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December 12, 2008

Trade fallout: No Pie without Peavy

Long-running trade talks about a possible three-team or four-team deal that would send Jake Peavy from the Padres to the Cubs have been called off, which apparently ends the Orioles' pursuit of Cubs outfield prospect Felix Pie.

The Orioles were revealed last month as one of the teams targeted by the Cubs and Pads to facilitate the deal, but Orioles officials indicated then that the proposal that would send pitcher Garrett Olson to the Padres to receive Pie from the Cubs would not be pursued as a stand-alone deal. Wouldn't make sense anyway, since it wasn't the Cubs who were interested in Olson.

The acquisition of speedy outfielder Ryan Freel didn't preclude a deal for Pie, but I have to believe there's no longer any sense of urgency to acquire another left-handed hitting outfielder. It's not inconceivable that the O's make another offer for Pie, but they've got more important things on their to-do list.

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Angelos owes it to the fans to make the top offer for Big Tex....We all know thats not going to happen though. I dont think the O's are really serious about signing him. Angelos will never spend 100-120+ (what it takes) on any FA. They just like to make it look like they are interested. They make offers knowing that the player wont accept it...then the media & fans let them off the hook b/c they tried. This is a smoke screen.
The O's can rebuild all they want but they will have to spend money to compete in the AL East w/ NYY & Bos. Its not going to happen w/ Angelos..we are screwed

Peter, what do you hear on the pitching front. I am getting nervous hearing this talk about bringing Cabrera back. I would much rather sign Penny for 2 years or offer a reasonable 3 year deal to Randy Wolf. Now that the meetings are over the pitchers are going to panic (e.g. Clement signing a minor league deal with Toronto). Heck, does anyone have Jaime Moyer's phone number he would be a great improvement over Daniel and could maybe teach Olsen how to be an effective lefty.

just a question? if the orioles were willing to trade olsen to padres and get pie as part of the 3 team trade, why won't won't they be interested in sending olsen to cubs for pie directly? why do they care where he ends up? or was it the cubs who said the trade was only going to happen if it part of a peavy deal because they don't particularly have a need for olsen?

Also any word on what the orioles got for the rule 5 pick? was it another player or strickly cash?

Pete's reply: Go back a few items in the blog for all the Rule 5 info.

It seems the conversation has dwelled too much on Pie.Pie has not succeedd in impressing with results to date.

Starting Pitching was the downfall last year. Starting Pitching is the hugh hole in the mix now!

Why not offer Olsen, Liz, Cabrera and Scott to the Padres and see if they would accept. If yes the have McPhail communicate with Peavy to allow the trade and fill the no oe starter spot. The O's need starting pitching more than anything else.
Olsen,Liz and Cabrera at best are years away IF then. None impress as a no. one starter. Cabrera is about to be unloaded anyway. The only name I dread adding is Scott, but you do not get something without giving up something.
I am not calling it quits because the odds are against the O's with Tex. I would be most concerned if they do not sign bothe Nick and Brian

how about the orioles signing tex and try to make a trade with san diego for peavy. bring in some orioles of the past like palmer to talk to peavy, bring him to balt. show him the royal treatment (lunch at mcdonald's, free tokens at espn zone, tour of the oriole's bird mascot's home) and take a shot at getting him. he's young, a very good pitcher and for what he's being paid for the next few yrs on his contract probably good value. trade olson, burris and penn.

Peter, how do you reconcile Guthrie firing Boras with the comments by Roy Firestone that he spoke with a member of the Orioles (who Firestone labeled as one of the smartest Orioles) that this player felt that Boras was controlling Tex in such a way as to lead him to Boston for the purpose of then allowing Boras to pressure the Yankees to "must sign" another of Boras' clients, Ramirez?

Second thought is about D-Cab. In the present economic environment might the baseball arbitrator this year be a bit less generous with his decisions. Especially since arbitration only puts that salary into effect for the one year, the year of economic turmoil.

If that could possibly be the case it would seem that the O's should offer D-Cab and then come in with a reasonable but modest pay increase from last year.

Pete's reply: I don't know if they are connected.

Pete where does Lou Montanez fit in all of this

Don't we have Lou Montinez to?

Pete's reply: Yes.

As the Orioles search the free agent market for pieces of the puzzle for 2009, I'd be interested to know why nothing is being said about two of the less heralded pitchers on the free agent market, Jon Garland and Ben Sheets. They have good numbers and seem to be able to eat innings, not withstanding Sheets injury last year. Both are young enough to give the O's a couple of good years and should be relatively inexpensive compared to Burnett or Lowe, and 2 of them might just be better than one of the others. I say sign them to shore up the starting staff and then go whole hog to sign Teixiera and give us instant contenders for the wild card next season with Wieters added and just one more surprise out of our list of prospects.

I just read that the Nats offer is CONFIRMED as 7/140. MLBTR has it up. But I agree with Roch that it doesnt make any sense not to be showing everything if your the O's. Give the top bid and make it public. If he then picks the Sox, then you can say there was nothing they could do about it. If he picks the O's, then you finally did something right and treated your fans the way their supposed to be treated.

Peter. To say the O's have more important things on their -to-do list is an understatement. Obviously, assembling a starting rotation is the first priority but I would hope that we don't sign a retread and re-up Cabrera just to fill out spots. Why not wait until spring and see what shakes out instead of making the desperation moves like a Garland/Byrd that plagued us in the past?
Guthrie, Olsen, Liz, Waters and maybe Patton/Safrate/Penn isn't going to win you a World Series but maybe 2 guys emerge and we get serviceable outings from the rest. This patchwork rotation might get us through the season until the phenonms like Tillman,etc are MLB ready.
The optimist is me feels that this approach is preferable than suffering through another season of Trachsel/Cabrera/Ortiz etc.

Not a big loss. I don't really see any upside to Pie. He seems like a Curtis Goodwin type...

thank heavens

Why is it, that the orioles only sign these second rate players like Cesar Itzuris, Ryan Freel, etc. and they expect us to get excited like they did something miraculous at the winter meetings. What the hell are those guys going to do to improve our team

OK, now lets get back into the Teixiera race. We can't let the DC'ers get him.

Root for the nationals to get TEX? You're kidding right? I know you used the word 'dispassionate' or something but we're not...we bleed orange and black (we seem to have an unlimited supply of blood). To see him take a left on 295 and not a right would make me sick. Rather see him go to least we could sit back and say, "That's what you do when you're the Red Sox. Players want to play there so 8yrs.155m gets it done. Dustin P 6 yrs 40m gets it done. I have seen very few instances where the Os are even mentioned in the running for him...does everyone else know what we don't want to say? The Os made 'an effort' knowing full well they weren't going to play ball with the big boys?

And why is Pie not coming to the Os even news? The guy is not going to make them any better.

No pie? What did I do to deserve no pie?

Pete's reply: You have failed to click on "The Schmuck" blog enough this week. Get in the game.

Pie could still land in Baltimore. First, he has to go somewhere (no more options, little hope of a spot on the Cubs), and, second, the Orioles have been interested in him, and still may be. The bit about "no Pie without Peavy" is really "no Olson for Pie without Peavy" .

The O's should lure Mussina out of retirement for 2 years. Get his 30 wins and retire an Oriole. Maybe he'll be even nice enough to take a pay cut. Too far fetched?


Yes, it would seem that obtaining Pie is even lower on the radar then before the Orioles obtained Freel.

Unless the Orioles trade Roberts, or if they trade him and get a candidate to start at 2b (my primary option after a trade, Felipe Lopez, has been singed by the D-backs) I could see a healthy Freel getting tons of playing time in LF and Luke Scott getting more time at DH. Freel, Jones, and Markakis gives us a pretty good deal of range out there.

O's really need to address their pitching. Any word if the Orioles are leaning toward tendering Cabrera? I think they should tenderize him, or at least his brain. It's a shame, he has ability a lot of major league pitchers would kill for, but he just doesn't know how to use it effectively.

Toby Hall is a catcher the Orioles used to have interest in while he was in Tampa. I know he blew out his labrum in his throwing arm and hasn't been great defensively since, but his offense seemed to come around again last year. Think the Orioles have any interest in him if he can pass a physical?

Pete's reply: I heard his name mentioned in Las Vegas, but don't know how interested they are. Zahn and Treanor may be higher on their list.


Just trade Roberts and Huff. We should get all the good prospects we need. You can put Freel at 2nd and Salazar at 1st. Move Scott to DH and put Montanez in left. In a couple years when the prospects are ready to come up, then sign a big free agent like Tex when the time is right. We are still a couple years away. No point in wasting $180 million one player when we won't compete for a few years later. That is a waste of money.

Thank you Peter,

I thought as much. I have heard a lot more talk about Zaun and Treanor. Of the two Zaun seems more open about the idea of becoming a back up once Wieters is ready.

Toby Hall would have something to prove because he is still not that old compared to what is generally available on the FA market for catchers. If he came to Baltimore, had a decent showing again while he starts, he could up his value. Meanwhile if he tanks, Wieters is coming up eventually anyway.

I don't know much about Treanor, but since he was dumped I'm certain he'd be happy just to have a job, and starting for a while might be very appealing to him.

If free agency is the only way the Orioles are going to get a catcher, I would have to say Zaun is my first choice.

Is it just me? Or does nobody else realize that Freel is an awful 2b?

Boys, Boys...Oh Boys....Offer the Cubs Roberts for Pie and Jason Marquis. Require the Cubs to pay
at least half of Marquis's salary...

Pete's reply: That's not nearly enough for Roberts.

Not sure why people hate Pie? The guy has not been given a chance at the major league level so to make like he is a nobody, is a little silly in my book.

Anyone hear of a pitcher that the Indians had who didn't do much when he was called up, but when another team gave him a shot, he turned in a real good pitcher? So many highly touted prospects like Jeremy Guthrie, that don't get a chance for whatever reason, but when they do, they succeed. Big Papi was hurt during his years with the Twins and when the Sox picked him up, he has been their most consistent offensive threat during their run. I am not saying Pie will have the success of those two men, but there is a reason that Andy has gone after him for 2 years.

Lastly, why has Lou earned the right for zero competition and smooth sailing for a spot on the opening day roster? He had a great year at AA, but yet everyone wants this guy to be handed the LF position. He needs to earn it like every player needs to earn their spot.

Peter -

The acquisition of Freel certainly makes adding a player like Pie a lower priority. But I get the Pie attraction. We need young athletic players like that who can utilize their speed.

If we don't end up with Tex, or significantly upgrade the pitching, then I approach the Cubs again about Roberts, and tell them: Marshall, Vitters & Pie get the deal done. You think that's doable? maybe we send them a lower level prospect as well.

Last question, if we don't sign Tex, you think Andy might want to take a shot at Sheets? I know the injury factor is there, but when this kids healthy (an iffy issue to be sure) he damn good. Take Sheets, Wolf, & a one of the Japanese pitchers. That's an upgrade that wouldn't break the bank.

Thanks again Pete for all the articles. have enjoyed reading your work since my days in SoCal, and yours with the OC Register.

give tex offer of 10 years 180 mil that is a major effort and if he does not ake it then so be it !!!!!!!

how can he not take it ??? at the same time it seems the padres are inteested in olson package him and get peavy !!!

cmon mr mcphail do something substantial !!!! this is ridiculous we have the money make the offer can anyone be upset if we offered tex that type of contract and he declined i dont think so

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