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December 11, 2008

Catching a break?

One of the names that surfaced recently in the hunt for a veteran catcher was Matt Treanor of the Florida Marlins, who was being shopped around the league the past few weeks. Now, the O's probably can get him cheap.

Treanor, the husband of Olympic beach volleyball star Misty May-Treanor, was unexpectedly released by the Marlins late yesterday to open a place on the 40-man roster for a possible Rule 5 draftee.

O's president Andy MacPhail said during yesterday's press briefing that he likely will add more than one catcher from outside the organization. The Orioles also have had at least one conversation with agent Dan Evans about Gregg Zaun at the winter meetings.

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Any word on which pitchers have the O's interest?
Are the O's still in the mix on the Jake Peavy deal (Felix Pie for G Olson?)
Any more arms fall off of our minor leaguers in the offseason?

If they sign him I hope his wife wears that little sand volleyball outfit to the stadium. I'm flying in just for that sight.
Why not just let Weiters make the team out of spring training? I know he doesn't have many minor league at bats, but will another few hundred at AAA really make that much difference?

If they sign him I hope his wife wears that little sand volleyball outfit to the stadium. I'm flying in just for that sight.
Why not just let Weiters make the team out of spring training? I know he doesn't have many minor league at bats, but will another few hundred at AAA really make that much difference?

I have my lucky #34 Wild Bill Haggy Tshirt on....Mr. Pete, what are the chances Tex will be signed somewhere today?

They should've kept House around....

Do we get the rights to gold medalists Misty May and Kerri Walsh also? If so, its a great deal!

How many times over the years have we heard the Orioles and cheap used in the same sentence? Well, when Tex goes of to Boston the O's will have 140MM over 7 years to pay a couple of starters and maybe a hitter or two. But in all honesty the O's will never be a serious player while PA owns the club. The guy is making a ton of money and only goes after people that he knows he can't sign. Andy doesn't have any more clout then anyone other GM the O's have had. I guess PA doesn't care if nobody sits in the stands. I still can't figure why someone would sabotage his own business like this.

That didn't take long. A few hours after the news broke broadly about the Orioles offer to Texeira $20 million or so per year and Norm swings in to proclaim the Orioles cheap. Norm must make an awful lot of money because $140 million and cheap just don't go together in my world. It's not fair to give Norm a hard time because he is undoubtedly just one of the first among the Hate-Angelos-First crowd that will sweep in and endlessly pile misery upon hopelessness.

From my vantage point, it looks like Angelos is doing just what everyone hoped and guys like Norm swore he would never do, jumping in with two feet (or is it all a carefully constructed ruse like Norm thinks, since we'll never get him anyway). We'll up the offer a bit for sure (like probably just a $20 million bit, bite-size in Norm's world), but in the end what Tex does now is entirely up to him.

FS -

You said it! For the last several days this blog has been full of faithful Oriole fans cheering and even pleading thru posts for Tex to come here. Well we made the guy a damn good offer, and I'm of the mind set that if 7 years for 150 mil isn't going to do it, then adios Mark!

I'm tired of the "just pay him whatever it takes" comments posted here. What kind of way is that to run a team? Throw crazy money at a player, hope he takes it, and if he goes elsewhere call the franchise cheap!! What planet did most of you fall off of? The O's offer is a legitimate big contract for the supposed "Local Boy". It's huge!

So know this all that want Angelo's to just hand him a blank check, that if he sings with the Redsox, it's because he and Boras used his so-called hometown team, and he's no longer a kid chasing a dream. It's about the money. Business is business and Baltimore is just another road trip. He's isn't interested in restoring the gloried past of this franchise, and so be it. It doesn't hurt my feelings because it's not personal.

And if Tex blows us off, which I suspect he will, then I have even more respect for Andy, and would hope he tells Tex and Boras thanks for stopping by, we've moved on. I truly believe MacPhail will not allow Tex & Boras to play us as other FA's have with our FO. That much I feel certain about. And that my friends does indeed indicate this franchise is turning the corner!!!

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