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December 1, 2008

The O's and tonight's arbitration deadline

Tonight is the deadline for teams to offer salary arbitration to their free agents, but that deadline will pass without incident in Baltimore. The Orioles weren't even tempted to offer arbitration to Kevin Millar, Juan Castro, Jay Payton or Alex Cintron, because those players wouldn't have brought them any draft choice compensation if they sign elsewhere.

There may, however, be some players from other teams who become more attractive because they no longer will require a compensatory draft pick. Veteran shortstop Edgar Renteria, for example, reportedly will not be offered arbitration by the Detroit Tigers, which might make him a more likely fit for the Orioles.

Sun baseball writer Dan Connolly talked to Orioles president Andy MacPhail today and he confirmed that the compensation issue could be a factor that determines whether the club makes a play for certain free agents.

"I think there are some guys you're not willing to part with a second-round pick for,'' MacPhail said, "but if that price tag has been lifted, it might increase the appeal. There are clearly guys we have agreed not to move on until we see what happens tonight. There are some players you don't mind doing that (giving up the pick), but others it doesn't make sense on."

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Is it a foregone conclusion that the O's will decline to offer arbitration to Daniel Cabrera? Have I missed something?

Pete's reply: He's not a free agent, so that comes later. I don't know whether they will tender him a contract or not. I probably wouldn't, but with pitching at such a premium, I guess it's possible.

before the deadline - how about sharing your thoughts on who is who beyond the aforementioned Renteria.

Same Old, Same Old.

Wait. A vision;
October 3, 2009. Major League
standings--what's this.

Baltimore 72-90, but O-O-O how they look in those Charm City away uniforms.

Orioles are doomed to last place finishes.

Like 1970s San Diego Padres.

Call Jeremy Guthrie the second coming of Randy Jones.

Jon Garland is a pitcher I would like the Birds to sign. I would like to see a trade for Aaron Heilman as well.

Position players? Adam Dunn and Orlando Cabrera, who was traded for Garland in 2007. If not Cabrera, Cesar Izturis and his fine glove will be a good fit for the Birds up the middle.

Pete, we are no better than when you came to The Sun. I asked you then if you were going to stay and cover such a dysfunctional team. You stayed and the Birds have disappointed you and me both. I see nothing to prove that 2009 will be any different. It's damn frustrating.

Pete's reply: Maybe it's me.

I hope you are not a suicide hot line counseller...

I don't care if Renteria plays for free-we don't need guys other teams don't want. That mindset contributed to the mess this franchise is in now.
We obviously need to upgrade at SS but Renteria isn't the answer. I'd rather see either Greene or Itzuris. I presume there isn't anyone of note that plays SS in the minors so maybe we should start drafting some middle IF.
In the meantime, let's avoid the players who are on the downside of their careers and I would include pitchers like Byrd and Garland in that category. Doesn't O's management learn from the past mistakes like Drabeck, Trachsel and Ortiz?

The White Sox offered arbitration to Orlando Cabrera, so you can scratch him off your list.

Peter- I have a statement to make and I hope you will back me up on it. SIGN FURCAL! I think that when you see what he did in pitcher heaven Dodger Stadium, he would be amazing in OPACY. It would give the O's 2 top lead-off men. He was not offered arb, so there is no compensation. Take the risk. Some of these health issues are gonna bounce the O's way I can feel it as sure....OUCH, I just tore my ACL. He would add 70 runs to the O's total.
Seriously, what are your thoughts?

Pete's reply: I would love to have him, but don't know what the money is going to be like. I think at some point, you have to take some chances injury-wise.

Renteria would be a nice pick-up at shortstop, I think, and the cost would be moderate. As for Daniel Cabrera, I say give him another shot and tender him a contract; when he's on, he looks like Jim Palmer when Palmer was great---when he's off, he resembles Storm Davis when Davis was terrible. Is there not a pitching coach out there who can carve the stone and bring out the statue?

When will we find out what player we received from Tampa Bay for Bradford?

Pete's reply: Might end up being cash.

Renteria keeps playing well everywhere he goes and yet keeps being discarded. To me that is a clue concerning his personality. I say forget him.
Greene is a Pennsylvania guy and Izturis is a throwback to the days of Mark Belanger. Either of them would do well in Baltimore and upgrade the position.
I'd also like to see what Scott Moore can show us at SS this spring. He's a very good glove man at third and was reportedly spending time at SS last year.
This past season he came out of the gate very well and was still hitting in the upper .300's when the Orioles unexplicably decided to send him down to the Tides in favor of a 13th pitcher. I think this discouraged him to a greater extent than the O's would like to talk about. He did rather poorly for the rest of the season.

Any thoughts on whether the O's would be interested in bringing Jamie Moyer back now that the Phillies apparently are not going to offer him arbitration. I know the guy's 46 years old but he's still a top pitcher and certainly couldn't hurt to be added to a rotation that right now includes only Jeremy Guthrie for certain. Maybe he would even be a good mentor to whichever young pitchers fill out the rotation next year.

Pete's reply: I'd be okay with it, but he'll still command some decent money for a one or two-year deal.

Unfrotunately need forces you to alter some of your best laid plans.

The Orioles need solid starting pitching, but won't trade for it or can't because of what they would have to give up to get it. They can't afford to sign 3 good free agent you have to stretch your horizons a little and take a gamble or ten....that is how we ended up with Guthrie anyway.

There is supposed real interest in Japanese hurler Koji Uehara. He's not Daisuke or anything, but he is a control artist who might be at least effective if not spectacular.

Don Veal is in the Rule V draft...I take him. Try him in the rotation, if he doesn't make it, use him in the pen as a lefty specialist/long reliever this year, send him to AAA next year and see if he can get straightened out.

Odalis Perez will be a fairly cheap option for a back end rotation slot.

The poor performance by the starting staff as a whole affected the team not only in the loss column, but led to a lot of injuries in the bullpen and is what caused them to wear out by the end of the year. With depth also an issue, the Orioles can't afford this kind of thing to happen again.

As far as Furcal goes, I still don't sign him. He's over 30, has a back injury, and he will cost you a lot of money over a long term deal. When a player's back goes, so does his career. Mattingly, Ripken, Edgardo Alfonzo...

"a" is for Adam Jones.

Cabrera has never reminded me of Palmer not for one day. Palmer could pitch, Cabrera can throw. Renteria is going to be 34 and does not fit the mold, whatever the mold is. It is hard to be an Orioles fan. They have made so many bad moves over the last 12 years and had a lot bad luck with prospects, it is like they are snakebit. They still feel pain about Albert Belle. However every team can tell their horror stories but they keep buying in while we use it as an excuse.

The Orioles should try to sign Bobby Abreau.

Want to see the O's sign Uehara, Burnett, maybe Pavano as a risk-reward to fill the rotation and keep the Norfolk crew back in Norfolk. Want to see them sign Izturis to play SS. Since Olsen has been the subject of trade rumors, would rather trade him to KC for Billy Butler instead of Chi for Pie. Better fit, better upside.

Want to see the O's sign Uehara, Burnett, maybe Pavano as a risk-reward to fill the rotation and keep the Norfolk crew back in Norfolk. Want to see them sign Izturis to play SS. Since Olsen has been the subject of trade rumors, would rather trade him to KC for Billy Butler instead of Chi for Pie. Better fit, better upside.

Schmuck!!!! How much gambling money are you taking to the Bellagio, you high rolla, you?

Pete's reply: As you probably know, I spend way too much on food to be able to afford to gamble.

Billy Butler is not a strong defender at any position, he is primarily a DH.

Pie is a five tool player. I know that really doesn't mean much, but he is supposed to be a very accomplished defensive CF'er with a strong arm. He has speed, but isn't a great base stealer yet (success rate-wise), he has power potential, and he can hit for average. His minor league numbers for his career are very close to Adam Jones'.

What young, talented OF prospect do the Orioles have waiting in the wings?

Lou Montanez is 28 and can't play defense in LF. Nolan Reimold is 25/26 and isn't being considered as a starter.

Getting Pie would push Scott to DH right away simply because of how much better defensively Pie would be.

I can't believe the names being thrown around here , it's the same old thing , no one of consequence in the bunch that is a possibility to come here,,,,,,,,it's like groundhog day.............Peter the Great must be proud............

To much talk concerning a minor league pitcher for a minor league outfielder. Can we concentrate on improving the big club? We really may not realize what signing Tex would mean. Personally, I think it would give the O's "instant credability" P A also should be informed by you, Pete, of the amount of hits your getting on the O's in the middle of the football season. .

Scott Moore got really down after being sent to norfolk early last year then injured; he's got the stuff to start at third when Mora retires

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