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January 20, 2009

O's: How Luke fits

lukeap.jpgOrioles outfielder Luke Scott is probably pretty happy with his nearly $2 million raise today, but he clearly has some reservations about being a full-time designated hitter. Let me put his mind at ease.

While I believe the plan calls for Felix Pie to get the Adam Jones treatment this year -- a full-time role in the outfield no matter how he swings the bat -- Scott might have gotten fewer at-bats overall if the O's had not acquired Pie.

Chances are, Ryan Freel would have played left field when the O's faced left-handed starting pitchers, and the 25-man roster likely would include one more right-handed hitter who might compete with Scott for the remaining DH at-bats. This way, Scott figures to be the full-time DH, especially if the team starts the season with a 13-man pitching staff.

I suppose if Dave Trembley goes with a 12-man staff, Lou Montanez could get some looks as a right-handed DH, but those lost at-bats would probably be offset by the limited number of games Scott still figures to play in the outfield. Either way, he is more likely to get his 500 at-bats in this scenario than the one in which the O's would have signed or traded for a more established right-handed hitter.

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i could see scott being used in a trade later in the season if pie, montanez or reimold show they can handle lf and one of the remaining 2 can handle dh. if pie works out i could see b roberts traded and pie become the leadoff hitter with freel going to 2nd.

Hey , if Luke's not happy with that prospect of full time DH , I'd do it for half that ($) .

i am not sure freel would get starts over scott in left. maybe.

but they do have to get scott his looks if they want to move him for pitching.

Give Luke a 1B mitt. Oscar is being DFA'd for Zaun. And I'd rather see Luke at 1B on Huffs days off then light hitting Gomez.

Couldn't find another Ravens entry of late to put this on. Has the NFL issued any statement or have the head NFL officiating people offered any type of insight on the Personal Foul Roughing the Punter call from Sunday?

Pete's reply: I haven't heard anything. I believe that should be a reviewable play. Fortunately, the refs let the clock run out on the half so it didn't give the Steelers three points like the uncalled but flagrant offensive PI when Walker nearly intercepted that ball in the end zone. But, as I've been saying, the better team won. Time to get over it.

I think the Cubbies gave up on Felix Pie far too early. A solid performer at all levels of the minors should not be judged on less than half a season in the majors, no matter how lousy he does.

Granted, the same could probably said for Garrett Olson, but Olson is quite a bit older, I believe.

With the Orioles going nowhere this year, they are being wise in handing Pie left field all to himself and finding out quickly what we have.

BTW, do the Orioles ever trade with another organization? It seems as if Baltimore and Chicago are trading rosters in increments, despite the obvious exceptions of Bedard, Tejada, and Ramon.

In fact, if memory serves, we tried to land Cubs outfielder Billy Williams in late 1965 before settling on Cincinatti's Frank Robinson.


The reality is that Huff, Nick, Pie and Scott all swing from the left side of the plate and Lukes production against lefties would make getting or using an existing RH hitter in a platoon at DH. Having to carry 13 pitchers will strain Dave's ability to manage, but with little to no improvement in our starting staff I too would want 13 pitchers, just an unfortunate delemna!

luuuuuuke! can't wait to get out to the Yard again!


I'm liking the evolution of this outfield. These guys, if the chemistry is right, could be playing together for a few years to come. MacPhail's obvious major hurdle is still to bolster the starting pitching. Perhaps what has occurred to this team over the past few weeks will make some otherwise uninterested free agents sit up and take note.

Scott hit .257 and his homers to rbi ratio wasn't great and he's average in the field and we love him, I guess, because of his little notebook but we need somebody who drives in more runs,irrespective of homers, doesn't go through looooonnng dry spells at the plate and fields wonderfully. Enough of Luke Scott. We can do better, much as I like him. Which is is "some."

Ryan Freel can play 2nd base. I believe Andy made the deal for Freel in case he gets a great offer for Roberts (pending owner approval).

Prediction: Scott will be in the outfield sooner than the team thinks. Remember Corey Patterson? Another hot Cubs prospect, right? Pie is Patterson without power or accomplished basestealing ability.

Back in the day, Bill Veeck called deals like this "two cats for a dog."

Giving up a young lefty that at least racked up innings without his arm falling off...for a no-hit, no-power outfielder of which we have a ton makes zero sense to me. Aren't your corner outfielders supposed to give you 20+ homeruns & 80+ RBI's each year? Pie won't hit those numbers if he played every day till August 28th. 2014. Unless McPhail puts a stop to any demotion just so he doesn't look like a goof on this trade...Pie will be visiting the sights of Norfolk by June1st.

I have watched Luuuuuke since his OSU days. Wow! He's something. Nice to see a good payday.


The O's are way too heavy from the left side of the plate. Montanez has to go north for a right handed bat off of the bench, especially since Scott can't hit lefties.

No way Freel goes North unless there is an injury.

I think Huff is better suited to DH rather than 1B but what's his take on this and can he do a decent job there?
I'd prefer a full-time DH rather than shuttling guys in and. Most good DH's are the ones that 'accept' this role so not sure if Scott is the best fit. Maybe we shouldn't have givn up on Oscar but then again would he hit enough?

Pete's reply: I think Huff if a serviceable first baseman who probably will get better when he's out there every day.

I count seven outfielders on the depth chart, if you count Reimold. Someone's got to go. My guess is Montanez for some pitching.

Pete's reply: You're not going to get much pitching for Montanez. Reimold probably would be more valuable in that regard, but I believe they still have plans for him.

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