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January 29, 2009

Orioles: Millar time is up

millarap.jpgTalked to Kevin Millar tonight on my WBAL show and he confirmed that he has been told the Orioles definitely are going in a new direction and that he will not be coming back in a reserve role.

Not that it's a big surprise. It was fairly apparent that page had turned, but the Orioles had publicly left open the slim possibility they might invite him to spring training.

"Yeah, the bottom line is, obviously, they want to go in a different direction,'' Millar said from his home in Beaumont, Texas. "Now, what that means, I don't know. Are they going to win games this year? No. Obviously we know that going in. You've got to be realistic.

"I told Dave Trembley (with Millar at right) a month and a half ago, 'Listen, I'm 37 years old. I'm ready to make that transition and do whatever I can do to help the young guys. If that means playing against left-handers, coming off the bench, whatever.' I told him I'm ready to do whatever I need to do. They decided to go in a different direction, which is surprising to me. I'm not talking about this to sell myself. I'm low risk. I'm a one-year deal. I haven't been on the disabled list in awhile. I get along with everybody.

"To me, when a team says that, it's a little frustrating. I mean, what direction are the Orioles going in differently? If they sign Ty Wigginton tomorrow, or they were talking about Richie Sexson early on ... those guys are great players, too, but you have a guy who's already comfortable and knows the personnel inside, so what different direction would you go?

"Obviously, Aubrey Huff will play first base and they'll DH Luke Scott and whatever happens in the outfield. They didn't need me because they had Aubrey Huff and he said he's willing to play first base, and he deserves that job because of the unbelievable year he had last year, and I understood that. Was I frustrated? For a second, yeah, because I enjoyed my time in Baltimore and I enjoyed the group of guys."

Millar acknowledged that his struggles at the end of the season probably contributed to the team's decision not to bring him back for a fourth season.

"It gets tough,'' he said. "We lose every night. The last eight weeks it was tough to keep a good attitude. It's tough to maintain that mental toughness and what happened, I struggled my butt off the last eight weeks and I was at fault for that and that left a bad taste in my mouth and in management's mouth. I understand that it's a big-boy world and I have to move on."

So, where to now? Millar is believed to have at least a spring training invitation from the Toronto Blue Jays and has gotten some interest from the Giants and a couple of other teams. He said he's just waiting for more of the free-agent dominoes to fall and clear the way for him to find a job.

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Good radio tonight Pete and the blog has been can't miss...helps that football is over.

Pete's reply: Thanks. Still one more football game, then countdown to spring training.

I understand the Orioles wanting to go in a new direction but man I wanted him back. I am a huge believer in chemistry being a big part of a winning atmosphere. You can't win if you're not having fun and he brings fun. I wish he could of been a bench coach/reserve player. I know it was pretty apparent he wasn't coming back but this is sad news to hear it officially. You can tell from his words that he is sad as well. Kevin Millar is a class act. You can't say that about people now a days.

I like Kevin and will miss him, but I think the O's are right to move on. Good luck!

I understand he is frustrated.

I talked to him for a few at FanFest '08. He is a good guy. Better clubhouse guy then ball player. I think the O's are mostly trying to go younger. And with a very limited bench it would be hard to hold onto him as a RH DH/1B. If he could play 3B or LF decently it would make sense but I think its better for him to find a place where he can play more. He did hit 20 HRs last year.

I'd love to see him in the O's booth. He seems like he was born to be a baseball analyst.

I am kind of surprised that he isn't even getting an Invite though.


MLBtraderumors had this posted 14 minutes before you did and yet they still give you credit.

How does this happen?

Are you an Insider for them?

Pete's reply: I made a mistake posting it originally, so it went on their feed and I had to pull it back, so the timestamp was later. Thanks.

Pete—I sat with my sons in a freezing Yankee Stadium two years ago on Easter Sunday. It was so cold that not only was there no batting practice, nobody was interested in coming out for pre-game warm-ups.

Who was out there? Kevin Millar, hamming it up with some Yankee fans who were riding him. And with the Birds down 3-0 after one (Alex Rodriguez had hit a three-run home run off Eric Bedard on his first swing in the first. The day before he had ended the game with a grand slam off Chris Ray, meaning A-Rod had driven in 7 runs on back-to-back swings).

But the Orioles battled back. Millar hit a solo shot to left and then Paul Bako (yes, it’s true) unloaded into the right-field stands for a 3-run home run and the Orioles went on to a come from behind 6-4 victory. Cory Patterson made a game saving catch in center off a Derek Jeter shot with two outs in the 8th. And Ray redeemed himself by notching the save in the 9th.

Millar played with grit and showed his love for baseball to the fans of Baltimore. I pointed out on a few occasions last season that Kevin looked strange at the plate with his stance, appearing that he was about to topple over. Instead of that vibrant knee flex and bat waggle, Kevin went to a stiff legged, bent over the waist approach that screamed “I have a bad back.”

Kevin’s calling in from his home in Beaumont, Texas couldn’t but make me think of the greatest Baltimore Oriole, Frank Robinson, born in Beaumont, Texas on August 31, 1935.

Thank you, Kevin for all you gave to the Baltimore Orioles. Oriole fans do appreciate it.

Pete, if the O's get Hill, would you consider this a major coup for Andy? To get Pie for Olson and according to Jeff's article, it doesn't sound like we are giving up a stud for Hill, when last year, those guys were talked about for Brian. I'll take Hill any day of the week, as he is young and had one good year, followed by a bad year, plus like Jeff said, he will be reunited with some old friends here. We've seen D Cab star in "Birds gone Wild" for way too long, so one season of wildness is a breath of fresh air after what we've seen here over the last several seasons.

Andy said Hendrickson was going to be the long man in the pen, so I have to believe that Hill goes into the rotation, so my guess is Burress is the odd man out, as he hasn't set the world on fire as a SP or in the BP. I think Hendrickson, might be valuable in that role.

Pete, regardless of how this season plays out, are you impressed with the trades and signings that Andy has made? I think he has reached all his goals so far this off season. He got a veteran catcher in Zaun, a defensive minded SS in Cesar, a SP from Japan in Koji, a LF with a huge upside in Felix and a very exciting utility man in Freel, plus no more Ramon (small miracle). If Andy is able to sign Looper and Wigginton, I am not sure what else he could have done other than giving me Flanny's old job?

Peter's reply: I don't think it's a coup, just a chance to catch lightning in a bottle.

Here's a guy who comes from out of nowhere three years ago and through sheer tenacity and personality becomes a true and loyal Baltimore Oriole..... the rare kind of guy that teammates, coaches, fans, and even people in the media can embrace.
So what do we do? We repay him by giving him the old "We're going in a new direction" spiel.
This guy is a rare and real baseball player throwback who we should never want to leave the organization.
With a bit of appreciation, Millar would have gladly and willingly stayed an Oriole for life in whatever capacity we needed him.
What a damned shame. Shame on the Orioles..

Millar basically said, "Hey, I don't care if I'm a bench player or a platoon player. I just want to play baseball."

And the O's said, "No thanks. See ya later."


I wish Millar well. Hopefully he eventually gets into coaching after his playing days are over for good.

Tough on guys at the end of their career. You've been doing one thing since you were a little kid. I mean who wants to grow up anyway. But, Kevin you impressed me on your TV appearances. I think you've a calling there. You have to be thinking there's a chance in the broadcast analyst booth. I can see you and the Wild Thing Mitch what's his name pairing up and giving some honest, albeit humorous, insights. Good luck. You are good for the game.

I always enjoyed watching him play. Although he was never the best player on the field, his enthusiasm and competitiveness were unrivaled. I wish him well wherever he winds up.


Just when you think the team is making small but incremental steps toward bettering this organization, they prove themselves wrong by making a move such as this. They just ripped the heart and soul out of the clubhouse, the epicenter of any semblance of chemistry. I envisioned Millars' future as a player-coach and also envisioned him to be a MLB manager one day.
Pete, are you beginning to see how arduous it is to remain loyal to this organization that never ceases to amaze with their total lack of class and logic?
It wants me want to go to the warehouse, confront MacPhail, look him in the eye and ask, "Andy, what the hell were you thinking"?
Is it any freaking wonder that the Ravens absolutely rule in this city?

Peter's reply: Who says I'm loyal to the organization? The Orioles obviously don't think so. I just analyze the team and mix in my opinion. Sometimes I think the O's are way off the mark and sometimes I think they are doing something right. I take it, ugh, day by day.


I have a suggestion for Peter Angelos.
Why not hand out broomsticks at Camden Yards for the paying fans and get MLBs approval to change the team name to the "Baltimore Pinatas"?
I'd be the first in line to take a swing...
What a pathetic band of supposed professionals posing as baseball people you have in that warerhouse!!

Good luck Poncho, we just don't have the room for you.

It's a shame Pete. I was a big Millar fan. That guy just seems to love baseball. Plus, good defense and a quality bat with a good, patient approach to hitting. I think the O's will realize early on how much they miss having him.

hang on as long as you can, kevbo

I got tired of the whole "Millar is super whacky and totally loose" thing just about as soon as it started, but his frank response to this was refreshing to read.

Millar should sign with the Sox...or at least throw out another first pitch for them this spring...boohoo

I got tired of the whole "Millar is super whacky and totally loose" thing just about as soon as it started, but his frank response to this was refreshing to read.

Thanks Kevin it was a fun ride while you were here. Good luck with your future team!

A 37 year old mediocre 1B has no place on a rebuilding team anyway.

Morning Peter,
At 37 and dwindling, it sounds like Millar may need the Orioles more than the Orioles need Millar. Plus, I don't want a guy in B-more that can comfortably say "Are they going to win games this year? No." Sure, realistically wins may be tough to come by, but thats the wrong thing to be stating in an attempt to change the climate around the O's clubhouse. Am I misinterpreting what Millar said?

Peter's reply: Probably, he was trying to say he recognized the situation and thought he could help.


That is a class guy, really like him, too bad it did not work for him to stay in Baltimore. His perspective is correct, they lose games, every night with or without him. He would not change the win-loss situation, but he could help the younger players along and that is great value. Hope he catches on somewhere.

I know a lot of people gave Millar a lot of crap for not having a above average batting average, OBP, etc. But i really don't think it would be fair for anyone to question his effort or his love for the game. I wish Millar the best; he was a great motivator and contributed as best he could, and i felt like he did help the team with his intangible when things got rough. In a couple of years when his career winds down, i can definitely see Millar in some sort of coaching or motivational role with a team.

I'll miss Kevin Millar. I liked him as a ball player and he was a great clubhouse presence

God bless Kevin.

I'm probably in the minority, but I loved that guy. Talk about the quintessential professional. He calls them like he sees them, but he also expects responsibility for his horrible ending last year. I hope to see him in a big-league uniform next season, because he's a riot.

I was at the first game that Millar played as an Oriole - an exhibition game a couple of years ago at OPACY. I was sitting right behind home plate and my friends and I welcomed him over from "The Dark Side". He chuckled and said "thanks".

I have always enjoyed his hustle and his enthusiasm but the team made a move and I respect that.

My favorite Millar moment was the famous ice water bath he got that drenched Amber Theoharris in the process. The look on her face was absolutely priceless.

Thanks for the fun, Kevin. Good luck and best wishes.

See ya later, Kev.

Good luck, Kevin. I hope you catch on with another team. You did a good job here and were a plus in the clubhouse. Sorry to see you go.

Isn't Millar a guy you'd want on your coaching staff?

It's a shame that the guys that really want to be here are guys that can't really help the team. I'm sure there is no better teammate than Millar, but a 37+ year old part time player who only plays one position is not what the O's need right now. Maybe down the road he can join the coaching staff or the broadcast booth. Thanks Kevin for making the last few painful to watch years at least a little entertaining!


I think most will agree that Millar is a very classy guy. He was great for the young guys in the clubhouse and like having another coach on the field. That being said, I almost lost it last season when Millar failed to run out a grounder that was misplayed by the secondbaseman, and was not able to beat the late throw.

He definately lost focus late last season. Not sure he would bring the focus this year with the way he talks about how much losing the O's will endure. Best of luck ot him, but he's just not worth a spot on the roster.

Kevin Millar is a very funny man. You media guys must love him because he's always good for a quote but his usefulness on the field swirled down the drain long ago. Despite the odd hot streak, his numbers clearly show a guy who had no business playing everyday, let alone cleanup. If someone else gives him a starting job, God bless them but hopefully they realize it's only for charity.
Adios Cowboy and may the sun always be at your back as you ride home on your horse!

We'll miss you Millar for many reasons, thanks dude.

Agreed with Millar's comments. The team is going to a different direction. See ya.

The team needs more people with Milars attitude. Lord help us if we wind up with Ritchie Sexson instead.

Peter's reply: Richie Sexson is no longer a possibility.

Really don't like this move. Millar is one of the few people that actually liked playing in Baltimore. He had a good attitude and I think really could have been helpful to the younger guys. I understand that roster space is an issue, but Millar is one of the few guys in baseball that is truly valuable as a "clubhouse" guy. I think the O's would have been better served by not carrying a 13th below average pitcher and keeping Millar. Sad to see him go.

For all you folks that love talking about Millar's great clubhouse attitude there you have the truth. When Millar is happy and playing he is good, when things don't go his way this guy shows up.

I wonder if part of Millar's frustration is that Casey got the jump on him for the MLB tv gig. Millar guested on it a couple of times but I would think that with Casey on board there will not be a permentant slot for Millar.

Also folks, with a three man bench do we need a guy that can't run and can only play first and DH?

Didn't mind Kevin when he was with Florida then I hated him and his loud mouth in Boston but I must admit he grew on me here. Attitude and mind set are the biggest obstacles in a 162 game marathon of a season when your solidly entrenched in a 11 year losing streak. He is a good club house guy to have around when a young team might fold and he always has a great OBP. This is unfortunate. I wish him the best and hope Angelos baseball. . . I'm mean Baltimore baseball didn't sour him too much. I'm sure he'll rip into us when he lands a role elsewhere though. Most do.

I realize its a numbers game, but too bad there is not room for a classy vet to mentor the young guys, especially one who knows what it is like to win.


Good riddance Millar. You've always been a self-centered player. As long as everything went your way you were happy and rah-rah. When the Orioles tried to move you to the bench before, you whined and complained that you should be starting and even went over the manager's head. Then you got your way, and there was only one goal you had in mind.

To get enough AB's so that your option would vest and be worth more money in the process, otherwise you wouldn't have been with this club last year.

Thanks for the great clubhouse influence of, "Are they going to win games this year? No." That really has to make the guys in the locker room feel great, right? You think this team can't win SOME games without you.

Here is the different direction:

The move is an addition through subtraction. Not having you on the roster makes this team better.

Kevin Millar, you really are a class act. You aren't here juicing up, throwing hissy fits, writing tell-all books, cursing your years in Baltimore, and are taking everything in stride. I personally thank you for the years you were in Baltimore, and I wish you the best in all future endeavors.
It will be weird not to see Millar in an Orioles jersey, probably how weird it was for Sox fans to see him in an O's jersey.

definately wish Millar would come back to the O's. As far as the Hill trade, I have to wonder, does Andy MacPhail know any other teams besides the Chicago Cubs? BTW, I feel vindicated by the fact that Garret Olson was traded again. At least three other clubs want him and we gave him away for a player the Cubs were going to have to cut anyway.

"Yeah, the bottom line is, obviously, they want to go in a different direction,'' Millar said from his home in Beaumont, Texas. "Now, what that means, I don't know. Are they going to win games this year? No. Obviously we know that going in. You've got to be realistic."

Millar was enterteining to watch while he was here. He seemed dedicated to the players and fanbase and made a lot of effort to entertain us when it was so tough to entertain.

I'm not really to happy about the above comment though. "Realism" is never going to be a good thing. You can look at any team on paper and be "realistic" about expectations; such as saying the Yankees are going to win the pennant. On paper, no I don't think the O's will win many games, but youth has done some crazy things and I won't take out any hope that they could have a decent season. At the very least challenge the teams in the the AL East and make the division that much tougher.

See you later Kevin Millar. I look forward to seeing you if you sign with Jays. Good luck in your career!

I'm gonna miss Kevlar. If he ever decides to hang it up and go into coaching I hope we bring him back to do that here.

Man, that's a tough one - reminds of when BJ Surhoff left the team. Solid veterans who have great knowledge and know how to play the role of team therapist are hard to let go of...

I know Millar is 37, but I almost feel that his intangibles plus skill make him more valuable than Luke Scott. I see Luke as a Jim Traber or Larry Sheets type. He'll be around for another year or two, but I don't think he's got lasting power. Millar can hit as well as Scott and strikes out less...

I'd love to see BJ and Millar as coaches for the Orioles someday...

Sorry to see you go, Kevin. We'll miss MILLLAAAAHHH!!!

I'm telling you this is a big mistake. I mean he says it all right there. You need that loud mouth guy with a little character that everyone can laugh at and look to for that next kind of rallying point. What's the harm in keeping him? There's no salary cap and a good number of these kids are gonna wash up in the middle of the year and they'll be worthless. He may not put up great numbers but his presence means something. This probably won't go down as one of the worst decisions in Oriole history, but I think it's important to take note of at this dawn of a new team/generation.

Who's gonna star in the Orioles Magic video now? That alone should get Kev a 450K a year coaching job or something whenever he hangs it up.

Millar stinks.....he's a red sox homer....

Something no one has addressed because its unthinkable to talk about it, I just think we need to....What happens if Guthrie goes down? Wasn't he a little banged up at the end of last season? This is why we need another decent Veteran Starter!

Peter's reply: Now, why would you bring up something like that? Yes, his durability could be an issue, too, but that's just too much to contemplate.

washed up blowhard was all an act, see yah!

Unfortunately, it was time for Millar to go, and it was just as hard to see a guy like B.J, Surhoff go. It's a painful time.

The one comment Millar made that truly reverberates is:

"It gets tough,'' he said. "We lose every night. The last eight weeks it was tough to keep a good attitude. It's tough to maintain that mental toughness"

This is why it is important for the O's to not just "write off" another season, to accept losing. Truthfully, I wonder if Millar's numbers might have been better if the O's hadn't just given up on the season after the Bradford for the non-PTBNL later trade.

I really hope they sign Roberts and a FA pitcher like Sheets (or trade for one). The "players" on this team truthfully need to beleive we are not just writing off this season with more experimentation of AAA guys, but seriously belevie they have a chance to win every game.

Kevin Millar is 37. Last year he hit .234/.323/.394, which is well below the major-league average in each category. He only plays first base defensively.

Why is his dismissal by a rebuilding team in question for even a moment?

I am just surprised that so many people have such strong opinions on the matter. The fact still remains that with the addition of Felix Pie, Luke Scott is now going to take most of his at bats at the DH position. That would all but ends Kevin Millar's shot of even platooning with Aubrey Huff, so obviously he would have LOVED a bench role. It is not a grand compromise for Millar to tell management that he would accept a bench role, because that is all he will get anywhere. He would love to get a bench role, just a shot to be on a major league roster. With that in mind, what ball club wants a 37 year old 1B/DH slowpoke sitting on their bench. I think most managers prefer the Ryan Freel type player who can give them speed and flexibility. I really do not think that this is a big deal at all. But maybe i am wrong, maybe a month into the season i will begin to miss that .235 batting average and bleached blond hair-do.

Kevin is one of those players who reminds you that baseball is after all a game, and that fun is an essential element of games. Such reminders are especially relevant for O's fans, as a small but important consolation in trying times. For that reason (plus 20 dingers), I'll definitely miss him. However, the roster needs more talent and more youth, and it shouldn't be too difficult even for the Orioles to find both. Peter, I look forward to reading your blog and the comments it elicits every day. Many thanks for the insights and energy that you bring to the task!

Unfortunately, this shows how far the O's have fallen.

Kevin Millar was a nice player, and a team player. But he was also a bit player given a larger role on a weaker team. This is not the first time expanded ABs didn't translate into comparatibe expanded other stats of the same magnitude.

There are two aspects that show how the O's have fallen. First, the O's have to be as stingy with their roster spots for position players because they need an army of short relievers to go with their army of short starters.

Second, look at all of the fuss made about Millar. When the O's "went in another direction" with regards to, say, a Gary Roenicke, O's fans would remember this or that but that would be the end of it. Now, it's being treated like sending Frank Robinson to the Angels.

My how perspectives have changed.

Our team is not better with Millar on it. We have to look at the bigger picture. With the season Huff had last year, this is the appropriate move because you have to make Huff an everyday player. And after we got Pie, Luke Scott is pretty much our DH. So, it really doesn't allow any room for Millar.

Almost as important, I was real pi$$ed off when Millar a couple years back would wear his Red Sox stuff and throw out the first pitch in Fenway Park. We don't need people like that when they're playing for the O's. You can only identify yourself with the Orioles- we play the Red Sox 19 times a year, and you're gonna go out and wear Sox stuff and throw their first pitch in the World Series?? I mean, what the hell?? Thanks Millar, but go back to Boston!!

Freel and Zaun will provide the leadership where Millar left off. This is not a huge issue. When you only have 12 roster spots to fill with a 13 man pitching staff, what are you going to do? You have Freel, Gomez and a backup catcher. While Roberts, Markakis, Mora, Huff, Scott, Jones, Zaun, Pie and Izturis play the majority of the time. That leaves space for a back up catcher for a few months until Wieters is called up. So you have no room for Millar, period, even if they only carry 12 pitchers the bench player will probably be Cabrera or Montanez. This is your 2009 team face it, unless they do a deal shipping out Roberts.

Mr. Millar is a great guy, every encounter I've had with him at games has been great, and from what I hear he is a GREAT teammate. I'm sad that the O's are going another direction, I would have liked to see him retire with the O's, but best of luck to him and Thanks for your time Kevin!


Really enjoyed last night show with Kevin, Jim Duquette and John Feinstein. Genuine sports-talk radio! Nice work! Sorry to see Kevin and the O's part ways...#15 is a class-act all the way! He will be missed, especially by the fans.


I'll miss Millar, he was a true professional. I would much rather have him than Sexson or Wiggington. They wont be around either when the O's finally get competitive in a couple seasons. If we sign a veteran 1B, we might as well bring Millar back.

I think that chemistry is very overrated in baseball. I can see where it would be important in basketball, football and hockey...but at it root, baseball is a game with many one on one match ups. Not that I was around, but look at the A's teams from the 70s for proof. From what I heard they hated each other. There was also a team motto for one of the really good Mets teams I think..."25 guys, 25 cabs"...86 maybe?

Maybe if Millar doesn't catch on with another team, the Os will invite him to throw out the first pitch of the 2009 season. He has experience in that regard.

waspman, I don't think the "all the fuss" is comparable. There's a lot more opportunity these days for fans to comment publicly on even the most minute details of team activity (or lack thereof).

Millar has definitely been one of the more interesting O's players of late. It didn't take long for a lot of us to warm up to him despite his previous team. I'm not gonna go so far as to say that I'll miss the guy, but I do wish him the best.

Millar was NOT a team player. He was only happy and being the rah-rah guy when he was starting. When they tried to put him on the bench where he belonged, he whined and cried about it first to the press. When that didn't work, he and another former Oriole both text-messaged the owner. How fast it was that Millar and Gibbons found their way back in the lineup a day or two after that news went public.

I personally will be glad to not see Millar coming up with a crucial run sitting at 2b and him going pull happy and pop-flying out to LF.

If he had any value at all, don't you think some team would be interested in him by now?

And, all of you who love Melvin Mora probably don't recall a time in his history where he said he should never be a bench player for the Orioles. Maybe for the Yankees because they had good players, but not the Orioles.

Eh, losing him won't be much of an issue. They were going to suck with him and they're going to suck without him.

I have no trouble watching the O's. I know going in they are losers but still fun to watch .( at least until September) You see I know the deal . They are not going to the playoffs for the next 5 , maybe 10 years , buy that's OK . Usually half the team are minor league type players and fun to watch . Its also fun to watch Mr. A spin the fans on " rebuilding" . - hey , can you move that deck chair over there a little , thats good , now toss that one overboard , , much better. . .

I wholeheartedly agree with the Millar lovers! I am a Red Sox fan, and loved him when he was there and was upset when he left; anyone who says he was "all for himself" is crazy, he was strictly a team man and gave everything he had. Whenever we went to Baltimore to see the Sox, we looked forward to seeing our old friend--God BlessYou, Kevin.

I will definately miss Kevin and for people to think that Aubrey will be better then him at first base..boy they need glasses. I have been on the firstbase side when Aubrey has played firstbase and all he does is just watch the ball roll buy. And if people would look at his stats..he just had last year as a great year batting wise. His previous years stunk. Atleast Kevin had 20some homers for several years in a row and he had a great glove and firstbase and made diving catches and he's an older guy!
Kevin..thanks for the memories at the Fanfest and signing my fathers jacket and I have your jersey you wore at the last Yankee Stadium game. It will be treasured.
I hope you are blessed in all your future endeavors and that I get to see you play in Camden yards again soon some day. My son has always looked up to the way you have a passion for the game. You are his favorite slugger, as he told you at Fanfest. If everyone on that team had the passion that you do for the game..they would win the World Series every year. May God Bless you and your family.

Wow the orioles are going to suck again this year all because of ownership & dumb coaching decisions. Manny is still on the market. Do the owner & managers want to win or just collect pay checks?? As a supporter ( not a fan no more) I hope the fans of the orioles stop attend games and boycott for new managerment or at least a winning season. Good bye Kevin please sign with an AL East team & beat on them untill you retire.

Pete's reply: Don't even want to give the Andy plan a chance to work, huh. I guess you really aren't a fan. There's a difference between being fed up and rooting for the team to lose.

Good riddance. I always felt his heart was still in Boston and he was here for the paycheck. I am sure he cared about his O's teammates but his play on the field and his little opening ceremony in Boston for the playoffs sealed the deal in my mind. At least I will not have to watch him pop up twice a night anymore.

Kevin Millar is a huge part of any team. He may not produce at the rate that some people feel is warranted, but he is a team guy and he always will be. I still miss him being on the Red Sox from a few years ago. I always enjoy it when he is out there [on the Orioles] when they were playing the Sox. He enjoy's what he does all the time and he can help stitch together the team when needed. Hopefully they can find room for him on the Sox.

Sure most of us like Millar, good guy but there has to be change. During his three years here in Baltimore the team record was pitiful.
2006 70-92
2007 69-93
2008 68-93

Not his fault but the Orioles had to make changes to get the club to a different place. Believe me I look at him and Brother Lo cut from the same mold. Never forget last years opening day and Millar tried to do a Ray Lewis dance as he led the Orioles onto the field, that was something I will remember for a long time. Signing jackets for dads and anything else you put out there, plus he really cared about the game and knew how special it was.

do all teams use the same kind of bats

Pete's reply: No. There are lots of different kinds of bats in use around the majors.

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