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December 8, 2008

Orioles: This and that

Just some scuttlebutt picked up by me or O's beat reporter Jeff Zrebiec (mostly Jeff) in the hallways of the Bellagio over the past hour or two:

Former O's pitcher Erik Bedard, who was re-examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum here over the weekend, has received the go-ahead to throw for the first time on Wednesday. Yocum is the orthopedic surgeon who did Bedard's shoulder cleanup.

The Orioles apparently have gotten several inquiries about Daniel Cabrera ahead of their upcoming decision whether to tender him a contract for next year and expose themselves to salary arbitration.

O's outfielder Luke Scott is the latest member of the team to turn up at the Winter Meetings. He said he's just here to meet with his agent. Scott's agent also represents free agent left-handed reliever Will Ohman, who the Orioles are interested in. O's pitching coach Rick Kranitz has worked with Ohman before and team officials feel he would be a great addition to the bullpen.

San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers held court in the media room a few minutes ago, but would not comment on whether the Orioles were involved in the attempt to trade pitcher Jake Peavy to the Chicago Cubs. "I don't want to get into who the third or fourth team may be,'' he said.

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Any truth to the rumor tht Pete Rose is hanging out in the Bellagio's Race and Sports Book?

Pete's reply: I haven't seen him, but you know that I don't hang around seedy places like that.

Thanks for the updates Peter.

I hope fans aren't expecting a tremendous amount of news to happen on day one, but it is nice to hear about some of the names the Orioles are interested in.

I hadn't heard the O's being interested in Ohman before.

Who would have thought that there would be much interest in Cabrera? Since the team seems to be on the fence about his arbitration situation, I'd say you deal him. I would have to think that when Cabrera becomes a free agent that the Orioles would re-sign him anyway. If that is the case, you might as well see what you can get for him.

All the while we are wondering "what could be if..." he's been unreliable the whole time and hasn't shown any progression.

Have fun in Vegas Peter.

Speaking of Kranitz, is there any scuttlebutt about him and his standing in the organization. Is he still a seeming unconditional Trembley ally? How (dis)pleased is the organization with his first year on the job (which I think one would have to dub a disappointment), and what, if anything, does that do to his status heading into the next year?

Pete's reply: I haven't heard that there's any discontent on either side.

I'm no Ramon fan, but Freel doesn't look like much. A fourth outfielder with no pop? A speedster coming off hamstring surgery? No thanks.

Trading Ramon would make the winter meetings for me. I don't see how this team will ever develop solid young SPs if Ramon is still the catcher. There are times during a game when one of our pitchers will throw ball after ball while Ramon doesn't even go to the mound to say something or attempt to calm the pitcher down.

Pete, any talks about Cesar or are the O's still waiting for the Rule 5?

D Cab's arbitration will cost the O's a lot of money for a guy who is not getting any better so a trade might be the quickest and cleanest way out of the should we or shouldn't we offer him salary arbitration.

I'd like to see Bedard and Jerry back with the O's. We know Bedard is good plus one has to think, he wants to prove how good he is because 08 was the lowest of his professional career. O's might have more pressing needs, but Jerry's ability to play numerous positions, is a huge upgrade over Fahey.

Pete's reply: Yes, I think Izturis is still in play.

The bullpen sounds like a strength next year. Any news on the starter front - other than the offers for Daniel. Any idea what the interest has been for Daniel?

What is the point for a player under contract to meet w/ his agent at the winter meetings? Wouldnt his agent have bigger issues at stake?? Is Scott's camp assisting in finding a trade partner? Or is Scott's agent an Ari Gold type & he is there to be seen?

"I'm no Ramon fan, but Freel doesn't look like much. A fourth outfielder with no pop? A speedster coming off hamstring surgery? No thanks."

Keep in mind that Freel, in a perfect world, would not need to be a starter for this team. He'd be a good role player for us because we have a predominantly LH hitting outfield. He brings things to the table that Luke Scott out in LF can't. He bats right handed, he has speed, he has range in the OF, is a better defensive player, and makes fairly consistent contact.

He also brings some versatility. No, Freel won't be a tremendous player, but look at what we are trading away. Unless Ramon's defense somehow improves, he is a liability at his position. Given his age, he is more likely to get worse than maintain or get better.

If the Orioles were not to get Freel you'd have an unproven rookie in Reimold, or a defensively challenged Montanez as the lead candidates...or the other retreads we have in AAA that haven't really set the world on fire.

Have you lost that lousy shirt yet peter? btw Is there a backup plan in the works if Izturis is a no go?

Pete's reply: I don't know, but I'm guessing if there is, you're not going to like it.

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