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December 14, 2008

Teixeira rumor (Part Deux)

We've done some checking to see if there's anything to the rumors that Mark Teixeira is here at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens' stadium operations personnel are aware of the rumors, but told a Baltimore Sun employee that no one had requested any special accommodation. Loosely translated: If Teixeira's here, he's in the stands as a fan.

That wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination, since his parents still live in Severna Park and it's the holiday season, but Orioles sources are saying that if he is at the game, it is not in conjunction with anything connected to the team and there is no truth to the rumor he is going to undergo a physical here tomorrow.

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Thought the O's were catching a break today...

You never know with AM though. Nothing is final with him til 10 minutes after it's done. And since hope is all I have as an O's fan, I'm gonna stick with it.

Rumor that mark texeira will sign with the o's next week was accurate!!!! he will accept the contract that will pay him 7 yrs 150 million dollars with a 3 year opt if he chooses to. you can believe that.

This is the kind of the thing the Orioles should be doing though. They should be wooing Teixeira as much as they can!

well peter the cake is all dough. i just read on M L that the evil enemy has entered the bidding. i can't say here what i would really like to call them. if they lock tex up we just might as well concede the 09 season. if i were a betting man you won't see the yankees go a 9th year without making the world series.

The ball wasn't in the end zone, but that's what happens when you play not to lose instead of playing to win. Nice coaching job Harbaugh!

The Teixeira rumor wasn't the only rumor at the Ravens' game today...rumor also has it that Rex Ryan was seen writing "I must remember that the 'prevent defense' prevents us from winning" 10,000 times on a blackboard after the game.

Why would the Baltimore Ravens or Orioles spill the beans about Texiera being at the game...
or taking a physical in Baltimore tomorrow???
To gloat would certainly alert the Nationals & Red Sox to up the ante on their recent offers???
Seems a very stupid move to be arrogant and loose lipped about possibly closing a sweet deal.

Like Angelos would come to a Ravens game. His season tickets are used by employees each game.

Would be nice if it was true. But he will be a yankee this week. Great day to be a Baltimore sports fan.

Since it doesn't seem he wants to sign with the O's, maybe he was in dressed as a Steeler fan? Or maybe he is a Steeler fan?

I am a die hard Orioles season ticket holder. I hate to say it, but Texiera is not coming here. No one of great significance is for that matter. The O's know their offer is not good enough and have said they do not plan to increase it. It is almost like a token bid for him just to make the fans think they are trying. NOT! We will be let down as always. The O's can't even get deals done with Roberts and Markakis. Please Mr Angelos, sell the team! I heard a guy named Ripken may be interested.

Don't believe anything you hear or read. I still believe he's not coming to the Orioles. Hate to be a pessimist, but that's what this franchise has made me.

What your source Derrick Coleman? Are you the one the played for the NJ Nets. I hope you are accruate, I am going to go ahead and believe until I hear differently. Yes!!!

Tex is going to Boston so he can play the scheduled home games in Boston and also the rest of the Red Sox home games in Baltimore.

I hate to do it, but I have to agree with BCA and Jon and I hope we are all wrong. Also the Ravens were jobbed by the officials but scoring 9 points ain't going to win too many games in the NFL

Well, I guess the baseball topic of the day will continue to revolve around Texiera, until he signs somewhere(and likely for awhile after..).
Those that state that the O's never signed any top-tier free agents and/or that the O's are too cheap must have forgot about Tejada, Javy Lopez, Ramon Hernandez and of course, Dannys Baez. Optimism abounded, particularly when Miggy came on board. He was an MVP and at the time, considered the gem of the free agent crop and one of the top all-around SS in MLB. I guess you can say that Tex is now at the same level and with a projected worse supporting cast, is he really going to make us that much better?
He also comes with a much higher price tag. He has gone on record as saying that one of his criteria is to play for a winning team so how realistic is it to expect him to come to Baltimore? So why bash the O's so much if Tex doesn't sign on here? Yes, they made an offer which some perceive as low ball yet I'm sure that even if the O's coughed up 25 mill per year, Texiera will decline if he can play for a winner like LA/Boston for 20 mill. per. Of course, I suppose we can make that offer or even higher and really force his hand but doesn't laying out 200-250 mill for one player can of tie our hands somewhat financially?
Everyone assumes King Peter has an endless supply of $$$ but there's no way of knowing his actual worth,etc..

It was Sam Teixeira, my tailor

In an alternate universe AM would have an "understanding" (wink, wink) with Tex and Scott Boras that would go something like this.

"OK here's the plan, the Orioles will make one bid - because everyone knows the were interested and it would look suspicious if we don't. At the same time we really don't want to participate in a bidding war. So go on, talk to the Red Sox, the Angels, the Nationals - even the Yankees! Go ahead and make your best deal, bring it to us and we'll BEAT it. Of course, terms of this arrangement must remain a secret."

Remember, I did say "in an alternate universe."

Angelos- Irsay.........sounds and looks the same to me. Irsay did the exact samething. Never wanted to build a winner until Jimmy Irsay took over the club. Ever hear the name Elway? He didn't want to come to Baltimore either. I wonder why? Angelos, I mean Irsay.

There was also a rumor reported by a local sports network that an offer of 9yrs 180 million was soon to come from the Orioles. Heard anything about that?

Pete's reply: I've heard every number you can imagine.

Is there anything more on Tex's wish to have the team decided by Christmas?

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