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December 12, 2008

If O's don't get Tex, root for Nats

I've been reading a lot of comments here lately about how embarrassing it would be to the Orioles if the Washington Nationals were to outbid them for free agent homeboy Mark Teixeira, and I agree to a certain extent.

But if you want to look at the situation dispassionately, Orioles fans should be rooting for the Nats to sign Teixeira if the Orioles don't. The alternative is for him to end up in Boston, Anaheim or even pinstripes (though the Yankees can't get everybody, can they?). The Nationals do play the Orioles six times in interleague play every year, but they aren't a divisional rival or a team that might knock you out in the first round of the playoffs five years from now.

Not that the Orioles are completely out of the picture just yet. My gut says that Teixeira and Scott Boras go for the highest price and it won't come from the O's, but until they actually do, there's still a possibility of a Christmas surprise.

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I'll almost be happy if the O's don't sign Tex. That way I can justify continuing my 7 year boycott of OPACY. Until MLB corrects it's self from this miserable imbalance where 2 players combined salary can be more than an entire team. MLB is a pathetic joke.

Well since you have to money to make a play at Tex, with the initial offer. It goes to show that Angelos has no desire to sign him. When you come up with an initial offer and then say you will not increase it when everyone else offering him are offering more money it is PATHETIC!!!! Ok sure if the orioles dont get TEX. Why not take that money and resign Markakis and Roberts to long term deals. After all who is going to want to come to baltimore when your best two players on the team you dont even care enough about them to lock them up long term???????? The orioles really need to revisit what it takes to have a winning club an try to atleast do it!!!!!

This was the final straw with the Orioles. They have all these past contracts which have fallen off the payroll, profits from MASN along not able to sign Roberts & Markakis....I am finished. I am not "rooting" for any team that coninuously puts the thickness of their wallet in front of the committment to the team. I may be one, but a landslide starts with the first grain of sand moving.
Good luck as I am a long time follower of yours. You were the only reporter that would tell it like it is and not sugar coat everything like Roch or Spencer.
Peter Angelos - SELL THE TEAM, you are EVERYTHING the Orioles DONT stand for!

THANKS ANDY FOR BEING SO ENERGETIC with signing Tex and dealing with the starting pitching issue.

"e" is for everything they took from the pride this city had in the Orioles

Sorry Peter, it isnt logical, but this is not about how whether Tex could hurt us with another team. This is about pride. Anywhere but Washington, we would have to see Tex play right down the street while we are trotting out the pu-pu platter at first base. It would be like your wife leaving you for your best friend. If she's going to leave you, you dont want her to go somewhere close. If Tex doesnt sign here, just be a mercenary in Boston and we can just forget he is from Baltimore and treat him like any other player.

Maybe you should write for the Nats.

Although I would HATE to see the Nats get Tex, I agree that I'd rather him be there then in the AL East. Also, another way for O's fans to look at it is that since the Orioles get like 80% of TV revenue from the Nats, having Tex go there will just raise the Orioles revenue without having to pay $200 M to do so.

Any chance the O's could offer 8 or 9 years and $180 and include an opt-out clause after the 3rd or 4th year, so if Tex doesn't like where the organization is, he can still leave?

Pete, you're right from an on the field perspective. But, if the rumored #s are accurate and the Nats "win" because of 1 more guaranteed year, that would be pathetic for the O's and their fans. They need to at least match that offer since the annual #s seem to be about the same. Close does not count in this particular situation.

Also, there figures to be an opt out in 3 years, since that seems to be the trend, so what diff. does the extra year or money make? If they're winning, the fans will come to the park, paying for that contract and more. If not, he's out of here after 3. Where's the down side, short of an serious injury?

I'd rather that he just stay with the Angels if the O's don't get him. That way all of my friends from DC that are still bitter about the Redskins loss can't rub it in to me how inept the Orioles franchise is and has been. I think your missing the point on the whole rivalry thing. It's not between the teams as much as it's between the inhabitants of the two cities.

Sorry dude, can't root for anything with "Washington" in front of it.

Why root for the Nats, they are as bad as the Orioles. Neither team are going to get Tex as he will end up with the Red Sox.

The only way for a last place club to get a superstar on the free agent market is to overpay. The Orioles' payroll is one of the lowest in the majors, so even overpaying Tex would not stress them financially too much. Sure, $200 million for anyone or anything is crazy, but that's the price these days. If the Os put the most money on the table and Tex went somewhere with a better chance of winning right away, that would be understandable. But there is no reason the Os cannot make Tex the best offer dollar-wise he'll see. Players are avoiding coming to the Os through free agency because the Os are not winning. The only way to start winning is to land a couple of good free agents, such as Tex. Maybe then other quality players will come to Baltimore at realistic salaries. There won't be anyone as good as Tex on the market for a few years and in Tex you have a homegrown guy the fans already like If we don't land Tex, it's more of the same (i.e., disappointment) at Canden Yards for the foreseeable future.

Regarding the Os firstbase situation without Tex: Millar might be great in the clubhouse, but that only counts for something if you are a playoff contender. If the Os are rebuilding, a guy of his age should not be taking a spot in the lineup a younger should have. If you are going to lose anyway, at least run some prospects out there to see what they can do. Maybe one will get lucky.

The Winter meetings: Andy came home from Las Vegas with a shortstop, not the best one available, but someone who can do the job, and that's something. He also came home without Ramon, and although trading a starter for spare parts can't be considered a great deal, it was a deal that had sadly to be made. I remember when Ramon came to the Os. He was considered a very good defensive catcher. Everyone expected the staff ERA to drop simply because he was behind the plate, as it had everywhere else he played. Ramon also had some offensive upside. What happened? Now, I'm not making excuses for Ramon. A player is paid to play his best everyday. But you have to figure being the guy strapping on the equipment everyday and trying to catch one of the worst and wildest pitching staffs in baseball has to take its toll on a catcher both physically and mentally. Think of how many more pitches than the average Ramon had to catch in a typical game. Who wouldn't get despondent knowing the parade of inexperienced and ineffective battary mates he was going to have day after day? If the culture of losing in Baltimore drug anyone down these past few years, it was Miggy and Ramon. I wouldn't be surprosed if Ramon bounced back with a good year for the Reds in 2009.

Here's hoping we re-sign B. Rob and Nick.


If he fails to land here, Tex is persona non grata. This isn't like Al Kaline who came into the bigs before we got a team.

No way do I want the Gnats to get this guy! If the Orioles can't get him I hope he resigns with the Angels.

Absolutely wrong. The Nats are the MLB equivalent to the Redskins in Baltimore. Get your head out of the ground Pete, root for the Angels to retain him if we cant get him.

Hi Peter,
In these trying economic times, I would hope that Mark Teixeira is smart enough (and not greedy enough) to go with the highest bidder. My hope is that he agrees with the Orioles on a contract (still a king's ransom, mind you) and do what 99.9999% of the rest of the world will never get to do: play a professional sport for millions of dollars a year in front of his hometown people. Think about it: If Teixeira signs with another team, he will be vilified in his hometown for spurning what working class folks of Baltimore (including me) could only ever dream. But if he signs with the Orioles, he will be loved like no other Marylander since Cal Ripken. I dare say that Michael Phelps may have the lead in that department at the moment, but Phelps has seemed to have lost his way a bit. (Hopefully, Baltimore can reel him back in, as well.) My hope is that Mark Teixeira will be able to look into the future and see the fallout of signing with anyone other than the Orioles, especially Boston. I sincerely hope that Teixeira is not another Boras marionette and will stand up for what is right. In my mind, and I am sure it is the same with others, what is right is signing with his hometown team.

Thanks for letting me waste your space,
Wayne Russell Fritz
Die-hard lifelong Orioles fan
formerly of Severna Park, MD
currently of Baltimore, MD

Totally disagree.


I became much more optimistic about our chances when Epstein left the winter meetings without having signed Teixeira.

I wouldn't be surprised to see PGA go all out, here.

Either way, I hope MacPhail is concentrating on pitching, because that's our biggest problem.

Nothing against the Nat, but if the O's don't land Tex, I hope the Yankees do. In fact, I hope they land every big name free agent every year until the outcry is so loud that MLB finally does what ever is necessary to force a salary cap. This sport is broken and the playing field needs to be leveled.

Pete, another reason to root for the Nats is that they also are on MASN and the better that does the better chance we have to sign Nick, Weiters, Matusz, Arieta, etc when they are due. I know the popular belief is that Angelos is just pocketing the money from that but I think he just doesn't want to spend it foolishly or overspend unless it is for the one player to put us over the top.

Absolutely right, Pete. If the Nats want to anchor themselves to a huge contract without having any foundation in place for the future, let them. Better to face Tex 6 times a year than 19. Boston is the worst case scenario here.

Hey, I have a better idea. Since the O's are proving once again that they have no interest in actually signing a guy but just postering slightly under where they need to be to sign him, why don't we just all become Nats fans. To he__ with the O's, go NATS!


I grew up on baseball as an O's fan, starting in 1961. Like so many my age, I dreamt of someday playing center field and batting cleanup in the World Series for my favorite Orioles. Ah yes, how well I remember going to those winter dinners and getting autographs from Brooks and Boog and Jim and Paul et al... Our generation had a wealth of great players and a tradition of excellence on the field to admire and aspire to.

But what does this generation of young O's fans have? Not to denigrate the fine young men who are now and have been on the O's these past 12 years, but...

And now there is a chance to hire one of the premier players in the game, Texeira, who was an O's fan as a youth. While I have been one of the loudest and most strident critics of out-of-control spending, etc.-- if not now, if not for this fine man and athlete, then when?

Mortgage the farm, Miss Agnes, go to war! Git 'r done! Whatever it takes -- sign Mark Texeira! This is not only a major investment in the team's chances for success over the next several years, it is an investment in the dreams and aspirations of a whole generation of young O's fans, who will in the decades to come look back fondly on the years when the O's re-established themselves as one of the premier organizations in baseball -- and do so as they are taking their children and grandchildren to the ballpark, and Cooperstown.

Please, Mr. Angelos, this may well be your last chance to salvage the legacy of your tenure as owner.

I'd think it would be a further disgrace if the O's were outbid by the Nats. Doesn't Angelos own a portion of their TV rights? The bottom line is that Teixeira, IMO, is more valuable to the O's than any other organization. A hometown guy who would help speed up the rebuilding process (if he's willing, of course) and put asses in the seats. The O's offer should be 8/184. You have to spend money to make money.

If the O's don't get Tex then it's all on Angelos who really doesn't care and never has. Under these circumstances, why root for the Orioles anyway? Give the guy what he wants to come here....period! He's the 21st century Ripken and the fans will respond. Why doesn't Angeloser get this? Use the damn MASN money and get it done or the fans SHOULD dump this team.

The Orioles have been my passion since I was old enough to know what baseball was in the early 60's, and every year I look for some shred of evidence that current ownership will finally turn things around. Why let a relatively paltry difference in money and one or two relatively meaningless years on the length of the contract stand in the way of bringing a "Cal Ripkin type" player to this team. Texiera could be the face of the Orioles for years to come because of his ties to the community and would actually have more marketing impact here than with any of his other suitors. He would be "Cal Ripken Jr the 2nd". It would be the best possible move the Orioles could make and I am thinking more in terms of marketing this club to fans and to other players.

Pete, I have said all along that Texira will end up in Boston and I still believe so. The Red Sox need another big bat and if you read the Boston media, the Sox are concerned that Big Papy may be in a decline so they need insurance.

The Orioles are doing all of the right things for a slow rebuild and the fans should stop freaking out over Texiera. I am 62 years old and bleed Baltimore sports. I run a company in Timonium and have had 6 Season tickets for 30 years with the Orioles. I have come close to spending the marketing money on something else for the last few years because many of the tickets sit in my desk drawer unused. I can't even give them away to my employees most of the time, let alone clients.

We have hung in this long, so why not a few more years?

$200m in this economy. Looks like MLB will be the next "bailout" for congress/senate. Good God.....

If the O's let Texiera go to the NATS I am done with the Orioles forever.

I don't know Teixeira, but he seems like a competitive guy. I doubt his motivation is solely money, especially when the lowest "rumored" offer is over $160 million. Teixeira knows he will be taken care of financially wherever he goes, so I think it will come down to where he thinks his best chance to win is. I hate to say it, but that place is not Baltimore, at least for the next 2 years.

Unfortunately, it's gotten to the point where O's fans are fatalistic and resigned to our fate. Having Tex here would just give us a glint of hope to keep our passion alive.

If he goes to the Sox/ Yanks, perhaps it's not rational, but it's preferable b/c we expect it and honestly, signing him here is not going to make us competitive with them anyways. However, if he goes to the Nats, that's a dagger to the heart, not b/c he chose them, but b/c it means that O's leadership (read: Angelos) is truly incapable of understanding its customers. It's the equivalent of a car company continuing to pump out crappy cars that its customers don't want, at unprofitable prices, and ignoring the fact that other companies are managing to design better quality cars that people are willing to pay MORE for.

Next he'll be asking for a bailout!

My question is, why won't the Orioles offer the highest price? If not the highest on its own, at least as much as everyone else is offering?

MacPhail and Angelos have to realize that when bidding with perennial contenders like the Angels and Red Sox, there will be no hometown discount. But I would think that if the O's matched offers from those teams, the hometown card would be a more valid tiebreaker than offering 10-20 million less, and 1-2 fewer years.

Come on guys, at least make it look like you're trying instead of being stubborn and expecting a hometown discount from THE premier free agent this year.

any news on the O's finally 'flushing' daniel cabrerra?

Peter, if the Nats get Tex i know i will officially STOP openly rooting for the O's. I don't care that would like a slap in the face to all of us fans who have been waiting for the O's to make a great offseason pickup. Everyone wants to talk about how we got Miggey to came here in 04, but if my memory serves me right the guy to get that year was Vlad Guerrero. Who took a little less than what the O's were offering to go to LA. The O's actually have a chance to sign Tex & i dont feel like McPhail put together a package worthy of signing a top flight free agent & HE ALWAYS wanted to PLAY FOR HIS HOME TEAM AT CAMDEN YARDS!! He stated it was his dream to play in the majors in Baltimore. All McpHail has to do in my opinion is match whatever the top team can offer. Angelos needs to have this happen just to energize the base of Orioles fans.

No way Pete, if the Nats get Tex we'll see his face on every MASN commercial everyday and be constantly reminded of what we missed out on. If the Sox get him we'll only see him 18 times a year. Yes, he'll have more chances to beat the O's in a Sox uniform but at least we won't have see his face every time we tune in for a game (unless we sign Tex ourselves).

WHY?! they are our hated rivals you moron!

I can't believe you just said that. I would be more upset that he would go to the Nats than if he would go to the Red Sox. If we lost him to the Red Sox, then it would be a disappointment but the Red Sox have a lot more money than we do so they probably would outbid us anyway possible. But the Nats have the same amount of money as us or maybe less and it would be a slap in the face if they got him. I would be really upset. So to answer your ? no I wouldn't root for the Nats and would be very upset if they got him.

If any team other than the O's get Tex the O's fans shouldn't just root for the Nats to sign Tex, they should start rooting for a team commited to winning period. PA please sell the team!

Root for the Nats? Ouch. There's something a little creepy about that idea. But, at least you're right when you write that "the Yankees can't get everybody...." Oh, wait. They can. They often do. And that's what ultimately will kill major league baseball. The fact that CC, A-Rod and Jeter make more than probably 20 other TEAMS only reinforces the need for a reasonable salary cap. Do what the NHL did a few years back: shut down the leagues for a year, if necessary. Let CC or Tex or whomever try teaching high school math for a year at $32,000. They'll be back quicker than ants on a PB & J sandwich.

the orioles could do what brian cashman did and is doing to get their coveted players. andy macphail could fly or drive to meet with mark teixeria to sign with the orioles to make him feel he is wanted. boston really doesn't need tex.the nationals do and will make moves that the orioles won't make. so yes i wil root for the nationals if they are fortunate enough to get tex. yes boras will stretch the rope and then some to get what he wants.

How can the Orioles justify not uping the ante on Teixeira? $25 million is a huge payday, but the extra $5 million per year is takes to get him would be made up for in ticket sales, merchandise sales, and the overall renewed interest of the community in the Orioles.
This whole idea of sending in one offer and then shrugging our shoulders is completely frustrating. GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT FOR HIM ANDY. YOU NEED HIM MORE THAN HE NEEDS YOU!!!!

Unfortunate but true about Teixeira and the Nats. Angelos has given us plenty of reasons to dislike him, but if what we're hearing is true ($140-150 million offered) and he doesn't sign here, it just means he really doesn't want to play here. Plain and simple. If he can't be happy playing for his hometown team for that much, see ya.

Are you nuts or have you completely loss your soul. Root for the Nats to get Teixeira is unconscionable for any self respecting Oriole fan to contemplate under any circumstance, dispassionately or otherwise. you went down a couple of notches on that one.

Are you nuts or have you completely loss your soul. Root for the Nats to get Teixeira is unconscionable for any self respecting Oriole fan to contemplate under any circumstance, dispassionately or otherwise. You went down a couple of notches on that one.

Offer Tex a 4-year deal worth $21 million per, followed by four consecutive player options at the same price. Therefore, if he wants to stay all eight years it's an 8-year $168 million dollar offer, and if he doesn't then he can leave after four (or five, or six, etc.). We get him and he gets the flexibility to decide whether or not the O's are going in the right direction in 2012.

I would rather him play for the Sux, so Angelos and McPhail get a consistent reminder of their failure. Izturis! Please.

Thats the way Boras operates: Go with the highest bidder.

Pete, have any of Boras's players actually gone against his advice and taken the lesser deal for whatever reason?

Pete's reply: Yes, it has happened, but not often.

Why wouldn't the Orioles offer the most? If there was ever a free agent to overpay it's Teixeira. If we bid a dollar under every time we go after a marquee free agent why would they come here. Take a stand and fight for a player you want for a change. After 11 crummy seasons I think PA owes us this... Make Teixeira turn down the highest offer and from his hometown team.

Holy cow peter! I have been saying the same things to my O's friends and they keep talking about it like it's the ultimate insult if he ends up with the nats...are you kidding - we were never odds on favorites to land him anyway - so why wouldn't we want him with the nats. and never have to worry about his bat? The LAST thing we need is the 2 big prizes to end up the AL East - Sabathia is already here and starting against us on day 1 - so who wants Tex too?

While the Nats may not be a divisional rival they are the BIGGEST rival for the fan base of Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington and Baltimore areas.
Beside the regional and National PR/media coverage would continue the negative image of the Orioles being a losing organization that no outstanding player would want to sign with so they will end up with the fringe or over-the-hill players like most of what they have signed in the last ten years. Attendance will be slow to rebuild in proportion to the speed the the Orioles team rebuilds. True with Matt's promotion to the big leagues it will boost attendance but you will still have a sizable potion of the area that prefer to see a PROVEN slugger like Tex with the Nats. It will also improve the Nats public image as a legitimate major league organization willing to spend the money to become a winning organization. Baseball is entertainment and the public doesn't care how efficient business wise an organization is run, they react to what type of players are on the field. Beside what message does that send to the young guys like Matt and Arrieta, both Boras clients, that the O's won't pay the big bucks when free agency comes. I've watched the K.C. Royals raise good young players and about the time they are reaching their prime they are traded to other teams. Dye, Beltran and Damon to name just a few until Moore took over as GM.
If the O's won't sign him I hope he goes back to Hollywood, NOT the Nats.

the logic makes sense, Peter, but I have to watch MASN for my O's and watching trailers with Mark T for Nationals games (for 8 years!!!) will be aggravating to say the least. 8 years of watching him daily on the network is a circle of hell for sure.

While the Nats may not be a divisional rival they are the BIGGEST rival for the fan base of Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington and Baltimore areas.
Beside the regional and National PR/media coverage would continue the negative image of the Orioles being a losing organization that no outstanding player would want to sign with so they will end up with the fringe or over-the-hill players like most of what they have signed in the last ten years. Attendance will be slow to rebuild in proportion to the speed the the Orioles team rebuilds. True with Matt's promotion to the big leagues it will boost attendance but you will still have a sizable potion of the area that prefer to see a PROVEN slugger like Tex with the Nats. It will also improve the Nats public image as a legitimate major league organization willing to spend the money to become a winning organization. Baseball is entertainment and the public doesn't care how efficient business wise an organization is run, they react to what type of players are on the field. Beside what message does that send to the young guys like Matt and Arrieta, both Boras clients, that the O's won't pay the big bucks when free agency comes. I've watched the K.C. Royals raise good young players and about the time they are reaching their prime they are traded to other teams. Dye, Beltran and Damon to name just a few until Moore took over as GM.
If the O's won't sign him I hope he goes back to Hollywood, NOT the Nats.

If Tex goes to the Nationals that means it wasn't about winning now. Thus means that they outbid us and that would be a disgrace to the franchise to see him play in a Nationals uniform. Not to mention the backlash from fans about him playing there and not here would set this franchise back in a HUGE way in the eyes of the fans. I would rather see Boston or LA outbid us then have to see him in a Nationals uniform. I think the majority of the O's fan would agree with me. I understand your logic and it does make sense but losing him to the Nationals would be downright pathetic.

Pete- you mentioned the possibility of either Eric Hinske or Hank Blalock (via trade) if/when we don't win the Tex Sweepstakes. What's the read on Hank. I know he struggled with injuries last year. You think his best years are behind him? Also Texas needs pitching, something we don't really have to offer. You think they would tender DCab and then ship him off to Texas for Hank? Thanks Pete! Great work keeping us "in the know". Also why no mention of Adam Dunn?

I'm with you on that, Pete. I don't care where he ends up as long as it's not in the American League, much less in the AL East.

do u realize that all of those comments were brought on by an article posted by Roch?

The Orioles should outbid everyone, and there are no excuses. He is a hometown kid and an all-star clean up hitter that you could have in your lineup for 7-8 years. The Orioles have a ton of money. People say they are mid-size or small market and that is just not true. The Orioles are an elite organization. They are one of the few that has thier own cable network. They have minimum rent fees from the Maryland Stadium authority. They have all of that money from the Nationals deal and MLB/MASN. Also they sell out 18 or more times a year because of the Yankees and Red Sox fans. Why isn't that money going back into the team? The Orioles are an elite financial enterprise, a gold mine. If the O's get oubid, it just shows their total lack of commitment to winning and their lack of appreciation to the fans. If the O's want to start filling the seats with O's fans then they need to take care of us. Sign Tex!

well said. If the Os don't get tex which I really hope we do. Wieters Markakis Jones and Roberts are some position players you can build around. Not to mention if Huff can keep it up. Bigger concern than Tex is pitching. If we sign Tex and don't have good pitching then we're just another version of the Rangers. With that said PICK US TEX PLEASE

I can see Tex going to the Red Sox for less moreso than I can see Angelos allowing the Nats to outbid him for Tex. That's just me though. Also, what's with Zrebiec's article title from today. He makes it sound like we won't raise our offer, when in fact we will assuming Tex is still interested in us.

Funny I was just thinking that yesterday: Tex going to Boston where he can really put the screws to us for the next decade, not to mention the ammo all those nor'easter turds will have for us when they descend on Camden. Tex going to DC isn't the greatest scenario, but I'll take it over a divisional opponent.

While a valid point that we would not have to face Teixeira as much if he were with the Nationals, there is no way I root for them to get his services.

At least with the Angels or Red Sox, you can argue he is going to a team that is winning. Choosing the Orioles (if the money is even or close) make sense because of growing up in the area and watching the Orioles, but he really has no ties to the Nationals -- they were not around and they are even bigger losers then us.

Save 100 million. Offer Manny 4 years for $100 million, move Audrey to first, sign Millar for 2 years for $4 million and use the other $96 million on pitching.

You are wrong about rooting for the Nationals to get Mark Teixeira. They dont deserve him. They have not suffered enough. They aren't even good fans. They dont show up even the first year at their new stadium and they have the worst TV ratings. Plus as anyone from Baltimore will tell you, Washington is NOT his home town. He did NOT go to school there.
I will hate them equally with the Red Sox and the Yankees if they get him. If the O's can't have him I hope he goes to the Angels.

No way do I root for the Nationals to get Tex. I don't root for any Washington team

No, no, no. If we manage to let Tex go to the "other" local team that our owner might as well own himself, I will lose what little faith I have left in our fledgling franchise. If he goes to Boston, New York, or LA at least thats to be expected. Players like to be on a winning team in a big spotlight, and that's understandable. But if we allow him to go to a local team with no fan base and a future that looks even more bleak than our own, it will only be due to a complete lack of effort on the part of our "great" owner. If he goes to DC because we failed to increase our offer, I will find it very hard to stomach following this team next year.

I totally agree. I would like to se him in Orange. But every year some player gets overhyped like Carlos Beltran a few years ago.

If he goes to the Nats, we will only have to face him a few times and the O's make money off him from MASN.

Are you smoking something? Root for the Nationals to land him? Why? So we can be reminded that our red-headed step cousin down the beltway made off with our blue chip can't miss guy? Not a chance!! If the Sox wind up with him, then I'll be fine with that because it will mean he chose to play for a winning franchise. If he plays for that Nationals, it will mean that once again our dear organization has let us down, kicked us to the curb, spit in our face, punched us in the privates and otherwise FAILED US AGAIN!

Glad you are back Peter.

So, if we know Scott Boras like we think we do and that he goes for the highest offer, and if we know that Tex would like to play closer to home, why isn't Peter Angelos offering the largest contract that falls in line with what Tex and his agent want?

If Angelos wants him as badly as he says he does, or at least that is what is being reported, and if MacPhail thinks Tex is the kind of player that is the one to help build this team around for the long term...why aren't they coming out as the highest bidders?

I can only assume it is for PR. They've offered enough to say, "Well, average per year, we actually had the most money on the table." But, they also are on the low end for number of years. It makes me fell like this is all just a smoke screen and that what I was really thinking is right all along.

They didn't want to sign Tex. They couldn't really afford him and he really doesn't fit Andy's plan for long term success.

I think all fans can understand reluctance to give Burnett what he wanted. I think fans can also understand not wanting to give Garland $13 million per year.

O's fans aren't going to understand why we couldn't be the top bidder for Mark. Maybe "understand" isn't the right word. They will be upset.

If they don't sign Tex, they might as well trade Roberts, something I smelled coming for a while now as well. What's the point of extending him for a few more years when he has a chance to drop off the face of the planet at age 33-34 like so many 2b that came before him and on a team that won't compete by then anyway?

I agree 100%. If he goes to DC, at least I can still cheer for the guy. If he goes to BOS or NYY, forget about it. If he goes back to the Angels, it's a push. Going to DC would be embarrassing for The O's but wouldn't increase my disillusion and frustration with the state of baseball in general, only the state of baseball in the state of Maryland.

"You are wrong about rooting for the Nationals to get Mark Teixeira. They dont deserve him. They have not suffered enough"

Try 34 years bud. Nice try though.

The inferiority complex is in true form in this thread

All you people are fools. Andy is known for not artificially inflating the market for free agents. He is saying publicly that they will not go higher then their current offer, but he will when the teams get narrowed down to 2. He won't let Tex get away, and he won't create a bidding war. Andy is the greatest poker player ever, if you catch my drift.

I think that Mark should take a step back and decide what "he" is looking to accomplish. I know what it costs to live and live well. I also know what it is like to provide for a family of 5. I look at this industry in the wake of an economy that is fumbling backward. I look at the unemployment rate and wonder when it will exceed 10%. The bottom line is that we are asked to watch a player potentially sign for $190,000,000 over 8 to 10 years. I could only imagine how many families this salary would feed. One player, one family? Take the money. Don't tell me that you play for the love of the game.

UGH! I am seconds away from dropping baseball altogether! As many of you probably feel the same way, I am a HUGE baseball fan--a HUGE O's fan! I love nothing more than to see the season begin. Hell, my father-in-law swore off of baseball after the strike, but my passion for baseball and undying love for the O's got him back into the sport a couple years ago (even though he likes the Phils---I hate everything Philly, but that's another story altogether...) But this is getting ridiculous! When will Angelos realize that he needs to field a winning team to get the fan base back? Maybe he should look out the window at M & T Bank Stadium and see what the Ravens are doing for the fans in B-more! Maybe he'll pull the Mayflowers up to 333 W Camden St and go to Indy, and the Indians will move here in 12 yrs...

Pete, I said the same thing in one of your blogs from the winter meetings.

Does anyone really think this guy is going to make the Nats a winner? He didn't win with Texas and he had tons of firepower around him.

Miguel Cabrerra couldn't help Detroit with all their stars so why would Tex, who offensively is very similar, be the exception?

Pete's reply: I think he would certainly help, but the Nats can't get there from here.

Yeah as an O's/Skins fan who grew up in Annapolis after the Colts and b/f the Nats I gotta say a lot of the sentiment in these postings is dumb. I don't give a crap about the Ravens or the Nats, but I'm not gonna waste my time hating on them either. It's time the O's fans who hate on all things DC realize that there ARE some of us out there who like things about both cities. And without us, Camden Yards would be even more empty. So chill out on the hatred. It's lame. Skins fans who get pissed during the "O!" in the anthem at FedEx are the same: lame. That said, Tex signing with the Nats would be ridiculous b/c he grew up as an O's fan ... but not b/c of some stupid complex about DC.

I used to say to people years ago, that if a cop told me I could take my best shot(swinging) at Angelos and I wouldnt go to jail, I would do it. This is just how angry this man has made me over the years. He singlehandedly destroyed what I grew up loving as a kid. My first love. Orioles Baseball. Now, I'm a Mt. St. Joe grad(83) so I consider Mark Teixeira family. He's a mount man cut from the same cloth as myself. I told myself that if Angelos went all out and got Mark, I could manage to forgive him somewhat. The thought of seeing an alum from my high school in an Oriole uni, hometown hero and all. It would bring tears of joy to my eyes. But who am I kidding. IT AINT HAPPENING. And along with that, I am no longer an oriole fan. I hope that no one shows up opening day. Please everyone, dont go. Just dont go to the game. We need to keep sending messages.

If you are a Nats fan (or should I say "the" Nats fan), you should be praying the Nat's DON'T get Teixeira. If that team pays $160 million for him, they will most likely never be good. It's a team right now that looks like an independent league team: a bunch of flash in the pan sluggers (willy mo Pena, Demitri Young to name a few), and adding a $20 million dollar a year player to be the 2nd piece of the puzzle (if you believe the Ryan Zimmerman hype) will never happen. He would be beneficial to the Orioles, who now have a much younger and quickly maturing farm system to fill in around him. Signing with the Nats would be a waste of his career. If you're reading this Mark, don't do it.

Dear Peter,

Hey its Mark, I choose not to sign with your team because from the outside looking in it would take $250 million over 4 years to make me forget about 4 years of my career that will hinder me from making the hall of fame. You will expect me to fill the seats because I am "Homegrown", also expected of me is to hit homeruns, score runs, and drive in runs. That will be kinda hard to do being there is NO ONE else in the lineup to protect me except for "Izturis and Moeller". I see you have two All Stars in Markakis and Roberts, will they be here in a couple of years or will you be trading them for what you believe to be 2nd teir talent? Please don't contact me with your silly answers you can contact my agent, Maybe you've heard of him? SCOTT BORAS. I will see you from time to time throughout the year while I am playing for a real contender and for a REAL TEAM that wants to win. Thanks again for your interest. Snicker Snicker

Wow! look at all of these posts. All for Tex. Of course the fact that any Sun sports writer would mention rooting for a D.C. team just goes to show how much the Sun needs to clean house in its sports depatment even more than the Orioles have needed rebuilding over the past 10 years. That being said. If the rumors are true, and the Orioles offered Tex 150 million for 7 years; then they have made an offer that exceeds 21 mil/yr. That is a substantive offer and the only one to blame if Tex doesn't sign is Tex. If he gets hung up over 10 yrs vs 7 or 22 mil vs 21, then why are O's fans wasting their time worrying about him? So what if Tex is from Baltimore. If he won't sign in Baltimore with that size contract on the table then he doesn't care about playing for his hometowm team. So later for him. He also isn't very smart, because the amount of good will he would engender by playing here is worth more than another 5 mil or so over 5 years. Just ask Ripken. Tex's commercial value would soar if he came here. He certainly has no national presence in advertising now. How much would that be worth to him? How much would the gratitude of the Mayland market alone be worth to him? So fans get some sense. Tex get some sense. Schmuck you did good earlier this week with the piece on fan patience and McPhail, but this piece while obviously good for responses in all other ways misses the mark. It's kinda like if Tex signs anywhere other than Baltimore for the sake of a couple more years, or a couple of extra million.

Pete's reply: So you're saying I should be fired for one blog entry you disagree with?

The Nationals have no inherent advantage over the Orioles when it comes to signing Tex. Therefore, if they do sign Tex, when in fact the Orioles were in the more advantageous position, it shows greater wisdom and greater will. If the Nats have a greater will than the Orioles, than the Orioles have no hope of ever being a competitive franchise under current ownership. That is why the Nats signing Tex would be ultimately worse for the Orioles than the Red Sox.

I agree with those who say that Tex's value is greater to the Orioles than it would be to any other franchise. Personally, I would choose to match any offer for his actual playing, add a million dollar/year personal services contract for his retirement years, and promise to work with him to establish a minor league franchise for the Severna Park/Annapolis area. I would promise to make him the second coming of Cal Ripken, stating that only fate kept the Orioles from initially drafting him, but now that misfortune has been corrected.

There is no way that Lerner should value Tex more than Angelos.

With Daniel Cabrera gone there are now 4 starting pitching spots to fill. The team can't even sign the players it already has. Is there anyone out there that believes that any player/pitcher in his right mind would sign with this team as a free agent (outside of Kevin Millar)?

Peter Schmuck and few of the writers at the Sun believe that the team is building a team that is going to be good in 3-5 years. I ask, excluding Matt Weiters, what other sure-thing prospects are there in the system that would make anyone believe that this team is 5 years away? There are just 3 minor league pitchers who may have a shot, if they develop the way everyone is praying that they do.
This team is doomed for a long time. The losing has no end in sight !!

McPhail, you had me fooled for second there. Good one Andy. You had me believing that Angelos wasn't still running the team, when in fact, he's just walked away from making comments to reporters.

So... we didn't get burnet. We didn't extend contracts on B-Rob and Kakes. Way to go front office. Way to show your fans you don't give about winning. Honestly I don't blame Tex if he doesn't want to come to Baltimore. This ideology that is supposed labeled the "oriole way" has turned to such a terrible plan.

How is it so hard when we can see that in order to win our division we need starting pitching a short stop and first baseman. WAKE UP!!!!

Let's put on our 'Realistic Caps' for a second. Everyone in the country knows that Teixeira is not coming to Bmore now that McPhail has proven that he no intensions of winning before 2018. He would never play for a team that has no hope for at least another 10 years. So why not offer him 25 million/10 years just to drive the price up for Bos, NY, & LAA. Thats a better way to trick the fans into believing that you were ever serious about signing him. It might even trick other free agents into believing that you're serious about winning in the near future, and could fool one or two of them into signing in 2008. IF THEY'RE GOING TO DECEIVE, AT LEAST BE DECEPTORS .

The O's need to revive the HomeTown Spirit that has been lost for some years now. Signing a local talent like Tex would go a long way to bring back that Baltimore pride, much like in the Ripken days. It could also be viewed as a sign from Andy and Peter that the O's are committed to the future with a solid centerpiece to build around. By signing him Andy and Peter are telling the fans they are committed to having a winning team here within the next few years.
I for one, love the O's and hate not having a full Yard!! Tex could help in filling those seats!!
So, Mr. Angelos, please help out the patient and desparate fanbase you have...please.
Go O's!!
And love the road jerseys

If Texiara signs with Washington, it says more about him than the Orioles that he would do that knowing the bad blood between the 2 cities. When he left Texas, one of the commentators from there said they were glad to get rid of him because he was all about "self". Interesting.

Get TEX. 9 yr contract 20 mil per with an opt year after 5 yrs. I will purchase a Baseball HAT whichever team he signs with. If a million other fans do this it would be 20 million extra dollars not counting the extra ticket revenue. Pete A is an idiot. It would be a SLAP in the face to see him go elsewhere. Boy I would hate to have to be a Boston Fan.

I think the O's management should have gone to see an eye doctor before they got this vision of theirs. It'll take more than one slow starting first baseman (Big T doesn't get going until the summer months) to improve the team. Also Cabrera ate up innings and has seen the revolving door of managers and pitching coaches (screwing up his mechanics), he'll be successful somewhere. Good luck to him wherever he lands.

After reading most of this drivel I have come to the conclusion that, were I MT, the LAST place I would want to play is Baltimore. You folks know NOTHING about what offers are actually on the table, but all some sleazy agent has to do is drop some "rumors" around and you folks go off on the ownership. What kind of fans are you, that mere rumors send you spouting this "I'll never root for them again garbage? Mark will sign where he thinks he should, and trust me, no matter what anyone says, "It's about the money". Tell me, if we open the bank for Mark, what will BRob want? How about Nick? Hmm, Guthrie? Do you think these guys are ready to play second fiddle to MT? Would you, were you in their place? No, I believe PGA and Andy have a plan, and praise be to them, they are sticking to it. It may not be good for the O's in the standings at this time, but down the road, it'll be awesome, and what's more, it will be good, IMO, for all of baseball. You cannot buy success, no matter how much money you have.

Go O's!

As the Os continues to get worse and the rest of the AL east continues to get better, fans can expect a season with a win total no higher than 58 wins.
Now that Roberts & Markakis have seen that their team is not serious about contending before the expiration of their contracts, look for the two stars to begin planning their baseball futures elsewhere. With no 2B or RF prospects worth mentioning, look for the Orioles to remain in the basement of the AL east until at least 2017

I hope Andy is playing every card with Tex, e.g. the "Cal is my hero" card, by having Cal talk to him, the "Georgia Tech" card. by having Matt W. talk to him, the "look how much more money you can make in endorsements" card when you are a local hero and the face of the franchise, etc.

yeah right, if tex is going to sign with a team, id rather him go with a winning win, wheter in the AL East or not.

If hes just going to sign for some shitty team to be close to home it should be the one he cheered for as a kid.

i agree with that guy mike. until

MLB imposes a salary cap and puts all the teams on an even playing field, its a faulted system. Look how exciting and unpredictable football is now, unlike in the 70's and 80's when it was always the same 4 or 5 teams

Please hear me out. The Orioles seem to be in a place because of 11 years of poor management that not even hometown guys are willing to come home to. We need credibility! Since we have no shot in Lucifers place of achieving that anytime soon than lets get the next best thing. Entertainment Value!! We might even get to the playoffs that way, and in return build some credibility. I know there are formulas that work for Tampa Bay And there are formulas that work for the yankees, but that doesnt meen that there arent other possible winning formulas that have not been used yet.. My thoughts are as follows. Sign Manny Ramirez,he single handedly almost took the Dodgers to the holy land. Give him 4 years of Teixeira money. I bet he takes it! I also bet he is damn productive the whole time he is here!! I also bet that having him here accomplishes 3 things! First gets you in the media daily!! No such thing as bad press, free advertising(just like Boston and NewYork) . Number 2 gets other players wanting to come here(not immediately but eventually)! He is a star among Baseball Players, they want to play with him! Last but not least Manny has a very large ego!! What a better way for him to stroke it than turn the Orioles around!! He might be the only high profile player confident enough to do it!! THis may be foolish but in spite of Teixeira this is my thinking today. Please leave thought out comments not angry ones!! LOL!!!

The Orioles should show some love to Brian Roberts and trade him.
He dererves better then playing in Baltimore.
Hasn't he suffered enough!!

Have a heart O's...

The Orioles should show some love to Brian Roberts and trade him.
He dererves better then playing in Baltimore.
Hasn't he suffered enough!!

Have a heart O's...

Why should Peter the Great spend any money on this team , he has a guaranteed sale price to MLB , I just wish he would use it The great fans of Baltimore deserve better than this. .If he thinks the attendance is low now , just wait if he doesn't sign Tex , at least signing Tex would be a sign of good faith for the fans to be patient a bit longer. I fear doomsday for the O's if he goes elsewhehr.

The little voice inside Tex's head:

Wow. Life's really good. I've been playing at a really high level. People are actually arguing about whether I might be the best player in the game right now. All that and my best years might actually still be ahead of me. I KNOW. I can't believe it either. How could things get any better? Well, let's see. If I could pick ANY team, I think I'd like to go to one that knows how to win... and and and has alot of other good players... and might actually be good enough to play for a championship... with an organization that I know REALLY wants me and goes out of their way to show it. After all I'm not getting any younger and I've always dreamed of winning the World Series... and being the MVP. Yeah, a team like that would be great. And while we're at it, one that's not too far away from my family. Wow. That would be great. Awww, who am I kidding. I could never get all that.

Golly, maybe I should just forget all that and play for the Orioles... even though they offered me less money and haven't had a winning record since, uh... well, anyway who cares if they don't make the playoffs in the next few years. I can wait. I'll still be the same old Tex. I trust them. After all, they're my hometown team. They'll come through... eventually. Won't they?

You o's fans need to get over your anti DC fervor; your owner is the the problem and single-handedly jeopardized MLB's antitrust exemption by trying to keep the Expos from DC(to say nothing of the idiots on the DC council that almost blew it) Personally, this Teixeria has had the quietest BIG numbers I have ever seen. Let the big clubs waste their money and follow the Rays example. There is more to the baseball universe than the freaking NY teams and Red Sox, Somebody tell ESPN that.

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