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November 29, 2008

Orioles: Pie is tasty idea

Felixpiegetty.jpgThe possible acquisition of multi-tool outfielder Felix Pie is intriguing, to say the least. If the Orioles end up being the third team in a proposed three-team deal to send marquee starting pitcher Jake Peavy from the Padres to the Cubs, they'll be in a position to field one of the youngest -- and most versatile -- starting outfields in the game.

Pie (right) has not developed quite the way the Cubs had hoped when they signed him as a teenage free agent out of the Dominican in 2001, but a lot of people still think he has the potential to be a very productive major league player. It wouldn't be a big surprise if the O's threw him out there in left field regularly the way they did with Adam Jones in center.

Of course, Luke Scott might have something to say about that, but he still would fit as the primary DH, with Aubrey Huff getting most of the playing time at first base.

The deal probably would not affect the Orioles' pursuit of free agent slugger Mark Teixeira. If they were to succeed in signing him, Huff would be the DH and Scott would likely share time with Pie, though both are left-handed hitters.

Don't hold your breath on this. There are some complicating factors, primarily the three-year, $52 million contract extension Peavy signed that guarantees him an average of $16 million per year from 2010 through 2012 (on top of his $11 million for 2009 and including a $4 million buyout if his $22 million option for 2013 doesn't get picked up). Taking on that contract probably is going to require approval from whoever makes the highest bid for the Cubs franchise, which is being sold by the Tribune Company. The deadline for bids is Monday.

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Still holding my breath about Tex. If we get Tex, Pie and a SS, with two veteran starting pitchers - we would have a nice team!

Pete writes... "Pie has not developed quite the way the Cubs had hoped when they signed him as a free agent out of the Dominican in 2001"

Sounds to me that Mr. Pie might have been a couple of years older when he signed than he purported to be. Do you have any information on this Pete? Or does anyone else?

Pete's reply: No, I don't. It's hard to get away with anything like that post 9/11.

Umm, I just read that the Padres offered us Khalil Green for Garrett Olson straight up and we said no... Why? Am I missing something on Olson?

Pete's reply: That's apparently true. Greene is close to free agency and makes a lot of money. The O's may feel they can get him for less later in the offseason if the Padres continue to dump salaries.

If they're going to trade Olsen then Id rather they pick up a young shortstop rather than an outfielder. We have a couple decent outfield prospects (Montanez and Reimold) who have shown more than Pie has so far. I think this would be a poor move by McPhail unless they were getting more than Pie in return (like a young SS prospect).

Come on people. We don't need anymore outfielders. We're overloaded with talent there and I want to see a return of Tike Redman again.
We need PITCHING. Why can't we get Peavy for ourselves and send Pie to Pads?

Umm.... I thought the O's already traded for Pie. Oh, that was Corey Patterson. This better be a smoke screen.

Forgive my ignorance, but in this three-way trade, who are we trading?

Pete's reply: The O's would trade Garrett Olson to the Cubs and, presumably, Olson would be included in the package for Jake Peavy.

The O's definitely don't need another outfielder with Montanez and Reimold in the minors, in fact, didn't they just add Reimold to the 40-man roster? Why not platoon Scott and Montanez out there? Neither are stellar defensively but both have great bats. Scott for power, Lou for average, when Scott falls out of a streak just throw in Lou.

There Andy, I just saved you an All-Star second baseman you'd get a better deal for at the trade deadline as a rental and fixed your line-up problem.

Stop worrying about Scott DH-ing and putting Huff at first and go sign a first baseman (hint, hint) and maybe a couple decent starting pitchers while you're at it.

On top of that, Olsen is going to be Eric Dubose all over again, trade him while you can.

Pie tore up the Cubs' minor leagues and has the tools. An environment where he plays every day may be what he needs. If Andy is going to trade Olson, maybe he knows someone better to plug in to the rotation. No doubt these things are going through his mind.

Another minor detail - why on earth would the Padres trade Peavy, with Olson being the pitcher they'd be getting in return?

Pete's reply: The Padres are cost-cutting and Peavy has $63 million coming over the next four years.

if anyone remembers when trembley became manager he put patterson in the 2 spot in the order and patterson played really well the rest of the year. anyway, i don'tt hink pie is worth getting with the orioles having reimold and hernandez unless they use pie in another trade.

no pie why do i get the feeling that the orioles always want to steel a player

This would be some great pick up for the O's. Pie was highly regarded enough that he was part of the wish list to give up B Rob last year so to get him this year for Olson is pretty good.

Pete, I am not sure why fans are against this deal? I know we have Montanez, Scott and Reimold, but till we have some AL East Championship banners hanging at the Yard, go out and get players that you feel could be franchise players and if you have a surplus, you make trades. This is the whole concept that Andy has been trying to get the O's fans to understand. I love it.

I don't think a team that is rebuilding can say "we have too many OFers, too many INFers, too many arms in the pen, etc.," The reason we are where we are, is the past F.O. ruled out players because they thought they had guys in Gibby and Bigbie that would play at certain positions for years to come and look at where those two guys are?

Pete, even if this doesn't happen, I like that the O's are being proactive with this deal, seeking out some Japanese pitchers and keeping to the philosophy that not one player on this team is untouchable.

Pete's reply: Agreed.

Tell me something. If the Padres are willing to part with Peavy for Olsen, then why isn't Peavy coming here? Throw in Cabrera and get Green too.

Pete's reply: Peavy has a limited no-trade, which does not include the Orioles.


We'll forgive your pun because it works on paper. However the pronounciation is "pee-a" for Pie.

Pete's reply: I know, but I couldn't resist.

What's the deal with the sale of the Cubs? They've been talking about that longer than it took Axl Rose to release Chinese Democracy.

Pete's reply: MLB put a Dec. 1 deadline on bidding. Don't know when they'll actually choose a buyer.

Any suggestion that we could end up with Pie AND Greene in this deal?

No reason why that can't happen. Olson is probably worth more to us than Pie alone (and we already turned down Greene straight-up), but we probably could find someone else to put in the deal to get Greene back too. The Padres want to be rid of him.

Even for one year, he would at least be a much better option at shortstop then Cesar Izturis, with the added benefit of no fan revolt when we give Izturis a multiple-year deal, as I fear we will for no reason.

Plus, getting Pie would open up potential deals for Luke Scott for pitching, if the team wanted to go that route.

There is a lot to like about this deal. Hopefully we can make something happen.

Pete's reply: I don't think the O's are that high on Greene at his 2009 salary.

Pie would be a great addition. Having him, Jones and Markakis in our outfield for the next several years would be silly defensive wise, and if they all live up to their potential you're looking at three 20 homer, 20 steal guys at a minimum. The guy has only had about 250 MLB at bats. All you have to do is look at Jones and Markakis' first 250 MLB at bats and see they had their struggles too, but both finished up their first major league seasons on an up note and Markakis has been brilliant since, and we'll see what Jones does this year after making strides in the second half of last year. You could be looking at the best, young outfield in baseball if they can pull this off. In my opinion, this would be huge for the O's.

don't want pie... veto veto veto!

Orioles should try to extend the deal and get Ronny Cedeno as well.

I think it would be foolish if the Orioles did not make thw trade. Noboby seems to care too much for Olsen, so why not get an outfielderwith alot of potential. Pie may not be a sure thing, but neither is Montenez or Reimold.

Since the Padres want Olsen, how about we package him with another prospect or 2 and get Peavy, he'd be locked up for 4more years at ~16 mil/yr which is pretty reasonable for one of the best pitchers in the league. Lord knows we dont have anyone besides Guthrie. We need pitching and infield help not outfield help right now.

Pete's reply; Peavy has a limited no-trade that does not allow him to be dealt to the O's.

This may have already been addressed but does anyone wanna keep Millar? I mean I know he's old and I know his numbers aren't great but I think he really puts a face on this team of young guys and gives a lot of energy to this rather down and out team albeit with a bright future.

Hey Pete,
The next eprson that tells you to knock off the Pie jokes and you must pronounce it "pee yay" or something like that, just tell them you really pronounce your name "Shmook" and you are really bitter and resentful that no one has ever believed you, so if you want to call a pie a pie... you will, even if they stick a needle in your eye or "eeyay"

Pete's reply: I like the way you think.

Pie has limited experience in MLB. Highly rated prospect who in the least has a better arm and defensive capabilities than Montanez. Also younger so I say it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring him in for Olson. Another possibility is that we take Jason Marquis and some cash from the Cubs. The Cubs will need to move salary in order to bring on Peavy's salary. I believe Marquis is signed at 9 million this year and would be a free agent. if the cubs would be willing to lower that number it might not be a bad idea considering some of the other more expensive long term contracts that are out there for free agents.

the cubs said this guy hasn't materialized into what they thought he would? it doesn't take a genious to see that they haven't given him a chance. take a look at his numbers in AAA ball where they've stuck him for 3 years, they're pretty darn good. so maybe we find a needle in the haystack type deal with pie and find out he can be very productive with some consistant playing time...

The only part I don't like is losing Olsen. I can easily see this one being like losing Schilling in the long run. If Pie were somewhat proven at this level I could see it but is this guy anything like Jones? Whats the behind the scenes word on this guys potential?

Pete's reply: Everybody still loves his potential, but that's all it is so far.

Expectation Managment: Translated to the O's "it ain't gonna happen my friends"! Many here have already made the point we don't need another outfielder who has wondered aimlessly in he minor leagues but has potential. We need middle infielders, pitchers 1B and a DH! Furthermore, we need to keep our distance from the Cubs, we certainly wouldn't be gaining championship experience or someone with positive and successful leadership skills, they haven't won in over 100 years.

FOCUS Andy, SP's and a big bat, that's all you need to focus on, Tex would be great, Adam Dunn works nicely as well. Bring home the bacon or the fans will be staying home in bigger numbers in 2009 than 2008! Show us you want to get better and that we deserve more than just the 12th straight losing season in a row!

Pete's reply: In fairness to Andy, I think he can walk and chew gum at the same time. Dealing with the Cubs for an upside young outfielder doesn't take up the whole front office day. I'm pretty sure he's tuned into the middle infield situation and is pursuing pitching. Teixeira? I don't know. There's really no way to gauge their interest.

No, we should be working on getting guys on the team that work the count and have a high OBP and Pie is not that guy. The only way getting Pie makes sense is if they put him in left field and move all the outfield walls back 20 feet.

Pie has all the makings of a bust, last year he put up .287 .336 .466 on his third trip to AAA in the PCL. Ror all the talk about his speed, he has a 63% career stolen base percentage, this is NOT someone you want running wild on the basepaths.

I don't see it, you don't trade a need (pitching) for a strength (left field) this is even more true when you consider the holes that may be in the O's infield after next season.

Pete's reply: I have to say, I'm a little surprised at all the O's fans who are falling back in love with Olson. Everybody wanted to run the kid out on a rail last year. And I don't see how you view LF as a strength, though Luke Scott played okay there. The only place where 65 RBI from LF is a strength is last place.

Pie...did anyone say pie???

Gained 7 lbs this holiday weekend....I don't want any more Pie until next Thanksgiving...

I'd be for this deal if we can get Pie AND Greene. Have the cubs send Pie to us, we send olson to them, the cubs add a couple of their own prospects with olson and ship em to the pads, the pads ship Peavy to the cubs and greene to us. Then they really cut some salary and we fill two needs.

why are Orioles fans such naysayers? Seriously, I am a life long Os fan and I am sick of this crap. Every possible move is hated by the fans unless it is obviously lopsided in our favor or unless a player is from Severna Park. If you wait for moves like that to come your way then you wont be making moves. No one wanted to trade Bedard and look how that turned out. Macphail knows what hes doing, hes proved that with his previous trades. This isn't Mike Flannagan trying to make deals. Sit back shut up and let the man work. If the deal isn't good enough, it won't get made.

Pie is a product of the hype machine, the same WGN / Cubs hype machine that built up Corey Patterson as a superstar only to discard him when he proved to have flaws. Like strikeouts and on base percentage.

Pie is ready defensively, but the comment that he tore it up in the minors is laughable. Batting average high -.321 in rookie ball, though he hit 362 in 1/3 season at Triple A in 2007. Home run high - 15, at Iowa in 2006. Stolen base high - 32 (versus 16 caught) in 2004. He strikes out waaay too much and walks too little, and against lefthanded pitching, swings like a man underwater. Can Pie do better? Sure, he'll be 24 in '09, but it's rare for a player to suddenly discover the strike zone and plate discipline, which is usually needed to be a superstar (yes, I know about Vlad Guerrero).

Garrett Olson struggled in his first two years with the O's, but I think off his minor league record he can be good some day. He's only 25, for Gods' sake! The only thing that he had done at the minor league leveI that he hasn't in his big league stints is consistently throw strikes. I wouldn't give up on him off of those two years, and left handed pitching is always very good to have.

I like the idea of trading Olson for Pie in that it would be tading someone we have given up on for someone whom we consider to have potential. Ideally, I would have liked a package with Olson offered to the Brewers for JJ Hardy, but this deal is still a win for the O''s. It does create somewhat of a developmental logjam in OF for them, but, if treated properly, will work out as a positive. People keeping talkign about getting Teixeira, and I would certainly welcome that. I would still prefer Hardy, someone like Ben Sheets or Burnett, and then someone like Garland or Clements before Tex. McPhail said when he first got here that, if you do not think you can win with 1-2 FA pickups, then you go the other way. I think 2 pitcher FA signings and a Hardy trade would vastly improve the team, even w/o getting Tex

Birdland Todd -

Excellent post! My thoughts exactly. Pie like Olson is a young player with a lot of potential. I know a lot of folks are down on Olson and rightfully so. But the kid still has shown us glimpses of what he can be, even if that was at the AAA level. Pie would give us a tremendous fielding outfield. Don't young pitchers need rock solid defense to build their confidence?

I also agree with your thought on adding players regardless of who you currently have. That sort of flexibility allows you to be more creative come trade talks. Perhaps instead of trading a pitching prospect for a SS prospect, you can add Scott as well.

As for Greene, let someone else take a SS that has little range, strikes out a ton and hits below .250. Heck if that's all you want in a SS, why haven't some of you come out in support of Luis Hernandez?

If we can't deal for a SS, I'll take Itzturis for the next 2 years while giving us the option of drafting and developing a college SS. Meantime, Itzturis gives our young pitching another solid glove.

Gotta be able to think this stuff through folks!

Just trade Olson for Greene and forget Pie.
Geeesh, we've got a minor-league triple-crown winner in Montanez, plus Scott and Reimold.
Forget Tex as well... he's a clubhouse dud and will command more $$$ than the O's should pay.
Play Hernandez at first base. Get him out from behind the plate and I bet he hits .300 with 30 homers and 100 rbi's. Plus you save a roster spot by making him the backup catcher behind Weiters who IMHO will be ready to assume that number one job this spring, Huff DH's, and plays the occasional first and third like in 2008.
The only free agent we need is Burnett.

Wait so will the cubs definetly then trade olson with a package to the padres for peavy or is it jus speculation?

Pete's reply: I'm pretty sure that's the plan.

MVP of the O's this year has to go to Andy. He's the best acquisition the O's have had in a long time. I like that the O's are active in trades like this, seems the 3rd party in trades like this work out well (the Pirates did well in the Manny deal). I like Olsen, and don't really like Pie, but Andy's a clever dude so I'm sure there's like 1-2 other prospects that are going to be in the discussions. And yeah, it never hurts to have talent like Pie on the team to trade, play, or otherwise.

However, I'm still of the opinion that Tex should get 10 year 200 mil deal from the O's. I know, I know, Mark isn't pitching or a SS which are obviously more needed. However, over the course of a 10 year deal the O's should be contending at some point. And while getting a free agent like Mark might be a 1-3 years early, there aren't too many other big bats that'll be free agents in the next 1-3 years that'll consider the O's as a serious team to sign with. I just don't see how the O's acquire a bat like Mark if not now. I fully believe in Andy, but this seems to be an exception to his philosophy. Besides, if it isn't going to work out in the 1-3 year period, he'd be another 5-1 player deals. Boy, those are great.

As for AJ, if there is a BIG discount for him, great, but he's a fragile #2 type pitcher that I just don't see being healthy in 3 years when the O's would need him the most. Signing high quality, big money pitching, to long term deals make me anxious. I look at Zito and shiver.

Mark T or bust.

Considering that for the last two years the O's spent August/September bringing in starting pitchers off the street, how is it they can give up even a disappointing starter without getting at least one in return? Could this all be just the tip of an iceberg? Olson and BRob for Pie, Cedeno, Marquis, Rich Hill, and maybe Kevin Hart or another young arm?

Great comments from some good O's fans. My $.02: When you're in last place and see 4 teams ahead of you with far superior talent you have to be patient, and have a talented person making personnel decisions. We have a great GM and he's being patient thus far. Tejada and Bedard have brought us great depth on the farm and some good young talent in Baltimore. If we continue to develop young pitching, and can find a way to acquire a multi-tool young SS, we'll be on the right track. My question to Pete and others is about our current veteran hitters. Does Roberts stay and get extended? Isn't he a better "local kid" than Texiera? Does Mora, Huff, Hernandez or Scott have any value on the trade market?

Pete's reply: I think they'll sign Roberts. Mora has a no-trade. Huff is well worth his 2009 salary if he's anywhere close to his 2008 numbers. I wouldn't trade Scott. They're trying to accumlate some position depth and he's a pretty good player.

People here seem to not be very intelligent Pete. I agree that we do not "need Pie" that he is all potential and could turn out to be a bust... but Adam Jones was the exact same thing and people seem to love him now. The point with this trade is that Andy is looking and sticking his nose everywhere. He is actively trying to make this team better and I like it. He knows we have needs but he also knows that you build a winning team with depth, and thats not something the orioles have.
Yes we need pitching depth and trading olsen hurts that, but common Olsen isn't going to become a dominant pitcher. He has mediocre stuff and relies on control and so far he hasn't shown any of that in the majors. He could MAYBE become a solid 3 pitcher, but if we get Pie and then sign some pitchers this year and next year then we are fine... you have to make sacrifices to make the team better and to be honest, sacrificing Olsen isn't the worst thing possible.
Pete i think this would be a good idea if we could also acquire a young ss with potential as well... is that a possibility? I dont really want Greene, but do either the cubs or padres have a ss who fits that?

Pete's reply: There are a number of SS options, and I don't think they thought that much of Greene. Really don't have a feel for who they might end up getting.

Pie can backup centerfield, something that neither Reimold or Montanez can not do. I would say if Green and Pie can be obtained for Olson and someother second tier player make the trade. Trying to get Marquis from Chicago would also be a good move.

Olson for Pie is a no-brainer for the O's.

There's no chance the Orioles are going to outbid the Yankees and Red Sox for Teixeira anyway (and shouldn't be going after Type A free agents in the first place).

Sounds like a win to me.


We're not in love with Olson, we just remember John Maine! And when the flip side is AAAA outfielder who has hype/flop written all over him, and we already have 3 LF all of which have proven themselves greater than Pie, whats the point. Realism, we aren't in the long haul for AJ or Tex, so lets get realistic. Olson remains a solid prospect, a lefthanded one at that who should bring us something we need and can use!

Andy Mac has done a great job, really but his diliberate style is irritating to a fanbase who has suffered like we have for 11+ years, patience is thin and getting thinner. We need a solid committment, it doesn't have to be Tex, though he is young enough and would put stability in our line-up for some time to come. Realizing that we shed Ramon, Melvin, Huff at the end of 2009 or sooner we will have at least two more holes to fill with nothing in the minors except Wieters at those positions. If not now, WHEN!

If the Cubbies need to dip into the O's talent pool to complete the Peavy trade and Garrett Olson is an upgrade over anything they can offer, their farm system must be pretty sad.

I'll accept the charge of being a nay-sayer with regards to the Orioles. Oriole history under this ownership deserves as much.

Olsen for Pie seems reasonable to me, however. The Orioles have plenty of pitchers who have potential. They need more position players. If Olsen pans out for someone else, who cares? As long as Pie pans out to some degree.

Having a glut at any position isn't a problem but c'mon folks, Luke Scott can't be a reason to forego this opportunity. He had some nice moments but he ain't all that.

Everyone else mentioned as being OF'ers of the future are in the upside category, too. It doesn't mean we have to be locked in on them and them alone. And it wouldn't hurt to have some talent at Norfolk.

This is a dynamic situation the Orioles are in. Making this trade doesn't mean the Orioles are locked in and committed. It could lead to more trades.

It's time to diversify the young players with upside. This trade does it.

The Orioles should not make any trades. The fact is they need only two position players, a good shortstop and Mark. Then they need to go after two pitchers that can give 6+ quality innings, I like AJ but his pitching mechanics need work so he does not go on the DL. This of course would be in a perfect world and it is not perfect in Baltimore but I can say this much I saw something I never thought I would never see this year when there were less than 1000 people in the upper deck at Camden Yards.

I have no problem with trading Olson.If Pie has learning abilty to hit,I have know fear that Crow will bring it out. I don't think you can find a better hiting instrucktor anywhere in baseball .


Frankly, I would have said yes to Olsen for Greene before the Padres came to their senses. You keep mentioning Greene's 09' salary. What is it? This guys a top level SS, are we afraid to pay decent money for him.

What has Olsen done to make ANYONE think he'll ever be a successful MLB pitcher? Really, the guy doen't have the temperment-period.

I've been an O's fan from the very beginning of the O's. I agree with those who warn Andy, they'd better put a competitive team on the field this year or the fans will stop supporting the team.

And for the other O's fans quit making excuses, such as there's no way we can compete in the AL East. Make the rightr moves this off season with the people who are available and the O's will be in the battle. Also, we don't have to sacrifice our future to get it done.

Pete's reply: I think he'll make about $6 million this coming year. I don't know if you could call him a top-level SS. They obviously think they can do better.

Why is it that Pie is mentioned in all of the Cubs trade offers? I mean, wasn't he dangled in the Harden trade for the A's and they passed on him? I dunno, Pie seems iffy, but if Andy likes him I should too. He hasn't done wrong yet so, in Andy I trust.

as per Tex, the O's "can" out spend Yankees and Sox but the question "should". With Ramon and Mora coming off the books next year that's another 18 million off the books. In a dollars sense, isn't 1 Mark = to Ramon + Mora? Also, with the 18 million off the books, I think the O's payroll becomes like 40 million. 2 years ago that number was 90+ million. Mark will get a 6-10 year deal. Over the course of the 6-10 years the O's should become contenders and will need a Tex type bat. There won't be other free agents of his caliber in the next 3 years--and none that'd ever consider Baltimore. It's clearly the cart before the horse as far as "immediate" needs go, but in terms of a long term plan, IMHO, it's exactly what will be needed and now the opportunity presents itself...opportunity only knocks once right?

Additionally, allowing the Sox or the Yankees get him only makes the task of re-building more difficult. Added to that is the fact that last year was the worst year for attendance for the O's in like 8 years...Mark will fill seats. The Nationals are just as eager to get Mark for virtually the same reasons.


It's a shame that O's fans need to get alll worked up over a 4th or 5th outfielder.

Pie isn't going to matter one way or the other.

And Peter, you wrote that it's hard to get away with fudging your age after 9/11. Well, Tejeda lied about his age AND his name. He made up a new person and people still use that new name.

Pete's reply: True, but a lot of those players have been exposed since 9/11 because of more stringent visa requirements.

If the Padres are interested in Olsen for Peavy why can't the Orioles offer a deal straight up for him without involving the Cubs? People may ask why the O's would want Peavy at this stage in the rebuilding effort, but why not. Any proven player the O's can land would be a welcome addition. I haven't researched it but does Peavy have a no trade clause that includes the O's? I don't see Pie being a pice that will help the O's. I agree that it would be another deal like the Patterson one turned out to be.

Pete's reply: Peavy's no-trade clause does not allow him to be traded to the O's.

Lay off the GM. The Orioles are at least 4 years away from contending for anything. Last time I checked Andy has built a World Series camp once before and the trades he made last season ended up way better than most imagined. We need a SS, power hitting 1B/DH, and 4 SP who can pitch 6 innings consistantly. We might need a reliever or two as well but it is hard to tell because they get overworked year in and year out. All good teams in baseball have solid pitching and the current crop of minor league pitchers doesn't look that promising anymore and the team has already said it wants to force promotions from the next crop. That will take 2-3 seasons and there is no guarantee any of the next group will step up. As far as adding free agents every oriole fan should ask themselves one question, if I was a talented baseball player, would I want to go to Baltimore? I love the Orioles and always will but I'd say no if someone else was offering me the same contract. Our owner is the worst in baseball (where would we be if he didn't screw over Mussina), we haven't won in 11 seasons, we are rebuilding, and our Division is the toughest in baseball. The only way for us to finally get competitive is to keep trading for young talent and hope we can reap the success like Tampa Bay did. Sadly we are where the Rays were when the league expanded. A few solid players, a minor league system that needs to be stocked, and no hope of landing solid free agents. Andy deserves the benefit of the doubt and some time to make changes.

Pie, are you kidding me? He's not going to make it, how many past their expiration date talent wise Cub OF's do we have to take before enough is enough?

Olsen can be solid pitcher, let's not get happy and start throwing away arms we don't have. Maynes not to long ago and Schilling from the glory days, young arms we traded for NOBODY and wished we had.

So we can't get Peavy, fine. Green is too much money, fine. But Pie? Makes me wish we had a baseball person in front office...

I was wondering if maybe for his last year, put Mora over at short since he has played there in the past and perhaps can increase any trade value he has since I thought he said he'd waive his no trade clause if needbe. That way maybe if we did trade Olsen, the Cubs or Padres can trade us a 3b instead since Rowell isn't performing like everyone was hoping for and hope that we can maybe get a ss either by trade or in the offseason next year.

I think Melvin is too far removed from playing shortstop to be able to adjust to that. The man will be 37 in February...

I have heard that the Cubs are looking to get rid of Jason Marquis, who has been a functional starting pitcher for them the last few years. The problem is that he is getting almost 10 million per year - a little bit much for a guy who might have a good year and win 10 to 15 games. I wonder if that is part of the holdup with the trade between the Cubs and Padres (and maybe the O's)?

Pete's reply: I don't think there's a player-related holdup on the Peavy deal. I think it has to do with the sale of the Cubs. Marquis' name came up during the regular season as someone the O's might be interested in, but they probably would have to get some money to offset his $9 million salary.

Hey...just a visitor from San Diego (and die-hard Cubs fan) looking at baseball clarify a couple comments I read above:

Peavy has a full no trade clause. He was asked by the Pads for a few teams he would consider trades to. That list was Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, Astros and Cardinals. As the list dwindled down to the Cubs and Braves, the Pads began looking at the Angels hoping Jake would consider them since they were in So Cal.

Also, Marquis is not getting 10 million per season. This year, which is the last year of a 3-year deal, he is getting 9 million, but only because the deal he signed was heavily backloaded. If we toss in a couple million would you guys like him? Please? I really want Peavy in Chicago!!

Good point. I enjoy reading your article. Looking forward for more topics here. Thanks.

How come that Pie is tasty idea?

No doubt. Pie is indeed tasty, right?

People here seem to not be very intelligent Pete. I agree that we do not "need Pie" that he is all potential and could turn out to be a bust... but Adam Jones was the exact same thing and people seem to love him now. The point with this trade is that Andy is looking and sticking his nose everywhere

All good teams in baseball have solid pitching and the current crop of minor league pitchers doesn't look that promising anymore and the team has already said it wants to force promotions from the next crop.

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