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January 18, 2009

O's: What about Brian?

hudsonap.jpgThe imminent signing of Nick Markakis to a six-year extension has, understandably, generated a lot of excitement among Orioles fans, but it has also generated dozens of comments with the same question:

What about Brian?

Will there be a similar news flash next week proclaiming that Brian Roberts has signed a long-term extension? Inquiring minds want to know, and they're pressing me for a prediction because I was boasting about being soooo right about the Markakis situation.

If I had to make a prediction on this situation, I'd say that Brian will not start the season with a new contract, but will start the season with the Orioles, because the market for him right now is pretty soft. The proof in that is free agent Orlando Hudson (left), who is basically Brian without all the stolen bases and is still waiting to be signed.

Why would anyone give up a package of young players for Brian, who has to be signed beyond this season? The same team could sign Hudson for less than Roberts wants without having to give up more than draft choice compensation.

Perhaps the market situation -- and maybe the Markakis extension -- will encourage Brian to re-sign here, but I suspect he'll report to spring training with the Orioles and play here until something happens that makes him more valuable in a trade, such as a key injury on a contending team.

For the record, I would like to be wrong this time. I believe the Orioles need to sign him to mollify the fan base and, more practically, to maintain solid up-the-middle defense for the sake of the young pitching staff.

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I dont see trading BROB for hopefull talent that "might end up being good worth it. To me right now besides Nick and Melvin he is ALL we got. So if they tade him it need to be for talent that is already proven, or NO tade at all. And with the market the way it is and the way it looks for next year even I say no trade wont get the value back. Also look at what the Yankees have been asking for Cano and they cabt even get back the value.

Let's hope that not trading Brian Roberts last year, when there was a good market for him, is the last meddling decision Peter Angelos will make for sentimental love-the-guy reasons.

I have never doubted Angelos' desire to win. But he has to let Andy MacPhail do his job.

A year ago I was leaning toward trading him, now I'm with you Pete. I'd like to see him stay here for all of the reasons you listed. If he is traded we won't get back nearly enough young players to justify the hole he leaves at second base and at the top of the order. Throw in the fact he is loved by even the most casual of fans and he seems like an all around great guy, I hope we keep him.

Roch is a deserter? More like a rat off a sinking ship!!

I knew that Andy would step up and sign Nick. And I have no doubt that Brian's gone by the trade deadline.

Pete moves can't be made to mollify the fan base if they dont make sense for the Baltimore Orioles. There are a few of us fans who care more about the name on the front than on the back and we see singing Brob to an extension at his current age and the O's current state as a mistake... he may be a nice guy or cute or what ever reason fans love him so much but this is a business and it needs to be ran that way

Eh I do not see them being as close as people seem to put them. They are the same age and thats about it.

Roberts: .284/ .355 / .416 619 R 262 2B 32 3B 61 HR 364 RBI 262 SB

Hudson: .282/ .346/ .433 419 R 179 2B 44 3B 68 HR 372 RBI 42 SB

One is a top 5 Lead off hitter the other is a solid hitter coming off an injury that ended his season. 1 has played 140+ games 4 of the last 5 seasons. the other 2 of the last 6. And lets not compare the NL West to the AL East.

Let the Orioles brass know that there is a paramilitary group of young ladies headed by my daughter planning an assault on the Warehouse, if B-Rob is let go or traded.


Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports is report Pie to the O's for Olson and a minor league pitcher.

Ken Rosenthal reported that the O's traded Garrett Olson and Henry Williamson to the Cubs for Felix Pie. How does this make any sense? The O's need to improve their pitching depth so they don't have to rush prospect to the majors too early like they did with Olson, Liz, and Cabrera. Not to metion that Lou Montanez Certainly deserves a shot and Nolan Reimold had a great season last season and may be knocking on the door soon.

Pete's reply: Pie has tremendous upside, but don't count Montanez out just yet.

Great news. Please explain the rules under which a team receives or loses a draft choice for losing or signing a free agent. Thanks.

Pete's reply: Here's a pretty good explanation:

The only thing not mentioned here is that a team in the bottom 15 won-loss teams in the majors does not have to give up its first-round pick. It gives up a lesser pick.

The olson for pie trade makes no sense at all to me. We don't need more OF but more pitching and we still need a middle of the order RH bat. unbelievable.

Pete's reply: Again, look past this year before evaluating the roster implications. The O's had lost faith in Olson and are looking for high-upside young talent. It's a little like the Ravens draft philosophy. If they have the best linebacker corps in the league and the best player available if a linebacker, they still might take him because it increases their overall talent. They can adjust later.

With Pie in left field, the O's have a pretty good defensive outfield. I don't think the O's are too keen on Scott's & Montanez's defensive skills. I don't know about Pie's arm but that is probably an upgrade too. I think Huff to 1st makes sense and Scott will DH which won't make him too happy.

Who is going to get the Yankess first round pick this year? What kind of compensation will those who do not get the top pick get? Could this be a possible flaw of the system?


I think the O's take one more legitimate shot at resigning Roberts, and if he balks, you move on and play the season with him. I'm with you too, if a key injury hits a contender a Roberts trade might take on a different look. What happens if the Utley injury is worse than feared?

Also with the trade for Pie, I think Andy has to add another arm. You think there is a better chance we take a longer look at Looper? Or maybe Garland if the money he wants just isn't there.

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