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December 17, 2008

ESPN's at it again

Former Baltimore Sun baseball writer Buster Olney is reporting on that the Orioles are not in the same ballpark as the other teams bidding for free agent Mark Teixeira, and -- according to sources -- are hoping he accepts their standing offer because he wants to play for his hometown team.

This is no great shock. Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said at the outset that the Orioles would be interested in certain big-money players because they might have a "geographical advantage," which is another way of saying they would make a play for Teixeira and A.J. Burnett (who has since signed with the Yankees) but would not be likely to sign them without a hometown discount.

The O's have made a legitimate long-term offer, believed to be for seven years at somewhere between $140 million and $150 million. The other bidders -- the Angels, Nationals and Red Sox -- are thought to be offering at least an eighth year, but no exact money figures have been confirmed.

Orioles officials indicated last week that they were willing to sit on their offer and not bid up the price, though MacPhail did not rule out making another proposal later in the process. This probably won't sit well with O's fans, but I don't think anybody believed the Orioles were likely to outbid the Red Sox and Angels. Teixeira will have to really want to play for the Orioles for this to work out.

Minor league note: Catcher Guillermo Quiroz has accepted his outright assignment to Triple-A Norfolk, so he will remain in the organization. His decision probably won't have a major impact on the team's attempt to sign one more veteran catcher.

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This isn't a shock, and to be honest it could be a blessing in the end. Let's not forget it takes pitching to win, and we have none. It's been said before and should be reiterated again, we can learn from teams like the Marlins and Rays and build through our farm systems like the ones that produced great teams in oriole history before free agency took over. That being said, man it would've been great to see him in an O's uniform.

If that is true, I agree the fans will not be happy. In fact I think if they do not make another attempt, this will cause so much hatred and dismay that the fans that started the petition to bring Mark home will start a boycott petition of the Orioles. You cannot tell the fans you are all in and then let him get away without one more offer going on the table. I am sure the fans will say their peace and be done with it. The O's will say they cannot compete with offers that the Sox, Angels or Redsox make and I believe that the fans will believe there is no hope for the future of this team. I have to admit I do not like the future of the franchise on such a ledge because of one player, but that is where the owner and the fans are at this point.

Peter- I heard Trembley on Donahue's show already trying to "prepare" the fans about not getting Texiera. He was saying how, if he chooses not to come here it has nothing to do with how hard they tried.
This is why we lose. This is why we don't get any National respect. And, in 15 years, when we are still losing, this is why it happens.
The O's are not willing to spend the money to acquire talent. Hometown discount is the dumbest term ever. Why SHOULD he have to take a hometown discount?
Where is all the money that has NOT been spent the last 11 years? Nobodies calling a Duck a Duck.
I pray, that when its all over and done, we see the numbers. We will never get the truth though.
Never any interest from day 1. Smokescreen. God I hate the fact that the O's are the closest team in distance to where I reside.
No excuse for not throwing the fans a bone on this one.

If they dont up the offer to eight years and about 160 mil I will seriously have to consider if its worth being a O's fan anymore. If we dont get him with that offer thats ok, we gave it our best shot and Tex can explain to his friends and fam why hes not playing for the good guys.

Cb Coach: This one player is homegrown and has had links to the orioles for years. He is set to be the savior of the franchise and he wants to play here. The fans here will go nuts if they could actually land this Superstar player. Whats better then the homegrown talent playing for the home team???

Buster Olney is the same person that reported that our Burnett trade would be done the next day. Forgive me if I refuse to believe him.

I think Tex's going to sign with us and I think the O's will increase their offer. I don't know why I do but I have the idea that MacPhail plays these things pretty close to the vest. He's not one to panic. I just would not be very surprised.

The current Orioles offer is not legitimate... 7 yrs at 140 mill is not in the same ballpark as the 8 and 9 yr deals offered by other teams. The O's put a token offer out, to say they tried. And any fan that thinks this is legitimate, is nuts.

The O's need Tex. This franchise has easily become one of the top 5 worst professional sports team, with or without McPhail....

Pete's reply: Could you let me in on what the other offers are, so I can figure out if I agree with you.

I dont see why this is such big news by ESPN and Buster Olney. If Tex is going to the highest bidder then yes the Orioles have no shot against the likes of Boston. But if he really wants to play in Baltimore then its smart the team doesnt jump into the bidding war. Just because the team has not increased its offer to match the other teams doesnt mean we are out of it yet, even if ESPN says so.

To be honest, the way free agency is going, baseball will be dead to me in a few years. Media bias/play, Boras-like agents, ten year contracts, opt out clauses? When will it end? You either sign a long term deal or a short term deal. You can't have it both ways. If you want an opt out clause, then the team should have the same opt out clause.

MLB is becoming a joke.

The Orioles can't compete because such a high percentage of their income goes to Angelos pockets. We are swimming in money, far more than is necessary to get Tex. This is so Orioles, make a bid but just low enough it won't get accepted, trying to foster the illusion we were in the game. It is time to totally boycott the Orioles. We need to cost Angelos more money than he would have given up for Tex. Our only hope is a new owner.

The offer that the Orioles put up simply is an attempt by Angelos to make it look like the O's are trying to get Teixiera. We have the lowest offer on the board and even the Nationals are willing to go higher. Unless you want to face him 19 times a year in an opposing teams jersey you need to get him. Bottom line though this offer to him is an attempt to make it look like they are trying to get him when in reality we are not...the appeasement attempt did not work.

I know this is going to sound like a bad comment, so please understand I have complete respect for you, but I could have written this an outsider that pulls up on a daily basis.

I think the reason fans are grabbing anything and causing you guys to chase down rumor after rumor is because we don't have a lick of evidence that anything is going on. We rely on you guys - the local beat reporters to get us something more than what a national reporter is getting from "sources" or what is posted on I am not expecting a play by play, but something even if it is a quote saying "we are not commenting on ongoing talks". I guess what I am saying is please get us something new that we can work with, I think even a no comment (which would probably prove that we are at least not out of it) would help a fan base ready to gnaw on any scrap that is given to us.

Pete's reply: Bill, I'm not a beat reporter. If I was, I wouldn't have time to do the blog. I make the inquiries I can and depend on my beat guys, who delivered that same info a week ago, by the way. If you think every blog entry is going to be breaking news, you're dreaming. Sorry. I'm just trying to keep you up to date and entertained. Doing the best I can. While I'm on the subject, name me somebody else who answered several hundred emails personally in the last week.

Whether we get Tex or not I have a problem with how the Orioles have become a small market team. I'm not saying we have the money of the Yankees or the Redsox, but we did have the highest payroll back in the late 90's. Everyone say it takes pitching to win, well the only way we will get pitching is to either develop it or buy it and the O's are not going to pony up the money to buy an Ace. I like that we are rebuilding, but what the hell have we been doing the last 10 years? I know the O's aren't bringing in as much per season as they were back in the (0's but thats because no one wants to pay to watch them. It's not like ticket prices have been going down. As an O's fan not close to Baltimore it's really hard to be a fan. When did the O's become small market? After they began to suck and the Yard was no onger a sell out every game?

You can't get good pitching in Baltimore. Nobody will come and if we develop them they will be gone as soon as payday comes. Has markakis been treated right so far. NO. Without a big name like Texiera nobody will ever come to this team. Heres only hoping that the Orioles get off there @$$ and spend some of the money they have been taking from me and the rest of the Oriole fans for the last ten years. As for me it will be a long time for the five in my family attend any more orioles games, I guess I'll go to the Nationals and give them some money. At least they willing to spend it and not just keep growing there own wallets. Good luck Texiera wherever you go I will be certainly rooting for you thanks for even considering the Orioles. Best of Luck.

For years now I have been against the O's forking over mega $s to FAs. This time I feel differently. Why? This guy is young, productive, healthy and from Baltimore. He will make a difference to the faqns (Remember us Peter the not-so great?) and to other FA's as well as our own guys we want to resign. We paid big $'s for Tejada and that was worth it. This guy is Joey Belle w/o the attitude and health risk. Next yr there is no looming FA hitter to compare. Imagine how much better our young hitters would be with him in the middle of the lineup. Is ANY ballplayer worth $175+ million? No. But this guy is more deserving than most and he WOULD be worth more to the O's than the other teams competing for his services. He would be worth it on the field, off the field and IN THE STANDS!

The same Buster Olney reported yesterday that the O's and Nationals had no right even bidding for Teixeira. Quite a rousing endorsement from someone who cut his teeth in our state reporting about the O's. tex isn't Alebrt Belle for Christ sake, he's squeaky clean, an all-star offensively and defensively, and healthy! Lock the boy up!!! Also, keep in mind every day is a new story about the next team. Tomorrow will be about Boston and Tex. The morale here? It's all conjecture to get the bidding war heated up and we won't know squat until he signs that dotted line.

How many days in a row must I say this? Get the nine-year, $192 million offer out there, McPhail and Angelos!

Pete is right when he said $20 million per year on a clutch slugger is preferable than $20 million to get two so-so pitchers, the current market being what it is.

"we can learn from teams like the Marlins and Rays"

I hereby nominate "We can learn from teams like the... Rays" as Most Unexpected Quote to come out of 2008. Seriously, if you'd heard that said at this time last year, could you have stopped yourself from laughing the speaker out of the room?

typical and not surprising at all. angelos isn't truly serious about winning. screw him.
another losing season will be upon us.

You know there are certain TV reporters that feel that if they're not bashing a superstar or telling an outlandish lie somehow they're not exciting enuff or doing their job.
Deion Sanders hates and is JEALOUS of Peyton Manning...
and will bash him any chance he gets.
On the NFL Channel he likes to portray Peyton as a lucky Quarterback.
but not a great one....
and the Colts aren't a great team to boot.
He did it the year they won the Super Bowl...
and is doing it again right now as we speak.
When Kobe Bryant was trying to rebuild his personna there were countless ESPN and Fox reporters, Black and White who said his carrer as a pitch man was over.
That he would never get another endorsment.
Now it's Buster Olney's turn...
whos trying to be-little the city of Baltimore like they don''t have a right to go after big name talent.
As I remember only Brooks and Boog had any kind of national profile when the Orioles traded for Frank Robinson.
So when does a city have a right to compete in the free agent wars?
Who's to say that this puzzle piece called "Texiera" isn't the one move that makes the Orioles compete again on the big stage. Tampa Bay did it last year with a host of no name talent.
Maybe it's the birds' turn this time.

It is true that the Orioles need pitching. But what they really need most is a core group of great players that are both pitchers and position players.

They currently lack a sufficient pitching core in the majors, and probably don't yet have enough prospects to eventually provide that core.

If they sign Tex, extend Roberts, and Weiters is as advertised, they will have a sufficient core of position players, letting them speculate (through draft and veterans for prospects trades) on getting enough pitching prospects to make it likely that they will have a core of great major league pitching.

Without Tex, they have to speculate in 2 directions (pitching and position), which means they will have a split focus in the next couple of drafts, and they will probably have to trade Roberts in order to get more prospects.

Losing Tex means that the Orioles will have to take a lot more risk in player aquisition, and it will probably delay their return to contention at least another 2 years.

It is true that the Orioles need pitching. But what they really need most is a core group of great players that are both pitchers and position players.

They currently lack a sufficient pitching core in the majors, and probably don't yet have enough prospects to eventually provide that core.

If they sign Tex, extend Roberts, and Weiters is as advertised, they will have a sufficient core of position players, letting them speculate (through draft and veterans for prospects trades) on getting enough pitching prospects to make it likely that they will have a core of great major league pitching.

Without Tex, they have to speculate in 2 directions (pitching and position), which means they will have a split focus in the next couple of drafts, and they will probably have to trade Roberts in order to get more prospects.

Losing Tex means that the Orioles will have to take a lot more risk in player aquisition, and it will probably delay their return to contention at least another 2 years.

pete what is your take?
do you think the orioles will put a larger deal on the table or is that it?

How many players actually play in their hometown? This is a lame play by the Orioles to make their token offer and then say we snubbed or can't compete with the AL East giants.

Let's see, you are on the road half the season, have very little home life when you play home games and cities like Boston are an hour away by airplane. Besides, you have been to Boston and he would be revered there as much as anywhere.

Lastly, the Orioles can compete financially with Boston and NY. I'm not saying throw money around they don't have, but when you are guaranteed a certain profit each year, have painfully low overhead (you know how thin the warehouse staff is and how they scrimp on things like spring training), and the payroll has been reduced by almost 50% in two years (when they were still profitable), they are crying victim.

The O's are offering 7yrs. / 150 million, that's about 21.5 million per yr. Where's the big discount ????

In my mind, the (possible) Texiara and Markakis signings are linked.

We have a hometown kid (Tex) who wants to play here, and a superstar-in-the-making (Markakis), who has done everything you could want someone of his age and experience to do, and somehow we can't find the money to compete in today's free agent client.

Yet, somehow, we had the money to sign the David Wells, Bobby Bonillas and Pete Pete Incaviglias of the world. And yes, I know the salary requirements did not have a 1:1 correlation, but the principle of fielding a competitive team with the resources available remains the same.

Bottom line, if we don't get Tex AND we can't Markakis locked up long term, we'll never be good enough to compete -- at least not anytime time in the next 15 years. Because what those non-moves prove to me is that every time we get a good one, we'll let him go...and sign another Steve Trachsel...and stay in the black with a garbage TV network like MASN...and sign Jay Patton...and on...and on...and on...

I guess it is just a matter of time before we see Markakis playing in a Yankee or Red Sox uniform .... Angelos won't make a legitimate offer for Tex and when it becomes time to pony up the money to keep Nick he will blow that too!

Pete why should anyone care about this team? Their is no light at the end of the tunnel here. The fun of baseball has been beaten out of me.

I think some people are losing sight of the big picture. I understand that it might be hard to swallow to pay one player that kind of money but if TEX signs with the O's he is going to be soley responsible for putting buts back in the seats..lets face it Cezar Itsuriz is not going to sell out Opening Day and thats why i cannot understand why Angelos wont pony up and do whatever it takes to get this guy. The attendance sucks and if PA doesnt care about that then why should I care about the Orioles anymore. I dont live in Baltimore anymore so its expensive for me to make the trip and go to some games and I am not going to spendmy hard earned money if our fantastic owner doesnt care about putting a good product on the field. I read a piece in ESPN the Magazine last year that ranked every professional sports franchise and not only were the Orioles dead last in baseball, but they were 3rd to last of all sports teams and the two word reason they gave..Peter Angelos...seriously the Sox and Angels will continue to sell out no matter what..the O's may never sell out your fat wallet Peter and show this city that you care about ouram as much as we do.

I wouldn't be surprised if McPhail jumped in near the end with a larger offer. I will bet the Tex at least gives him the chance to match whatever is out there. But if it's going to take 25-30 million, that's too much for us to spend on one player right now.

Let's be honest for a second. A childhood friend of Mark's told me that he is a money-hungry bastard....Asked if he would play for the O's...he laughed. He wants 10 years/200M.

Peter - I would be extremely shocked if Teixeira signed with the Birds. Very pleased, but extremely shocked.

Everyone - please remember this, all of this, is all being orchestrated by the master malipulator - Scott Boras. He's probably feeding misinformation to a variety of sources in order to escalate maximum value for Tex.

Ideally, I think he wants the Yanks and Sox to be the finalists, and then he and Tex sit back and watch the bidding begin!

You know Pete and all the Sunsters, you ever feel like we are just click test monkeys to

I mean, that's all well and good and I get the marketing perspective, but I really think they just throw up the headlines b/c they want to see...How much of an interest do O's fans (or any teams fans) have these days? They have no real accountability to those headline b/c the parties involved always give a, "no comment" or "the negotiations are ongoing." Then Boras is the master and knows that, so he'll feed the machine to create ghost bids and other angles to get his bids up.

I hate it b/c its a bit gut wrenching, but like a bad car wreck, I can't look away.

I won't be surprised either way this thing ends up.

I hope he signs with the O's because he is a loser. Of course, he will only sign in Baltimore if the money offered is more than anywhere else - and, his signing would expose the lie that he "wants to play for a winner". He is a dyed-in-the-wool mercenary who is lucky he can hit.

The Orioles will do this the same way they bungled the Mussina negotiatons. It goes like this:
1) Texeira wants 8 years $160 million. 2) The O's offer 7 years $135 million.
3) Texeira gets an offer from the Red Sox for 8 years $170 million.
4) The Orioles offer 8 years $160 million.
5) Texeira signs with Red Sox,
6) Angelos says he offered Texeira what he wanted.

This is a variation of the famous "must pass a physical" maneuver that Angelos pulls.

It does not surprise me that ESPN does this especially to Baltimore teams. Threy constantly go out of their way to make Baltimore teams look bad. Until Tex signs with a team I believe we will be in the running but it will not shock me if he does sign with another team. With Boros as his agent odds are he will sign with the Red Sox cuz Boros always goes where the money is.

1. pitching and defense with timely hitting win games
2. top notch pitchers will shun Camden Yards because of its cozy dimensions, see David Wells among others. If you want a fair shot pitching in Camden is not advantageous
3.therefore, build a great defensive club. build the very best combined with great hitters.
4. get a few workhorse types who have a 4.5 plus era but who can get you 7 innings
5. and stay on top of your bullpen, relentlessly
6. in otherwords, don't give the other team squat via errors, keep it close for 7, score 5.5 runs per game while giving up 5.
Or, get an architect and redesign that bandbox to real ballpark dimensions.
Seriously guys. If you were a pitcher and had equal offers would you pitch in a hitters park, or a pitchers park that requires real men to hit the ball legitimately?

hey pete so do you think the orioles will throw another offer at tex?
and if so what do you think it could be like 9 years 180 mil?
or will the 7 year deal be the only offer we see? thanks

Pete's reply: I think they will make another play, but don't know what the number might be.

Sorry for the cynicism, but I admittedly lost my passion for baseball years ago, so it just stuns me that there is all this concern about wanting to watch a guy stand at third base and then swing a bat a few times a game for $150 million dollars. I just can't wrap my head around the concern for this stuff anymore. It's just gotten crazy.

Pete, If you do not sign Tex, no one will buy tickets, including me. Come on, you have to give us something to do before next years Ravens games.

Okay, I have a few things to address....
-Lets start with these national reporters. If I hear the words "Well, Mark Teixeria is a MARYLAND guy, and that would help the Orioles and NATIONALS chances in landing him." No! The fact is, Teix is a BALTIMORE GUY, and there is no way (if he was seriously considering playing for the hometown team) that the Nationals would be in that topic of conversation. Another thing is that Peter Gammons (a Boston Guy) and Buster Olney (a grade A mis-informatist) are reporting these things...dont read too far into them.
-The next thing is that as of right now, there is no reason why Orioles fans shouldnt believe in Andy MacPhail. So far in his first year he has burned 2 teams (Astros, Mariners), and I think its safe to say that he burned another one by trading one of the laziest players in the league (Ramon Hernandez), for one of the hardest playing players in the league (Ryan Freel)...and still managed to get 2 other prospects in that deal...not bad at all if you ask me.
-Yes, I want Teixeira as much as the rest of this city. Fans deserve him, but im not sure that I will think any less of the organization if we dont land him. I would definately think a lot less of Teixeira though if he signs with DC or Boston.
-In the end I think MacPhail will up the ante one more time before he signs. Dont fret if we dont sign him, we saved money that we will pump into re-signing Markakis, Roberts, and giving contracts to the pitchers in our minor league system when they prove themselves.(Tillman, Matusz, Arrietta)

I have been an O's fan since I can remember and never have things been so frustrating than they have been the last few years. I agree on several points mentioned already. First, Angelos needs to go. He hasn't shown me a willingness to build a winner which I believe is mostly farm system but some free agent/trade work as well. Second, Tex's offer should be in the 8/9 year range if the O's are serious and I think they should get him but my biggest beef is this: The O's claim they need pitching (which they desperately do) but I have YET to see a serious offer for any of the big name guys out there and then the rumors pop up about Olson in trade discussions and I just scratch my head. The Yankees went out and got pitching though I never thought the O's would go after CC I would have thought they would have made a serious bid for Burnett and or Lowe. It gets sick to watch other teams in the division make moves to better their clubs while the O's make token efforts. They haven't even made serious bids on Roberts or Markakis to keep them in an O's uniform. Look, Tex would make a good line up great if last year was any indication but while they are waiting around on Tex, maybe they should be working out deals with the remaining quality pitchers and show Tex, and the fans they are serious.

The most annoying thing about the whole Mark Teixiera is the apparent inability of anyone in the media to do basic arithmetic. Despite Peter Schmuck's assertions that he doesn't know firm numbers for the Orioles offer, it has been widely reported that the Orioles offered 150 million for seven years, while others are offering 160 million for 8 years. Now we hear that the Orioles are out of the Teixiera sweepstakes, because they have been outbid. Really? Can anyone in the media do division? The Orioles have offered more per annum. I keep hearing this crap that the O's have been outbid. Do reporters just parrot what they hear or can they actually think? Sheez. Buy a calculator..

Pete's reply: Everyone is aware of the math, but Boras is about the total guarantee and the years. That's why nobody is making that calculation. And, while we're on the subject, no one knows what any of the offers are. The Orioles number has been widely reported and may be true,. The rest of the numbers have been widely speculated, but not confirmed.

This is a move the O's need to make. I mean he's a hometown guy and if we can't sign a hometown guy that will say alot about the O's. No one wants to come here anyway and not signing a hometown guy makes it worst. Hey a hitter friendly ball park like camden and alot of die hard fans, this team could be in contention this year or next year with Tex. Or a least the offense will be exciting to watch.

The Orioles need an idenity. They have none! Signing Tex will give this town the pride they have not had since Rip left. This is a no brainer.
For God sakes Mr. Angelos please bring Mark home!!!

What the heck is the big deal about giving him an 8th year? Can someone explain? I don't care if he bats .200 in year 8, because I'm betting we'd get at least 5 or 6 great years. If Tex comes, maybe some other free agent would come without us having to overpay.

There I go, getting my hopes up again. How many times am I going to swear off this team?

The Knicks. The Raiders. The Orioles. This is how far we've fallen.


Are some of these folks here just plain nuts? I mean the O's put in an offer that supposedly is a 7 yr deal worth 140-150 mil, and this is a low ball offer or Angelos offering a low contract that the player will never except. I guess these are the same people that are convinced we never landed on the Moon and that Elvis faked his death. It gets old!!!

This pay him whatever he wants nonsense, I guess these are the same people that thought it was no big deal offering sub prime loans to people that should never have been given a home loan. yeah that one worked out real well!!!! Makes me sick.

In the past we had a FO that probably did offer meek inquiries into the FA market. However that being said, I think Andy MacPhail has been pretty upfront about the O's attempts to sign a FA in Tex's class. He said that they would investigate the possibility and if there was a geographical advantage. I believe Andy feels that Mark is considering the possibility of playing here. That's why have the O's have not pulled out of this process. Plus we really don't know what offers have really been made. I think if Tex were interested in strictly the biggest contract and/or only playing for a team that's a playoff contender, then AM probably would have pulled out.

But enough already with this crazy outcry of pay him whatever it takes.

Thanks Peter for staying with the fans through this particular trying time. A lot of emotions in Crabtown right now.

WHAT are you guys talking about?

Hello Bueller, HE IS NOT SIGNED YET!!

Your all bad mouthing Angelos and the Orioles.

Read my lips;
Mark Teixeira is a free agent STILL!

The repercussions of not signing Tex are more than just not getting him . They will lose BRob because he will never resign so they will have to trade him for less then he's worth because it would now be a one year rental. No big name SPs will want to be here. Nick is going to play out the string until he can bail. The franchise is in the toilet and is about to be flushed for many years to come. I can imagine in this day and age, with one of the sweetest ballparks in MLB not drawing one million fans. Incredible! ! ! Have a nice day

Pete's reply: Nick won't go year to year. He still has three years to go and that's too risky. He'll sign long-term eventually.

I have never done this before, but I feel it neccessary in this case.(commenting on Mark Teixeira) I am 37 years old and have been an O's fan all my life. It started when I was 5 years old and got an autographed picture with Al Bumbry ( which I look @ every day) I was able to see the O's in 79 at Memorial stadium beating the Yankees 2 of 3 (As it happened seemingly Tom Underwood seem to pitch in all of these series and we had his #) and the Redsox when Luis Tiant seemed older and their best reliever was Dick Drago. I was there when Jim Palmer's tank was on EEEE the final day in 82 and saw a few games in 83 as we went all the way. But now times are totally different. The last time the O's contended Armando Benitez hung a curve (Instead of his 99+ fastball and Tony Fernandez hit it on the flag court) and the next year was RF in Yankee Stadium, need I say more. But as far as Teixeira is concerned, this is a totally different situation. If you look at the O's for 09 and beyond, here is my idea of what they need. I agree they need pitching, but where Teixeira is concerned who in the farm system do they have to put in the "4" hole in the lineup for the next 6,7,8 years. If that player exists he is not coming soon. (And its not Weiters, as good as he is 30 Hr's is a stretch) Bar none Teixeira is that guy, hes from Baltimore and wants to play here. Their is nobody more perfect to get. Andy MacPhail is very quiet, which is good cause Boras has a really big mouth. If we are to believe in this rebuilding project, no doubt if we don't get Teixiera, whoever comes up thru the farm system or we sign Adam Dunn and or some other Free Agent who is not as good will point to the fans we'll only go so far. And that in and of itself is what put the O's in this position in the first place.

Hey Pete,
Got a question for you since the last time that a report came from ESPN saying that Texiera really wants to place close to home and that the O's are serious contenders for his service. You stated that since the information wasn't provided by idiot Buster Olney that you wouldn't put too much emphasis on it. Yesterday, ESPN (Idiot - Buster Olney) reported that the O's were out of the Texiera sweepstakes because they wouldn't increase their offer. With that being said and the article that came out today that McPhail says that they are still willing to up the offer, who do you want to put your trust on now? I know that Andy may be blowing smoke up you know where, but how can you put more faith in anything that Olney puts out there? He has got to be one of the most suck up to the Yankees & Red Sox writers out there (along w/ Gammons). Both of those guys must have permanent red marks around their mouths from sucking too long.

Pete's reply: I can't argue that there sometimes seems to be a New England tilt to ESPN, but Buster is a very good reporter and he was going on his best info. If the O's don't sign Tex, who's to say he wasn't right all along.

Well, looks like the Red Sox are about to land Teixeira just like everyone expected. He's meeting with the Sox brass while O's execs are all tucked away in their beddies all warm and snuggly and sleeping the night away. Tex was the new Ripken and signing him for whatever it took was a no brainer. Angelos is an utter NIGHTMARE and the Orioles continue to be an absolute league-wide joke. Their only hope is to either get out of the AL east or drop down to AAA where they might move up a notch in the standings. Go back to sleep.

i could not find Buster Olney's article bashing the O's anywhere? I mean it was there before, and the video with Peter Gammons going all Boston (and Nats) thats gone too... huh? wow... is that just something, no? heheheheheheheh. they must feel really great about themselves right now...

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