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November 14, 2008

Orioles' Burres has eye surgery

Still haven't heard from the Schmucker, but I've done 7 blogs in the past 17 hours. It's not that hard after all. I don't know why he's complaining about how hard he's working.

I spoke to left-hander Brian Burres at the fan rally Wednesday and he said that he had gotten LASIK eye surgery earlier this offseason. Burres, who was miffed by his struggles last year, knows that his location will have to be far better to maintain a major league roster spot in ‘09. But being able to see the catcher’s signs won’t hurt either. He admitted that his vision was so bad last year that his catcher at times had to use different signs just so he’d be able to see them.

--- Jeff Zrebiec

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Then why didn't the jackass wear glasses. The FO should demand a mental test before they put any pitcher on the ML roster.


Your fingers must be on fire. Perhaps while you are on this hot streak you can do a recap of all the Orioles pitchers that have undergone rest/rehab/surgery since last year (a cast of thousands) and how they are progressing. Who's expected to be ready for spring training and who will take longer. Everywhere I read that Chris Ray is being counted on to be back in the bullpen this year, but will he? If will he be as effective as he has in the past. Just because the Docs scope you throw a few stitches in the arm and sew you up again doesn't mean you'll be able to do what you use to able to do. I don't what Kool-Aid fueled expectations but a dose of reality. Thanks.

WHAT!!! Glasses, contacts?????

That is crazy? Maybe he was pitching to a blurry glove?

Ever See "Major League",

How could a pitcher not have contacts or glasses if they needed them!!

Glad he took care of it, but that is crazy!!! (and he admitted it, which seems odd also)

Cannot see the signs, bet the blurry glove was a real problem.

Would the O's not have a vision test for the players as part of the Spring Physical? Bet they do now!!

AND NOTHING WAS DONE BEFORE THIS? Lasik didnt help Gibby much... maybe Burress needs to get some ghb or HGB or whatever else will make him gain some weight.

"u" for uttterly stupid

PS (and I dont mean Peter Schmuck) thanks for filling in! You are picking up the craft quickly... watch up Smucker... j/k

Didn't Cabrera get LASIK before last season? That sure worked out well. It doesn't matter what you are and aren't seeing if you just cant pitch.

The guy could have killed someone while pitching. He is a inconsiderate SOB! I don't think I would keep a person on my MLB roster even if he won 20 games.

I still don't want him back!

Now Brian will be able to track his piches all the way to the second deck

Man, nasty people on here today.

Was there also something amiss with Brian's hearing? Could he hear the crack of the bat?

Was he using whether a batter swung at his pitch as an indicator that he had thrown a strike?

Considering that Brian pitches well against the Yankees, any chance he can don a blindfold when he faces them this season?

I agree, why all of the nastiness? Glasses significantly hinder peripheral vision and the idea of contacts wierds some people out I guess. Perhaps it took a while for him to realize the amount his vision had depreciated? In any event the problem was addressed and he should get a shot to show what he has in ST. Good luck Brian, I wish you success.

Unbelievable...and how the heck was this guy allowed to pitch? You know from the physical he's got vision issues right?

No big deal here. If he pitches well in ST, then give him a shot in the pen, if not adios!

Keep things in perspective, this guy is trying to save what's left of a tattered career up to this point. How many of us in his shoes wouldn't try LASIK if we felt it would help? It's not like we are relying on this guy to anchor the starting rotation at this point.

I can see em now, oh no, Burres give up a 5 spot in ST to the Phillies, and folks are lining up to leap off the Key Bridge!!!


Brian might be a great guy, but lets hope his better vision and subsequent better control finds its way to the Nationals, Mariners or like Tidewater!

O's better sign Burres up to a 5yr./$50mil. extension before the Yankees get wind of this news.

You'd think vision would be the first thing checked in a standard physical exam. What were the teams doctors doing?

Incredible. First of all, LASEK doesnt give perfect vision to everyone. Sometimes it doesn't even work. Secondly, why wasn't he using corrective glasses or contact lenses?

They should talk to the Pentagon about the good stuff, the implants that actually improve your vision. Performance enhancing Implants. The future is here, now!

Brian showed that he was more than capable the first 1/3rd of the year and had flashes of brilliance at other points. At least give him a shot in ST to see if it was indeed b/c of his declining vision for his inconsistency later in the year.

Has anyone checked to see if he has aluminum foil lining his cap?

He should be reffered to a phycatrist for a mental test before putting up for any further medication.
LASIK Surgery Columbus

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