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January 13, 2009

O's: Getting to first base and more

wiggintonap.jpgOrioles beat writer Jeff Zrebiec was nice enough to spoon-feed me a couple of things today, so I'll pass them along to you. The Orioles remain interested in Ty Wigginton (right) as a possible option at first base, but he apparently is holding out for a multi-year deal and the club does not want to lock into more than one season. Still, he seems like the most logical free-agent option because he can also play other positions, so don't rule him out just yet.

There are other veteran free agent possibilities. The Orioles dallied with the agent for Richie Sexson, but Sexson no longer appears to be in serious consideration. Nomar Garciaparra also is out there, but the O's might be uneasy with his injury history.

And, while we're on the subject, keep in mind the team really would rather have somebody who can play somewhere else, too, since Aubrey Huff figures to get significant playing time at first.

The O's signed another player to a minor league contract. He's an outfielder named Justin Christian and he appeared in 24 games with the Yankees last year before being non-tendered. He had 40 at-bats and batted .250 with seven stolen bases in eight attempts. Sounds like he'll fit right in at Norfolk.

The O's did finalize that two-year contract with Koji Uehara, which means that he got through his physical without any of his limbs falling off. That reminds me of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail but I'll leave that to your imagination. Either you saw it or you didn't, and if you didn't I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

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It's only a flesh wound...we've had worse, say oblique strains?

It's just a flesh wound!

"Come Here and I'll Bite Your Leg Off!"

Classic MP scene :)

"That reminds me of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail...."

Yes, and it's a perfect metaphor for the Orioles!

The Orioles, to the rest of the League:

"Get back here! I'm not finished with you yet!"

(As Pete said, if you didn't see it, you're missing out. Get thee to youtube, post-haste.)


Does this mean we would have failed Uehara for a flesh wound?

Now that Michael Young of Texas appears to be on the trading block do you think the O's will pursue a real SS or are they satisfied that a journeyman like Izturis will actually fill the bill offensively. Besides a golden glove last year Young has a slightly above average OPS+ of 102 which is fine for a SS. On the other hand Izturis's offensive value with an adjusted OPS of 67 is putrid.

Wigginton would be a nice pick up. avg .285 hr 23 obp .350 in 111 games last year. Why wouldn't we go with a 2 or 3 year deal. It's not like we have 1b in the minors we're holding up. Hey Pete has he had any more trouble with managers since the incident 3 or 4 years ago

haha what a schmuck, litteraly!

Pete's reply: Since you used my name in vain, I will not correct your spelling of literally.

Looks like we are having a hard time filling the first base position. There doesn't seem to be anyone in the minors ready to step up. Forget about using Huff there, his best position is DH and besides, using him there just creates another hole at DH.
Why isn't there anyone at AAA or even AA ball? The scouts clearly haven't done their job/homework so our choices are to either grab a marginal guy like Wigginton or sink lower than that by signing retreads like Nomar/Sexson and I'm sure we'll hear the annual call for Josh Phelps too!
If we are confident that someone will be MLB ready in '10 then I can tolerate another year of Millar, which of course, is another less-than ideal option.
However you cut it, we are likely going to end up with less than average production at a key power slot. Many teams have 1B that hit 30-40 HRs and knock in 100; we will fortunate to be looking at 15-20 HRS 70-80 RBI from our 1B spot.
When you start looking at our '09 lineup and pitching staff as they stack up with the Yanks/RedSox/Jays/Rays, not to mention other good AL teams, you get the feeling that '09 could be pretty ugly. I am taking the approach that 'good things come to those that wait' and/or the theory that you have to hit rock bottom before you can move forward (kind of like the drunk in the gutter!).

This sorta reminds me of an Abbott and Costello moment figuring out who's on first.

Peter...tis but a flesh wound!

Pete, if Wigginton were to come here, would he be easier to trade (assuming he'd be trade-able) at the deadline if he had a one year deal, or a two year?

Also, greatest comedy of all time, Holy Grail or The Jerk?

Pete's reply: So you're saying "Dumb and Dumber" and "Airplane" are not in the running.

What about Salazar Pete? We already have him and probably platooning him with Huff would be a nice fit.

Now that I'm adjusting my mindset and getting over the"Tex" sting , seeing what's out there I would hope that Sexon is not the choice they opt for .
If they consider Nomar , I still feel they should reconsider Millar .


Do you see the Orioles making any major additions before spring training? Besides these players they are talking about signing to one year deals..Or is this pretty much the team we will be competing with next year? I would think they would want to get one somewhat of a known player to at least put some fans in the seats..

Also any interest from the team in the SS Young from Texas? I know we signed the light hitting SS as a free agent, but this would be a huge upgrade over him... jus wondering

Pete's reply: I think a lot of teams would be interested in trading for young.

Why is that we can spend all that money in 96 and 97 and we were actually good then and now Angelos acts like we are a small market team that can only sign minor league free agents or veterans past their prime.

Its not like we are in the same shape as the Royals or Pirates.. Come on..

Do something for the fans please!! The stadium will be emptier than last year if they dont

It's only a flesh wound!

Is Wigginton only asking for two years? Why wouldn't they give him two? He has a consistent MLB track record, he can shift to 3rd if Mora is gone in 2010, or he can play 1st if Huff signs elsewhere or is dealt at the deadline.

2/10 seems like a no brainer.

Wow, that truly is pathetic. No one you mentioned is any significant upgrade from Kevin Millar, so what was the point again of letting him go? And as a player, I detest Kevin Millar, so it's not like I'm shilling for him.

Typical O's. No back-up plans, constantly making it up as they go along. No one in the Minors ready to take on 1B and now they're going to try the "let's sign every super-utility guy we can find" and then mix and match a bunch of AAAA lineups agaist the pitching staffs of the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Rays.

50 wins is the over/under...I'm betting under.

But we do have "BALTIMORE" on our road jeresy. Be Jealous.

"That reminds me of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail but I'll leave that to your imagination."

It's just a flesh wound.

I say bring Rafael Palmeiro back for a yr and let him and Huff split time between 1B and DH. Raffy can still play and wants to play and I'm sure he's in good enough shape. He would be a cheap addition for the Orioles and it would let him try and clear his name which is going to take alot but it might help. Just a suggestion.

What's this about Jim Edmonds at first base that your old buddy Ken (who sold out to Fox) is reporting?

Pete's reply: I'd take him if he batted right-handed.

Why does'nt our leaders try to negotiate a deal with KC.? it seems they have an over abundance of decent 1st basemen.

Hey Pete!! I just wanted to say that it is really enjoyable reading your columns and blog. You seem to have the pulse of us Bmore fans!!!

While I like the possibility of Wigginton, Nomar might be a good veteran presence in the clubhouse. I actually liked the idea of aquiring him before we picked up Miggy a few years back. However, I would also be thrilled with Millar for another year. Yes the Cowboy Up haters will whine, but I was at Millar night and was absolutly thrilled when he launched one into the LF stands with all the shirts spinning in the air. Like our Ravens, he plays with a scrappy attitude and he HUSTLES EVERY PLAY!!!!! Not to mention the great impersonation of Ray-Ray's dance he does.... Bring back # 15

"f" is for It's only a flesh wound!!!!!!

I would much rather have Millar back than Sexson...Seriously, what are the O's thinking with even entertaining the idea of Sexson??? Millar has a much better upside offensively, especially defensively, and in the club house.

"Oh this, this here is nothing but a mere flesh wound" hahaha nice analogy pete i hope Guthrie and Oehara make a decent 1-2 punch in our rotation because against this killer AL East, we are definatly gonna need more than Hendrickson.....any word on any other possible major league quality pitchers that we are looking into?

Pete's reply: I wouldn't be surprised if they picked up somebody in a couple of weeks at a good price, but I don't know who.

Wigginton would make a lot of sense, especially when it looks like we will have another 3 man bench, as being versatile is huge for this club. Not sure why the O's wouldn't want to go for 2yrs since there is a very good chance that Huff wont be back after the season, plus Ty is a solid all around player.

Pete, is this it for Mora? I know a lot of fans don't like him (I am not one of them), but the guy really seems to love being an Oriole and takes the responsibilities seriously. His defense has improved greatly and whatever 3B FAs there are next year, will make a lot more than Melvin will. With all that being said, if he puts up similar #s to 08, do you think the O's try to sign him to a 1 yr. deal with an option, since I don't believe we have anyone ready at the minor league level to take over 3B? It's a little scary with all the possible holes we could have at 3B, 2B, 1B and DH. It's a shame that we needed some much pitching that the drafting of position players has really taken a back seat, but with the bad drafts (bad luck) prior to Andy, the O's really didn't have much of a choice.

I have been one of the few hundred to go out to watch the O's almost every game last couple years with hope they would turn it around. This I saw as their opportunity with the two home grown top level FA that they wouldn't overpay the yanks (the equal amount of money to them will do...see vlad/konerko etc where it still didn't work) to get them. So with the hope of signing burnett tex and maybe one other arm like a byrd, what do we go get? A SS who is ok fielder, but can't hit the ball out of the infield, a japanese pitcher who is 34 and can't throw faster than 90 mph (batting practice for al east or college for that matter), soon a 37 yr old career back up catcher that should really be a coach by now because he never could really hit. Were we not supposed to be getting younger, I know matt will take his spot but why sign a 34 yr old slow ball pitcher instead of cabrera (at least he'll have those 5 games a year where he looks like randy johnson and I am not a fan of danny cabrera). Disgusted right now by the O's

Any thoughts about Ben Sheets? His price tag may have gone down a lot due to injury concerns - he may be worth taking a chance on if the price is right and could be a legit #2 starter behind Guthrie.

Pete's reply: If the asking price comes way down, they'll be interested, but so will everybody else.

Wiggy would be a good fit for us especially since he can even play a little bit of left if necessary. Typically a corner infielder, I was just reading how he has seen some time in left in the past. Personally, I would also like the O's to look into getting Joe Crede. He doesnt have experience in the outfield or 1st base but he puts up similar offensive numbers as Wigginton and is better defensively. He was an extremely talented defensive third basemen who could probably make a very easy transition to first. Crede might have a higher asking price but we might as well ask to find out.

Have to admit I was a big Nomar fan. But he is not the player he was and with the back, neck and his knees he will never regain what he once was, which was awesome. This is not a good fit unless he is real cheap and I do not see that happening. Would be nice, can fill in at shortstop also, better hitter than Gomez or Freel, even with all of his health issues. Just put Huff at first. Let the young guys get some opportunity and save the money. Since this year is a washout already, learn something.

Hey Pete, It is too bad they could not land Lowe to anchor this pitching staff for the next three to four years. Have you heard of any other rumors involving pitching? I believe the Orioles have stepped up and taken Lowe, 4 years 60 million is going to be the rate for top quality pitching. I heard a blurb about the details, but it is what you have to pay to have a quality starter of that caliber.


who really cares, what a sad joke of an organization, why do you consistently pretend to be upbeat when you know the o's suck and will suck for years and angelos doesn't even care? why don't you ever call angeloser out for what he is? you are either extremely naive or are a fraud, a pawn of angelos if you will

Pete's reply: Thanks for your input. Now go have a cheese steak and don't bother us anymore.

peter who is this ty wigginton. i can't make out the name of the team on his jersy in the picture. since he was in the majors last season with the yankees i went to to try and get the skinny on him. he was not listed under 1st basemen. it behoves me to no end why the orioles wouldn't sign him to a long term contract. to the best of my knowledge they don't have anyone at norfolk ready for the the show.all of these signing of old wore out late 30's players to minor league contracts is a big waste of money

Pete's reply: He's more of a third baseman, but that's part of the appeal. He can play other positions.


What are the Orioles waiting for with free agency !!!!!!!!!!

Peter: I'm glad that Jeff Zrebiec is getting closer to the correct pronunciation of Uehara. It is, as ANY Japanese person can tell you, oo-eh-hara. ("eh" being the way a long "a" vowel sounds.)

Can you guys see if you can get it right by tomorrow?

Pete's reply: No, absolutely not. We are ugly Americans and prefer to mispronounce foreign names.

"Tis but a scratch!"

Saw it and loved it.

Having Ty around wouldn't be a bad thing, even if it were for more than a season. He can play 3b, although not spectacularly, and he can obviously play 1b. He has seen limited time in the OF as well, but I don't think he's a good fit out there. We'll need somebody to fill in at 3b for the 2010 season because I doubt the Orioles pick up Mora's option.

Peter: what is the update on Troy Patton and Matt Albers? Are they expected to be ready for spring training?
And whatever developed regarding compensation for Chad Bradford?

Pete's reply: Both are expected to be ready for spring training (though no one knows what to expect from Albers) and the O's, I think, got a cash payment instead of a low-level minor league prospect from the Rays for Bradford, though no one has ever announced anything.

Can you explain the reluctance on behalf of the O's to sign Ty Wigginton to a multi-year deal? He's played 1B, 2B, 3B and OF, hits 20-25 HR with a decent average, and probably isn't looking for break-the-bank money. Seems like the kind of guy that could help, given the lack of quality position prospects in the minors.

Peter, Do you see the Orioles adding another veteran SP before pitchers and catchers report?

Or are we going with the young guys? Liz/Penn/Olson...and Hendrickson

Hi Pete any possibility of Millar being signed for 1 more yr. Seems if were only looking for a one yr player kevin millar should be considered. He seems to always have a positive attitude. And he likes playing here.

What about pitching???
We need more starting pitching

I am a new contributor to this blog but I have been an O's fan since 1962. I, like many others, are genuinely frustrated with the O's lack of progress in returning to prominence. Even though I subscribe to Andy's "plan", I concede that we need to add some new name recognition to this team in the interim. Even though Nomar's best days are long gone, he meets that criteria. In my opinion, he would be the ideal candidate to sub with Huff at first or back up Izturis at short. He may even bring some fans to the park and Lord knows we need all we can get.

Just thought of something else Schmuckster:

If we trade Brian Roberts, then we'd have regressed to a hilarious Abbott and Costello routine.

Hey Pete:

Why do the O's feel the need to toy around with Ty Wigginton on a deal. Just offer a 2 year deal with an optional 3rd. He's got decent power and can play multiple positions. We don't have a 1B prospect waiting in the wings, and we missed out on our #1 free agent target. I hope no one else out there is interested in Ty. They have done this with too many free agents this offseason.....

I saw it. Funny stuff, to be sure.

Anyway, what's so terrible about having a guy at first who will hit .250 and give us 15-20 HRs and actually wants to be here? Remember, we are a team for whom nobody who is any good wants to play. But Kevin Millar does, he'll give us a bit of pop, and even his worst enemies know that the is terrific in the clubhouse.

Unless we find a New Yorker who secretly grew up as an O's fan and wore Oriole caps to Yankee stadium in the '80s (when it was dangerous to do so!) and subesquently became one of the better first basemen in the majors and uses the Yankees only to get a better deal from the Orioles, I'd say Millar is the way to go.

Outstanding! The players obtained this offseason will surely inspire me to buy season tickets.

The rebuilding plan is really taking shape.

Why should the O's bother with international signing period or dealing for young, premium minor league talent?

They can field a team of washed-up, journeymen and thrive.......

(& in keeping with the Python shtick) given our history with Daniel Cabrera, think it is too much to hope that Uehara's mantra could be "None Shall Pass!"

Well, it's only a flesh wound...If only MLB players had the Black Knight's sense of commitment versus the "oh, I got a hangnail, it's the DL for me" attitude of a few too many players these days...Personally I'm underwhelmed by these first base prospects, but agree that whomever they sign should be able to play other positions, like third base, given the fact that Melvin Mora was recently spied paging through a copy of AARP Magazine (JOKE). Nothing like an aging third sacker to turn outs into groundball basehits and suck the life out of a weak starting staff. It's a cliche, but it's true, you build on PITCHING AND DEFENSE and the rest will follow. Potential new rally cry for the O's this season, inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight: "Come here and we'll gnaw your legs off!"

I'll bite your bloody knees off!

Pete: I could live with Wigginton but not for more than a 1 year stop gap. With this season's hot stove set at a light simmer for the O's , I couldn't help myself to see what's ahead for 2010 free agency potential. How good would Carl Crawford, Matt Holliday or Jason Bay look in left at OPACY and Hank Blalock at 1st or 3rd? Lots of good arms available potentially also..Webb, Beckett, Bedard?, Harden, Lee.

Can you please tell me what the Orioles got in return for trading Bradford to the Rays at the end of last season?

If she weighs more than a duck burn her-

no you couldn't do justice with the scene where the knight loses arms, legs etc I command you, as King of the Britons, to stand aside!
Black Knight: I move for no man.
King Arthur: So be it!
[they fight until Arthur cuts off Black Knight's left arm]
King Arthur: Now, stand aside, worthy adversary!
Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch!
King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm's off!
Black Knight: No, it isn't!
King Arthur: Well, what's that then?
King Arthur: I've had worse.
King Arthur: You liar!
Black Knight: Come on, you pansy!
[they fight again. Arthur cuts off the Knight's right arm]
King Arthur: Victory is mine!
[kneels to pray]
King Arthur: We thank thee, Lord, that in thy mercy -
[cut off by the Knight kicking him] Black Knight: Come on, then. King Arthur: What? Black Knight: Have at you!
King Arthur: You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the fight is mine! Black Knight: Oh, had enough, eh? King Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left! and still wants to fight.
pete have you heard of any possibility of the orioles considering lou hernandez as a back-up first baseman?

Pete's reply: Do you mean Lou Montanez?

Pete: Why not Joe Flacco at first base? Looks like he is a quick study, and will be more popular with Baltimore fans than anyone available in free agency. He can play until mid-July when the Orioles will fade away again anyway.

Uehara will need shoulder or elbow surgery by June.

Bring out your dead.


Okay so the beat move on.
What is on the front with Nick and Brian getting signed.
All is quiet on the O's front.

Is this a case of nothing will have so they eventually move on??

Wiggie would be good for 2+ years. Get him.


You're nothing but a stump

As long as you play in the AL East

The Orioles don't have any outstanding pitching--but I think Zaun would be a huge defensive improvement over Hernandez. Zaun will work with the pitchers--Hernandez was clueless. I think Zaun would help with guys like Olson and Penn. Hernandez was a slug--the only plate he could cover was the one with the french fries.

What do Peter the writer for the Baltimore Sun and Peter the owner of the Baltimore Orioles both have in common? There both "SCHMUCKS"

Pete's reply: Yes, but one of us is proud of it.


Pete's reply: "Some water-logged tart throwing swords at you is no basis for a system of government."

We've lost the chance at signing BRob long term...just like Mussina, the boat has already left & the O's are left holding an empty bag after next year when he files free agency. Why not just trade him to the one team that can offer us more of an upside even if it's somewhat against that mysterious baseball book. Send Brian to the Yankees for Cano, Swisher & Phil Hughes. If we need to add another body to make it a little more tempting for them, throw in a AA outfielder. Swisher is now expendible as is Hughes with the addition of Burnett, Sabathia & Tex &Girardi is not a fan of Cano's. Let's get it done.

Wigginton would be a good pickup for two years, with a club option for a third.

The Orioles do have Brandon Snyder at Bowie this year, but he won't be ready until 2010 at the earliest, and I want to see how he adjusts to AA before I'm convinced that he's for real anyway.

DEAR BALTIMORE ORIOLES OWNER & FRONT OFFICE / How long are you going to let Brian Roberts sit in limbo ? Everyone wants him to stay, but keeping him on the team unsigned ( allowing him to play out his option ) is NOT in the best interest for our team plans ! If you feel that you are offering him a fair contract & he won't sign, then trade him NOW, while you can still get some decent prospects. Waiting until July 31st get's us NOTHING of any use ! PS. I would consider Not signing Nick this off season as very discourging. If for whatever reason we cannot retain our homegrown starters I would have to say we have no rebuilding plan. Pete,The Holy Grail, was that where they were singing MEN, MEN, MEN, MEN ?

Pete's reply: I don't believe so.

(Sarcasm on..) Well I certainly hope they get a first baseman who is first and foremost "good in the clubhouse", and secondly, helps create "good chemistry", because winning clubs always have good chemistry - except when they don't, then you just credit their competitive nature. Just don't go getting one of those rat bastages who only "pad their stats" with home runs.

Are we trying to set some kind of record for being the franchise taking the longest to get a legit 1b? I bet Greedy Petey wishes he would've picked up a piece of Sidneys contract to finalize that trade for Adrian Gonzalez. Stupid friggin Orioles


Isn't it ironic that the ones who lambast you (sometimes on a personal level) are almost exclusively the ones who use pseudonyms or nicknames that are only recognized by their inbred relatives? I'll say it again, come forth and reveal thyselves, ye hypocrites !!


Has anyone approached Kevin Millar regarding becoming a player-coach? He could mentor guys like Wigginton if he were to come here. I feel like Millar has coaching potential in his future. He certainly has enough enthusiasm for the game and is always seemingly positive.

Why not Oscar Salazzar at first base ? I guarentee his numbers would as good or better then anyone else that has been mentioned.

Maybe we should consider using "thy holy hand grenade" on the team and start from scratch...

I don't understand how forgetful people have become over the Markakis thing. It was *his* decision (his agent's, actually) to take a break in negotiations to see how the free agent market would play out this year. The O's made them an offer in early December that they are sitting on. Not everything is the fault of the O's front office.

If we need a stopgap 1B and don't think Salazar is a viable option, how about Casey or Mientkiewicz for a year? Good hitters with no power, excellent fielders, good in the clubhouse, inexpensive.

i don't understand why first base is an issue at all. nor do i understand why salazar is not in the conversation at all (with the exception of "leo"'s comment). i think that salazar has earned the right to compete at the big league level based on his numbers at triple a, his performance when brought up last year (esp. ops and walks/ strike-out ratio) and his performance in winter ball.
he plays multiple positions, is older but not too old to hold down first base until snyder comes up, and he wouldn't cost as much as a free agent would.
until i learn something different, i'd have to say that this first-baseman persuit is a waste of time that should be used to try to sign more starting pitching

Schmuck, I have been boycotting you since your first week, bec/ you edit the crap out of posts here. I was a loyal blogger of a good friend of yours that I fear still can't be referred to here. I think that's crap but I digress....
The real reason I am here is to address a horrible slight. You are going to be a roaster of Roch K next week at a charity event. Good for you. It seems Anita Marks, not only isn't going to be one of the roasters, she isn't even attending! I just wanted to repost a message I left elsewhere that I feel the bloggers here should see... you are referenced at the end too.

Anita not asked? She shouldn't have to be asked, she should have been contacting the organizers! She should have been at the head of the line! Are her panties in that much of a bunch over Scott G taking over that show? Jesus, you held her hand for over a year & made her show tolerable more nights than anyone can remember. You ,more than anyone , were there to help her when she hit town. This is how she repays you? This is appalling. THIS is ingratitude on a major level. It is a slight that boggles the mind. I realize you can't say it, BUT I am here to say it for you. I hope she reads this & gets a *@#*ing clue. THIS is a good example of why she will never make it in this business in any town. Naturally, if it isn't about her.....
She wants to stay or save her job, this is NOT the way to go about it. S#ck it up & do a good thing, join the fun, too bad if it isn't about YOU, so what? Unbelieveable..... She isn't getting any younger either so the strip tease bs ain't going to carry her much longer. Warm up that bus honey you are toast.

Now, back to my tongue in cheek approach after I got that crap off my chest... You really think these jokers on here will cough up $25 a head Roch & fill the place? :-) Honestly though, if I was in town, I'd be there. I wish it was during another week.
I shudder to think of what ammo Schmuck has after living with you in that condo at ST for a few years... this thing is going to be kid friendly isn't it?

Pete's reply: I really have no idea who has been invited or not invited to roast Roch, who I mention here frequently. There is no embargo on Roch in this blog, and he mentions me in his. As for my editing comments, I don't have time to edit comments -- it would take me 20 hours a day -- but I have to edit out the profanity and the libel, and you ought to do that for me ahead of time. If that's a problem, you should resume your boycott.

So the O's are just taking their good old time with the re-building if the rest of the AL East is just going to stand pat and let them catch up.
Get real. Every other team is improving by leaps and bounds, whilr the O's take baby steps.

By the way, what ever happened to the MASN revenue that PA promised to put into O's operations?

It’s funny that you should bring up Monty Python, because this offseason reminds me of the opening scene of the Holy Grail. Fade in with Peter Angelos cleaning off a rug by smacking it with a cat. Enters Andy McPhail pushing a cart calling out “Bring out you dead.” Then a Mariners exec ambles over carrying Jolbert Cabrera. Cabrera complains about not being dead yet. The exec replies that Cabrera will be stone dead in a minute, hits him over the head and adds him to the Orioles’ cart. Maybe Mike Piazza can play first base.

If we sign Nomar, don't we also get Mia Hamm?

I don't understand the reluctance to offer him 2 or even 3 years, or the reluctance to consider bringing back Millar for that matter. It's not like we have a squad of young 1st basemen waiting in the minors. The club is obviously not going to compete this season, maybe not next. All they need is placeholders for now so why not give Wigginton a 2 year deal, or offer 1 or 2 years to Millar?
All this worry over offering a multi year deal would make sense if they had some guys in the system that were about ready to come up, but they don't.

Oh boy, after watching Hot Stove on MLB and seeing all the middle level players out there and thinking that Andy the Turtle might wait til the best are signed and thenn make a play for whatever is left. What are his thoughts on the two Orlandos, Cabrera and Hudson. Yeah, I know we have Roberts and Itzuris but Roberts could go in a trade for prospects if Hudson is signed and Cabrera will give the team more than Itzuris can. Itzuris would make a nice backup all around although I still would rather have Wiginton. What the heck, sign Wigginton too and trade Itzuris.
As an aside, Andy is waiting to see what last year's pitching failures will do this year. Can't he or his scouts tell that some of them just aren't going to make it. I notice that Florida has a strong, young group (6) of pitchers whose AVERAGE age is 25.5 with positive MAJOR league experience. What does that say about the pitchers the O's have signed in the past 4-5 years?

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