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December 8, 2008

Trembley speaks

trembley2.jpgEach major league manager at the winter meetings holds a news conference, and Dave Trembley's was on the first day. He covered a number of subjects, so I'll give you a few of the highlights:

On the club's situation here: "Well, I feel that Andy MacPhail and the rest of the people in the organization, we did our homework when we went to the organizational meetings in Sarasota the week after the major league season was over. I thought we gathered a lot of information. Obviously, I think it's pretty clear what our needs are. You know, Andy took that information to the general managers' meeting, now we're here, and I think we're getting closer to doing what we have to do to improve the club."

On whether Brian Roberts will be back: : Well, I would say Brian Roberts is my leadoff hitter until someone tells me he isn't. I think he's a darned good one, and I think he's one of the better second basemen in baseball. I think he means a lot to our city and to our fan base. That being said, I didn't just fall off a truck. I know that things change. But no one has told me or no one has led me to believe that Brian Roberts is not going to be the everyday starting second baseman for me in Baltimore.

On his expectations for prospect Nolan Reimold: "Well, he's going to get his first look in major league camp. This is his first time. He put up some power numbers last year. I've spoke to Andy about him, and we're going to have to take a look at him in spring training and make a decision on where we see him in the big picture. Is it as a regular, everyday player, or is it as an extra player? And I think that will help us make a decision on what he does and where he goes."

First thing in the morning: Dave on the closer and catching situations.

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Hey Pete, at any point did Dave break into tears or a rant punctuated with crazy hysterical laughter, or was he able to put last years debacle behind him until at least April 21 of this year?

Pete's reply: Dave was in great spirits today. The 2009 team is undefeated, you know.

Dave--You're going to the "Well" too often. has reported that legwork "has essentially been completed." for the peavy deal. It is rumored to be a 3 or 4 team deal including the Orioles and/or Phillies. Both the phillies and Orioles have reportedly agreed to players they would trade and receive. The rumors going around is Olson for Felix PIe and maybe also Ronny Cedeno. Would Pie start in left then? is the link for the story.

Pete's reply: I think Pie would start in left if they got him, with Luke Scott as the DH.

Pete, thanks for keeping us O's fans with up to the minute reports, but why no reports at how you are doing at the slots? That bad?

Pete, let's say that we do get rid of Ramon, get Pie, sign players like Ceasr and Zaun, plus add Garland and 2 of the 3 Japanese pitchers that the O's have interest in (I know it's all what ifs, but bare with me), wouldn't this be like an NFL draft where the big names are not selected by your team so you judge it negatively when in fact, there is great potential for an exciting 2009 season?

We would have the defense up the middle that we sorely lack, a catcher that actually can handle a pitching staff, an innings eater and potentially one back end of the rotation pitcher that let's the O's only have to put two young guys in the 4th and 5th spot instead of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th which should save what looks on paper to be a good BP.

Pete's reply: I suppose, but since they haven't made any moves yet, it's hard to look that far ahead.


Not only are they undeafeated but they are tied for first. Then again they haven't won a game this season and are in last place.

Would Luke Scott fit the role of LH outfielder that the Cubs are looking for?

Pete - Remind me why Felix Pie would potentially start @ left? His numbers do not jump off the page. Do ya know?

Pete's reply: Andy likes him and, I believe, thinks he'll bloom if given a chance to play every day. He, Nick and Adam Jones would give the Orioles an impermeable outfield and Luke Scott could DH.

I vote yes to two closers (Sherrill and Ray). Let Sherrill finish when tough lefties are the key outs, otherwise use Ray. Keep their roles a little flexible - if you need Sherrill to get a guy or two in the 8th to set up Ray, or vice versa, do it.

hey pete, why don't the orioles just trade Pie for Peavy

Pete's reply: I'm guessing you mean Olson for Peavy, and it's because Peavy has a no-trade clause and won't come here.

If we can get Cedeno we will fill our void for SS with a young up and coming prospect with tons of potential. Pie was highly touted but has not lived up to expectations. If we get both, that would be a big trade for us. Another big winner for MacPhail and the O's. You may not see Tex come here if that is the case, unless we trade Huff. You can't have Huff, Scott, and Tex. One of them has to go.

Another team will pay the price for Mark Teixeira and reap the dividens for 10 years and we get new uniforms. Hooray for Angelos! He'll make a few bucks instead of making a lot. He is a lawyer==a know nothing about anything.

He said the same freaking thing last December except for the Reimold thing. One would think he would've had time to come up with new material.

Same stuff, differnt year.

Hopefully Trembley speaks up a little more during games, both at his players when they loaf,etc and at the umps who regularily gave us the short end of the stick on many calls. I guess if all part of the learnign curve but I'd like to see our manager be a little more aggressive and practice what he preaches about playing the game right etc.
As far as dealing Ramon, I'm all in favour of it but let's not give him away. Yes, he loafed a fair share and his plate blocking was non-existent but let's not blame him for the bad pitching-he's look at lot better back there is they threw stirkes.
His offensive numbers were actually not too bad, all things considered so surely we should be able to get more than an aging fringe player like Freel. The MLB catching situation isn't great and the market seems based on false perception. For example, Varitek is still holding out for 10 mill type of deal for mutliple years and he hit .210! He apparently has this reputatin for handling pitchers but stick him with the O's '08 staff and see how good he is! We can't get much for a veteran catcher who will probably have a better year than Varitek if he's sent to the right club. Maybe the Bosox will give us a prospect or 2 for Ramon if they don't sign Varitek.
If we end up dumping Ramon, then I wouldn't mind seeing Zaun around until Weiters is ready.

I don't think "fringe player" properly describes Freel. He is a utility player and one of the best in the game. You can trust him at second and third and he is a very good outfielder. That's his job. He is an adequate back up for three positions. Every winning team has to have some one like him and I think we got a good one when we got him. Oh yah, he is also an excellent baserunner and covers a lot of ground in the outfield. And best of all, he's a gamer.

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