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December 12, 2008

Cabrera decision is near

The Orioles have not announced a final decision on whether to tender a contract to pitcher Daniel Cabrera, but there will be resolution in the next few hours and it could take a couple of forms.

Orioles president Andy MacPhail, according to a source, is working to deal Cabrera by the tender deadline and, failing that, probably will not tender him a contract by tonight's midnight deadline.

Either way, it appears that Daniel will take his amazing but unrealized raw talent to another organization and -- as so often happens in cases such as this -- will turn into Cliff Lee and win 22 games next year

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Peter Schmuck -charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio: [Cabrera] "will turn into Cliff Lee and win 22 games next year". Want to put your money where your mouth is?

Pete's reply: I do that every time I eat.

Addition by subtraction again.

I don't think Daniel will ever realize his potential. The problem isn't with the coaching he has received. It isn't about his lack of development time in the minors.

The problem is him. He's got it set in his head that he's cool as he is and doesn't need to change. If he'd stop walking the planet, maybe he wouldn't give up the big innings that kill him.

If he goes to the NL I could see him doing a little better on the pitching front, but he'd have to bat and would probably kill himself in the process.

Time to turn the page.

This makes perfect sense. Deal the dude or cut him loose. He probably won't become the next ace for somebody else, and if he does, so what? All we need to do is find someone a little better than he is, and a lot less exasperating.

I'm not a Cabrera fan because he has outlived his usefulness in Baltimore. But if we let him go and Olson is trade bait, who are the other 4 starters going to be in 2009, a bunch of guys with Japanese names???

Where is MacPhail heading?

Pete's reply: I'm not sure what the starting rotation will look like, but I wouldn't necessarily feel any better about it if Daniel and Garrett turn out to be in it.

They should absolutely tender him...4-5 million a year for him isnt bad at all. People forget that at the beginning of the season Cabrera was very good until he derailed again (possibly due to injuries? and his inconsistency). At the very least they could trade him for someone because some team Im sure is excited by his potential..but they def should not let him walk!!

Cabrera pitched (gasp) well to begin the season then tanked. But he is an innings eater with another year under his belt. If we let him go, what are we going to do to replace him? We were in desperate need of 2-3 starters before dumping Cabrera. The market is weak. Garland? Byrd would make no sense, and I have heard no interest in Lowe. How can they expect to make the team better by letting Cabrera go?

Cabrera is horrible...he hit's more people than he strikes out. Let him go, the only person people will trade him for is Sidney Ponson.What the hell are these people smoking.

Here we go again, the Yankees get Sabathia, and now Burnett (#@&*%*#) AAAAAUUHHH!!!!! Why would Tex want to play for us? Good luck selling tickets Pete.

I have a feeling the Orioles will be the next KC Royals ... small market team deals away the talent and lets the rest of them walk-- not paying their good players -- and certainly not going after any good players...

"S" for this S$CKS

The O's are just as bad, if not worse than the KC Royals. They've hit rock bottom, not getting Teixeira after a 5 year build up will destroy this franchise and the fan base for good.

I wouldnt be surprised if the Cards took a look at him

I wouldnt be surprised if the Cardinals got in on him. With his raw talent in the hands of the best pitching coach (dave duncan) who makes his living on reviving pitchers careers makes total sense. I also think he would do very well with a change of scenery, especially in the NL.

So, we should give Cabrera a raise based on:

He looked good for a very brief period of time (again), imploded (again), and that might have been due to injuries (again)?

Remember, he's been on the DL before for tired arms and I think a back ache in the past, or the dreaded oblique strain.

That seems like sound reasoning to me. Where do I print up that paperwork?

"C" is for Crraaaazeyyyy, I think you're so craaaaazeeyyyyy....and I am no fooooolll. *in the Gnarles Barkley tone*

Never liked Cabrera. He is so uncorordinated. I wonder how he ties his own shoes. Let him go.He will never win in the big leauges

i have an interesting question...
the orioles need pitching right?
well if bedard dosnt get tendered any chance the orioles try to bring him back?
he wouldnt cost to much and might return the the form he was last time he was here. thoughts pete?

Pete's reply: The deadline just passed, and I don't know if Bedard got tendered or not. If he didn't, I'm sure the O's would be interested.

Since the MLPA will never agree to anything resembling a salary cap, the next-best thing would be to limit team rosters, based on payroll. E.g., team payroll exceeds league average by more than 20% -- 24 player limit; team payroll exceeds average by more than 40% -- 23 player limit.

Teams at or below league average have option of carrying 26 active players.

This would give the lower-income teams a (slight) advantage and would tend to limit the flexibility of the big-money franchises. (It might also be necessary to place limits on in-season player mobility between majors-minors, to prevent the Yankees and other offenders from shuttling in minor leaguers constantly.)

MLPA might agree to this scheme, since it would probably keep the net number of ML jobs at current levels.


Pete -

I believe it best for both player & team that D-Cab moves on. As for the poster who thinks Dave Duncan can save D-Cab, why? He's worked with several quality pitching coaches: Mark Wiley (I believe) Leo & now Kranny. if the last 2 couldn't reach him, I doubt that Duncan does. But if anybody ever does, Duncan would be my bet.

Unlike others, I harbor no ill will against Daniel. Young kid who tried, but never put it together. Talent was there, but the head wasn't. Baseball is a game that challenges you mentally, and many fine athletes never overcome that aspect.

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