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December 14, 2008

Teixeira rumor control

There's a rumor flying around that Mark Teixeira is in the Baltimore area and will attend the Ravens game today as a guest of Peter Angelos. This would be very nice if it was true, but I can't confirm it and I have serious doubts.

The first I heard of it was on my radio show yesterday afternoon on WBAL (1090 AM), when a guy called in claiming to live in Tex's old neighborhood in Severna Park and said that Tex was in town and would be going to the Ravens game. Since it is a call-in radio show, there really was no way to confirm whether the guy was on the up-and-up, but the comment went out over the air on a big radio station and I started getting questions posted on the blog asking if it was true.

This morning, there are more comments claiming that the rumor had hit ESPN's SportsCenter. Again, I didn't watch the show, so I don't know what -- if anything -- was reported. But the rumor had grown to include the nugget that Peter would make his final offer for Teixeira during this meeting.

It's all pretty shaky. If Buster Olney reported it, I'd believe it because he could have gotten it directly from Angelos. If he didn't report it and it was floated as a rumor, I'm very skeptical since, again, Buster probably could call Peter and find out for sure.

The rumor heated up late last night when broadcaster/O's fan Roy Firestone posted something on Orioles Hangout at about midnight, more than 10 hours after the thing was floated on my show. Again, he could have heard something independently -- since he added that Tex would be taking a physical in Baltimore on Monday -- but the buzz had already started and there were several comments about it on my blog by then.

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Pete, I'm one of those who watched it on ESPN and they reported it as fact, not a rumor. The huge offer part may be conjecture, but it seemed pretty solid that Tex would be at the game with PA.

We can hope that PA tells Tex that he wants Camden Yards to be as loud as M&T and Tex is the one who can get the stadium jumping again.

Peter -
Maybe you can place a call to CSN's Brent Harris, because he (in addition to the SportsCenter report) has reported this as well last night and this morning on Comcast SportsNet.


The rumor was in fact aired at the end of the 10 am sportscenter. It not only stated Tex would be attending the Ravens game as a "guest of Peter Angelos," but that an offer would be extended by Angelos at that time.

Hey Pete,

It must be true. I read it on the internet.

Oh I forgot. Who do you like in the Rose Bowl?

Pete's reply: I like Joe Pa to be out of breath after he runs out of the tunnel. Then I like the Trojans to crush Penn State.

Peter (not you Schmuck).....


Knowing the O's luck, Tex will be there wearing a Red Sox hat.

Hey Pete, isn't Firestone a pretty reliable source/reporter? If all of this turns out to be true, I predict a very merry Christmas!

Pete's reply: Firestone is an old friend, but I don't know where he would get that kind of info on a Saturday night.

Both you and Roch are doing your darndest, aren't you? It must be annoying not being able to report stuff until it's "confirmed". That's the problem with corporate blogs.

Pete's reply: No, Roch and I have background as real news/sports reporters and we aren't going to tell you something is true when it probably isn't. If you want to be lied to, there are plenty of fringe sites on the internet where you can delude yourselves.

I think you may have touched a nerve with that last post, Peter. A few too many people drinking the Haterade there.

Keep up the good work. If you can bring us some good news every now and again, that's great too, but I think reasonable people can recognize that one's out of your hands.

As an aspiring journalist, I always thought that if you thought it was true, it's enough to say it's fact.

In all honesty, I applaud your ability to not get caught up in the excitement and to report the facts you know. Other news sources are not necessarily the ones we should check out to confirm facts, and Sports Center is an entertainment show. Buster has to be one of the most trusted reporters they have, as you mention, and if that blurb on Sports Center did not say "Buster Olney told us/reported..." I don't immediately trust it.

Finally, can you please explain to me why Andy MacPhail has not come up in any of these rumors? I know Peter Angelos is an involved owner compared to other organizations, but let's be real, Andy has been running this ship a lot more than the other guys Angelos as had. So, why would there be credibility to a rumor that doesn't even mention MacPhail?

Even if this is a rumor, its an exciting one. IF Tex is there at any capacity it is good news, whether its with Angelos or not. This guy IS the target and has been the target. The Os dont trust Boras which is why so few of his clients sign here but Wieters was signed last year, if Im not mistaken the first client of Boras since Ben McDonald. Thats a long time in between Boras clients.
Ive heard a lot of rumblings about signing Adam Dunn IF they cant land Tex. My thinking is sign Dunn now when no one else is involved and have him,Huff, Markakis and hopefully Tex still play pepper with the right field scoreboard, that the Os have never taken full advantage of having.

I think the key here is if Boras is in baltimore...although i read the post by Roy Firestone on Orioleshangout and he did say there was a physical for monday(which usually means an agreement of terms right?) now its on a message board site so i dont know if that is credible or not.

If Tex is at the game and they show him on the big screen, I see no way that Tex doesn't come to Baltimore. The stadium would absolutely erupt and I think Tex would finally realize what he means to Baltimore. Let's get it done PA and GO RAVENS!!!

hahahaha Eric that is hillarious.

Or even worse, a Steelers jersey!

"M" is for Money, as in Scott Boras wants a lot of it.

I keep checking this blog for more Tex updates. However, I only have internet at work, and will be leaving at four. I don't know if I can wait 'til tomorrow morning. the part of me that has seen the last decade says it will never happen. The kid in me that watched Cal Ripken Jr.... well that's the part that keeps making me check back.

Send in the big gun. It is widely held that when Pete wants to actually get something done, he is as effective as when he doesn't or isn't sure.

I can't imagine being from here, going to the stadium with Pete, getting offered $180 or so (my personal belief), and saying, "You know, I got to say no. I'll go play for a team I grew up hating, play my home team 16 times a year, all for a few million more. By the way, I know I would be viewed as a hero and never pay for anything within 90 miles of Bmore, but I'll take the cash"

That's just me.

Ask Rosenthal.....he knows everything.

Dear Peter;

While I must admit that I have a lot of mixed opinions about how I feel about the Orioles and it's ownership, but believe it or not, even more so IN MY CASE against the press. ...yes, sometimes even more negative feelings to the press, but the point of this is to say that you are doing more than your share here amigo. What a professional job you are doing by admitting to what is and is not reported by you. Setting the record straight.

I do of course wish we get him and at all financial costs as I believe that if it is out of control, why not just contribute :)

Anyway, good job my friend and while I am not sure if you care what I think of you, your rep with me has just changed

I may not change back so if u wanna email me to let me know you got this, it makes me feel good to know I made someone else feel good

keep up the good work

Pete's reply: I definitely appreciate the nice words and hope they find a way to sign him, though I'm not holding my breath.

Tex would be an idiot to sign here. Seriously, go win a World Series.

For what it's worth, an Orioles spokesman says the rumors are NOT true.

Oh well, a girl can dream. My husband and I were married on 10/15/83. Held the wedding up to hear the end of the game. ...will keep hoping the ownership sees the light.

If Teixeira wants to win, there is zero chance he's signing with BAL. Keep dreaming

Heads up - Roy Firestone posted on the Orioles Hangout that Mark Teixeira will parachute from Santa's sleigh into Camden Yards on Christmas morning.

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