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December 17, 2008

Teixeira: What dreams may come

The Mark Teixeira negotiations have reached that point where everybody in the media is trying to look smart and nobody -- not even me -- knows what's really going on.

What's the highest offer on the table right now? I've heard anywhere from $180 million to $200 million for eight years, but nobody has confirmed anything. ESPN's Karl Ravech said yesterday that the range would be $22 million to $28 million per year. Way to narrow the thing down. He also said his source told him Teixeira wants to go to a winner but still has an "enormous attraction to the Orioles." That pretty much covers all the possibilities.

And, trust me, Scott Boras is the man behind the curtain, pushing all the right buttons and pulling all the right strings to make sure the media becomes the message.

This is the period in the negotiations where everything hits the wall and somebody will guess right and look like a genius. So, since I know from those lottery commercials that you can't win if you don't play, here's my official guess:

Teixeira will sign with the Red Sox for eight years and $192 million guaranteed, with a couple of option years at the end worth $30 million each. Remember, this is only a guess, no matter what I tell you if I turn out to be right.

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Hey Pete , I would be happy to make $22 - $28 per hour . Just sayin' .

Pete's reply: In this economy, no question.

Reading between the lines it sounds like Tex is saying, He wants the Orioles if they are in the ballpark money wise. We got to have him but if the price goes above 25 Mil per season, no way PA pays.

Well Pete you tried your hardest to help get him here. I appreciate it very much. But, they better take all that money they just saved and now spend it on Nick M. or I am going to become a K.C. Fan.

Peter- One boston paper is saying that their offer is 6 150.

My guess is 10 years 220 million with incentive to make an additional 60 million over the duration.. Like if you play 150 games, make all star, hit 30, drive in 100. Kids put down your books and hit the batting cages!

Pete's reply: Incentive bonuses can only be based on quantitative stats (innings, games, at-bats). Can't be based on how many home runs or how high a batting average a guy has.

Agreed. The idea of Texiera signing with Baltimore is a fantasy. Gotta remember who his agent is. Boras floats the Orioles in the media only to get the Red Sox and Yankees to raise their bids.

Someone has to start the website and dedicate it to Tex! Let's show him some love because the truth is, he will put people in the seats, help sell tickets, and his jersey would be the highest sold of the Orioles. Get it done!

Translation: He's going where he gets the best offer. Boras is telling the Yankees and Red Sox he has "an enormous attraction to the Orioles." He tells the Orioles and Nationals he wants to play for a winner. And he tells the Angels he wants to play on the east coast. It is all about leverage and Boras/Teixeira have leverage against every team bidding on him. The only way we will ever know his true preference (aside from the biggest contract possible), is if two teams (one offering the possibility of winning immediately and one being close to home) have essentially identical offers. Until then, it is all rhetoric to drive up the price.

Pete, how about a little optimism?! I hope Tex is not basing any part of his decision on what Bmore writers write. What you just blogged sounds a lot like a Ken Rosenthal article.

Pete's reply: If he is, he's wasting all that money he pays Scott Boras.

My gut tells me the same but I keep coming back to the fact that the Red Soxs don't need Tex. They would have to move Youk to 3rd and eat Lowell's contract because they can't trade him coming off an injury. Sure, in two years, when Lowell and Bay are gone and Ortiz is done, Tex would be great but do teams really invest $200 million like that. I'm not sure who will be a free agent in two years but I imagine someone of equal value will be available to offer a similar contract to and you save 40 million. Also, what do they do with Lowrie when they realize he can't play short? They need to be able to move him to third. Also, do they really want to block Lars Anderson, who looks like he will be ready to play 1st in two years? My point is the Sox's are stacked. O's match the offer and we finally get a hometown break.

As much as I would love to have Tex sign here, I don't think it's going to happen. Red Sox or Yankees will probably get him - they buy all their talent. And even though Tex is a hometown boy, money talks and all loyalty goes out the window when millions of dollars are being thrown around. Of course, when you're being offered over 100 MILLION DOLLARS, what difference does 10, 20 or 30 million more or less make? It is still an outrageous amount of money. I'm not getting my hopes up.

I can't argue with your speculation. Its pretty hard to justify 25m+ per year for a 1st baseman when you are about 5 players away from being competitive. We could sign 3 starters and a DH for that money.

Hopefully you are a believer in Reverse psychology Pete?

If he goes to Boston or some other organization for a few million more per year, he is greedy and we don't need players like that on our team. I will boo him just like I booed Mussina. If he loves his hometown team, he will sign here as I believe the O's are finally on the right track. If he doesn't want to be a part of it, shame on him...

Pete, I have been saying on your blog since late last summer that he would sign with the Red Sox for about 25mm a year. I don't know any more than anyone at this point, however, pure logic has pointed that way for many months. The Red Sox want a big bat behind Big Papy because they are concerned he may be in a decline. I didn't dream this up, I read Boston.Com or a regular basis. Some reports indicate that the Nationals have the richest offer on the table and it is down to them and the Red Sox. Bet on Boston.

Sure hope you're wrong, Pete.

Pete's reply: Me too.

Pleas, God, no - not to the new evile empire.

Any thoughts on Buster Olney's post saying that it wouldn't make sense for the Orioles to tie up that much of their payroll (depending on final contract, approximately 20%) on one player when they have so many holes to fill? I'm trying to think of a team where one player was able to take a team from a 11 year loser to a winner. I am as big an Oriole fan as anybody, but I hope we don't make yesterday's mistakes all over again.

This is totally unrelated but here are some shoe toss animations:

pete do you think if the o's offered the best contract would he come to balt. or does common sense say for a ton of money to play for probably the best run franchise in the game tex goes to boston even if boston does offer the most money.

Pete's reply: I think if the O's offer the most money, they have a chance. I don't think they will do that.

If you're right, that's just too much.

I hate this, but I have a strong feeling Baltimore is being played like a patsy. Boras loves using the "hometown angle" to keep the Red Sox moving the number north. If it turns out that Tex and his stooge were just using his "beloved hometown" of Baltimore, he ought to be booed right off the field when he visits. And Boras should be told not to come around for a long time until he starts to negotiate in good faith. Don't for a minute blame Angelos for this one (though the blame Angelos first crowd surely will). If you are right Peter then this is greed pure and simple.

Don't get me wrong, Tex is entitled to his money, but he could have enough integrity not to play the entire state of Maryland in the meantime. The sports fans of this state already have enough of an inferiority complex as it is, see Sarasota Commissioner's "tin standard" comment...

I hope I'm wrong.

This is the one time that Angelos needs to swoop in and outbid the Red Sox and make Teixeira's decision easy. 8 yrs//$210 million base with an escape hatch after 3 or 4 to put the screws to the rebuilding process. It's frustrating, as a fan, to know that furiously clicking "refresh" on the Internet browser is the extent of my power. I feel like a child desperately hoping his dad will return from the grocery store with the family-size bag of candy (and I haven't had candy since 1997). The speculation has reached a level of absurdity, and the only substantive evidence that we have that need not be questioned as to credibility are Teixeira's own statements. And, the content of those statements is comforting for Orioles fans (as is the stuffed animal that I've been sleeping with in the fetal position since this whole debacle ramped up). While anyone could fall victim to taking the highest offer, the allure of playing for the same team as your childhood heroes, 20 minutes from where you grew up, and being close to your family cannot be discounted. Peter: have you heard any talks of having Cal or Palmer contact Teixeira, and what are your thoughts on taking that angle?

Pete's reply: I have not heard of any such overtures, but that doesn't mean they haven't happened.

Do you think he has the heart to wear a Sox cap and pummel the O's, his hometown team, the team he talks about frequently, 18x a year? Sell him on the upcoming talent (pitching wise. . . the position players are already here), the chance to play with another great GT alum, and the HOME team!

According to talk radio up here in nyc, the skanks are going hard after teixiera & manny. im hating baseball.

At those kind of numbers, the Orioles should be competing based on non-monetary factors. Teixiera's an exceptional player, but not A-Rod exceptional. If it comes down to total dollars offered the Orioles will not win the Tex Sweepstakes.

It would be great to see a great athlete return to his roots and play for Baltimore but people have to understand the guy needs to do what makes the most sense for himself too. I imagine it is a tough balancing act between money & winning team v. home town...or not. Thanks PA for making Baltimore such a tough choice to swallow for a local guy.

ESPN is reporting via Peter Gammons that it appears to be between Boston and Washington in the Tex sweepstakes! With Boston being the favorite. Washington would have to make an over the top offer to land Tex. What was interesting is that he believes that PA has dropped out. My question is - was PA ever really serious?

Make it stop. Please.

MLB wants guys like Teixeira at Boston, NY, Chicago (Cubs of course). Big market teams need to be the best so the TV revenues keep rolling in. Everyone else can fight for the scraps and try to pull the upset now and then.The O's come in with a disadvantage by being a smaller market team, and more importantly, they've weakened their negotiation status by years and years of utter incompetence.

If you are right, then Teixeira sure won't be able to come home. He'll have to sneak back to see the parents during the cover of night. Or maybe we'll all just have to give up and pick a big market team. Me, I'm fighting the urge to just give up on the sport. The economy is helping make that decision.

Olney on at 10:19

Updated: December 17, 2008, 10:19 AM ET

Unless Mark Teixeira is willing to give the Orioles a major hometown discount, it does not appear he will be playing in Baltimore.

The Orioles have stood by their initial offer and have not upgraded it, and sources say that the other teams involved in the bidding -- the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Washington Nationals -- have gone beyond Baltimore's proposal for the slugging first baseman.

He is not coming to Baltimore. Let's all chill out.

From ESPN --

It's sickening that the Os are still not willing to pay for good talent...

Ah, how many days or minutes until Angelos screws this up like everything else? I think Angelos bet the over in how many consecutive years a baseball franchise can have declining attendance. I would think our "2-3 year plan" would want to include a 31 year-old All-Star 1B in 2011 (not to mention the excitement a hometown hero will bring between now and then). I won't bother boring everyone with the "I've been an Oriole my whole life and no longer go to games b/c I can't stand the owner" mantra, however, I would question MacPhail if he truly doesn't want (or can't talk Angelos into) signing a franchise player like Texiera. MacPhail either doesn't have the power or the intelligence we think he does if this slips away. Go O's, 60 wins is still probably better than the Pirates. I'll be missing my 2nd straight Opening Day after attending 18 straight (and I'm only 33). Thanks least I know for the 2nd straight year a present under the X-Mas tree won't be O's tickets, I could use cash instead to keep in my pocket like a certain owner we all know.

Offer him a 2-year contract for $15M a year, with a player option for six extra years. At the end of two years, he either takes a $10M severance check and walks or accepts the extra six years at $25M/season. That way he either gets $40M total for 2 years (if he doesn't like franchise direction) or 2x15+6x25=$180M for eight years. This both gives the player the option to leave and incentivizes the club to continue forward momentum. Then, if the club stinks in two years, and he leaves, at least he can say he gave it a shot. This contract would give the player strong leverage on how the organization is run. He could hint, "No Roberts, no Markakis, I'm gone," and he'd have, unlike Tejada, a power base on which to stand.


from ESPN

Sources: Teixeira to Orioles unlikely

Ugggh, shoot me now, it appears that Angelos was lowballing to try to get Teixeira on sale. This also could be info released by the Boras camp to pressure the Orioles into upping their offer... How else does that type of information get out?

Buster Olney just said the O's won't up their offer like the other teams in the Teixera bidding. So, unless Teixera wants to take a hometown discount, he isn't coming to Baltimore. Sell the team Angelos. Please.


Buster Olney is now saying that the O's are out of it. Say it ain't so and humor me to believe it's not true.

why in the world do the people in balto. think just because a guy is from here he owes any loyalty to the team in the city where he grew up? if Texiera wants to sign somewhere else to get a chance at ring good for him because he will not get one here as long as Angelos owns this team , and Texiera will be long retired by the time someone else owns the O's! Get off Texiera back Balto. fans , let him play where he wants to play, hopefully if it is here great but if not so be it!


This team will hit with or without Mark. Doesn't the ture future of this team live in the arms of the big 3 minor league pitchers and the kid from McDonough?


Have you ever heard so many rumors and luicriss comments for one player? Not even AROD had this many rumors and disproved theories.

Could you provide some information on how contracts with agents are set. What I'm wondering is if the player has to follow the lead of his agent and/or take one of the highest 2 bids? Or does the players union require them to do so? Also, what % do the agents generally receive?

Pete's reply: The agent gets about 4 or 5 percent. The teams make offers and the agent tries to jack them up by any means necessary. The union is involved in making sure the contract is legal and might also advise against a really bad contract, but the player is ultimately the boss.

According to Buster Olney(, it looks like the Orioles aren't even trying anymore. They have stuck with their initial offer, and don't look like they will be raising it at all. They have been majorly outbid by every other team involved, and unless he doesn't care about the money, he won't be in an Orioles uniform...

Seems like more of the same from the front office and its not as if the money isn't there...

Well it appears that we (the O's) are about to be the first of the final teams to drop out of the running. An article on ESPN is reporting that the O's are not willing to up their offer and as a result appear to be the first team out... Typical O's

Everyone needs to take a look at They've already eliminated the O's from the Tex sweepstakes. The O's never had any intentions on signing him. It was a ploy to make sure that the team didn't get any backlash for not making an offer. Take a look at the offer. It did have the same years as the others (6) but the money was lower. They put in the lowest offer and now they won't budge off of it. McPhail and Angelos are pulling the wool over the people of Baltimore's eyes again. They've addressed one position so far this winter. They haven't gone after a significant free agent pitcher. Instead they'll get a few pitchers from someone else's scrap heep and they'll call it rebuilding for the future. Like those guys will be stop gaps until young guys develop. News flash! They have no pitching in the minors. Unfortunately, a once prized and proud organization has gone into the toilet with no end in sight. Laughing stocks like the Royals and Pirates. Tex would never take that big of a hometown discount. He would be a fool to. If the O's were to get close to the other offers then you could say their trying. But they won't.

This is MLB not little league. It's a business with the bottom line the final determining factor. Anything that can be used to improve the bottom line will be used. Boras is highly experienced in these matters. Remember he got Tom Hicks to bid against himself to sign A-Rod. Stop whining about Tex and Boras using whatever means possible to increase the contract. Would you leave $20 million on the table?

Buster Olney says we appear to be out of it, because the O's won't up the offer.

Hey Pete,

Can you possibly provide a medical update on players such as Albers, Patton, Hoey, Johnson, Ray, Sarfate, and Walker?

Also, ESPN/Buster Olney reported that the O's are out of the running for Tex so who is the team looking at for 1st base? Another year of Millar? Some Huff at first when Scott is the DH, but when Huff is the DH then who?

Pete's reply: Don't have that info at my fingertips right now, but I'll check. Also can't speculate on first base because -- despite what you're reading -- the Teixeira thing is not over yet.

Pete- When are the Orioles going to realize that in order to land their first big free agent in a while, they need to overpay and overpay drastically. We have been a losing franchise for over a decade now in the toughest division in baseball with an owner who always seems to screw things up. SO why do they even tease themselves thinking they can throw out an offer similar to the Sox or Angels and just expect someone to come here. They have to overpay for Teixera, give him what he wants: 10 years. If youre offering 8, whats another 2? Once he signs, and if the Orioles can turn things around others will want to come here and play, but until they overpay for that first guy, we're never going to land anyone.

Pete's reply: I want them to sign him, but you can make the case that if you "give him whatever he wants" you're falling right back into the kind of behavior that got the club into this 11-year mess.

this was on

Unless Mark Teixeira is willing to give the Orioles a major hometown discount, it does not appear he will be playing in Baltimore. Teixeira
The Orioles have stood by their initial offer and have not upgraded it, and sources say that the other teams involved in the bidding -- the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Washington Nationals -- have gone beyond Baltimore's proposal for the slugging first baseman.

I simply cannot wrap my head around this kind of money. What in the heck is going on? I remember when we thought it was insane that Kevin Brown got above 10 million a year, and now we are talking about $22-28 million?

Who do these owners think are going to go to these games? Attending baseball games is now officially an upper-class only privilege.

Downright shameful and sending a message to middle America that the ability to hit a baseball is worth 700x your productivity.

ESPN is now saying that the "O's" are out of the process. I know the O's have steered away from bidding wars like this, and I understand your speculation Pete since the O's have Never played this game of chicken.

But the flip side of the coin is that the "O's" won't have this sort of opportunity for years. The next big Tex type player won't consider the O's until the O's are contenders. If Mark goes to Boston, than those "competitive" years become further away, thus making it harder to land a Mark type. Plus, all the free agents in the next 3 years are not close to the level of player Mark is.

Pete, loosing this one looks to make the road ahead steeper in the future. Where as winning this one makes the road ahead easier. Why get involved in the process if they aren't going to get it done. pass the pepto.

Pete's reply: I'm a big fan of Buster, but just because he says something doesn't make it so. I don't think the O's will sign Tex and I've been saying that all along, but you still have to wait until somebody else does to bail on the situation.

hey, if texeira loves baltimore so much, he can take the acela down from boston or ny whenever he wants a crabcake.

it is about the money, not about hometown fuzzies. . . if angelos wants texeira, he has to pay the going rate. otherwise, this is just posturing.

Hey Pete S:

What gives here? Peter Angelos promised to keep first base open for the sole purpose of signing Tex, and now he does not back up his word and do what it takes to get him. He has the money to do it, but could care less about doing what it takes to win!! I wish you and the other writers would call him out on this.

Buster Olney has a new article up on espn.


I hope this is just AM keeping things quiet. He likes to work without the media scrutiny, but if this is true then I feel like we were in the running for Tex just to be in the running. AM never intended on signing him. I'm hoping like crazy that this is not true!

How greedy can the guy be. I mean isn't 20 million enough to live on for the rest of his life. There all overpaid and were struggling to pay our electric bills.

Hey Peter, who would you rather work for, the Baltimore Sun or the Boston Globe? Teixeria would be an idiot to sign with the Orioles when the Red Sox are offering half of Massachusetts along with $200+ mil and the best chance of getting a Ring or two.

Pete's reply: I'd rather work for the Baltimore Sun. I've had plenty of chance to go elsewhere, but like it here. I don't think the analogy works.

Of all the offers I've seen so far (with the exception of these speculative 10 yr, 220 mil contracts), the O's have put the most money per year on the table. Most of the other team's are floating 8 yrs @ 160, the O's are @ 7 yrs, 150. THat's $20 mil per year vs. $21.5 mil per year. I have to give Peter credit on this one. If someone wants to give him a ten yr A-Rod contract, so be it. 7-8 years sounds about right to me, maybe the O's should up it to 8 yr/$170 mil. But, if that doesn't do it, forget him and go after Dunn. He'd be sweet with the short right field porch.

Keep up the good work. This town has needed somebody with a good sense of humor since Jon Miller left.
Despite my best intentions, I've let myself get swept up in Tex-mania and it's driving me nuts.
Maybe we could borrow Ozzie from the Ravens for 24 hours so we can get the deal done. If nothing else, this process has given us the 1st good thing to think about since the Weiters signing (keep the faith, AM beat the odds there) and before that the Tejada signing. (Sadly I can't remember the last good O's moment before that.)
Any indication Tex signs with somebody soon or are we stuck waiting for Santa wearing orange and black?

It's starting to look like the Angels are backing out. Arte Moreno has said he has given his best offer and I have to believe they have been in talks since he came to Los Angeles, and it doesn't look like they've made very much progress. In addition Mike Scoscia has already commented on how much he loves Manny, and it looks like they are turning their attention to him. I never really believed the Yankees are a player, and I think they're just involved in it to drive up the price. Which leaves us with Washington, Boston, and Baltimore. I have to assume and have hope that Peter Angelos' obstinance will not allow the Nats to outbid us. He already was outspoken regarding the relocation of a franchise in the area and demanded strict television rights to maintain the fanbase. This would be extremely damaging for the fan base if the glory boy goes to Washington. Which leaves only Boston ahead of us in my eyes. I've thought they were the front-runner the whole way just because of Theo Epstein's brilliant decision-making ability and Boston's ability to contend immediately. I have to hope that if we can match Boston's offer, he would take the hometown team as Ravech believes. I just think Boston will outbid us for now.

Pete, due respect and all, but isn't Mark a very, very, different sort of player than Albert Belle and Miggy? Sure signing Mark may be the cart before the horse at this moment, and no paper has been signed, but to say that signing Mark is like the moves of the last 11 years is apples to oranges, right?

I mean, Tex isn't a mid-level guy, he's a top tier guy. Over spending on a top notch vs, mid-level is different...maybe?

Pete's reply: Don't misunderstand. I think they should try to sign him. I just don't agree that they should "give him whatever he wants." Just doesn't work that way and giving him too much handicaps you in other ways.

Hey Pete, I think the O's fans need to be realistic here. We're never going to be able to out spend the Yankees and Red Sox. My opinion we should drop from the Texiera sweepstakes and let him go to Boston or NY. We need to focus on wrapping up Markakis, and Roberts to long term deals, and get some damn pitching. We also need to go back to the "Orioles Way". Teach fundamentally sound baseball at all levels and groom the players to come up through the system, and play in the Bigs. It worked for Tampa right?

If he visits Baltimore in another uniform please don't be nice and make him feel welcome. Lets get nasty O's Fans!!!!!!!

Bernie from South Bend

My opinion on Tex is that he wouldn't mind being an Oriole. But he's trying to get a feel for how bad they really want him? Are the O's wining and dining him? Have any key players like BRob and Markakis contacted him? Are they treating him like a hometown king? If so, we have a chance - If not, then forget it.....


I'm starting to think the Orioles have some sort of blackmail evidence on the Sun reporters because they are rarely critical of him. I'm tired of hearing our offer to Teixiera is "substantial" when it's being described as not even in the same ballpark of the other clubs, including the lowly Nats. It's all relative. It may be substantial to the low standards Angelos has set around here but if you come in last in a bidding war and by a large margin it is not a substantial bid. If we don't change our offer I will always believe that this was just another Angelos PR ploy so he can tell the fans he tried, but never had any real intention of signing him. In other words, business as usual in the Warehouse.

Pete's reply: That's just bull. I've said this before Jeff, if you're going to question my integrity, I'd prefer you take your business elsewhere.

I think it is just sad how an agent runs such a large percentage of a free agent market. Teixeira is still going to get paid at least 20 million dollars per year, anywhere he goes!!! Isn't that dollar amount nice enough??? Come on Tex, put on that new Baltimore jersey, and return home!! You will be treated like a king.

The truth is, as fans we are being used. Teixeira has no intention of signing here and stating to Ravich that we are in the mix is a tactic used to up other offers, I thought he was a high character guy but it will be the highest bidder (Boston unfortunately). He should have said, "I want to play for my hometown team as long as they pay me the most..." The thing that get’s lost is that Teixeira could make additional $$ millions in endorsements in Baltimore but in Boston he is just another member of the team with maybe some small additional $$.

We are also being used by PA/AM, they want us to believe that they where in the mix so we don't jump ship but being 1 yr and $$ millions behind the other three is not "in the mix". They knew he would not accept such an offer with the others on the table, that's why they made it, face it there is no intention by O's ownership to bring him here, just to sit on the periphery and say "Ooops, we tried... Now buy your season tickets for the new kids in town".

I have been an O's fan unquestionably all my life and have endured the last 11 years like the rest of you but no more. I live in California so whenever the O's come to town I spend good $$ to get seats in the front row, behind the plate, behind the dugout, I wear my O's jersey and bring my kids, I traveled to Baltimore and paid the scalpers $$, purchase merchandise online, I also bought the MLB package on DTV to watch the games since I get nothing if I don't.

I went to games in Ca when the O's fans outnumbered the angels fans by at least 3-4 to one and the total attendance was less than 20k a game, all that is gone now. PA has decimated this team with his poor decisions and lack of concern for the fans (without the fans there is no team). It’s all about the will and determination to win of ownership.

I don't believe they really tried, they think the fans aren't smart enough, it's insulting and I've had enough... I'll bet you all of my O's merchandise (2 game balls, signed Ripken ball, jerseys, the #2 produced 50th anniversary bat, other signed merchandise and trinkets) I am right, Teixeira signs elsewhere and the O's offer never went beyond 7 yrs...

Personally, I hope teams let him dangle until the end of Jan. and the market dries up or at least, softens-kind of like what is occuring with Furcal. I know that Texiera has a bigger upside but maybe I can dream and hope that the RedSox and Angels reduce their offer, especially Boston who really don't have a position for him.

i give up i finally admit it, tex is not coming home and roberts wont be here next year either!! 100 loses next year and 120 the year after
the orioles always do this ALWAYS well we are gonna sign VLAD! BAM hes an angel, well we are gonna sign KONERKO! BAM! hes a whitesox, well we are gonna sign CARLOS LEE! BAM! hes an astro! now TEX will be going to the redsox it makes me just not wanna watch the orioles anymore i gurantee 1 thing. the orioles set a career low for attendence at candam yards last year, well this year will be a new record low!!! PA when will you learn we want a winner!!! just ship this JV team to INDI WITH THE COLTS!!!
maybe we will get the indians!

I have seen over a hundred references to the O's offering $150 million for seven years and other teams offering $160 for eight years. Can someone please explain to me how the Orioles offer is not better?????????? Everyone else in the world measures their own salary as $20 an hour or $50,000 a year, for instance. Isn't the O's offer more per year than the others?

Thankfully, this whole circus will be over soon, probably by next week.

As others have pointed out, the Angels are told Tex wants to be on the East Coast, the Nats & O's are told he wants to play on a winner, and the Red Sox & Yanks are told he wants to play near Severna Park.

Even though Tex may be "the boss" as Pete has mentioned, it sure seems like a crafty agent is at work here and everyone is being manipulated!

Unfortunately, as long as Scott Boras is pulling the strings, it will ONLY be about money. And if it's only about money, the O's don't have a chance.

I think we should have some faith in McPhail, however. The Cubs were lousy for decades and it looks like he was able to make them competitive within a couple of years, so maybe he does know what he's doing....

so i'm gonna just be really optimistic and say that Tex wants to play for the O's and Boras told Buster that the O's aren't in contention to jack up the O's offer. Why else would the O's be the only team out of contention if Tex had expressed interest in playing in bmore?

so who's with me on this optimism? pete?

Pete's reply: Well, the thought has crossed my mind, but I'm still not optimistic.


In regards to contracts, can you please define quantitative stats further? Why are the number of HR's or number of RBI's not considered a quantitative number? Thanks.

Pete's reply: Well, they are in the straight semantic sense, but baseball's labor agreement separates those that are qualitative. So if a guy gets a bonus for 500 at-bats, it is a measure of how much he plays, not how well. He gets the money whether he hits 100 or 300. The labor agreement is written that way to avoid integrity issues. For example, if a player were at 49 homers and got $1 million for his 50th, he could -- theoretically, pay a pitcher $100,000 to groove him a fastball. Probably wouldn't happen, but that's the reason they make the distinction.

Hey Pete when do you think MLB will approach the govt. for a bailout?

Has affinity for Orioles
translation - We'll use there name to jam it to the Red Sox for a few extra million
Typical Borass, the guy is a pox on humanity


I keep seeing all of these comments about we shouldn't sign Tex because we need to do so many other things like: signing Nick and Brian and getting more pitching. Who is going to want to resign with the O's if they don't start signing some quality free agents. We have been bottom feeding for the past 10 years and look where that got us. If we could have singed Tex other top level and mid-level free agents would have taken a look at us. Now we will keep bottom feeding and hope that our draft picks and trades do the job! Don't hold your breath!

Here's my theory. reporting O's may be out because they haven't upped offer. maybe a PR move so that when Tex goes to O'd he gets the benefit (at least in media eyes) as having taken a little less to play for the hometown team. He also didn't just make a money grab to play with a team that has been a decade long loser.He becomes sort of the anti CC Sabathia - didn't go somewhere he didn't want for all the money. Looks like a good guy, realizes his boyhood dream and doesn't have quite as much longterm pressure to live up a monstrous AROD like contract expectations. Hopefully I'll prove to be the genius. The more I've followed this the more I feel like this is the key turning point of the next 5 years. It will send a different message to fans and other players the O's are back to compete.

Reading between the lines:

exhibit A, Payroll: '07, 95 million, '08 67 million, '09 reduction of another 21 million (Payton, Miller, Cabrera, Hernendez, Bardford). Difference of almost 50 million a year.

exhibit B, MASN: the amount of money being made from the MASN deal is speculative at best, but there was no money in '07 coming from it, so call it an increase...

exhibit C, attendance: the attendance at Camden is down, and any increase will only help the fortunes of the club. Mark is the only player that will excite the fan base enough to fill seats in down years like '09.

exhibit D, prospects: the O's have a wealth of good prospects, and as AM has said before, nothing breeds success like success. Having a potent line-up will help get youngsters more "W's" and people like Guthrie will have their values go up. (wasn't Guthrie one of those in the lead for least amount of run support last year?)

with 50 million + of yearly monies, it SEEMS like there is money to extend toward Mark. If not spending it on a Marque, Iconic, and franchise changing player like Mark, I'd have to ask who than gets that type of money? A mentor to the younger players, a player the team can promote endlessly, and someone who can reinvigorate a depressed fan base. Is there really such a hang up at a few million more a year or a couple years more?

I still think the media is under playing the O's, and the O's will get Mark. Always darkest before dawn right?

I'm tapping out, We aren't signing Tex and we are looking at another year under 500. with very little hope for the future. I'm done.

Part of what you pay Tex has to come back to how much it is worth to keep him out of Boston and New York. Saving $16M a year is meaningless if he goes to one of your biggest competitors. Offer him 9 years at $22M per year and consider that a $6M a year investment to prevent the Yankees and Red Sox from getting him.

Pete - Didn't both Teixeira and Wieters play at Georgia Tech? Don't suppose that connection would help? Might be kind of neat for two GT grads to be in a position to lead a floundering team back into contention and back in line with the team's storied history.

You arent so bad!! You try to be honest and not let your heart guide you!! Sometimes I think kyou are scared for the sake of journalism of letting heart speak at all!! For this I have decided your last name should be Olney!! It is Busters last name that should be Schmuck!!! I hope Mcphail put it in that jokers ear, whether we win or lose!! He has no credibility!! Does he make his reports up?

Pete's reply: No, Buster is a great reporter. Used to work alongside him. He's got his sources and he evaluated the situation based on the info he got. He may turn out to be right, but there's just too much conflicting information flying around right now.

Fact of the matter is we need pitching more than we need Mark Texiera, it would be nice to have him , but how many more wins will the O's have with him and the same sorry pitching maybe 5, that is about it, get some pitching and we are at least in the hunt and then we can get Texiera caliber players . Can you blame a guy for not wanting to play on a team with no chance of winning due to it's lack of pitching, you build championship teams around pitching and defense, why do more people not understand this, we need to get off the emotion of getting Texiera and land some real quality pitching and then we will start to at least make a move toward being a contender!

if i understand this correctly, all of the other teams have offered him $20 mil a year...on the other hand, we (O's), offered him 7 yrs @ 140 to 150 mil...go the high # and we have an offer of approx 21.4 mil a year on the table...that seem like a right calculation ? that would have us as paying him more a year than the other offers ?

Pete, I agree. He's not coming here. Everyone's delusional. If he came here, he'd be another Miguel Tejada--a great player on a lousy team who will eventually become grumpy and want out. Maybe we could trade him for 10 players then. But he's not coming here--he's going to a winner.

Why in the hell is everyone listening to what Buster Olney has to say! He is not privy to what is going on inside the Werehouse. He is not a part of the O's bargaining unit. Jus stop it!! He, nor Peter Gammons or anyone else is on the Orioles payroll. None of them have any idea what Andy or PA are planning to do, wheter it be bowing out or upping the ante.
I live in Rhode Island, and have ton losten to all these homers on sports talk radio talk about how Tex will put their offense in a league of it's own if and when the Sox sign him. Makes me sick!! But, again, they don't have anything done yet, so it's all speculation. I will say this though, if he does sing up with the "red flops", I pefrsonally wil be done with baseball. I'll root for the Ravens and Capitols. Speaking of Caps, got to love the way their owner gets things done. Wasted no time locking up Oveckian. Too bad he didn't own the O's. We would not be having this discussion.

Someone above posted the Red Sox buy all their talent. They had 9 home grown players on their team last year. Also, since the current owners took over 6 years ago they've only signed Drew and Matsuzaka , as FA, for contracts over $40 million. They were in 4th place for the amount of their 2008 payroll.

Doesn't it sound ridiculous for us to be throwing these huge amounts around in converation with the current economic conditions?

Teixeira is asking the Orioles to up the ante by letting info seep out that they have not added to their initial offer. He is saying that he wants to play for Baltimore, but he doesn't want to look the fool for taking so much less to do so. The Orioles need to just get in the ballpark, or get out of the ballpark business.

I'm getting pessimistic but if the Nats ainte up and sign Tex and we wind up with Ponson, the closest I'll come to Camden Yards this year will be Pickles. Peter, I know you do yourself no favors by calling out PA, but in the interest of journalistic integrity, you gotta let him have it if this comes to pass. Rather than 'Baltimore' on our new jerseys, we should've put 'Kansas City.'

Honestly if i were Tex, i wouldn't sign with the orioles. The main reason being because the orioles are aat least 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 years from compeating. And I am a huge O's fan. Also i dont think it would be in the orioles best intrest to spend all that money on 1 player when they are this far away from winning. Think about it. If the Orioles offer him lets just say $20 Million a year. That would be 1/4 of their entire payroll. And when they do get to where they want to be they wont have the money to lock-up any of their "fresh young talent". And lastly, Mark Teixeira will not make the orioles instant contenders like alot of fans think. Nor will he fill camden yards every night. Because as much as it sucks, thats the only thing the genious owning this orginazation cares about.


I'm not questioning you're integrity but I can't recall a Sun article ever taking a cynical view of our interest in Teixiera. Is it beyond a stretch of the imagination to think that this was just a PR ploy? Maybe we'll sign him and I'll gladly eat my words if we do but we've been down this road before and too often it ends in us "not coming in the same ballpark" of supposedly targeted Free Agents. The blackmail thing was obviously a joke and not meant to insult but meant to point out the fact that Angelos usually gets a free pass in this paper. I know in the past that Angelos has been accused of witholding Press passes to reporters that have been critical of him and in the past reprimanding announcers and having them fired so I'm not coming completely from left field on this.

Pete's reply: It certainly is not out of the question that the O's are pursuing Tex half-heartedly, but you have to wait and see how it turns out before you level that charge. It's not over yet.

I've said this before and I'll say it again...How could Tex sign with the Red Sox? They jerked him around in '98 when Tex was drafted out of high school. Tex has said that it has directly effected him when he speaks with potential draft-ees. It would be a huge disappointment and a sellout if he went with the Sox. I am beginning to hate them as much as the Yankees.

I LOVE the Ravens, don't get me wrong. But I NEVER thought there'd be a day where ANY team would jump over the O's in my eyes. Well Ravens, you're getting close...

Pete--What are your thoughts on Tex's original draft by the Red Sox? I mean, am I wrong here?

Pete's reply: I've heard that reasoning many times, but the people who did that to Tex aren't there anymore....and $200 million will sooth a lot of hurt feelings.

Who really cares where he goes? If he wants to play for a winner go somewhere else, it's not going to happen here, the past 11 years is proof. If he wants to play in Baltimore 20-28M per year what is the difference? This is the exact reason I lost interest in baseball, the amount of guaranteed money they make is insane. Take the money pick up three or four lower tier free agents that fit specific needs and move on to another below 500 season. No big time player wants to be here, this organization is bad, and that is an upgrae from horrible before McPhail showed up. Maybe in another 4 years if Andy sticks around we'll be able to land a 2nd class free agent.....

Peter ,
Below is a blog I left on MLB .com. I think you do a fantastic job, I actually want your opinion on my thoughts!! Repeat this is not about you!!

Wow!! Seems as though some are not very educated!! This includes the media at MLB!! This report is junk. It is garbage , speculative rubbish, whome ever writes it should be fired!! They have no ability to go out and get a story!! This is junk made up by a bitter Buster Olney!! Now lets state facts. we have the best ballpark in the game!! Baltimore is not a thug town, while it is true we do not have the population of New york or Boston ,we can compete. Why? WE ARE THE RICHEST MARKET IN THE COUNTRY!!! OUR HOUSING BUBBLE DID NOT BURST!!! OUR PEOPLE MAKE AND SPEND MUCH MORE MONEY!! WE ARE BASEBALL OBSSESSED!! That is why Mark Teixeira is so great, he comes from a place where we breathe the game all year round!! There is much more money to be made here by Teixeira than any where else!! Boras knows this!! I am real sure they are exploring all sponsorship revenue options for a hometown hero , that would sweeten his pot!! Mcphail is the shrewdest negotiator in the game!! Boras is the toughest agent ever!! Angelos is the best ambulance chaser that has ever lived in the history of litigation!!! Folks this is going to take a while!! Do you really think negotiating with the 15 yr old Theo Epstein, or The Steinbrenner boys who remind me of the Darryls from Newhart would take this long!!The Orioles live and breathe on hometown heroes!! Do you really think in your Boston and New York arrogance he will go any place else!!! We are going to bite you in theyou know what just like Tampa Bay did!!! We have a much better bullpen than both!! We have the best rightfielder in the game!! Soon to be we will have the best catcher in the game!! Left field, Center field, Shortstop, 3rd base all well above average position players!! Our DH is the best in baseball!! Our ace had more quality starts than both of your staffs combined!! We have the three best pitching prospects in the game not named Price right behind him!! Arrietta, Tillman, Matusz!, google them!! Mark Teixeira will comes home, they take a year to gel, get the kids ready, no pressure for Mark to get cooking!! Come 2010, Baltimore will be unstoppable!! Research it insead of being all fat and lazy!! The news media does no work!! They re-write the same damn stuff!! Just like the other day when they wrote about a lie on the radio and called it facts!!!! To the Boston and Newyork bandwagon, you are all wearing Orioles hats ,you just do not realize it yet!!!

Pete's reply: I'll give you this. You've got a lot of passion.

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