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December 30, 2008

Orioles: Sexson an option at 1B?

sexsonmug.jpgThe Orioles still are trying to figure out what they'll do at first base this coming season, and they've given some consideration to attempting a salvage operation with former 45-homer guy Richie Sexson. Club officials apparently have had at least one conversation with Sexson's agent, Casey Close, though the depth of their interest is uncertain.

Sexson's offensive numbers have been in steep decline for the past couple of years, but he might be a worthwhile gamble if he's willing to take an incentive-laden contract. He turned 34 yesterday, so he would definitely be a temporary fix, but he has hit 30 or more homers six times in his career and hit 45 homers in 2001 and 2003. He split a very disappointing 2008 season between the Seattle Mariners and the Yankees.

No doubt, such a signing would be viewed as another sign of the apocalypse by a lot of Orioles fans who are tired of this kind of low-impact maneuver, but I'll take all the spring training subplots I can get at this point.

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If the Orioles want a player who strikes out a ton and actually can still hit HRs they should get Adam Dunn. Richie Sexson (and the rumored Hinske) are a joke and an insult. I'd rather have Millar than either in a heartbeat.

He's solid against lefties, so maybe a platoon role. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of flexible position players and will need lots of pitchers, so how much we can carry a guy for 250 AB's at 1B/DH means we probably can't really take advantage of him.

I actually like this news. Give him an incentive-laden contract and see what Terry Crowley can do with his horrid strike out numbers. What the hell? Could be a huge (though probably unlikely) upside.

Isn't Sexton a train wreck defensively? I'd rather have Huff at first. Sexton is no Carlos Pena and is filling space...


If the O's wanna make a smart move, then they should deal someone for Hank Blalock. Maybe Texas would like Luke Scott.

Oh, I get it...we're building a BASKETBALL team...Please make it stop, or give us an indication that we are heading in the right direction...

Happy New Year, Pete...keep up the good work...

Are we sure Angelos isn't trying to pull a "Major League" and relocate the team to warmer climate if the attendance falls below one million?

Pete... That ain't even funny. Just say you mis-heard the FO and they actually said someone was having a conversation about the sex of his baby.

Hank Blalock of the blown out rotator cuff and can't hit like he used to and will probably now be a 1b/DH only type for now? You really want to trade for him?

Hinske actually wouldn't be a bad idea, but the problem with him is that he is also a LH hitter, so not really a good platoon option with Huff.

Sexson (or Sexton as Palmer likes to always call him) would have to come on the REAL cheap and accept a minor league base contract. I doubt there are a lot of teams calling him up after the abysmal couple of seasons he's put together. If he looks good in Spring and he makes the club he can get a bunch of incentives. If he doesn't make the club out of Spring he could go to AAA or maybe have an opt out making him a FA to sign with whatever other team wants him.

I really don't think he's got much left, but desperate times and desperate measures go hand in hand. If he doesn't pan out, oh well. If he does, Andy looks like a genius.

Another short term fix (to replace Huff next season) could be Adam LaRoche who will be a FA after the 2009 season. His 2008 campaign was cut short by injury, so I will be interested to see how he rebounds from it. He's no Tex, but 25-30HR with a .270ish average isn't too bad and you'd have to think that playing in Camden Yards would help add to his power numbers as well.

i'd rather the o's give lou hernanadez at shot at first base dh or even salazar at first base and dh or try to get adam dunn. at least he's still hitting a lot of hr's.

By comparison to Hendrickson - apples and oranges - he is a much better choice, because he has done it before.

Wieters at first and Quiroz behind the plate. There's your answer.

I kinda like Huff as the main 1B, with DH split between Scott/Montanez/Reimold/Salazar, etc.

hmmm hendrickson sexson its like trading in 82 chevy for a 83 chevy ,please these are not even quick fixes just isults to us fans .


With the economy in a deep dive, the stock market and housing market off some 30% I really appreciate getting home from work each day and look forward to my daily dose of Oriole humor. These guys have me in stiches with the cheap stopgap options they are contemplating. Seriously, our potential list of players is a who's who of who's who's. It seems Andy is working the transaction wire, specifically the list of players who appeared in the cut catagory! Attendance will not break 1.4 Million and is heading south by the day!

Pete's reply: I'll take that bet.

I don't know what to say about this possible signing at all. If Sexson is signed to a minor level contract then I guess I can live with that.

Why not just place Scott at DH, Huff at 1B, and Montanez/Reimold at LF?

I used to be an O's fan for the competition, but now it's for the comedy!!!

Let the rebuilding plan continue to unfold !!!

Geez; why don't they just bring in Sam Horn and/or Calvin Pickering to platoon with Sexson; and let's sign Sammy Sosa too, I read earlier this week where he wants to make a comeback.

I think its a great move.. The guy is only 34....Still has power and alot to prove to himself and the league

Didn't we have that guy before except his name was Gibbons?

I like to see Salazar get a shot, instead of Sexson. You know they want to bring back Millar, if Sexson is an option.

I like the idea of having Huff at 1B until the trade deadline, at which point we could possibly deal him and have Salazar (who could DH prior) there for the rest of the year. I think having Huff there at 1st and getting him regular field time, should increase his value assuming he does a decent job. We may be able to get some infield prospects at 3B, SS or 2B or more pitching. Of course, we may not need SS if we can land Green from USC in the draft.

Just another cheap move by the Orioles. they way we've trimmed assets the past 2 years smells of something. Hey Pete, any chance Mr. Angelos is stripping the baby down for a sale???

Pete's reply: I doubt it, since a good team is more valuable than a bad team.

For the love of God NOOOOOOO!!!!

There is a reason that no one else has signed this guy. The Orioles need to quit trying to sign these reclamation projects and get real, legitimate major leaguers. Sexson is not very good defensively and is horrid at the plate except for the 30 to 40 times ALL SEASON when he hits a ball and it goes a long way. Otherwise, he's a very large windmill at home plate.

Sorry, I forgot to add that I just don't see the O's needing to spend money at 1B.

Isn't Sexson what a dad asks his son after the boy had a big date the night before?

Sex son?

Minor league deal.

Richie that is.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sexson couldn't get around on the fastball last year. Why would anybody think that he'll be better when he's a year older?

But hey, I'll bet he's cheap!

This offseason is turning into a horrible joke.

It makes no sense not to spend some money at this spot, and the best way to do that is to sign Ramirez or Dunn.

They aren't blocking anyone at DH, and the O's can spend some of that money they've saving for a decade to make the 2009 O's more competitive for their fans while doing NOTHING to slow the vaunted rebuilding process.

Is there one good reason we can't spend some money and quit looking for bargains at EVERY POSITION.

Pete's reply: I wouldn't sign Manny to play on a young team.

I don't understand this move. Why look to replace Huff. At this point there doesn't seem to be anyone better out there. Why don't they just extend Huff a couple more years? I guess you could try Sexson at DH......

Huff to 1B, Scott to DH, Reimold to LF.

Really, how tough can this be, Andy?

Who said he is replacing Huff?

The Orioles are now in desperate need of a RH power bat now that Hernandez is gone. This guy (whomever they sign) will primarily play against lefties and could go in at DH/1b/ or LF.

Roberts: Switch hitter, not much HR power

Mora: RH; 20ish HR power

Markakis LH; 20-30 HR power

Huff: LH; 20-30 HR power

Scott: LH; 20-25 HR power

Iztuirs: Switch hitter; 0-1 HR power

C? Zaun?: Switch hitter; 5-10 HR power

Jones: RH; 10-20(?) HR Power

Freel: RH; 5 HR power

Dunn is LH, so is Hinske.

Here are Adam Dunn's #s:

2008 Season Stats
Season 158 517 79 122 23 0 40 100 122 164 2 1 .236 .386 .513 .898
Career 1131 3871 699 955 201 8 278 672 797 1256 59 19 .247 .381 .518 .900

And here are Salazar's (incl. last yr at Norfolk):

2008 Season
NOR INT .316 112 443 73 140 42 3 13 85 227 42 56 8 2 .371 .512 .883
Minors .316 112 443 73 140 42 3 13 85 227 42 56 8 2 .371 .512 .883
MLB .284 34 81 13 23 3 0 5 15 41 12 13 0 1 .372 .506 .879

Considering that Salazar had a .451 OBP this Winter in the Venezuelan League, maybe his eye is getting a little better, not that it was that bad at all before.

Also, Dunn made $10.5 Mil. and Salazar made near minimum. So which seems like a better value? I'd rather save that money and see what we can do with it when we really need it.

Isn't this just signing another Aubrey Huff? Oh wait, Huff can play 3rd base in addition to 1st.

Please not Richie. I'd rather have Rafael Palmeiro back. Raffy can still play.

Here's a idea......Tell Boog to put down the beef and put on the glove...What a JOKE!

Another idea is to trade for Adam Loewen....he can't pitch but maybe he can play first base....I am already looking forward to the Ravens 2009 season.....

I'm ok with it. Feel free to give lots of guys minor league deals with a chance to make the team. Go get more guys like that. Never know if you can catch a gem. Sexson might come in and play and hit 20+ HR as a part time DH/1B. Getting out of Seattle has to help him.

I really wish people would understand that Huff is the DH. He is not a great fielder and if he was to play the field regularly it should be at 3B not 1st. Huff has started at 1B for about 200 games since he came to the majors.

O's are trying to replace Millar at 1B not HUFF.

Hell thorw out some invites to Nomar, Chris Burke, Bloomquist and who ever the O's want to pick up off the scrap heap and give a chance to make a team.

Adam Loewen--how do you think he'd be as a tight end? :)


I know we've all harped on the failing to sign Teixeira, but there is something that still bothers me. Who are we going to sign to take us to the next level. Rob Neyer of ESPN blogged about next years free agent class ( Who in that list is good for the Orioles to sign? This is the problem. There will be no player that fit as nicely as Teixeira did. I understand the front office wants to save money since we're not going to contend this year or next, but we eventually will need to gobble up a solid free agent or two to shore up our lineup and rotation. Are the Orioles hoping a player falls in their lap?

Pete's reply: I don't know, but Teixeira is totally irrelevant to the discussion. He wasn't coming here, so acting like the O's somehow "lost" him is illogical. THey lost him when they swept the series against the Yankees all those years ago and dropped in the draft order.

Wow, Richie Sexson. At least now I know the answer to the question of who is out there that I would actually take Oscar Salazar over.

terrible. Sexson is done. The signing itself wouldn't sink the ship, but the mere fact that they're considering it shows a troubling lack of creativity or ability to judge talent.

Why not try to trade for Kila Ka'ahue? Or Dan Johnson? Or Jamie D'Antona? Or Joe Koshansky? Or Tagg Bozied? Or Dallas McPherson? Or Val Pascucci? Or Terry Tiffee? Or Josh Phelps?

I'm just an idiot with an internet connection and I found these guys who are clearly cheaper and better options than Sexson, so why don't the O's even try?? These aren't hot prospects that would cost us much young talent, they are just decent hitters that could use a chance. Peter, I think this is what galls and horrifies us fans: not just the potential signing of Hendrickson or Sexson, but the lack of vision to recognize or try other options.

Pete's reply: If you're better at identifying talent than they are I think it's time to apply for a job at the warehouse.

Sorry Pete! Gotta disagree. That would be a horrible decision. Sexon Sucks! The numbers:
.221 12 HR 30 RBI

.324 20 HR 72RBI

Sucks-on is hurt and thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. Millar is decent with the bat and great in the clubhouse. I mean seriously? Signing Sucks-on is akin to bringing in David Segui, but without the idiotic 4 year contract.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible idea Pete. No, no, no, no, no!!!

Peter's reply: I really wasn't advocating it, but thanks for setting me straight anyway.

Can't believe the people on here who say trade Luke Scott. That would be a far more bone-headed move than signing Richie Sexson. I would take Millar over Sexson and his .200 BA. Only way I'd take Sexson is if he would take the major league minimum in salary, loaded with incentives; no other way. Wish there was a way the O's could get Ryan Garko from the Indians.

Define irony in that a man who used us a few years ago to get more money from Seattle may now have no choice but to sign with us. Forgive me a popular tripe quote, but "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there."

At this point, you give everyone a shot because these are probably incentive based contracts, so you take a shot and hope you land the next Carlos Pena.

Pete, I would assume that this means the end of Millar in Baltimore? If he really means that he would accept a part time role, I would think his glove and club house presence alone, would be worth the contract.

Pete's reply: Looks like they're leaning away from Kevin, but I don't think he's out of the question.


Now Sexson smacks of desperation. If that's the case take a shot with Burrell. Heck at least we know he can still go yard 30 times a season. Plus Burrell is a RH bat. Even if they consider Dunn, he's another lefty.

As for Blalock, trust me, seen him play down here in TX, and he is not the same player since the shoulder injury. Pass on Hank.

Sexson should be handled by the O's like the Caps handled their backup goalie situation: keep his email address handy and sign him to an incentive-laden day-to-day contract only when all else fails (that should be about May 5th). In other words, lets make sure all expectations are as low as possible before bringing him in. That we, he may seem like the next Todd Cruz when he shows up.

If we're totally rebuilding, I'd give Salazar a shot at first. With the bat maybe we have the next Carlos Pena.... apparently not with the glove however. Keep Huff in the role he had last year, about 65% DH, 20% 3B & 15% 1B.

Now if we want a proven upgrade/replacement for Millar, sign Pat Burrell, right handed hitter with power, 32 years old. Burrell played 58 games at 1b in 2000 but none since. Hasn't been known for defense but neither are Dunn or Sexson.
Markakis/Burrell/Huff in the middle of the lineup is certainly not embarrassing.

KC needs to shed payroll, so why not offer Olson, Penn and Scott for Gil Meche? Meche is not only an innings eater, but a very solid SP who has 3 or 4 years left, so the O's are getting someone that could team with Guthrie to be a very formidable 1-2 punch. This trade gives KC the money they are lacking and some young talent that wont be free agents for a while and gives the O's the type of pitcher that they can't get in free agency.

Pete, I honestly believe if you have Guthrie, Meche and either of the Japanese SPs that the O's are interested in, combined with a battle for the 4th and 5th spots in FL, you have an entirely different ball club. Meche's contract looks real good now compared to the money being thrown at sub par talent.

Pete's reply: Funny how contracts evolve. I thought that was one of the worst ever when the Royals signed him.

Absolutely no to Sexson!! I'm all for giving a guy like Oscar Salazar a shot. I'm not even against having Millar around for another year as long as he doesn't play regularly as he seems to be a positive guy .
How about getting Nick Swisher from the Yanks to play 1b? He can probably be had for next to nothing and maybe '08 with an aberation. This guy used to be a pretty all around player.

This is why I've said all along the O's aren't rebuilding they are cost cutting.All the players they got in the Bedard and Tejada deals have a problem.The hitters strike out too much and the pitchers can't throw strikes.We should be trading players ike Liz,Olson Erbe,Spoyne and Montanez for a blocked 1st basman instead of tripping out over players like Sexon.

I just vomited in my mouth a little bit. Thanks.

Here we go again, another low budget, non-impact player so Angelos can line his coffer without taking any high return risk.

Here's a crazy new idea-- Play Huff at first base this year because he is already signed and put up better numbers than the free agents available, and sign some decent pitchers!! WOW!!

Low Risk, High Reward. I don't have a problem with this. Every team looks for these types of cases. We sign him to an incentive laden deal and he hits 25 Hr/90 RBI in 400 AB and it looks great. Consider this: In July, he's batting .280 with 17HR/50 RBI. I think a contending team may trade something decent for him. We have to look at the big picture with a possible signing like this.

They sure do like to waste money on mediocre players.

All available resources and I mean all should be sent to the DR to get Yadel Marti signed. If they need to hire Blackwater security services to fight the Cubans (& hopefully any Yankee signing agents) all the better. Black Ops for baseball- it's the future.

OK up to the last three days I was defending AM and PA on their rebuilding plan. What is the definition of rebuild? Rebuilding from the ground up to me. It should mean that they are trying to rebuild their minor leagues, and find talent that would fit into their future. When I heard Hendrickson I was shocked, now I hear Sexson and think that their idea of the McPhail plan is a little off the wall. If they sign Sexson they still lose 100-110 games and compete for last place in baseball with the Nationals. They must not have any faith in Huff playing first. We have gone a long way here on this plan. Going from trying to sign Tex, top of the line first baseman to discussing the signing of Sexton, the bottom of the line. There are a lot of better fixes in between those two same with going after AJ and ending up with Hendrickson. I would much rather see them work with the youth and learn something this year. If they were smart I think they should just look at one old guy and that is pudge, let Wieters work behind him as a DH 100 games and catch 40-50 games this year, and have him learn behind a future hall of fame player. Let Huff play first. Forget project players that might make it and play younger talent that may have the same chance. This is the year to do it, we have already accepted the year is a loss, and most of us have bought into the REBUILDING plan based on the Sun poll and the discussions on your blog. If you are not going to sign a top tier pitcher go with what you have, find out and learn. I will buy into that, but you cannot and will not sell me on REBUILDING, it should be called RETREADING if we keep this pace up. Freel, Izturis, Hendrickson and now discussing Sexton is proof of retreading. Go with the youth and get the first pick of the draft and REBUILD.

I have to admit that it is interesting to think about Sexson who has driven in 100 runs six times in his career and his 300 career homeruns and he is a gamer. I remember watching him in a game vs the White Sox or Bluejays when he was hit by a pitch, went out and body slammed the pitcher. Pete I am not sure if you ever saw his wife, she is hot and they are all about family and supposedly he is a real good guy, but if you are going to have a plan, stick to the plan, the future.

Pete: Please give me your definition of rebuilding a team? Love to hear your thoughts on that.

Sign Doug Mietkiewicz for his killer defense and make Huff full time DH

Sexon's problems are between the ears. He needs to figure out what's sent him mentally into an offensive slump. Defensively he's excellent. In Seattle, he's saved the two middle-infeilders from 30+ error seasons and his ability to compliment Adrian Beltre's explosive defensive play has been beautiful to watch. He's worth a flyer. Besides, the O's need pitching. Could've had last year's NL Cy Young winner but opted for a power hitting 3B-man. How's that working out? Change the paradigm.

Pete, you double-crossed your logic there. You rightly stated how his stats have been in steep decline. This really is enough and all that is pertinent to get a view of who Sexson is NOW as a player.

You then go on to muddle it (like anyone looking at him as a viable producer would) by stating what he has done in the past. But that is as relevant as the fact that I used to run a 4.5 years ago. Can't now, but shouldn't that count for something?!? Of course not.

And thus it is with Sexson. Get him if you need a body. But keep the past stat production out of the equation for figuring his current player value, please.

Pete's reply: Like I said, I am not advocating him. I think past stats are relevant to a point. Obviously, he's been a mess the past couple of years, but some people have come back after collapsing like that. I wouldn't spend real money on a gamble like that, but -- as Tom Petty would say -- even the losers get lucky sometimes.

Most of the comments that have been posted so far show no knowledge of the O's rebuilding plan that is currently in place. There is no reason for the Orioles to sign a big expensive bat until their pitching rotation is ready to compete with the rest of the AL, which would be at least two years from now. It's a good thing that the O's didn't sign Teixeira. Once the pitching prospects get their innings in the minors and they start to come up and prove themselves, that will be the time to start spending on free agents. Until then, it would really wouldn't serve any purpose to sign Abreu or Sheets or Burrell or any of those tier two free agents.

Just to add... I went to an O's-Mariners game last season or the year before and during batting practice, Sexton was hitting balls off of the Mario's Pizza sign off the upper deck facade in left field . That's at least 500 ft. Sexon wouldn't be a bad stop gap for a cheap price until the pitching staff is ready and it's actually time to start spending on the top free agents. Patience is the key.

As a Life Long O's fan and current Seattle resident....NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have watched him way too long out here. If the O's pick him, they get what they deserve. Go for a Ju-Col prospect or some kid off the street, they will be cheaper and provide better run production. But I guess it would be good payback for that supposed pitcher you sent the M's!

So the Orioles idea of rebuilding must revolve around signing a bunch of 34 year old guys,, First Hendrickson and his over 5 ERA and now this guy.

Most teams that rebuild fill their teams with guys in their early 20's.

Why bring in a one-dimensional player (Sexson) to replace another (Millar)? Boys and girls, can you say "lateral move"?? What we as fans are witnessing is an organization that is scrambling madly on the hampster-wheel in an attempt to spend money in a frenzied attempt to appease fans. Been there, drank that Kool-Aid for too many losing there a local KC Royals booster club in town?

After watching him in Seattle for a few years, I hope you guys to get him. It will be pay back for that stupid bedard trade.

Since we're making up lineups for Trembley, I may as well get in the mix here. We should sign Richie Sexson and make him play center field, 'cause he's tall. Have Montanez DH because he can't catch baseballs. In fact, if he brings a glove to camp, cut him. Aubrey Huff can play right, cause he's tall, too. Then that gaint pitcher can play left. Wieters is tall, too, so he's in left-center. Now we need to get rid of an infielder, so trade Brian Roberts for Felix Pie, since I know you wanna, Andy. He can play right-center. That solves our first baseman problem, since with five outfielders, there's no room for one. Huff and Mora are platooned at third, Izturis covers the rest of the infield. Then just put Luke Scott behind the plate. Pitching rotation: Guthrie, Pitching Machine, Guthrie, Pitching Machine, Guthrie. It's that simple, people!

Sexson stinks on ice. For the love of all that is good and holy don't do it.
Every time the guy steps into the box he looks like he's gonna crap his pants. Save yourselves...don't sign Ritchie.

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