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December 1, 2008

Today's featured comment

Today's featured comment comes from Darnell, who is enjoying the statistical turnaround that the Ravens have made in one year:

Darnell's take: Important stats this years as opposed to those in 2007. The Ravens are scoring more and the defense is once again stifling opponents. In 2007, the Ravens' opponents through 12 games averaged 24 points per game. The Ravens' average score was 17 PPG. In 2008 opponenets are averaging 16 PPG, while the Ravens are scoring 24 PPG. That is a big turnaround. Need I say more?

There is but one area that I believe needs to improve...special teams play. Yamon Figurs is hesitant and it seems a little too timid to run back kicks and punts. Our coverage on punts and kicks needs to be tightened up. Coach, get on top of these areas. Keep up the good work.

Pete's take: You're right on, and don't think John Harbaugh -- the former special teams coach -- isn't pushing hard to correct the situation.

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The big thing that I have noticed on punt returns is that the Ravens do not block the other teams gunners very well (in most cases not at all). It is very hard for Figures to return a punt when there is a player in his face as the ball arrives. The Ravens keep trying to block these gunners one on one. Maybe they should try doubling them up so Figures can catch the ball cleanly and get a chance to make a move.

Bob makes a good point. But I'm honestly much more concerned about the Raven's kickoff return coverage. It seems as though two or three players are the only people making consistent tackles on special teams - whenever they're well blocked, teams run one back on us, or gash us for huge yardage.

I have an unrelated question for you gents if you're paying attention:

Why hasn't anyone taken the tremendous turn-around in offensive play calling to note how horrible an offensive "genius" Billick turned out to be?

Why I don't know, but I found myself watching the post game segment last night after the Texans-Jags game. I have to say that Emmit Smith and Steve Young are the most overpaid and unknowledgeable broadcasters on TV.
Emmitt was going on and on on the reasons the Ravens WILL NOT make the playoffs, and he actually stated that the two main reason were because Willis Magahee wasn't getting enough touches, and that our depleted secondary was going to be a factor.
Then Young said that the Ravens "can't finish" games strongly.
First- I guess Emmitt knows nothing about our three headed monster at tailback, and the fact that Willis hasn't even touched a football in two very decisive recent victories.
Second- I guess he also does not know that the Ravens currently lead the NFL in interceptions, and that we have returned 5 for touchdwons this year alone.
Third- I guess Young doesn't know that we have outscored our last 5 losers by a total of 84-0?
I can't believe that the folks over at ESPN actually let these bozos on the air, let alone spew opinions that are totally based on BS? It's no wonder we get no national respect.


They might be referring to two close losses the Ravens had earlier in the season to Pittsburgh and Tennessee. The Ravens were actually leading both games at some point and let it slip through their fingers in the waning moments of the game or in over time.

There were some games they have won where the other team made a comeback late, but the Ravens managed to hold on or come up with a big play.

So, those opinions aren't based on "BS."

As far as Willis goes, a few weeks ago people were calling for his head and saying how washed up he was. Typical Baltimore fan reaction. Meanwhile I was pointing out how hard he was running, still making a guy miss, and still able to break some tackles. Some of his longer runs at that time were actually called back due to holding penalties on the OL.

There is a school of thought in the NFL that pertained to QB's. If a coach says, "I have two options at QB." That really means you have no clear number one option.

Does his apply to the Ravens and the RB's? Probably not, a lot of teams are going with the 2 backs or even a 3 back system and moving away from the 1 feature back. This might actually help keep talented guys in the league longer as the average life of an NFL RB was about 3 years.

The Ravens get no National Respect because they have been miserable on national TV. They haven't won 3 or 4 Super Bowls in the past 6 years like some other teams that are getting the National Respect.

If Flacco continues to play well and the Ravens make it into the playoffs this year and win a game, I think you'll see them mentioned more often.

Then there is the C.C.C. Chris Collinsworth Curse. Each time he has stepped up and mentioned how good the Ravens are, they lose big.

I agree with Greg that Emmitt Smith and Steve Young are under-prepared and journalistically amateurish, so who cares if they knock the Ravens? Go ahead, clowns, underestimate us and maybe some opponent will see and buy into it, too....Perfect.

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