and you lose both Aubrey Huff and Melvin Mora after this season. Why WOULDN'T you want a guy who could play both of those positions?!?

I can see it now , Fugi film night , Nikon camera day , yen ticket price discounts , this franchise is a joke , I can't believe the press is making a big deal over this , the O's have hit a new low...............just when you think Peter the Great has got to get better , they do this...............I guess about 35,000 Yankee fans opening day and 10,000 O's fans with cameras around their necks............


Excellent points! Playing in a less stressful environment certainly can be a selling point. However Andy needs to move this in a slightly different direction. I think he needs to now make his point that the Orioles are no longer captive slaves to aging end of the line FA's, while at the same time setting up his core players. What does this mean? Some of the pitchers left in the market may still have a decent career ahead of them despite some red flags. I would put in a top notch 1 yr offer to Sheets, sit down with his agent and tell him that we believe in him, and with another solid injury free season he sets himself up for a bigger pay day with more security (longer contract). I tell player & agent we want to be the one's that make signing Ben relevant to the transformation of him and the O's. We see Ben as one of the new faces leading this team back into contention. If Sheets succumbs to injury in 09, the O's are on the hook for 1 yr. Then I extend Nick, your true future, and take one last serious crack at Roberts. Those moves give serious credence to the O's rebuild effort, and don't come near what it would have taken to sign just Tex.

As for Wigginton, I'm there with you as well. Versatility and a pretty good ball player with some pop. We might be able to resign Huff at a more reasonable deal next off season, considering the guy is entering the back stretch of his career, but Mora is done and we could use Ty for another season.

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