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December 12, 2008

Orioles: Possible catch (updated)

This doesn't qualify as blockbuster news, but we're hearing that one of the catchers the Orioles will bring to camp this spring is 33-year-old journeyman Chad Moeller, who appeared in 41 games for the Yankees last season. According to a club source, he has agreed to terms on a minor league contract.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said at the winter meetings that he's looking for a couple of veteran catchers to add to the list of catching prospects that will be in major league camp.

The O's also have talked to the agent for Gregg Zaun and are believed to be interested in just-released Florida Marlins catcher Matt Treanor. Moeller has played for seven teams -- the Twins, Diamondbacks, Brewers, Dodgers, Reds and Yankees.

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We won't have to wonder if it is PED's being passed around the clubhouse for these catchers.

They'll be popping Geritol.

happy days are here again .


I expect another last place finish, don't you? I mean, Moeller was part of a Yankees team which underachieved last year. Now he can be part of an even worse Orioles team next year right? Your thoughts :)

Moeller is a waste of time. Do the right thing & bring in Zaun..

Wow, that should fill the stands in this coming year! Peter, you think the Os are playing coy with Tex and willing to pay out more if they think the Red Sox/Nats are going to sign him? Also, do you think Roberts and Markakis are waiting to see what the Os do this offseason before signing extensions? Seems like it to me, as I am sure they do not want their entire career to be with a loser.

Pete's reply: Definitely think Roberts wants to see what they do. Markakis is a three-year guy, so I doubt he would be willing to risk waiting around a year or two to sign.

Thanks for the update Peter.
Any thoughts or rumors on where Jamie Moyer could end up or has he retired and I did not hear about it?

Pete's reply: Jamie has not retired. I don't think the O's are out of the question, but haven't heard a word about him.

As others have mentioned, it sure would be nice to have some kind of minimal and maximum team salary levels. Teams like the Pirates pay nothing to players and yet still make a profit due to the payments that the Yankees and a few other teams make.
Of course I still don't understand how they have 1 division with 4 teams and 1 with 6 teams while the rest all have 5 teams. What idiot did that and continues to let that happen? Good old Bud?

Hey I hear a fromer major leaguer is looking for work. Jake Taylor is available, heard he only comes as a package deal with Rick Vaughn and Roger Dorn though.

Ed in Alaska

Typical Orioles front office. Gee, why him? Because he's cheaper than the other options, I'm sure. So sad that this is the best the O's can do while the Spankees sign CC and Burnett.

Peter,I have to admit I have never gone onto a season feeling worse about our team then I am this year.I honestly believe we will be lucky to win 60 games.Our pitching staff is a disaster and I don't see McFail improving it any.We've gotten older not younger with the addition of Freel as opposed to Salazar and Montanez,who both deserve shots.I can't see Weiter's getting a legitimate shot to start until after the All Star break,and I see no real reason for optimism based on what our prospects did in the Carribean or fall league,with the exception of Salazar and Weiter's.I don't see myself shelling out any of my hard arned money to go see this product this year.Signing Tex may change that but I think the likeliehood of that happeneing is slim to none.I think this team will be much worse than last years.Your thoughts please?

Pete's reply: Well, first and foremost, it's a little early to predict how many wins the O's will have. there's still two months left in the offseason.

Disgeace is the only word I can think of when it comes to Angelos and his newest puppet , McPhail. If McPhail had a free hand as he says he does Angelos would have given him a figure ahe could budget for this year and tell him to "go do your job!" However McPhail must wear out 2 cell phones a week with all the calls he has to make to Angelos to get an "ok" for anything he does. So , yes , what we have is another puppet of "THE GREEK GOD" look for another miserable ten years.

Let me first say I HATE the Yanks/Boston. But I have to give it to them for getting the players they need every year. I am tired of losing. If the Yanks/Boston sign our hometown boy I may go out and purchase a yankee/boston hat.(I'm Leaning towards Boston) I'm Done Pete.We should trade Roberts. Let him escape this misery!!!
Soon to be O's fan NO MORE!

Unbelievable! here we go again. Posters getting their panties all waded up over a MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACT!

Look, we need to add a couple of veterans to hold down the fort until Weiters is ready for Primetime. He's close, but hasn't had much exposure to pitching above the AA level.

Moeller is a cheap addition that has always been able to find work. You need guys like that. Young talented catching is not generally available. So you all scream at the O's for adding a 33 year old catcher, but want them to jump at 37 yr old Zaun. Get real! Once Weiters hit the Big Top, we will still need a veteran back up!!!

I like how bringing Chad Moeller to spring training on a minor league deal has somehow permeated as meaning "he's our #1 guy...crap" to most of you guys. let's give Andy a chance people. Tejada and Bedard were brilliant moves, i doubt this is the be all end all when it comes to the state of our catcher in 2009. Zaun isn't out of the picture and the more cheap veterans the better. it allows us to find the right fit while not putting too much pressure on Wieters. calm down.

I don't understand the outrage. Whatever catchers they add are just a place-holder until Wieters arrives, so we're probably talking about a half-season of Moeller and whoever splitting the job. I'd just as soon take the salary difference between Moeller and Zaun and put it towards pitching.

Oh Man, we really got him? Wow....I can hear the crowds now..Let's Go Chad ..Let's Go Chad!

Hey, I know this is a minor league deal and serve as back-up to a back-up plan for Zaun or whomever.

Moeller is a very good catch and throw back-catcher.

Call me, when we sign Johnny Bench.

So many negative comments...awful stuff. Here's what the O's have done so far:

1) Traded Hernandez for three players, one of whom is an excellent defensive outfielder and basestealer who can hit a bit against lefties...he's what Jay Payton was supposed to be, except he can actually do those things. This also removes Hernandez from the team...nice guy, but you don't want him mentoring Wieters.

2) Brought in no-hit slick-fielding SS Izturis...possibly overpaid, but the guy's terrific. You want to develop pitching? You want these guys to throw strikes? You need a good defense.

3) Parted ways with Cabrera.

Inviting Moeller to camp doesn't solve any problems, but geez, fellas...not every move can be a master need bodies, too.

And while it would be great to land Teixeira (because he's young enough that he'll still be good when the pitching comes along), it's really not going to change the outcome of 2009..they do not have the starters to compete.


Why not just make Weiters the Opening Day starter? I mean, have you seen his numbers from last season? Positively video-game-esque! Anything he has yet to learn can be leanred in the bigs. It's not like any mistakes he'll make in the process are going to cost us a playoff spot or anything.

Pete's reply: That may happen, but it's a little more complicatd than that.

Can't believe all the negative comments, after the magic Andy worked last winter..........hey, i love the Izturis pickup at SS, and Freel, and the much-needed lazy catcher exit. Now, on to pitching!

I wonder if anyone had a chance to read Ramon Hernandez's comments to the Cincy Press... Here are his exact words:
"I'm used to competing," he said. "When you get to June and you're already out of the competition, you get to the stadium and there's nothing to fight for.

"It gets worse and worse. ... It makes you sad. I was trying my best. It didn't work out, but at least I can come out with my head up because I tried my hardest."

Good riddens, the O's should have made this trade last year if thats how he felt, huh Pete.....

Moeller is a great catcher. He was Randy Johnsons catcher when he was with the Dbacks. He calls a great game and he can help develop younger pitching. His bat has been a little soft but defensivley he is one of the best.

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