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December 11, 2008

MacPhail leaves meetings

Macphail.jpgOrioles president Andy MacPhail held a casual press briefing just after the Rule 5 draft before heading home from Las Vegas, where he completed a deal to send Ramon Hernandez to the Reds and came to terms with free agent shortstop Cesar Izturis.

The big fish probably got away, however. The word around the Bellagio Hotel is that the O's offer is well behind the other contenders in the Mark Teixeira derby, though MacPhail was not conceding anything.

"You don't really know,'' he said. "You really don't know all the information, so you don't know. We don't know exactly where the process stands, but I suspect it's not over until it's over. Until we're told otherwise, we believe we are part of the process."

The Orioles didn't set the world on fire over the past week, but MacPhail seemed satisfied to be going home with Ryan Freel and Izturis and not going home to a team that features Hernandez behind the plate.

"We're pleased with the trade, obviously, or we wouldn't have made it,'' MacPhail said. "We're happy with where we are as far as shortstop.. That's a good outcome for us. What happens with Mark Teixeira we'll see over time."

When asked if he was concerned that there might be negative fan reaction if the Orioles make no dynamic acquisitions, he waxed philosophical.

"You can only do what you can do,'' he said "We tried to make good baseball decisions on what made sense for us."

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Looks like He isn't coming to Baltimore. Orioles also needed to sign a top echelon pitcher like Burnett to show to Him that Orioles plan to win - and win now. The way things are shaping up the Birds might not be contenders for several more years. Yanks sign Sabbathia and Burnett, while we go after Loopers of the world. It's unfair and depressing to say the least. Wonder if O's could back track and pursue Furcal, who could have added more punch to the line up than Izturis. Milton Bradley, a Class B free agent, should be Birds next target. This could save O's their number one pick in the draft as well.

According to Forbes the Orioles income(revenue-cost) for 2002 to 2007 was 270 million higher than the Yankees. About what you would need to get AJ and Tex. The Yankees got Sabathia and are close on AJ and Tex. The Orioles got a light hitting shortstop. The Orioles appear to have played in the TEX sweepstakes but as usual were a little low. The Yankees are run to win at any cost, the Orioles are run to make money for Angelos at any cost.

If we're in it at 7 years at $20M per year, we ought to be in for 8 years at $23M per. The O's either want to be in it or not. 10 years of lowballing FA's has gotten us nowhere except 5th place. Jon Garland (and his 4.90 ERA) is asking for $10M per year for Pete's sake. Somebody needs to explain to Angelos that the cost of poker isn't going down.

If the Orioles let Mark Texiera go to the Nationals I will never support the team again. No matter what the price is for him. ANGELOS DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the Orioles let Mark Texiera go to the Nationals I will never support the team again. No matter what the price is for him. ANGELOS DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I certainly can only be so disheartened at this point if the O's don't land Texeira. The club has made what seems a very fair offer to him, and I think MacPhail's last quote in the above entry is spot-on. If Tex goes elsewhere it will likely be about the money (and perhaps a desire to win instantly) -- say $160 million vs. $150 -- and if that's the case it speaks volumes about him. I'm all for the club paying top dollar to guys -- provided a large enough part of them truly wants to play here. I certainly hope I get some sense of that from Tex.

I don't see much of a difference between paying the guy $140 million for 7 years and $200 million for 10 if you really want him. The odds of him still being here 7 years from now are not that high anyway, so you're really just talking about whether the contract becomes an impediment to trading him down the road. It's doubtful that a team like the O's can compete for a long stretch so we would be adding him to make a run starting in a year or two. After that he likely would be traded to a big market team as part of a re-build here. I am not saying we should sign him, but if we made the decision as a team to really try to do so, I don't think we should lose him over the willingness to offer 10 instead of 7 years. I guess we'll see where things end up. My bet is the Red Sox or Angles ultimately get him, and it takes more than $20 million per season. I'm not sure he's worth it.

Ho hum. More of the same from Mr. Action there.

See you in 2010.

I'm pleased and I think all Orioles fans should be as well. We all have to be realistic about the kind of money the Orioles can/will spend. It's great to be in the discussion for Tex, but if he doesn't end up in Baltimore that's ok. Right now the Orioles seem to be filling in some cracks while attempting to build a solid talent base for the future. I personally think that's outstanding. The club didn't get broken in one year and it can't be fixed in one year. I think we need to all keep that in mind.

grumble. the O's should be offering more money than the Nats--embarrassing.

well as optimistic as i was last night abuot the possibility that Tex would come home, i am even MORE pessimistic after today's UN-events and McPhail leaving...

*punches self in face* for even remotely thinking otherwise.

I hate being an Orioles fan

while i am feeling disappointed that tex will not end up here it really is no surprise obviously. we always make a decent run at top free agent only to lose out to a better positioned team. this one stings a bit more though. if he ends up w/ boston we can at least boo him every chance we get. of course our boo's at home will drowned out by the red sox fans in our stadium. same ole' same ole.

Wow, with the offseason moves made so far, there can be no doubt that the O's are going to the postseason this year! We got an upgraded Jay Payton and an upgraded Castro. MacPhail is a genius! Angelos is a real high roller!

Yep... same stuff, different year.

I will say 1 thing. I have learned that you ca not listen to reporters at these type of things. I mean, I really think people just make stuff up to get a scoop. How does anyone know what the offers are? I have seen 9 year and 200 million and then 7 150. Then Boras says all teams are at 8 years. I have seen nothing that says anyone is not around 20 a season, then the "word" is that the O's are way behind the other offers?
What? I can't wait now to see what he signs for just to know who made stuff up.

Pete's reply: Baseball has always been rumor-crazy, but if you go back to yesterday's blog, I immediately posted that the nine-year, $180 million report was not close to being accurate.

The good news: Mark Teixeira will hit 40 homeruns and draw 100 walks this year at Camden Yards. The crowd will cheer him wildly.

The bad news: Mark Teixeira will be playing for the Boston Red Sox. And, like in past years, the fans will be rooting for the Red Sox.

Anyone who attends a game at Camden Yards this year is either 1) a Yankees fan, 2) a Red Sox fan, or 3) guilty of aiding and abetting P.A.'s profiteering by running this franchise into the ground.

He acts as though he is some passive bystander who has no control over whether we land Tex. Be more proactive. Get on the horn with Boras and find out what it takes to get it done. If it's too much, then say so. I hope we are not simply making our offer and then letting him make his decision.

Not impressed with Izturis. That's bush league.

While I like the move to get us a decent SS, the question is still the same...where's the moves for starting pitching?? It doesn't matter what infield moves the Orioles make, without pitching, we'll be in the same place we have been for the past 11 years. Come on McPhail, get your head out of the sand and do something!

Travis, how much is P.A. paying you per comment?

Wow, we got two crappy players (including one SS who is better than what we had before, but that's not saying much) and made the lowest offer to Tex. Typical.

Why arn't the O's putting on the full court press for Teixiera? Why haven't the O's had Markakis, Roberts and Ripken call him and tout how fertile our minor league system is, and why it would be great to have him in a lineup with Huff, Jones, Markakis, Roberts, etc.?

The O's have done nothing to help their team so far this offseason. Lets review:

Upset Markakis by lowballing him.

Bidding lower then the Nats for Mark Teixiera.

Failing to sign a quality Shortstop.

Failing to sign or trade for any pitching.

Yes, there is some time left still but this is shaping up to be a terrible offseason.

No matter what, you just know that MacPhail and the Orioles were the laughing stock of these meetings once again. Hey Travis, what about 11 years, can we get upset then? "One year," what have you been in a cave? The Orioles are a complete joke. No pitchers signed and no Texiera. What a f'in laughing stock.

Check out your 2009 Orioles!

1. Roberts 2B
2. Jones CF
3. Markakis RF
4. Huff 1B
5. Mora 3B
6. Scott DH
7. Weiters C
8. Reimold LF
9. Izturis SS

SP1 Guthrie
SP2 Olson
SP3 Liz
SP4 Waters
SP5 Baez

I'm sure the Yankees and Red Sox and Rays and Blue Jays are laughing.

How come Cal isn't in the mix trying to get Tex to sign...he should be able to provide support as to benefits to playing in Baltimore

I am still somewhat optimistic, I mean if anyone honestly thought we were going to contend this season in the AL East with Tex you are mistaken. And I am not a fan of an injury ridden Burnett ethier.

#1- Lets extend Markakis, make him the face!

#2- Groom Weiters so by the 2010 season he can be an everyday guy

#3- Get Chris Ray back healthy and move the LH-Sherill to setup guy

Fellas, its hard, being a fan of this team is brutal at times. BUT we actually have a plan now, which is kinda exciting.

Now at this time next year, if we are in this same spot, then we could be in trouble.

AM get er done re: Tex. Its pathetic to think that the same old is the same old Oriole way under PA.

i think the oioles have not done enough to convice brian roberts to sign a contract extention.i will be very surprised if he signs a extention

I remember the birds of the early 90's that had a solid nucleus of players and went out and picked up some pricey additions to help push them to the top of the division. Thats what the birds need, and are working towards - a solid nucleus. They have a few key components, Nick, BRob, Jones, Wieters, etc, but not enough where a few good pickups will make us compete. I understand what Andy Macphail is doing and at times it can be a painful painful process, which eventually shows that baseball has strictly "haves" and "have-nots" when it comes to money. Signing Mark Teixeira doesnt necessarily automatically make us compete - it just gives the franchise a face, one that it can relate to - last person that we could really relate to was Cal and/or Brady. If Teixeira signs with Boston, New York, or Washington, yes it will be sickening, and dissapointing, but hopefully the birds can eventually come up with a "face" of the franchise (Wieters?), and a stronger core nucleus of players, so that a few solid additions could help them at least compete in the AL East.

It doesn't look like Texiera will be coming to the Orioles but that may be a good thing in the long run. Even the most optimistic fans don't expect the O's to compete for another 2-3 years, at which time that 21 mill/yr man will have been asking for a trade ala Miggy(even if he did sign here).
We will then be hardpressed to trade Tex unless we pay half his salary.
Let's forget about the quick fix and the notion that one bat is going to fill OPCY and suddenly vault us into contention.
Work with the young pitchers we have, tweak the roster and hope for the best!! If half those young arms we acquired in the Bedard/Miggy deals are as good as advertised, then the best way towards respectability is through pitching, not by signing a big ticket hitter who will be chomping to leave in 2 years.

The Orioles are just disappointing year after year.

everybody listen to this!!!!!!!!!

Andy is saying we are rebuilding from within BUT everybody fails to THINK ABOUT THIS say we are pretty good in 2 or 3 years = Whats to stop the Yankees or Red Sox going to the free agent list and get anybody they want So it doesnt matter what we do for the next 2 to 10 years its still going to be the same.
Yankees first or 2nd same with Red sox So in my expert knowledge The Orioles have to get Angelos to understand this and stop brainwashing the fans into thinking we are rebuilding Thats a bunch of @##@$

Andy should've never brought Syd Thrift's Confederate money with him to Vegas. Face it, the Orioles are lepers that only the most desparate of free agents will touch. At least I'm old enough to have lived through an era where the Orioles were one of the best-run organizations in pro sports. I'm sure to anyone under the age of 30, the O's are nothing more than the LA Clippers or Detroit Lions. Very sad....

Same old crap year after year after year .

Red Sox got Mark Teixeira "DONE DEAL". I have so much fun reading all of your crying. You bumb birds thinking you can compete with the sox's and yanks, and now the rays, is cracking me up. Your minor leaguers, never pan out, Roberts will leave and soon Nick M is soon to follow. This club is in the basement every year. Just like the blue jays. Just don't hate us because we have owners who actually like baseball instead of make profit. :) just smile and watch all the world series rest of the AL east keeps bringing in. 09 Red Sox's ALL THE WAY>>>>>

Sox recieve TEX!!!! O yea, another great day to be part of red sox nation. LETS GO RED SOX's, LETS GO RED SOX's.

Sorry Orioles. Last place is all for you.

Sox recieve TEX!!!! O yea, another great day to be part of red sox nation. LETS GO RED SOX's, LETS GO RED SOX's.

Sorry Orioles. Last place is all for you.

Mark Teixeira felt so strongly about the draft process and how he was treated that he wanted to council athletes coming out of high school and college about how to handle the process. Baseball America gave him the opportunity to do so in this 2006 interview. He speaks about the way he was treated by the Boston Red Sox in this candid interview. The incident obviously had a lasting effect on him. It has to be sweet to have the Red Sox begging for his services 10 years later now that he has the upper hand. I can't see him signing with Boston now over a couple million a year or perhaps a better chance of winning right away. The Orioles organization is on the rise. He can tell them stick a red sox in it and play for his home town Orioles. He can show them what there missing 19 times a year for the next 7 or eight years and the Teixeiras can live like royalty in the land of blue crabs and cold beer. Here is the portion of the interview where he talks about his dealings with the Red Sox when he was drafted coming out of high school in 1998.

Going Deep: Mark Teixeira
By Alan Schwarz

May 18, 2006

If anyone is qualified to give a "draft preview" to this year's top prospects, it's Mark Teixeira.

In 1998, as a Maryland high school senior, Teixeira was considered first-round material, but after rumors spread about his soft body and signability he dropped to the ninth round. He enjoyed a standout three years at Georgia Tech--complete with a scary broken ankle as a junior--before entering the draft again as one of the marquee talents available. He signed a whopping $9.5 million deal as the No. 5 overall pick by Texas, and has quickly established himself as one of the American League's most fearsome sluggers.

Teixeira's draft ups and downs have left him eager to share his pointed thoughts with other amateurs and their families--so we let him do just that while sitting down with him at Yankee Stadium.

Alan Schwarz: Kids and parents ask you a lot as they go through the draft process how to handle it. What do you tell them?

Mark Teixeira: I think the most important thing as either a high school draft-eligible player or a college draft-eligible player is that you do your job on the field. What happens with the scouts and the GMs and the teams is out of your control. You can't hit any more home runs than you already hit, you can't go out and pitch better than you already pitched, so don't worry about it. Don't worry about what happens after the season, don't worry about what's going to happen in an office somewhere--because if you do that, then your play is going to suffer.

AS: Scouts are calling them up. They get out of their car, literally, and a scout is there asking about signability. How can an 18-year-old block out those types of distractions?

MT: You have to set up a buffer, whether it's your high school coach, guidance counselor, principal, your parents--there's got to be buffers between yourself and the scouts. Never allow a scout to call you directly and talk to you. Always set up meetings, always make sure that it's on your terms. I think I did a pretty good job of that, which allowed me to go out and do my job on the field.

AS: Then again, it kind of backfired on you. You wanted to sign out of high school, but teams got the impression you weren't signable, and you fell to the ninth round.

MT: I thought I wanted to sign. The day of the draft I realized that I didn't. I realized that I wasn't ready to go into professional baseball. I wanted to go to college. I thought as a young, naive, 18-year-old, because I played well and because I was honest with everybody, I would just be a first-round pick, million bucks, and start my career. Because of the way things occurred, it occurred to me--you know what? I don't want to be a professional baseball player, I do want to go to college. It really was a blessing in disguise.

AS: But the Red Sox offered you $1.5 million before the draft, which was pretty darned fair in 1998.

MT: They said take it or leave it. It was a decent bonus, but it wasn't what we were looking for, and we didn't want to cap our negotiation before the draft even happened. It's unfair and illegal to go to a kid and say, "We haven't drafted you yet, we may or may not draft you, but if you don't take 1.5 we're not going to draft you." What would you say? There's 29 other teams out there--why would I ever cap myself before the draft even happens? It doesn't make any sense. It's unfair to those kids. Say, "Draft me and I'll let you know."

I have a very cynical approach toward the draft. I was naive. It was my first realization to the business in baseball. The Red Sox told everybody that I wouldn't sign, and when it got to a late enough round, they said, "Let's take a flier on him." So they spoiled me for everyone else--the only one that would draft me was them.

Time to move on to making a big offer to Dunn. I'd give him the same deal that they proposed for Tex. He's going to give the same offensive numbers if not better!

If the Orioles are willing to initially offer Tex at 7/$140 or so, that tells me they are seriously interested. It actually surprises me that they are willing to pay someone $20/yr. That being said, why wouldn't they be willing to go up to 8/$185 or higher and compete with the Red Sox, Angels and Nationals. The initial offer tells me they view him very favorably and being a hometown guy increases his value. So if the Nationals offered him 8/$160 to be the face of their franchise and we want him to be the face of ours, then we should offer more than the Nationals because the hometown ties make him worth more here. I for one will be disappointed if we don't at least give him a competitve offer that makes him think a little. I'm talking strictly from an MLB point of view because I personally think they are all overpaid but MLB economics are a different animal.


Does the team get any compensation for losing Rocky Cherry (like a catered lunch)?

Pete's reply: $50,000.

Pete - If it is true that the Orioles have that much money, and knowing how much the fans have suffered all these years, then why are we not getting aggressive in signing the big free agents?

The O's have got to be able to compete in the American League East. The only way that can be done is to bid with the Yankees and Red Sox. Is that possible under the current owner? As fans, we know it isn't going to happen. McPhail, what a joke, It's another last place finish guys. Eat it and enjoy it because it's baseball, and you love it!

Angelos won't be making much money from the fans this year unless we play Boston and New York every game. No wonder Roberts wants to leave. We're doing the same thing we've done with every other free agent. Give them just a little bit less than the other teams and hope they sign. BS.

OMG guys chill out. Yeah its great we're in contention for tex. Im all for getting the guy. If he takes the sox or angels deal only becaused he wants his best chance for a ring than so be it. If we do sign tex though, where does that leave us for our pitching staff? Granted its a worthwhile gamble finally getting that number 4 guy, but without pitching upgrades we"re toast. Big ups to MacPhail on the freel and izturis deals. We finally have a gold glove caliber shortstop again (Mike Bordick ring a bell) and we have a guy who plays the game with so much hustle he gets injured lol. So stop whining about whats not gonna happen and rally behind our boys and be proud of what is happening.

Would have been nice but not too worried about losing Tex. It is starting to sound like an awfully big commitment to a slugging 1B. There's enough of those that maybe we shouldn't be burying ourselves so deep into this. Would we be going so nuts for Tex if he wasn't a Maryland native? Doubtful.

Like I said, would have been nice but it's not the end of the world.

If the Nationals land Tex i sware to god i will NEVER EVER go to Camden Yards ever again, & will keep my strike going against the O's for lack of management.

If the O's are close Tex should want to come home. I think he loves Btwon and wants to be close to home. He does a lot for his old HS Mount Saint Joe and would be an instant celebrity here. Wieters will be as good of a hitter as Tex in 2 years. Having back to back power hitting switch hitters in the middle of your lineup is huge.
Tex, Huff,
Scott or Pie
and SS

is an excellent lineup. Plus the bullpen will be the best in baseball. Johnson may move into rotation and Patton will be back. Patton was the best player in the Tejada trade. If they get Tex. they will be very good for a long time. Just need 1 more stud pitcher and they have a lot of pitchers in the minors. McP is doing it the right way.

BTW Can anyone answer this question please "who did we get for Bradford from TB?" It should be a great prospect based on his performance.

There is now way Tex is going to DC. They are absolutely the worst team in baseball with zero in the minors. And the owner may be the cheapest in baseball. It is well documented he would not pay his outstanding bill.

If Tex goes to DC (a team much worse than the Os) it is all about the money. He doesn't seem to be that type of guy.

He could buy the entire town for $20M a year. What would he do with more money. He and Cal would eventually buy the Os.

Don't worry Tex. Will be an Oriole.


What a fool I am. Last night I got excited thinking that we might actually sign Tex. I tell my wife, "I think next season we should start going back to CY and take the kids, too". Well today I am more disappointed than ever.

Hopefully Tiger's knee is better this year so I can at least watch golf!

BTW O's, I am a former season ticket holder and if you do not get Tex, I am of the sentiment of others on this board and will never go to CY again!


"Now at this time next year, if we are in this same spot, then we could be in trouble."

Ive said that for at least the past 5 really seems hopeless, I mean I am as die hard an Os fan as anyone, but I can't see paying (and putting money in Angelos' pocket) to watch this team play. You cant tell me the Nats have more money than us, more fan support than us, or a better team than us, but they are going after Tex better than us, thats for sure.

Do we have to hope for Angelos to go bankrupt for our team to be sold and get good again? Man this sucks.

Offer just enough money to appear that you're actually serious about signing a player, but at the same time not enough to actually get that player signed. A typical Orioles move that we should all be used to by now.

FS. Finally someone who gets it! The key to success is all about pitching, not trying to outscore the opposition. Do we want to become the Texas Rangers? They have had a hard hitting team for years but how far did that get them?
In their desperate search for pitching they ended up overpaying for the likes of Chan Ho Park. Kevin Millwood, Padilla-hey maybe they'll sign Daniel Cabrera to a long-term deal!!

Andy MacPhail says he would like to make moves that make sense.

By that very comment it makes me sit back and think that signing Tex makes no sense at all for this current team.

To all the fans that say, "convince him you'll win, and win now..." Well, that would be hard to do since Andy has said that his plan is for the long term success of this team. Seems a bit of a contradiction to add a player like Tex and try to convince him that this team will win now. Also, how stupid do you think Tex is? All you have to do is look at this current roster, look at what players won't be here in 2010 (most of the infield), and you could pretty much say with certainty that this team is not going to win in the immediate future.

Everybody who is posting about how terrible the front office is needs to take a step back and realize where this team is right now. First off, when you make a bid for a player, it has to be competitive, but also reasonable enough to show Boras that he can't extort you like he did the rangers. Second, if 20 million dollars every year are tied up in Mark Teixeira, we really are betting the farm that Wieters and Adam Jones will shape up into good players pretty quick. If they don't pan out, we won't have the money left over to sign other players, assuming we extend Roberts and Markakis.

Andy Macphail is one of the most respected men in baseball. He took a patient approach last offseason and we got two big moves that worked out pretty well for us (before Albers got hurt). I think he's earned the right to ask for all of our patience on this front as well.

Screw Tex and trying to get him here. He's not as much as a homer as you all think! If he wanted to be here he would have said yes by now. It's not the O's fault. Use the money on pitching that is how you win!

angelos, your lackeys mcFAIL solely lines your inner pockets at the deliberate degredation of the team fielded..third-tier players, scrubs and the sort in addition to purposeful low-ball bids to preeminent free agents like tex'. thereby assuring all that he wont accept- all done in the context that team officials feign interest in a marquee player affront to a loyal orioles fan base...WE SHOULD ALL MUTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can I be down on the baseball and its not even the end of the year. Ten years of losing has beaten the love of the sport out of me. Its no fun being a Orioles fan.

Its no fun being a Orioles fan. Why get my hopes up for anything with this team. Thank god Nick Markakis, Adam Jones & Matt Weiters can't go anywhere for a while. But when they can they'll be gone. Good times.

Hey Joe -

You want to talk about embarrassment? How about it taking you 100 years to win a damn series! You're classic choke jobs against the Yanks! Yeah you bandwagon nation fans kill me!!! Whoopee! Go Sux!!! Do you even know who Ted Williams or Yaz are? Oh and by the way, how did that series at the end of the year with Tampa turn out? Yeah, sitting right next to us while Tampa & Phillies got it on.

I mean what kind of fan are you really? Next year's winner will probably be your favorite team. The O's have had a rough 11 seasons, but not once did I bother going onto a nation blog. But then again, I wouldn't even be able to stomach that liberal rag of a hometown paper you all cling to so dearly.

Want to know why attendance keeps going down since the late 90s? It is directly related to the crap management keeps putting on the field, every year for the past 10, we are in a rebuilding phase. Is that the same talk we will get every year for the next 10 years? Tex will not cost us any prospects, lord knows Angelos has plenty of lawsuit money and compensation from the Nats moving into his area, and if the team doesn't improve, he certainly could be traded in a few years. Tex, Nick M., Jones and Weiters would be an awesome group of young players to put on the field. We do have decent pitching in the minors coming around. Sign Tex to help the fans believe again-- signed by a lifetime desperate oriole fan

I am beginning to think Peter is trying to purposely devalue the franchise so he has an excuse to move it to a different market, due to lack of fan support. Could this be true? I thought baseball was suppose to be fun? I am taking my bat and ball and going home. . . .

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