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January 18, 2009

O's: Let's make another deal

pieap.jpgThe Orioles announced minutes ago that they have agreed to a deal with the Chicago Cubs that would send pitcher Garrett Olson and a minor league prospect to the Windy City for big-potential outfielder Felix Pie (left, standing). The trade was first reported by former Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal on the

It's not a total surprise. The O's discussed this kind of swap as part of a bigger deal involving San Diego pitching ace Jack Peavy earlier in the offseason, but Andy MacPhail seemed doubtful at the time that he could get it done as a stand-alone trade. The other player in the deal is Class-A pitcher Henry Williamson, a 23-year-old right-hander who was 2-6 with a 4.00 ERA as a starter and reliever in two low-level minor league seasons.

Makes a lot of sense for the O's. Pie, based on a conversation I had a few months ago with an O's official, probably will get the Adam Jones treatment. He figures to start every day in left field and get a chance to make good on his untapped talent. Luke Scott would move into the designated hitter role, pushing Aubrey Huff to first base full-time.

That would pretty much set the Orioles lineup going into spring training next month, since the O's are about to finalize the Gregg Zaun signing. It probably doesn't bode well for bubble outfielder Lou Montanez and bubble first baseman Oscar Salazar, but spring training lasts a long time and other dominoes could fall that would make them more viable, including a solid pitching acquisition that would allow the O's to go with a 12-man pitching staff.

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The last thing the Birds need is another left handed bat. This one will come back to haunt them.

I guess we'll see if Pie will play well given a chance to play every day. My understanding of him in Chicago is that fans there felt his play was lackluster and certainly not worth the hype.

Then again, that was the feeling in Seattle about Adam Jones, so hopefully this move will work out for the best.

Olson made 33 career starts for the O's and posted a 6.87 -- 6.87! -- ERA. The fact that we got anything for him is a bonus. Pie, who's still only 23, at least has potential. I say good trade, even if Pie washes out, because Olson is not a major-leaguer.

You still find a way to be negative jack. The orioles resign markakis and replace the soon to be departing brian roberts withbtheir future leadoff hitter in 24 hours and u still can't see the light. Olson doesn't have the makeup to be a successful starter in the AL east and it's good the front office recognized it before the rest of baseball did. How many middle relievers do we need? Great trade regardless of what he does in the NL.

Wow, didn't expect this. I hope we don't regret it, I'm not a big fan of pie's. It was my understanding that we were hurting for starting pitching...can we afford to trade a starter even with his numbers? Pete do you think the O's will make any other moves?

This is the kind of deal the O's need to make. This could set the OF for a long time. Do you put any stock Pete in rumors of Scott being dealt for pitching?

Pete's reply: He's expendable, I guess, but don't know what level of pitcher you might get for him.

This is bad news for Nolan Reimold as well. He has dominated aa for 2 years now, and this year figured to be his year. I would do the deal based solely on the fact that olsen stinks, but they should have addressed other needs, as the outfield was already sufficiently covered.

Pie is 23 and was named THE TOP PROSPECT in the Cubs organization TWO YEARS in a row. What a great deal for the O's! Even if he is just 'good', our outfield is set for the next 5 to 10 years. With our young arms to come in a few years, we just need to retool the infield in order to be competitive for years to come. As my hope rises I can't help but feel like I have been here before the last 10 years. I guess I just love baseball and the O's too much to throw in the towel. Go O's and Go Ravens!!!!

In MacPhail we trust. If MacPhail thinks this is the right move, then it is.


What are your early predictions for a starting rotation? Obviously we have Guthrie and Uehara, but after that it looks like a collection of question marks. Any word on a possible signing to coincide with this trade? Overall, I'm a fan of the move because I don't think Olson was looked at as a long term plan for the rotation and Pie gives the team another young player to build around. I think both players will benefit from the change in scenery.

this doesn't make sense to me. the o's need pitching, so they traded 2 pitchers to get a center fielder who has under achieved throughout his career?

Freakin sweet... even it hes a bust, we didnt give up BRob to get him...

Now give Brob 40mil over 4 and I will forget about Tex and his soon to be .254 BA in NY.

You have to like this deal. We now have a young exciting outfield, which we'll need as our pitching staff will probably give up a bunch of deep flies in 2009. Let's just hope Garrett Olson isn't the next John Maine. We do have a surplus of lefty bats, but better to have good left-handed hitters than bad right handed ones.

mmm...Felix Pie....

Wouldn't it have been easier just to sign Corey Patterson rather then make a second trade to the Cubs for him?

He strikes out too much, he doesn't walk enough, the gets caught stealing too much and doesn't have the type of power you would want in a corner outfielder.

Honestly I did not think the O's were so low on Olson that they traded him and another player for a 4th outfielder/pinch runner.

Good trade, I thought Olson was out of obtions anyway and he wasn't a sure bet to make the team out of Spring Training. Pete would you know this?

Let alone it might open up a few trade options for pitching.

Pete's reply: Either way, I think it's a good deal.

Is Troy Patton in the running for a starting spot? Will he be ready for spring training?

Pete's reply: Yes, he's in the running, but they think he'll probably start at Triple-A.

Living in Chicago, I've seen Pie quite a bit. He's another Corey Patterson--a plus outfielder with very good speed, but with serious offensive deficiencies. With his physical attributes, he should use a short swing and be a contact hitter which would allow him to leg out a lot of hits per year. The Cubs tried in vain to work with him, but he was either unwilling or unable to change. The team frankly got tired of dealing with him.

While the Orioles didn't give up a lot, fans shouldn't get too excited. Barring a transformation due to a change in scenery, the O's certainly didn't receive a lot in return.

I'm with Luke on this - "In MacPhail we trust". I have loved EVERY trade he has made so far. I know it's not until at least a few years - but when would Pie be eligible for free agency?
Ravens prediction - we are headed to the Superbowl and win today 23-13! Go Ravens and O's!

My first response to this news was "Thank God!!" I honestly don't care who the O's get for Olson, they could have gotten a crate of pineapples and a barrel of shower-curtain rings and I would have been relieved that I never have to see him pitch for Baltimore again. I may be one of the younger fans posting on this site, as my fanhood started in 1995 (when I was 8), but I can't remember another pitcher who, every time they took the mound, you KNEW the O's were going to lose that day. If Pie is a bust, who cares? The O's have plenty of good young outfielders, so having too many in the system is a great problem to have.

My only complaint about the offseason so far is that Ben Sheets' name was never brought up...he unbelievably good (my room mate is a lifelong Brewers fan, so I am at the point where I can recite his career stats and favorite hobbies, haha). I feel like the injury risk is a small price to pay to have a legit staff ace (no offense to Guthrie, who is THE MAN). I personally would rather have Sheets healthy for 2/3 of the season that have to suffer through watching Liz, Burres, or some other clown attempt to pitch.

I still don't understand why people are so negative about the outlook for this season: This year's team is almost identical to last year's, except with an upgraded SS, a fully healthy bullpen, and some new blood in the rotation, and some stud prospects on the horizon. People seem to only remember august and september, but I seem to recall that the O's were playing scrappy ball (which can only get scrappier with Ryan Freel in the mix and no Hernandez) and staying competitive for a while. Pitching was their undoing, and I feel like as long as they have a healthy bullpen and some gutsy starts, they can surprise a lot of people, but that's just my own, completely unjaded opinion...

Sorry for the ramble, so bottom line:

Adios Olson, go lose games for the Iowa Cubs

Living in Chicago and seeing the Cubs first hand, I can tell you this is a good move for the Orioles. This kid has a lot of speed and talent, just needs the experience, patience and discipline at the major league level. The merry-go-round of him up and down to Iowa over the last 2 years hasn't helped, emergence of Reed Johnson, Fukodome, etc. made for crowded OF in the Chicago Northside. This kid never got the chance to establish himself. Just like the other fan pointing out the Adam Jones aspect - give him the chance to be the everyday player, stay with him when he hits the valleys and he should turn out to be a great long-term pick-up/investment.

I wonder about Olsen's potential, possibly giving up on him too soon, but then again i thought the same thing about Josh Towers and there's been no regrets there. Besides, I've had enough of the less-than-quality starts shoe-sized ERA. Good move Andy, hope it pays dividends!

Did everyone forget about Chris Patterson's "potential". Seems about the same here to me. Good to see the team get younger though. And, hey, if he pans out kudos!!

Good trade since we gave up so little for a player with some up side. But can they convert Reimold into a 1st baseman since this blocks him if Pie blossoms?

Wow I never thought we would get Felix Pie! With him on board, we may have the best outfield in the future! Peter, is there still a possibility that the O's will sign a veteran pitcher who could be on the rotation starting this spring? Because they're still some pitchers out there that could very well fit into this ballclub in my opinion.

I don't want to become a profit of gloom, but in a way this deal makes no sense. We let another starter go for an outfielder, and now we are down to two starters, of which only one is proven. Where does MacPhail go from here. If he trades Scott (and he already let Hernandez go for a utility infielder), we give away 38 home runs and 130 RBI's. Knowledgable baseball fans know that we won't get that out of Pie and whoever we get for Scott if he is traded. Plus, at this stage, Pie looks like another Corey Patterson. What does MacPhail know that we don't know?

Pete's reply: What he's planning to do next.

Peter S.,

When are you going to become a critical reporter/coumnist again. You never have an objective statement to make about the O's any more. Are you afraid to lose your sources? Why are the O's going after a Greg Zaun, we had him once and that was enough. This is not a good move, so please say so one way or the other for the fans!!

Mike b.

Pete's reply: This is a blog. It's not supposed to be totally objective. Why do you think I'm being objective only if I agree with what you want me to say?


What are the chances that since MacPhail was able to get this deal done without including Roberts as part of the package that Roberts now becomes a huge trade chip for a decent #2 or #3 SP?

Seems to be the most logical course of action to acquire a middle of the pack to front line starter now that we've pretty much gotten a guy who has the speed and decent enough bat to be our lead off hitter for years to come.

I actually agree with this trade, of course Pie has been hailed as a savior by the Cubs for years and his stock has gone down.

If he does well this year then the O's should sign Jones and Pie for 4-5 years minimum and not worry about their outfield for years. Add Wieters and sign Roberts for 4 years and if they all play to potential then they have the makings of a nice group of young players.

The reason I like it is that is a no lose trade. Orioles always overhype their minor leaguers and to trade Olson basically even up for a young player such as Pie is a good deal.

Let Pie, Jones and Markakis grow together and this could be the best outfield in the Majors if they deliver like they should. And think of the defense they provide...

Felix Pie better perform well because I'm sick & tired of the Orioles being the dumping ground for the Cubs' garbage like Scott Moore & Rocky Cherry (now a Met, thankfully).

Not sure if the arrival of Pie will impact the Orioles nearly as much as the departure of Olson will.
With Olson and Cabrera now gone, it appears we actually have a chance to fill those spots with guys who just might allow less than 5 runs per nine innings.
It's about time somebody got smart about Luke Scott and installed him where he belongs: at DH
I think he'll be a far better DH than Adam Dunn would (plus he's not a dork like Dunn is) and could very well put up Aubrey Huff-type numbers in that role.
Pie does give us another guy who can play CF but he still needs to prove he can hit major league pitching.
If I was making the depth chart at this point for LF, I still would list Montanez, Freel, and Pie, in that order.

Good trade!

Nolan Reimold, after a year lighting up AAA, can either force Pie out of the starting lineup in 2010, be traded for a quality player to fill a hole or be the DH and 4th OF.

Oslon will put up some much better numbers this year in the NL, so it is a win-win trade.

What about Lou Montanez? He showed me he COULD hit major league pitching, we apparently Pie hasn't proven yet.

Peter, I've seem some imply we overpaid for Nick. I compared his stats with Youkolis' (sp) and they seem similar. Plus Nick is younger and didn't have the better bats around him. I think our deal is better. Thoughts?

Pie, Jones and Markakis have the potential to be the best outfield in baseball one day. At the minimum, the O's will have a top notch outfield defense from day one of this season. The offensive productivity of this group cannot be reliably predicted, but a positive outcome is more than likely. Markakis's contract is locking in a (possible) future Hall of Famer. The trade for Pie is great news and I'm beginning to get excited about the 2009 season and watching the O's outfield in action.

I would imagine we are now looking at a Baltimore Orioles team that looks like:

Roberts 2nd
Jones CF
Markakis RF
Huff 1st
Mora 3rd
Scott DH
Wieters C
Pie LF
Izturis SS

Zaun, Montanez, Freel, Gomez

Guthrie, Uehara, Hendrickson, Liz, Albers


*Baez traded or released before Opening Day
** Montanez as the 4th OF over Reimold, because Reimold is a legit prospect that needs everyday at-bats... if Scott is traded at some point, Reimold can take over DH.

this has the potential to make the O's outfield one of the major's best, for a long time. Agree, Peter?

Pete's reply: Maybe. A lot has to go right.

I LIKE IT !!! OLSON'S lack of talent was glaring. We got a potential all star in PIE...well done O's

We got something for nothing. Enough said.

If the Cubs were going to release him how is this a good trade?

Remember Cory 'The Bum' Patterson, also dumped on the O's by Jimmy. Well Felix is Cory 'The Bum' II. His only good attribute is that he has some speed. but so what, he doesn't know how to use it. He takes the wrong routes in CF and therefore was inferior to Reed and Jim in defense, he won't quit trying to hit a long ball so he strikes out A LOT. Even when he got on base, usually as a pinch runner he couldn't or didn't use his speed to steal bases. So good riddance, now if only Jimmy could sucker Andy into taking reliever Michael Worst too.

Larry from Chitown

No one knows how this will end up, but this solidifies McPhail's offseason plan which clearly has been to improve the team defense and team speed.

Nothing helps a pitcher more than good defense and Zaun, Izturis, and Pie should all be upgrades for the O's in 2009. And on days when Freel is at 3B or DH, they will have plus speed at 6 to 7 positions.

I know a lot of people are down on the O's for '09 and are dissatisfied with their off-season moves, but I think this team is going to be a load of fun to watch. Young, hungry and disruptive on the basepaths.

Looking forward to warm days at the Yard.

maybe the game plan isn't so bad after all .

I think we gave up on Olson too early. He is not without talent. I was hoping he would start the season in the minors to work on what ails him, but that he would remain with the organization.

On the other hand, I suppose Cub fans could say the exact same thing about their guy.

I would add that for a fellow who is supposed to be so deliberative and slow in his actions, A-Mac has had a pretty busy week, hasn't he?

My only concern here is that Pie is another lefty. It'd make a lot more sense to keep BRob now (though he's admittedly weaker from the right-side of the plate), and see if Jones or Pie can make good in the number 2 hole.

As I see it, we've got L/R/L (Pie, Jones, Markakis) in the outfield, R/S/S/L (Mora, Izturis, Roberts, Huff) in the infield, plus Zaun and Wieters are both switch hitters. That leaves Freel, Montanez, Reimold, and Salazaar on the 40-man who all bat right handed, and leaving Scott Moore and Luke as the only lefties. Seems to be pretty balanced.obvious flag-court reasons.

But Peter, what free agent right handed bats out there would even make sense at this time? He'd have to certainly play first-base, or maybe even a younger third basemen and come as a pretty good bargain. I'm almost inclined to say "Andy, you're done with Major League caliber position players, get us some more pitching!"

i am glad to read about the trade. i just hope pie doesn't turn out to be another cory patterson.(good defense no offense).heres hopeing that pie can do what the orioles brass is looking for in pie

This was clearly a pleasant surprise. With Pie, we now have a youthful, quick outfield that will likely be in place for years to come. If he hits, then this will be a great trade. Even if he fails and we have to resort to a platoon situation in left, giving up Olsen was worth it. Olsen is not MLB material and with his departure we stand a much better chance of getting to see more of our young talent at the big league level. This is definitely win-win. For all you nay-sayers, this is what rebuilding is all about.

we dont need more offense... PITCHING is what we need, and we just traded away one of our best young pitchers.

And I forgot about non-roster invitees likely to make the club like Chris Gomez. In fact, every single catcher is either a right handed or switch hitter, and two of the infielders (Craig Brazell and Blake Davis) are lefties. I really think the lineup balance is there. Please find more arms!

I definitely think this deal makes sense. It makes the O's younger and more athletic. Now all we need is Wieters to beat out Zaun in Spring Training and I think the rebuilding phase is really taking shape. I would still like to see the O's get one more veteran pitcher like a Ben Sheets or Paul Byrd to eat up innings. If everyone lives up to their potential we could at least be competitive this year. 75-80 wins maybe?

You know how these things go
what's not so hot for the cubs,
could be a real bonus for us, another
step in the rebuilding process.

While I'm not sold on Pie, it was certainly a great trade; Pie is clearly a better player and I can only hope/pray/believe that the O's give him the Adam Jones treatment. I hope he makes me a believer and demonstrates top of the order skills so that any decline in Roberts over his extension, or departure, is at least somewhat manageable.

Additionally, I love the trade since I was never high on Scott. I can only hope that Lou has a scorching spring training and gives Dave T. some welcome tough decisions.

How long is McPhail signed for? I think re-uping him for another 25 years should be on the top of PA's agenda.

Now, we need a high level right handed hitting first baseman. I'd give up Sherrill and Huff to get the right player. However, I haven't been able to identify anyone who fits that description. All the high level first base prospects I can find are all left handed hitters.

So no chance of signing any big bat like Adam Dunn. Unless Luke gets traded.

JC in LA --Whoa! Way too soon to be annointing Pie as the Orioles' leadoff hitter of the future; he hasn't even shown he can hit major league pitching, which is part of the job description, you know.

I'm not saying it isn't possible, but he'll definitely need to work on his baserunning skills in addition to his hitting. In seven minor league seasons his stolen base percentage was only 63%, which is unexceptable for someone leading off. (Yes, seven seasons; he first played in pro ball at the tender age of 17.)

Contrast that with the totals of a real leadoff hitter, Brian Roberts, who in eight major league seasons has a success rating of nearly 80%. So, Pie's not even close.

And Pie's stolen base percentage actually has got worse over those seven years and it's evident he has a lot to learn. Still, he'll only turn 24 in April, so he may figure it out.

I know Andy MacPhail talks about his defense and wanting to be patient with his hitting, much as he said about Adam Jones last year, but I really wonder how long the team can afford to play him, glove or no glove.

Jones came over from another AL club, so he at least had seen the pitching somewhat. Pie doesn't have that luxury and will be up against the AL East's brutal starting rotations, where even the weakest one he'll face--the Blue Jays--has Roy Halliday, who is as good as anyone pitching these days. Steep learning curve.

Even if he starts in Baltimore, I think he'll be in Norfolk by May or June, with Lou Montanez getting the call-up. Yes, Lou is a liability in left, but he can hit circles around Pie. And as much as the team would prefer to have that defensive presence, there's no way it can justify having three holes in the lineup (along with catcher and shortstop), especially in the AL East, where it is imperative that a team scores runs in bunches.

Who is gonna pitch for this team???!!!

This move was definitely worth making. Olson doesn't look likely to ever be good, and Pie still has potential.

However, it makes it even more imperative for the O's to add another innings eater. Paul Byrd was my first choice, but if he insists on sitting out the first half of the season, maybe they should get more serious on Braden Looper or even Randy Wolf. They don't need a bidding war, but they do need another 150-plus innings.

Zaun an UPGRADE over Hernandez?
PULEEEEEASE. Zaun is a weak hitter who can barely catch.
To me, the signing of Zaun proves only one thing: That the Orioles expect Matt Weiters to be ready to start with the big club very very soon.
To me, we got nothing for Ramon.... and that just proves one more thing: That Trembley wanted him gone at any cost. Was it personal? Yes, I believe it was. And too bad, too, because Ramon could have split time at 1B and DH in 2009 (maybe even caught now and then) and put up some really good offensive numbers.
Do I like Trembley? You bet. But everyone has their pet(ty) issues and Ramon was Dave's.

This was a good trade. Olson was showing nothing....a mid minor league pitcher as of now. Pie is young and speedy. The Orioles suddenly have the fastest outfield in baseball. They're still a 5th place team but what do you expect with Angelos as owner? They're improved in spite of him. If they had landed Teixeira, they would have been taking shape. But ex-Marylander Teixeira didn't want to come here....ever and even had the balls to say he'd go to Memorial stadium and root for the Yankees so who the hell would want him here? Good riddance and hope you have a lousy year.

For the guy who was looking for a right hand hitting first baseman, I offer (again) Kyle Blanks who is stuck behind Gonzalez in San Diego. He is right handed, 6'6" 280 and plays very good defense. We should make up a package that doesn't include, Tillman, Matusz or Jake.

O.K., since I called this trade yesterday pete. I'm going to call the O's next move. We are going to sign Will Ohman of the Braves and make this the best bullpen in the game today. I really think this bullpen is going to creep up on teams this year.

@ Mike who said "we dont need more offense... PITCHING is what we need, and we just traded away one of our best young pitchers."

No, we didn't....we traded Garrett Olson.

@ Ken Francis who said "Even if he [Pie] starts in Baltimore, I think he'll be in Norfolk by May or June...

No, he won't. Pie is out of options. We cannot send him to the minors without passing him through waivers. And Pie won't make it through waivers....

Personally, I think this was a very good trade. We traded a semi-prospect SP for a young OF with lots of potential. If we can move Scott, either by himself or with Brian Roberts for a package of prospects...even better


I've seen Pie 4-5 times in person and he's been very impressive. That's not saying it will translate to success in the najors, but the talent is there. It's worth giving him a chance.

I've seen Pie 4-5 times in person and he's been very impressive. That's not saying it will translate to success in the najors, but the talent is there. It's worth giving him a chance.

I've never seen the fascination with Pie. Obviously, the Cubs didn't either. He's Corey Patterson light.

Our starting rotation continues to get weaker, and we trade away a guy who at least showed promise in the minors. We've Guthrie, Uehara, and then what? Penn, Liz, Albers, Hendrickson. Whew.

Pete I know you like this trade. I don't. Montanaz, Scott and Reimold added depth to the OF. Now, along with Freel we've a surplus and lost a rotation starter. But we've a good pinch runner and defensive replacement. Pie's offense is quite suspect.

It appears NOW McFail will have to acquire another starter, or trade Scott for one which weakens our power game.

I was all for this trade two months ago. The only thing that has changed is that I wonder whether we could have had Pie for less, since the Cubs were likely to give up on him anyway.

" I really think this bullpen is going to creep up on teams this year."

Could be Michael, but they need some starters who last past the 5th inning or the bullpen will crash and burn eventualy from over use - again.

People may be selling Pie a little short. While a few guys like Markakis blossom at age 23, it really isn't the norm at the major league level. Pie is still too young to start getting down on. He's only had 260AB in the majors.

AM has put together a seriously quick team with strong up the middle defence, especially if Weiters is the player we all think he can be, and an outfield that can really go get it.

While there are still big questions to answer about who our 3, 4 AND 5 starters are going to be, whoever they are will be backed up by a deep quality bullpen and some top drawer major league defence. For those who still haven`t figured out what AM`s plan is, I`d say you`re looking at it.

with the addition of pie, this outfield reminds me of the one the orioles had some years past: devereaux, finley, and brady anderson. that outfield was a flying circus out there in those all-to-brief days. the key to this outfield lasting somewhat longer is terry crowley. if he can convince pie to adopt ricky henderson as his role model rather that, say, roberto clemente then crowley can certainly teach him what it takes to fill that role.
perhaps having had corey patterson around can be used as an object lesson in what not to do as a player,i.e. do not approach hitting as if you had the skills that you wish you had, but, fully utilize the skills that you do have.
without a pitch being thrown, my guess is that the rotation will be:guthrie, uehara, baez (you've gotta do something with him for his kind of money), bass, penn (he'll stay until he goes on the dl because he's out of options). that would leave albers pitching from the bullpen until he proves that he's healthy, waters and patton pitching in aaa all waiting for a spot to open up in the rotation. acquiring another starter might be the thing to do but i think that the orioles stand to be in a much better situation at the start of this year with their starting pitching than last year if they just go with what they have.
i didn't go with hendrickson as a starter because his numbers out of the bullpen are so much better. i didn' go with liz because he has already been projected as middle relief. can't wait to see how things turn out!

Great another Corey Patterson, just what we needed. Not that Garrett Olson was going to be anything to begin with. We were just helping the Cubs get Peavy. As long as the Cubs get sending us their usless players: Sosa, Moore, Cherry, Patterson etc. they'll keep trading with us. Reimold deserves a chance and he's not getting any younger, he's 25 years old, maybe someday they'll bring him up for a September call up.

There is a reason why this guy is out of options! For those of you who think we will be scoring more runs this year - we will need to score more because our pitching is likely to be worse than last year.

Scmuckster: Did McFail have anything to do with drafting Pie when he was in Chicago???

Pete's reply: I believe Pie was an undrafted free agent out of the Dominican Republic, and I do believe MacPhail was involved in signing him,

i feel sorry. for the O's on this 1 pie was a bust in chicago, Does MACphail owe Hendry anything for the trades well u took sosa off of our hands now this well i dont expect olsen to be around that much on the northside. Been talk that he might be headed to TEXAS. hENDRY UP TO SOMETHING sorry O's fan for pie

Bear the Birdfan -

Zaun a weak hitter who can barely catch? And you are basing this off what? Why don't you pay attention to those in the game and what they say about Zaun. The guy gets on base, is a solid catcher, and is willing to play second fiddle to Weiters. Could you say that about Ramon? I too initially liked Ramon, but what was really troubling was the way he quit on this team. Quit blocking balls in the dirt, quit running out grounders. That's disrespecting the game, and I have major issues with that. And so should the O's. You've got a team with some young pitching on the way, and this is the guy you want them to rely on? NO THANKS!

Ken Francis -

Can't say I disagree with your points regarding Pie. But the truth is, if you are ever going to take a shot at player with the risk/reward potential of Pie, this is the time you do it. Teams with little to nothing to lose take these risks. And it may not work out. There is no certainty that Olson works out either. Olson did not make any progress in 2008, and that's what happens with young pitchers. The light might yet still go on for this kid. But here's what bothered me about him, when asked for to assess his season in general, he said that he felt pretty good about it. Whoa! Reality check, he stunk! He had an opportunity to grab a spot in the rotation and couldn't make the transition from AAA success to the majors.

So in essence, 2 kids are moving on, getting an opportunity to start over in another league and organization. I wish Garret well, he seems like a decent kid. And hopefully Pie takes a long look at himself and dedicates working on his game with the Crow. I think both are still young enough to redirect their careers!

TX O's Fan: Trembley was on Ramon's ass from the moment Perlozzo was fired. He practically wore him out for the rest of that year playing him every game when he could have spelled him much more often than he did, and then "challenged" Ramon to report to spring in better shape and Ramon did just that. But that still wasn't good enough for Trmbley. The fact is, Ramon Hernandez has been played into the ground over the past two seasons and needs to get out from behind the plate. He's a very good clutch hitter with very good power and I cite Trembley for not taking more advantage of that.
As for Zaun, it makes no difference what's been said about him. He was the cheapest option for the O's current situation and that's why he was offered a contract, period. He's always been a popcorn hitter and a barely marginally average receiver.

Honestly, folks. Anyone who calls the Orioles GM "McFail" immediately loses my attention, and I suspect that of many others. If you want to make a point, do it without name-calling.

Or if you just can't help it, at least spell it "MacFail".

it seems that the O's have become the Cubs #1 farm team. I remember Baltimore fans saying that trading Mike Fontenot was no big deal and he is blossoming quite nicely as a Cub. I think Andy will regret this one as Pie may be another Corey Patterson and what about Reimold, Jeff Fiorentino or Justin Christian (who they just signed)?
Do they trade them now?
I though Andy's motto was pitching, pitching and more pitching NOT OUTFIELDER ,OUTFIELDER ND MORE OUTFIELDERS.

Bear the Birdfan -

And do you want to take a stab as to why Trembley was on Ramon's ass? Could it be he pulled that lame crap on Perlozzo and it just doesn't sit well with a guy like Dave who has way too much respect for the game to accept a player dogging it. I don't care what kind of hitter he is, and apparently the O's were very willing to get rid of this guy. But oh wait, it's just about money isn't it!


I assume the "TX in your username stands for "Texas".
In our previous exchanges, I have not at all referred to you personally because I'd rather stick to baseball matters. Obviously, you are obsessed with making this a personal contest.
Suffice to say that I'm neither interested in doing that, nor am I from Texas..... and that's no coincidence.

I really think you guys are missing on the 4th OF....If Justin Christian played on the 25 man for the NYY and started some games for the NYY in 2008...he can at least be the 4th OF for BAL....He has amazing speed.....BAL fans will fall in love with this guy! Plus, Christian can play all OF positions as well as both middle IF positions as well as pinch run.

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